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Jul 15, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

We’re very happy to bring you today a very special podcast, released through PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast. Thanks to Andrew Slack of the HP Alliance and a horde of dedicated Harry Potter fans, wizard rockers, podcast editors and more, we present Becoming Dumbledore’s Army: Harry Potter Fans for Darfur, a podcast full of information and entertainment aimed at helping Harry Potter fans use the messages in the books to fight real injustice in the world.

The show features interviews and insight from world leaders on the subject, including leading human rights activist John Prenderdergast, and retired diplomat Joseph C. Wilson (author of The Politics of Truth: Inside the Lies that Led to War and Betrayed My Wife’s CIA Identity: A Diplomat’s Memoir).

It features interviews, discussions, cameos, and humor bits from wizard rockers Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Remus Lupins, and more. Matthew Vines of Veritaserum talks about his experiences fighting injustice in the Sudan.

And best of all, it contains concrete information on how you can get involved, and join the real Dumbledore’s Army.

To listen to the show, just click on the PotterCast player on the side of this page, or subscribe to the feed at iTunes. You can also directly download the show to your desktop by clicking here and saving the file.

Here’s more information about the show: Remember, you don’t need an iPod – simply an active internet connection – to listen. In this show:

-Real-world Aurors discuss the problem in Darfur and how you can help
-Special guests John Prendergast, Dot Maver, Ambassador Joe Wilson, and more
-Musical guests The Remus Lupins, Draco and the Malfoys, the Whomping Willows, the Moaning Myrtles and Harry and the Potters
-Jennifer Vines of MTV News talks about Harry Potter shipping
-For more information check out this information page, or the Harry Potter Alliance web site and MySpace.

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Editor: Matt Kelliher

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HUGE thanks go to Matt Kelliher and all the PC editors, Andrew Slack, the wizard rockers, and everyone who got involved to help make a difference!

Remember – spread the word! Below you’ll find the text of this news post – select it all, copy it, paste it on a blog, on a Web page, in a MySpace bulletin – whatever you can do to help get them message out! Thank you all!

We will have much more about this in the coming days. In the meantime i
More soon!

14 Responses to Special Harry Potter Alliance Podcast Now Live

Avatar Image says:

Yay!!!! Thanks for the new podcast!!

Avatar Image says:

thats fab well done leaky OMG only 4 days less

Avatar Image says:

This podcast was wonderful. So powerful, I actually started tearing up. Amnesty International has a group at my college, and I’m determined to take part of it next semester to do something, anything, about this. They came into one of my classes to give us information about Darfur and I was horrified and disgusted at how apathetic my classmates were about the issue.

I want to thank you all for doing this. Thank you so, so much. I really think that Harry Potter, the magic of it and the beauty of it, can do so many things, touch so many people, and it’s one of the most important messages I’ve got from this series: hope and courage.

Thank you, again.

Avatar Image says:

You can’t keep up with regular Pottercasts so that those of us who aren’t in a city that you visit can keep up, now you go off on an absurd tangent about something that will make no difference whatsoever. You ruin it for those of us who want to try and follow the stories that put you on the net in the first place. Smarten up Leaky crew and do what you are supposed to and get off of the soap box.

Avatar Image says:

Thank you Leaky! Emerald, I do not believe you have heard the podcast. If you have, and still feel this way, I rather not get into a shouting match with you. It would be a waste of valuable breath that could have been used toward helping the world and truly understanding the meaning behind Harry Potter.

So I will make a few points and leave them there: you not only do the human race a disservice with your immature rants…you also do Harry Potter and Harry Potter fandom a disservice. Apparently you must be of the opinion that Harry Potter is just a stupid children’s novel and that it as well as all literature serves no purpose other than for entertainment. This narrow view of stories is absurd.

But to go further: you seem to love to use the word “soap box.” You seem to use this word thinking that it will award you some allies in your passionate rants about about the importance of apathy in the face of genocide. Yes Emerald…you are the one who appears to be on a soap box…hoping that people will join you in your passionate campaign to preserve a sense of apathy and indifference. Ah…I can only imagine you living as a non-Jew in the Third Reich watching your neighbors carted away to be killed. And you sitting there telling any one who had a problem with that to get off their soap box.

Emerald: there are thousands of Harry Potter fans, perhaps millions all over the world who care about the world. And who care about Darfur. And your ignorance is not going to stop any of us.

I do hope that you’ll come around and join us… but if you do not, it’s not going to stop us from caring and acting and loving Harry Potter.

Avatar Image says:

“It’s our choices, Harry, that determine who we truly are.”

Emerald, I choose to support Dumbledore’s Army . . .

Avatar Image says:

Emerald, nothing you say will change the minds of the majority of Harry Potter fans who believe in good. I was heartbroken when I heard this podcast, hearing of the stories. And all you can do is say, I don’t care. What a truly sad and poor way of doing service to Jo Rowling herself.

Well, all I can say is: I choose Dumbledore’s Army too.

Avatar Image says:

Wow. That was AMAZING. It’s about 1AM here and I stayed up just to listen to this. It really shows how people can really make a difference and how easy it is to get involved. People really don’t understand some of the themes in Harry Potter and how they parallel many real topics. I’m so happy that I can finally prove to people that Harry Potter is not JUST a story. The entire time, I was wondering what Jo would do if she heard it. I bet she would be very happy. I think that because of this podcast and the Harry Potter Alliance, Dumbledore’s Army will not just be fictional. To quote Alex Carpenter: “Fight evil-read books”.

Avatar Image says:

I think it is great you are interested in human ights and fighting injustice in the world but to have a proven liar such as Joe Wilson on your show is like inviting Dolores Umbridge to come to a DA Meeting. It is sad. That nearly destroyed your show in my humble opinion.

Avatar Image says:

Im really sorry to be the bad guy and I dont want to start an argument but everybody is always complaining about how our economy sucks and how the government should stop butting in on the middle east and spend our money here in our country. Isnt this what everyone is doing with Darfur? Trying to help everyone else and ignoring our own people?

Yes, I understand that it is terrible and Im glad that Harry Potter can make such an incredible difference but I have to disagree and say that I would rather you all focus this love and money and attention on all the little problems we;re facing right here in our own backyards. Did you know there’s still slavery going on in some homes here? What about all the homeless teenagers?

And you are all entitled to your opinions. I love that you guys are so caring, I particuallry just have a different view on what we should be spending the money on.

Avatar Image says:

Brandy: you raise a very important point. If you listen to the unabridged interview with John Prendergast he gets into this point as well.

First off: the United States and every country has it’s own problems. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina and it’s aftermath are only big reminders to how many problems the United States faces within it’s own borders.

But every country must have both domestic and foreign policies, not only to help others, but to help our own country as well. Whenever the United States has had an isolationist foreign policy, it has come back to bite us. Take a look at Germany in the 1920’s. Had the US done something there during the Roaring 20’s to help them as the German people struggled in poverty, then the Nazis never would have gained power. A more modern example of this is Osama bin Laden. During the nineties bin Laden was living in Sudan, being protected by the very government that is currently causing this genocide. The US and other countries did not do enough when he was in Sudan (though we eventually did pressure Sudan to exile him through economic pressure) and then we did not do enough when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Had we done something then, they wouldn’t have welcomed bin Laden and all of the resulting chaos that al Qaeda has since then caused, would not have happened…most probably this would have prevented the devastation and tragedy on September 11. So from a point of view of enlightened self interest, it is always important for each country to be engaged and recognize that we are in an interdependent globalized world—we can do this while fixing the problems in our own borders. In fact, a two pronged approach that is both domestic and foreign is exactly what we need. We saw this to some degree during the days of the Marshall Plan after WWII.

But more to the point: each human life is sacred. And it is a shame that it is considered a radical idea to state that an American life is worth more than the life of someone else. All human lives are sacred.

And then to make a final point: US businesses like Fidelity Bank are helping to fund this genocide as are state pension funds of many states in the United States. While I advocate for us to take a direct hand in ending this genocide for both strategic and moral reasons, I will emphasize that we should have no role in funding the genocide nor should the CIA consider the Sudanese government (who once housed bin Laden, make disdainful comments toward the US, and are committing the greatest act of terrorism through genocide)as partners in the war on terror.

I completely appreciate your concern for the people within your own country and think that that concern should be saluted and cheered on. It does not, however, have to come at the expense of caring about people in other countries.

Avatar Image says:

Nobody ever said that an American life is better then another countries people. Just that we should be more concerned with our own. Whether we are American, English, Eqyptian, Japanese and so on.

And saying “human life is sacred” makes me question what you think about all life. Humans are NO BETTER then any other species on this planet.

Avatar Image says:

Brandy, we are in agreement that all life is sacred. As for looking out for our own, it seems in a globalized society where Americans with good intentions are unknowingly investing a genocide in Darfur, that everyone has become our own because we affect everyone (not just Americans…all people in the world affect the rest of the world in unprecedented ways). And yes, it does make sense for the US government to be concerned about it’s citizens. It also makes sense for the US government and all governments to be concerned about ending a genocide. After the Holocaust we all agreed, all governments in the newly formed United Nations agreed “never again” would the world cast a blind eye to genocide. Do you understand what I’m saying? The US and its allies have already agreed to stop the genocide in Darfur before the genocide in Darfur began. We are under a vow to make sure that genocide does not occur any where under the planet. That is our word and our honor and it is is of great importance that we live up to that word and that honor. Beyond that, why would you not want to help? As John Prendergast has said and as others have indicated, stopping genocide would not require a great deal of American resources. We can steal focus on helping US citizens and do this at the same time.

Avatar Image says:

Beyond that, why would you not want to help?

Because some people would rather be apathetic and disinterested in a matter and think the US has more immediate problems than places such as Darfur.

Audrey Hepburn, I believe, has this wonderful quote.. to use one hand to reach out and help others, to use your other hand to help yourself. I think this would be a great policy to start utilizing in cases like this.

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