Monday’s Leaky Lounge “Deathly Hallows” Poll


Jul 16, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Magical abilities usually appear to witches and wizards when they are young; however, in some rare cases, the ability will come to an individual later in life. This is the question we are posing to you in today’s Leaky Lounge Poll, created in the lead up to the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to occupy our minds. Members of the Lounge can cast their vote for: Who will perform magic late in life? and the circumstances why.

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3 Responses to Monday’s Leaky Lounge “Deathly Hallows” Poll

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First, big sorry for off topic, but everybody, if you dont want to spoil everything to yourselves, stop visiting comments on every fan site immediately. There is a REAL THREAT to all of us out there, just hours old, and it looks REAL this time. Any idiot can now start posting things here, Leaky please close all comments like on Veritaserum. I mean this post for the good of all of us, believe me, this is a huge fan writing this, dont delete me. :(

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Thanks Stan…..

I was going to try and stay online til about Wednesday…..cause I love leaky :-) but I think for my own sanity I’ll have to stay from the comments at least until next week. My last time looking til then.

Only 4 days folks!!! Wonder how those girls queueing up since last Wednesday are getting on :-)

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Thank you for not postin Petunia! JK has said herself how she will never be the one to perform magic later in life….

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