Harry Potter Anecdote Contest Winners Announced

Sep 17, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The results are in and the Fan Contest Staff has announced the winners of their latest Leaky contest: Your Harry Potter Anecdote Contest. We asked you to send us your funny and personal anecdotes involving you and the beloved Harry Potter series and you responded with a multitude of wonderful, sentimental and humorous entries. Here is the list of our latest contest winners as well as a few honorable mentions:

First Place: bibs the S.P.E.W supporter

Second Place: AnnaK

Third Place: Lily Frei

Honorable Mention # 1Shauna

Honorable Mention # 2prav1

Honorable Mention # 3babiigrl

Congratulations to all!

For more information on this and all of our other contests, past and present, be sure to check out the Contest Page and Contest Corner discussion forums on the Leaky Lounge.

14 Responses to Harry Potter Anecdote Contest Winners Announced

Avatar Image says:

OMG i was #1

Avatar Image says:

Congrats you guys!

Avatar Image says:

AnnaK’s is my favorite.

Avatar Image says:

I loved Lily Frei! Congrats to all!!

Avatar Image says:

Oh, the prizewinners were all good. Getting stung seems worth it, although you were right AnnaK, once is enough!

lol, bibs: I’m curious as to what Mr.Von Trapp had to say after that comment on his precious brood.

Avatar Image says:

i agree- i liked anna k best too!

Avatar Image says:

These were all great stories, but to be truthfull, I’m a bit curious as to know who judged these?

I personally think Honorable Mention # 1 Was the BEST

Avatar Image says:

Most were really cute. You all should be commended for participating.

Maybe I come from another planet or something, but I totally did not understand the humor of the first place winner. Can someone fill me in?

I loved the little poem though, and especially the jellyfish induced Harry Potter mania.

Avatar Image says:

I reread #1 again. Perhaps my misunderstanding was due to the confusion with the possesive pronouns. I was never sure whose mother was involved, “your mum” or “my mum.” Are they the same person or are you referring to two different people? You might want to clarify that the next time you write a contest entry. (It didn’t seem to bother those who judged this contest, however, since they awarded you the prize.)

Avatar Image says:

congratulations everyone! they were very entertaining… though i have to say that it is AnnaK’s and Shauna’s story that i like most. i could almost imagine myself in their shoes… that i’d also be the type. =) thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

Avatar Image says:

Haha, those were very good. I especially loved babiigrl’s (sp?) since I was in third grade when I started reading them and am the same age she is now, so I can relate to the confusion!! :)

Avatar Image says:

I dont know why but i like the babiigrl one…probably becuz it reminds me of when i started Harry Potter!!! I was in the summer going to 2nd grade…so I was like 7… and I really wanted to read the book…proably cuz a lot of the older kids were reading it…. But I used to go to my mom a lot and ask her what words meant since the 1st Harry Potter book was soooo hard for me to read at the time….but in the end I was really proud of myself and could tell everyone i read a Harry Potter book!! and look what happened now!!!...ever since then I’ve loved Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!! U may think this is a really pathetic story but….I kinda like it…^^

Avatar Image says:

EEP!! I’m Lily.. I wrote that poem for my best friend in middle school. We’ve since drifted apart, but I think we’ll both remember the crazy things we did as Harry Potter nerds. That one’s for you, Leah!

Avatar Image says: Do you want more jokes? OK! Hermione says, "Malfoy has broken the hand!" Harry asked, "Whose hand?" *** Krum said to Ron, "There are RUSSIAN CHESS. MATE is at the end of the game and... during the whole game!"

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