Forty NYC Public Schools Represented at NY “Open Book Tour” Stop


Sep 04, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

U.S. publishers Scholastic announced today it will invite that 1,600 children from 40 New York City public schools to Carnegie Hall on Oct. 19 to see J.K. Rowling read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein and Scholastic Chairman, President and CEO Richard Robinson will hand out 40 “sorting hats” to representatives from each school to help select the attendees.

At the event, J.K. Rowling will read from the seventh book, answer questions about the series, and sign a copy for every student.

The school will be announced on Sept. 5 at Scholastic Headquarters in New York City. The author will appear in two other events for schoolchildren: in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theater on Oct. 15 (schools to be announced on Sept. 10), and in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial Auditorium at the Convention Center on Oct. 18 (schools to be announced Sept. 12). In addition, 1,000 fans will be selected from a sweepstakes to win a pair of tickets to see the author at a second, night reading at Carnegie Hall on Oct. 19 at 7 p.m.

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I hope this sweeptakes is more legal than the one of the Moonlight Signing. You have my word that is what a complete fraud. The 90% of the 500 lucky fans selected for the reading were 10 years old and were more interested in the ballon that in the book that they had in a bag. I really can’t understand how could be so much children in an event that was promoting on the net, were the fans are older. Bloomsbury dissapointed me too much. And Evanna Lynch was there… despite she is a so great actress as Luna, I imagine she has earned her ticked in the same way that all these children.

Sorry, but I don’t trust in these events. Bloomsbury made a fraud. There were a lot of true fans out the museum that deserve a ticket more. But sure some people can’t believe HP publisher wasn’t too legal and played with fans hopes.

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That’s too bad Limon, well, I hope I am one of the lucky winners for NY adult sweepstakes. I applied, and I guess they will e-mail us if we are. Good luck all who did!

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WOW that sounds awesome!!! i wish i lived in the US!!!!

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Ok, so I’m one of those in the US who entered, hoping to win two tickets. As it turns out, Oct. 19 is my oldest daughter’s birthday, so there is no question who I would take with me.

That being said, I’m probably the unluckiest person in the world, and never win anything. Since I live near Seattle, though, and it would cost me a small fortune to go, I’ll probably reverse that non-winning trend. I checked on airline prices, just for grins and giggles yesterday-not too bad-about $360 per person. Then I looked at hotels. Holy cow. We’d have to stay in New Jersey to be able to afford three nights there. (I started with staying near Carnegie Hall, and found nothing less than $230 per night. Ah, yes, well, a lottery win might be helpful as well, as long as I’m dreaming of winning.)

I’m just glad that Scholastic included adults entering this time—most of their contests, etc, have been only for children. (And my daughter whose birthday it will be, is going to be 29 this Oct. 19.)

So I now find myself really hoping that I win, and half afraid that I will. LOL ;-)

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Hey Eeyore…I’m from NJ (currently living in Jersey City-downtown J.C. has new hotels which are just 2 train stops away from the nearest NY train stop). NJ isn’t a bad place to stay (I can get into Manhattan much more quickly than residents in Brooklyn or Queens can).

I’m just so excited that this contest is open to “over 18’s.” !

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HELP! i live in the US and i really want to enter the sweepstakes and win the two tickets! where can i enter?

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Humdinger, the sweepstakes is done. It ended on August 31st. Sorry. :(

Yeah, I entered all my adult family members and myself. I would absolutely die to go…sometimes I do get lucky with these sorts of things…

Crossing my fingers…does anyone remember the day we would know if we won?

Limon, I agree…these sweepstakes are so messed up sometimes. Good luck everyone!

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O_o how old are these kids? Because I can’t imagine elementary schoolers reading TDH. Middle schoolers, okay, but eight year olds?

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ooh so fortunate of them! they’re guaranteed an exhilarating experience of their young lives!

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