The Dursley Effect, Today’s “Deathly Hallows” Poll


Jul 14, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The third poll in the Leaky Lounge’s daily dose of “Deathly Hallows” discussion is open, with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and ‘blinged-out’ Big D at the center of today’s question. Another detail that is sure to be written about in the final book will be the fate of the Dursleys, but until we find out what that will be, let’s vote for What Will Happen to The Dursleys in Deathly Hallows? Enjoy!

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hey…why am i unable to vote in the poll… its showing the results directly…!!! :(

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Did anyone else see Melissa on CNN this morning? She was awesome!

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Same with me. I can’t vote in any of the polls. I just see results.

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You need to be a registered member to be able to vote…

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im new to this, what is it?

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