Spoiler Alert: JKR Reveals Names of Two Characters She Had Intended to Let Live in “Deathly Hallows” and More


Jul 26, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

In a new (and very SPOILER filled) interview seen in the USA Today, author J.K. Rowling speaks more about writing and plot elements found in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. As Jo had stated previously two characters would die in the final installment of the series, and now Jo has revealed their names. Jo also gives more insight about her decision not to revisit or continue on with the Harry Potter series, as well gives additional information on other characters and their outcomes in the final book. Again, the following link contains some major “Deathly Hallows” spoilers and you are cautioned, however those who wish to read, may do so via this link.

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not too much of a surprise, though. first?

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But whhyyyyyy??!

Lupin was my very favourite character. I could relate to him in many ways, and naturally, I loved Tonks too.

I think I could have borne the brunt of their deaths if they were a bit more significant. For example, I was hoping for a great werewolf on werewolf showdown with Greyback.


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Well, quite frankly, she should have let them live. Either that, or given their deaths more attention than was paid on the page. Instead, she left their child without parents and her readers without resolution. A pity.

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I hated that Lupin and Tonks died, but especially Lupin. He’s my 4th favorite character in the series. Only one of my top five favorite characters is alive, and that one is Hagrid, who is #1. The others in this order are Dumbledore, Mad-Eye, Lupin, and Sirius. After Sirius is Fred (why did he have to go?) and George, and after them is Snape. I’m quite glad that Arthur survived, though, he’s one of my favorites, too. I’m extremely glad that Hagrid survived. During the Death Eater chase (in “The Seven Potters” chapter), I kept thinking he was going to die. Hagrid kicked serious butt in that chapter!

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Why????? I was devastated when Tonks and Lupin died. And the fact that they died so mysteriously was even worse. I mean what about Ted? They would have been so happy. Also, the death of Fred was terrible because I can’t imagine a George without a Fred.

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Although I would have liked for both of the twins to survive, I think that if one if them had to die at all, it should have been George. George is cool, but Fred is the more dominant personality. I mean, that’s why it’s “Fred and George” instead of “George and Fred.” If there’s no Fred, then there’s no George. I really wished it had been Percy instead of Fred. Even though he redeemed himself, I really wouldn’t have cared if he had been killed.

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I too think it’s was wrong to kill off the newly proud parents TONKS AND LUPIN. By who’s hands where the murdered…I belive the only thing that can be done is to have Teddy (the child left behind) avenge them…or be the new dark lord… As the book can be the spin-off to the series well shall so rememner.

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when fred died i was so sad… but then REMUS AND TONKS got it too! i couldnt stop the tears… and then the stone thing… i had to find the tissues… it was so sad. i mean… i wanted remus to live especially… he was my fave after sirius… it was just so sad. but i loved it. LOVED it.


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The deaths of Lupin and Tonks broke my heart more than anything else in the entire series (even over Sirius, which I didn’t think was possible). Lupin’s been my favorite character for a very long time… to think that she almost let him live just makes it that much worse. I can’t even think about that scene without tearing up. I had to put the book down for hours after reading the page where their bodies were discovered, and I actually sobbed over it. It seems so strange to be so torn up over a character in a book, but I’ve had years now to develop a strong emotinal bond with my favorite character…

I was a little surprised I wasn’t more torn up over Fred’s death (though I did tear up/cry at the time), since the Weasley twins have always held a very special place in my heart. I was glad that he died with a grin on his face, though. It seemed a fitting end somehow for him to die while laughing at Percy.

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yh they where bad but come on who cryed over hedwig and dobby going rase hand now thats just depressing sobs Cj xxx

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