JKR/WB vs. RDR Books Trial: Guardian Editorial


Apr 20, 2008

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Marina Hyde of the Guardian has an opinion piece in which she speaks unfavorably of J.K. Rowling and WB’s decision to pursue litigation, in part arguing that the potential publication of the Lexicon will have little impact on the series in the face of other, sanctioned projects:

“As for Ms Rowling’s argument that her work is being “debased”, that position may be very compromised by this time next year, because she has given her blessing to the construction of a Harry Potter theme park in bookish Orlando, Florida.”

She goes on to say:

“This, says the official blurb, “will provide fans with another way to experience the world beyond the books and films”. And so it will: as some injection-moulded theme park, punctuated by those endless Disney-esque stands selling supersized fast food, and attempts to chisel cash out of you – or “experiential shops”, as they have it. So when JK Rowling takes her first spin on the Cruciatus-a-Coaster, or whatever the big thrill ride will be called, here’s hoping she looks back on Mr Vander Ark, and realises his modest fan project was not quite as ghastly as she made out.”

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