Harry Potter Week on CC2k Pop Culture Website

Jul 16, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Pop-Culture fandom web community CinCity2000 is joining the Harry Potter bandwagon in this last week before the book with their own Harry Potter Week. Beginning today, the site will feature various articles and opinion pieces, along with other fandom related content on its site. Many topics will be covered, including:

How would the Harry Potter movies be different if Terry Gilliam actually directed one or more, as was once rumored?

Why does the Christian right fear Hogwarts?

With the success of the Harry Potter books, dozens of imitators have sprouted up, looking for a piece of the pie. Are any of them any good?

How can Daniel Radcliffe make the transition from child star icon to grown-up movie star?

One of our own Scribbulus editors, Sloan, is a contributer to the site that will feature many unique angles from their writers.

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I know this website, and they rock! I can’t wait to read their stuff.

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Their first two articles are up, and both are VERY interesting! And there’s some great discussion not only of the articles, but of the recent “Order of the Phoenix” film. These guys know their stuff!

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I just want to say (and I’m sure many of you know) that not ALL Christians hate Harry Potter. I consider myself a follower of Jesus Christ and I absolutely love this amazing series. I also have many Christian friends who enjoy reading them as well.

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Cool link…thanks for the tip.

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