Deathly Dursleys Contest Winners Announced


Jul 17, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

In addition to the Autograph Contest we held this past month, we are jumping to announce the winners of another contest we’ve been running: The Deathly Dursleys! This contest had you write the part in the soon to be released Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where Harry returns to the Dursley house to fulfill the magic Dumbledore set in place seventeen years ago. We can now present to you the winners of this contest and their work!

First Place: “Forced Entry at Number Four” by Tripster2001

Second Place: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Dursleys” by Aqcheryl

Third Place: “Petunia’s Plea” by VeelaTerrah

Honorable Mention: “Birthday Parties” by Avamar Bartholomew

Honorable Mention: “The Deathly Dursleys” by Monica Nagy

You can download the contest winner’s work on the Contest Page and remember to check out the discussion on this, and all of our other contests here on the Leaky Lounge.


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Fantastic stories – all of them! Congratulations to the winners and to all who entered.

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“Forced Entry” is absolutely amazing, and beautifully captures JK’s style while also being entirely plausible as an opening chapter. AMAZING.

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well done everyone. very good all around.

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These are really good, I bet they would give Jo a run of her money. I am sad I didn’t enter

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i just read the first place one so far and i loved it. i especially liked the part about hermione staying with mrs. figg. so sweet to include old figgy and it’s a perfect place for Hermione to stay.

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I liked HP and the Deathly Dursleys but I think the editors should have done a better job editing the grammar and spelling. I found so many mistakes! I thought that was a requisite! Anyway, that said I think it was a good effort from all.

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Wonderful stories; Leaky Cauldron readers are so talented. I thought the winner was excellent – could have been written by Jo herself. I personally preferred the Third to the Second, but worthy winners all. I hope you guys had great fun reading them.

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I can’t see the other entries…

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Linda, none of the entries are edited after we receive them. We don’t like to change anything – all the work is the original from the entrant.

We know that some of these entries weren’t perfect on grammar and spelling, but you have to remember that Leaky has readers from all over the world, and some of the entrants don’t speak/write English as a first language.

We felt that an entry that was good overall shouldn’t be disregarded because of some grammar/spelling mistakes. As long as those mistakes didn’t detract from the flow of the story, then we didn’t penalise them too harshly. These entries made up for the penalties in the grammar/spelling area in other areas, and overall were better than all the other entries we received.

L.J Leaky Contests Project Manager

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I was gobsmacked by the entries. They were horrid. The ‘winning’ entry was a droning, endless use of every fanfic cliche. The plot was ludicrous. The spelling and grammar errors made me hit the back button about half way through. I know there are far better fan fiction writers out there. Didn’t any of them enter?

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