Followup: JKR Autographed Books Auctioned For Charity


Sep 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

We have a follow up today, on a story we told you previously regarding a rare complete set of Harry Potter books that were to be part of an auction for charity. This auction was completed last night, with the winning bid coming in at 18,200 Pounds (37,100 US Dollars) for the entire set of all seven of the Harry Potter novels, which were autographed by our favorite author. This auction was sponsored by Books Abroad, a charity that seeks to “educate children worldwide by sending free school books.” Jo, who was unable to attend the special event ball held last night, had donated these books which were considered so valuable, they were literally kept in jail to keep them safe before the auction. You can learn more about the Potter books and this charity, via this link. (Note at the link, be sure to scroll down and watch the second youtube video that shows the books being locked in the jail cell.)

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Wow, nice total!

Any idea who placed the winning bid, or was it an anonymous donor?

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Amazing. I’m just hoping whoever got them did it because they were interested in helping a charity and not just waiting for JK to die to sell them at a higher value.

Ok, that was a mean joke. But someone who spends 37 thousand is clearly not interested in the reading them bit.

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Not that I can even afford Death hallows at its retail price of £17.99 but I honestly thought this set would have fetched a lot more than 18K. I thought it would be more like £100,000 – so who ever won the auction has got a bargain but unfortunately the charity hasnt got as much as they would have expected. If I was on say 500,000 salary, I would have bought it for 18K. So I am really shocked our richer friends did not bid further.

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I could never ever afford all the signed set of Harry Potter books. That would be worth more then half of what’s in my house! I think it is great that the money will be going to charity! Potter truely has changed the world!

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I really think that it is awsome that the money is going to charity. I really like the covers of the first five books. I agree with that being a lot lof money, I could probably pay 2,000 max.

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