Complete Set of Signed Harry Potter Books Up for Charity Auction


Sep 17, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

We have a couple pieces of news today relating to Harry Potter books that are being auctioned off in charitable efforts.

The first is a rare complete set of books signed by author J.K. Rowling are to be auctioned off on Ebay starting at midnight September 24, with proceeds to benefit Books Abroad, an organization which provides books to children in need in some 80 countries in the world. The BBC reports all that these books are rare and “are so valuable that they are being kept in an Aberdeenshire police station.” You can see video of these books via the Books Abroad website (direct link to you-tube here), which reports these books are being auctioned off “is one of the items secured by Books Abroad as they get ready to celebrate their 25th anniversary with a fund-raising ball later this month.” The website states:

“Through her Huntly connections, J.K. Rowling knows of the work of Books Abroad. Although she cannot attend our 25th Anniversary Ball in person, she was very keen to support us. We are very grateful to her for this generous contribution to our fund-raising efforts”

On a related note, there is another set of all seven Harry Potter books currently up for auction to benefit the Catie Hoch Foundation. This is a foundation which helps hundreds of children with cancer and their families. Readers will remember that Jo had been touched by Catie and her plight before the llittle girl lost her fight against neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of pediatric cancer, and Jo has continued to support this organization. Bidding for the signed set of Harry Potter books currently stands at $7,000 and the auction is ongoing until September 21. You can bid and learn more about this auction via this link.

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::watches the you-tube of the Books Abroad set:: ::shorts out keyboard with drool:: fhjkjdd888;@*7-

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Personally, I won’t get excited about JKR’s “charitable” contributions until she – a BILLIONAIRE” – starts making some true donations to causes, and not just signing books to be auctions. It’s disgraceful to give something that costs her nothing, so that the rest of us can scrape up our money for the real work of the charity. The super rich have an obligation to support appropriate charities. While you can say she worked hard for her money, she certainly doesn’t work harder than a teacher or a nurse. And no human being on the planet “deserves” billions of dollars.

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Clearly you have no knowledge of Joanna Rowling and the many generous financial donations she makes to various charities and other causes dear to her heart, otherwise you would not be making such ill-informed remarks. I suggest you do some research into the matter and then perhaps in future you won’t comment on things until you know what you’re talking about.

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I agree with Karen. That was kind of rude on your part, Eve. Don’t talk about JK that way. If you dont have anything nice to say, I may just have to give you a taste of one of the unforgivable curses ;)

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Must be the first time they’ve been here or they would know

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I wish I could afford it! It would be the thrill of a life time to own them, whatever the price!

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I wish I could have won the JKR open book tour. Then I would have brought one of the UK special editions to get signed.

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