Emma Watson in this Weekend’s ‘Parade Magazine’


Jul 07, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Parade Magazine continues its coverage of the stars of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with a new interview with Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) that appears in this Sunday’s upcoming issue, which is carried in many Sunday newspapers around the country. In the article Emma discusses the issue she first brought up in an interview last month in the UK’s Tatler Magazine- the fame of female celebrities and the media, as well as her return for the final two Harry Potter films and also comments on the close bond she has formed with co-stars, and friends, Rupert Grint and Dan Radcliffe saying, in part:

“You can’t really explain to someone what this experience is like’ Watson says. “I’m glad that we have each other. I would have been so lonely if it was just about one kid.” The three have gone from rambunctious children to teens dealing with early romantic fumblings both on screen and off. “When I was younger, they used to tease me’ she adds. “And now they’re quite protective.”

The issue also features a number of new photos of the actress. They can also be seen here in our Image Galleries.

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Avatar Image says:

She’s soooo awesome ! ^^

Avatar Image says:

I forgot to say…

  • - I have to buy this magazine
  • - I love her [ huge ] necklace

Avatar Image says:

Mmmm…I wish they would do something with her hair! It always looks the same, and I hate the style of it. And her beauty is too much of the natural type to carry off those doll-like frills…she’d look better in pared-down stuff.

I wish the boys (especially Tom) would do a fashion shoot for GQ. Why is it only the girls who get the fashion shoots?

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Is it just me, or does not a week go by where she’s doing fashion stuff for another magazine? Does she at least get paid for doing these magazines?

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Yes.she gets paid for the magazine spreads and they pick the clothes and the poses. She is a lovely youngster and I am not sure I like to see the direction some of these newe photos of her are taking. OTOH, the more she appears in differing guises, the more differing roles will come her way.

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they forgot about trl on mtv

the cast is supposed to appear on trl the 9th at 1pm for anyone who wishes to see. :]

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I really admire her. really. shes very down to earth. Hermione has been a role model for me and emma watson has to.

those photos are also fabulous. she is so gorgeous.

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“I wish the boys (especially Tom) would do a fashion shoot for GQ. Why is it only the girls who get the fashion shoots?”

Dan has his fair share of fashion shoots and he was already featured in GQ. His latest is that one for Details magazine which Leaky should post. Very, very hot pictures. He still got his facual hair there. They made him wear a vest and nothing else (with pants of course lol – Go to Danradcliffe.com to view these drool worthy pics)which is really standard in any photoshoot. It’s the photogs who decide the clothes and the pose. THese pics of Emma are nice but the clothes are… chosen by somebody else. Which is a blessing in many ways.

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Okay, who agrees with me here? First photos, she reminded me of Stevie Nicks with the top hat(Stevies one of my idols!) Second photos reminded me of Madonna (the early years), then thirdly Xena the Princess warrior. She’s proven she’s photo-genic and has an odd sense of fashion, yet she remains elegant. Emma is unique and a refreshingly wonderful role model for young girls.

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You guys should post the video interview emma did with rupert too!! Its seriously the cutest thing ever!! heres the link http://www.commeaucinema.com/bandes-annonces=49115-video-8333.html

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Emma looks very pretty in these pics. The dresses are Odd choices but that’s not Emma’s fault. She just posed for them.

BTW, I saw those new pics of Dan in that new photoshoot. Hot darn! And what’s more funny is that Dan has become such a newsmaker that he lands on TV and many tabloids when he makes such a simple thing as pose for some magazine. lol. He’s #6 on that program’s news.

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It’s great that she’s not a fame seeker like other stupid girls about these days, it baffles her as much as anybody. It’s good the 3 of them have got each other, it means their less likely to turn to drugs any time soon like so many child stars

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She looks so beautiful. She’s definitely getting more attention with these types of photoshoots. It’s showing she’s not a little girl anymore. With her looks she’ll be getting more and more photoshoots regardless of HP.

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I don’t like the top hat but otherwise I like all of these outfits on Emma. I much prefer this more casual style than the one they did in Teen Vogue.

Avatar ImageWON_TWO says: I have that stashed away somewhere...

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