Order of the Phoenix, Radcliffe, Watson, JKR Nominated for Annual SyFy Awards


Jun 13, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has received a few nominations this year at the annual SyFy Genre Awards. Dan Radcliffe is nominated for Best Actor, and Emma Watson received a nod for Best Actress for their performances in the fifth Harry Potter film. “Order of the Phoenix” is also nominated for Best Film along side “I Am Legend,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Iron Man” and “Stardust.”

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is among those in contention for the Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement award, along with authors Douglas Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, Gene L. Coon and H.G. Wells.

These awards are open to the public, with voting due to open June 25 and running through July 25, winners to be announced in early August during SyFy Portal’s 10th anniversary celebration. We will update you once the link becomes live for voting in a few weeks. Congrats to all the nominees!

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Go HP!

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Oh what a surprise – poor Rupert has been missed out yet again! Why does this always happen? He is easily the best actor of the trio (in my opinion anyway).

Congrats to Dan, Emma and JKR though.

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good job

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muggleQueen, I guess the IMO doesn’t go for everyone, IMO Dan is the best and it has been proven by his critical acclaim projects of My Boy Jack and Equus, on the other hand Rupert doesn’t have any aclaim project, DL was a small indy that got mix reviews the same with DB, so those two movies were not criticaly acclaim movies compare to Dan’s projects in Equus and My Boy Jack, even Dan’s episode in Extras got an award a few days ago in UK and in US this same episose was nominated to an Emmy.

I hope we won’t hear some fans whine about why certain actor is not there.

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WOW! More awards! It doesn’t matter, if they win or lose [of course we hope they WILL] it’s that they’re even nominated with such prestigious company! I agree, Soledad! I, too, hope we won’t hear whining about “certain actor is not there”] Go JKR, DR, EW and OOTP!!!!

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OOPS< Pardon: I mean to say [“of course,we hope they will WIN”] Sorry!

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god, watch out for the pooperts yet again. mugglequeen, rupert had so little a role that his nomination would be looked at askance- his role was more noted as being in the background . Against Dan’s role, and the roles of other actors in other movies, is it any wonder Rupert’s name wasn’t in the mix? You may think he is the best actor, (i disagree) but the fact is, he isn’t given the material/screentime to show it.

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I don’t now much about these awards, but why would they give Emma a nod versus a nomination?

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I love how it takes NO time at all for the Rupert whiners to show up. I like Rupert just fine, but I’m getting sick of all the “why did they ignore him AGAIN?” moans and groans. I imagine if he looks at these comments, he gets embarrassed at the behaviour of his fans. I know I would, if it was me.

Congrats to everyone who was nominated, and I hope they win!

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The question is not why Rupert is not nominated, the question is why is Emma nominated? She doesn’t deserve it, like Rupert doesn’t deserve it. Also, they play secondary characters, they shouldn’t be nominated for a main character award. The only one who had difficult scenes in OotP was Radcliffe, and he really surprised me doing a wonderful work. I think OotP movie doesn’t deserve to win. The movie has many good things, like the art, special effects, some actors, but it has things I personally didn’t liked like the script, edition… But those are problems that all HP movies has had, in my opinion.

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I don’t think J.K. Rowling deserve this nomination. That award is for lifetime achivement, and she has just written the HP books. I don’t doubt one day she will deserve it if she continues to write, but at the moment those other writers deserve it more, from the point of view of a whole career. And probably she agrees with this.

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Ok well I’m sorry that you think I’m whining or whatever, but I did say “in my opinion anyway”. I just feel that Rupert deserves some credit in awards for his role so I am saying that. If you don’t agree with me then fine but I think I have a right to voice my opinion without being stereotyped.

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@ Peter, I think Emma absolutely deserves it, so stop complaining. Just because Rupert was not nominated don’e give all the blame and anger on poor Emma!

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I just had a look at the nominees and really, can you even compare Rupert’s role versus Dan’s, Depp, Ford and whoever got on that list? Then look at Emma’s competitors and yeah, they basically all had second banana roles. Claire Dans in Stardust, Nicole Kidman in the Golden Compass, etc? Not the main character by any means, so yeah, Emma’s nom would be legit.

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potterhead23 wrote: “I don’t now much about these awards, but why would they give Emma a nod versus a nomination?”

potterhead23, its the same thing. “getting a nod” is like saying “also recognized” or “also nominated”. I guess it’s just a bit of slang to say something like: “Dan is nominated for this award, and yes, you too Emma”. It’s just a style of writing, I dont know, maybe so you dont use the word “nominated” constantly? Does that help?

I would like to know why OOTP is up against films like Indiana Jones (which wasnt that great) and Iron Man (which WAS!). Those are movies from this summer, where as OOTP was last summer. Doesnt seem right that movies from different summers would compete against eachother.

Also: Rupert gets too little to do in the films. Up until OOTP, he was relagated to goofy faces and comic relief. In OOTP, he got more to do, but he mumbled his way through most of it. Not surprised he’s not nominated.

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Oh, I guess they meant she got a nomination, too blushes in embarrassment

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The comments made here are exactly the reason why I’ll never express my opinion on the trios acting. If you praise one it’s taken as an attack on the others. Therefore I’ll just say good luck to them all.

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Considering the cast of the HP movies have included many of the best actors Brittain has to offer, and that the young cast members have had these excellent actors to learn and grow(professionally) from. It’s no wonder these up and coming stars are winning awards. With the wealth of experience to work with and learn from, it would be very sad it they weren’t winning awards.

What is even better, is the fact that these fine young actors are not gracing the headlines of the tabloids every day. They not only have talent, but have shown strength of character!

Perhaps there should be an award for that.

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I just wanted to agree wholeheartedly with Phoenix1946! My admiration to the trio!

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Do they give best supporting actor/actress awards? If so Rupert would certainly fall into that category (as well as Emma for that matter). I agree Rupert’s got skills but his part was not a lead role.

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Wow, stiff competition for the Lifetime Achievement Award. For some reason, I feel that a lifetime achievement award should go to an Author with a vast body of works, or who has been writing for many, many years.

JKR seems too young to get an award like this! Of course, you would have to take into account that just because JKR has written 7 books – oh, what a 7 books they have been!

I guess, you could say the same of Tolkien. ‘C’mon the guy only wrote 4 books!’

So, I guess, you could argue that it should go to an author who has created a significant entry into the world of literature. And let’s face it, Harry Potter will go down in history as one of the most significant pieces of literature in the last 25 years!

But still, c’mon, how do you deny powerhouses like Arthur C. Clarke, or HG Wells!

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I find it ironic that the first few comments were not Rupert fans complaining about him not being nominated, but instead were a number of other fans saying “Oh no, here come the Rupert whiners lololol”.

Look, if your favourite of the trio were constantly shunned by these awards, wouldn’t you feel the same? Give it a rest.

Let’s face it: Emma is no more deserving of the award than Rupert is. They are equal in their contributions as supporting actors (I won’t go into talent) and the only reason Emma continues to be nominated alongside Dan is because she is female. And that’s not a slam on her at all, it’s just the way these things work.

It’s not right, but personally I’m a lot less bothered by who is/isn’t given one of these numerous minor award nominations than I am by HP fans’ attitudes towards each other in cases such as this. It’s getting tiresome.

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I know what you mean, Alice. It’s pretty sad the way certain movie fans treat some of us. I am of the mind that Rupert is the best actor of the young ones on the film, and since I know that many critics agree with me, I know I’m not completely mental.

So why do people have to say such derrogatory things when news comes out about another useless award like these.

And Emma isn’t on screen any more than Rupert is. so their contribution is equal script-wise. Talent wise, I think Rupes brings more to the table. Emma hasn’t done enough or shown enough depth as an actress to win ‘best actress’ at anything.

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I completely agree. Rupert is clearly the best talent among the younger cast. I know a lot of people who think that.

But I don’t think he much cares about these awards that most people haven’t even heard of.SkyFy? lol Ooohkay then.

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Can somebody please just give Rupert an award. Please. Seriously. MAKE a friggin best supporting actor category if need be. Just give the poor boy something.


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“Rupert is cleary the best talent among the younger”what??then,can you tell me why he has done only 1 role out of HP in seven years??if he is SO talented…..god,the rupert’s fans are really boring,always with the sames comments.Congrats to JK,Dan and Emma.

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Well he doesn’t want to over work himself. And the role he did do was the best, and he got critical acclaim for it. And all you need to do is look at HP. The only young actors in that group who have done things outside of the HP films are

Dan—deserving of all awards. He’s very talented. I just dont’ think he has the natural flare of Rupert. Emma- One project outside of HP. Hmmmm. Just like Rupes. Bonnie: Work when she was younger that never made a big splash Tom: Some horror movie that I dont’ know if it was ever released.

So despite Dan, Rupert does just as much as the others. So experience wise he’s on equal ground with most. Dan is great. For me, the thing that pushes Rupes over the top is his ability to be beleivable and natural in the two roles he’s played. (I don’t count thunderpants, but I bet it was funny).

Are you going to hold his lack of roles against him? If so, then the only actor on the set of the young group you respect is Dan? Is that what I’m seeing?

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“what??then,can you tell me why he has done only 1 role out of HP in seven years??”

The answer to that is that he CHOSE to do 1 role out of HP. And it’s actually 2 roles – he was in ‘Thunderpants’ when he was still a child star.

“god,the rupert’s fans are really boring,always with the sames comments.”

And way to prove my point about nastiness within the fandom. Why all the generalisation?

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I think it’s funny that Rupert’s done as many roles as all the others, except for Dan, which no one is knocking, and yet it’s a fault that he hasn’t done much.

So what about Emma? I still dont’ get why she has any credibility as an actress when she plays Hermione without much more than heavy breathing and melodrama, and some made for TV movie that didnt’ get a lot of attention except that she was in it.

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I’m really hoping HBP will be the film that turns Emma’s critics around, just as OoTP was with Dan’s. She has to prove herself. I don’t believe Rupert needs to, but it’ll certainly be good to see him (and Emma) with a bigger role this time around.

In OoTP the two of them were pretty much background characters (in equal measure, hence why Rupert fans often don’t appreciate Emma getting all the glory), so hopefully HBP with be great for both of them.

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Oh totally, Alice! Emma has so much potential. I think we saw that on the stairs in GoF….so HBP, well more DH because she is challenged in that one, will either make me lose faith in her, or praise her.

I did that with OotP and Dan. I never saw his other work before then, but that movie made me want to. I hated DB, but that wasn’t Dan’s fault. And My Boy Jack was AMAZING.

And since Rupes and Emma get equal screentime, and a lot of critics feel he is underused, he gets great reviews, and Emma is sub par at the moment…I do get very angry she gets credit for being the main female and he gets nothing.

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No,i respect all of them.Really,i know,all his fans don’t comment the same but is really boring the stupid comparison between Dan and Emma vs Rupert.Why don’t you are happy for Dan and Emma??The important is the cast of HP,not only one actor.

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For me it’s not about Dan and Emma vs. Rupes, it more like ‘If Dan and Emma…then Rupes.’

he’s just as good, if not better than Dan, and he’s just as good, I think better than Emma. so why doesn’t he get any credit?

And that’s where the rub is. He’s not as famous. He doesn’t get as much attention. It displays how shallow things are, and that’s what really makes us angry.

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I am happy for them (especially Dan), and it’s rare that I ever comment on this sort of news.

I just think it’s becoming an “elephant in the room” scenario, that out of two equally supporting actors, the female always gets nominated and the male (despite having more critical acclaim) never does. But like I said, it’s not that big of a deal to me, I just wanted to say something after all those negative and undeserved comments towards Rupert fans.

I didn’t meant to snap at you, Sarah.

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It’s not about shallow. Dan is the lead actor. Emma, because she gets more screen time, and because she’s female, she gets the female accolades. Rupert doesnt get as much screen time. His character has, for the most part, be relegated to comic relief. That apparently is changing, with OOTP. Unfortunately, he will still be considered the supporting actor, because Dan is the lead.

As for talk shows and stuff, I’ve always believed that Rupert is just fine with his tv time. He never seems overly comfortable when being interviewed. He seems totally out of his element. I think the fans take this stuff far more seriously then he does.

oh, and ps: you dont have to hate Emma (or Dan) in order to really like Rupert. They’re all fine young actors in their own rights.

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ooo.. that was weird what it did with the word “have”. I surrounded it with tilde’s ( ~ ) for emphasis, but it made the word as subscript. wierd. Some day I’ll figure out how to make it italics. Fancy.

But that comment wasnt meant for anyone specific. Rereading it now, it seems like I’m directing it at the person who said that the attention levels received by the trio was shallow. it’s not directed it them. It’s just a general statement.

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howdy yall. wow, there is some pretty stiff comments out there. it took me a while to like emma b/c i didnt think she was a good actress, but ever since OotP and ballet shoes i really like her. dan, of course, is a great actor (and hot) and i dont think anyone can argue over his talent.

and the whole rupert issue. each movie, i think we only get a glimpse of how good of an actor rupert really is. he’s such a better actor than Hp movies show. im hoping that HBP will finally show all the RupeHaters that he really is a great actor and hes better that all the “Bloody Hells!” (which still manage to crack me up).

and JK rowling-cmon. she should so win the competition. she has mad such an impact on the entire WORLD!!! look what shes done-richest woman in world, made all these kids(and adults) love reading, and she wrote harry potter gosh darn it!!! she hands down has made the most impact of any author.

you guys can disagree with me all you want. i have given you my speech. thank you thank you wild applausevive xe

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“Emma, because she gets more screen time”

See here’s the issue… she DOESN’T get more screen time (Sorry, don’t know how to emphasise other than caps!). At least she’s certainly didn’t in OoTP, and that’s what these particular awards are based on.

In CoS, Rupert had more. In PoA, Emma had more. That, as far as I can recall, reflected the books. Not sure about GoF, although I think they were both equally prominent then. And in OoTP, they were both equally in the background. I just don’t understand this idea that Emma is more visible in the movies. She isn’t. There is, however, a little bias towards her in the film promotion, which I think stems from Hollywood’s obsession with creating a ‘lead boy and lead girl’ thing, and perhaps that might be fooling people.

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I think maybe it’s a combination of Screen time and Script time. Emma/Hermione get a lot the good lines. In movie 2, she gets to tell the info about mudbloods (even though she should not know it). In POA, she gets like a 3rd of the movie with just Dan, during their trip back in time, PLUS, she gets the line about “if you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to go through us”. In GOF I think it is pretty equal, except she gets the sceen on the bridge where she tells Harry how worried she is. In OOTP, she gets to tell about the Room of Requirement, she gets to fuss over Harry’s hand, and she gets to be the one to say that they’re in this together.

I’m not arguing against Rupert…. I think he SHOULD get some of these lines. I was quite annoyed that Hermione got the “go through us” line in POA, because I thought it took something away from the heroism of the Ron character.

But you’re right, they are creating a “lead boy” and “lead girl” thing. That’s kinda the way it is. Their job is to promote the films to as wide an audience as possible. To do that, they really do want to make sure there is that “lead girl/girl power” thing, to make sure that the female audience is interested. I’m guessing their thinking is, they have to give Herms some of the good/strong lines, so it’s not “just” a male-driven fantasy/adventure/action movie. It may not be right, but it’s the way it is.

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Sorry to be a spelling nerd, but isn’t it SciFi (not SyFy)?

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Firstly i’d like to say i don’t think Emma or Rupert show particular skills in hp. Least of all Emma, she shouldnt be considered a lead. Dan is the lead plus he did a great job in the film and got kudos for it. The thing is they can’t have two actors nominated for best actor from the same film. And if Rupert was nominated over Dan it would be a travesty. Also he doesnt get critical acclaim like some think.

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Go here and make that claim again-


He gets more acclaim than you seem to think Especially from DL and OotP

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Eruditewitch, thanks for the link but if its a rupert fansite it will be biased. I just don’t consider his mugging to be good acting and although he was better in DL, which i thought a badly written film, it wasn’t a stretch.

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It may be a fan site, but if you actually read the reviews, you will see them properly sourced from places like Rolling Stone, Rotten Tomatoes, Ain’t It Cool, and Roger Ebert.

It’s a collection of reviews from other sources. And you can think that all you want, but you can’t make the claim that Rupert doesn’t get critical acclaim when I have offered concrete proof that he has.

If you would like to avoid bias, go to the link and google each of the reviews so you can find their original sources.

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I couldnt open the link, but stand by my opinion of his acting skills. I find him unremarkable, and i also note you sidestepping my other points…

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The only point you made that wasn’t opinion was the critical acclaim one. The other things you said were all what you think and not really relevant. I could say the Giant Squid was the greatest actor ever if I wanted. Doesn’t really mean I have to discuss it.

For me, Rupert is natural in his expressions, has perfect timing, and he really makes you beleive what he is trying to say. One of thos reviews at the link I gave you said “Grint can do more acting with his eyes than most actors can do with their entire bodies”. That sums up what I think.

I really could care less if Dan or Rupert gets nominated. I think Dan deserves to be lauded for his skill, I think Rupert is more skilled, but Dan certainly deserves.

I just think that to keep nominating Emma for things like that, and everyone ignoring Rupert, makes him look like he has no talent. Hence my complaining. Because to me, and many others in the business, he’s loaded with talent. You have heard that even his costars like Robbie Coltrane say that, right?

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To clarify:

Yay Dan!

But when you are ignored for any award while someone of lesser ability in the same film as you with the same amount of screen time keeps getting nominated, it’s not fair. That’s what I think of when I see this. Not because of Dan. Because of Emma. You can think of any reason you want, her being the leading female, her being more liked…whatever. That doesn’t really change that Emma isn’t as talented, and these awards create the illusion she is, and create the illusion Rupert isn’t.

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You know, did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Rupert hasn’t gotten so much exposure or hasn’t taken on so many projects because he doesn’t want to? Maybe he’s just fine and dandy being plain old Ron Weasley for right now. I agree that he is very talented, and I don’t understand why he can’t be placed in some sort of supporting actor category for these awards, but let’s face it. Dan has stretched himself much more as an actor and he brings what he’s learned from other projects to Harry Potter and it shows. I’m fond of Emma, but as an actress I don’t think she quite matches up to the boys yet. But I have faith in her even though I think it’s a little to soon to be nominating her for “best actress” for anything.

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I agree with you JBlog….except for this:

Rupert has done the same…actually more projects than Emma….

so Why does she get so much acclaim?

That is why saying ‘Rupert just doesn’t do enough’ is not a good explanation. Neither does Emma.

His agent says he’s looking into something ‘interesting’, so we’ll get news soon. You know he gets lots of offers….but he’s probably being careful.

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Sorry! I see what you’re saying now! He does seem to like to stay out of the light….but he still likes to act, so we’ll see something soon.


Miriam, if you would like to, you can go to Leaky Lounge and to the Rupert Grint thread, and you’ll find some great reviews listed there, hopefully since they are sourced they’ll be less ‘biased’ for your taste. You don’t even have to copy and paste any links!

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okay, my opinion now.

i love harry potter!!!!!

now can we all be friends now??vive xe

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Why Watson in OotP? I really didn’t think she was good in this film! Radcliffe and Grint really surprised me. It was sort of the exact opposite from the GoF film, where I thought Watson did a good job and the two boys were rather bland. Ah well.

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Why do they always leave out Rupert? It makes no sense.

Congrats though!!

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Parabenxx p/ vcs.

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Another set of meaningless awards (SyFy??? uh, who???), so why does everyone care so much who’s been nominated or who wins or whatever? Has it occurred to anyone that the HP books have been in the US, not to mention the UK, longer than these awards have been in existence?

I know! Let’s make up an award group title and nominate people!

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I agree: the right question to ask is NOT that Rupert is nominated but that Emma IS nominated. Secondary role, not much screentime, and even not much acting are the objections I can think of at the moment. They didn’t even nominate Cate Blanchett who was fantastic in her small role in Indiana Jones.

But then again, m aybe it’s just a matter of voters nominating their favorite actors. And we all know that Emma’s fans are quite active in this task.

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Can we stop the whining, you pooperts? And erudite witch, we are getting tired of your complaints. Do that next time there is a legitimite acting award and Emma left Rupert in the dust again. Syfy is just a fan award and just reflects the fans opinions. it’s the legitimate awards that you should be wasting your time on. Although Personally, I don’t think poor Rupes will give a good showing especially for a legitimate award contest. There are better actors out there and I can think of Shia Labeouf who will shine more in these awards than Rupert…

Avatar Image says:

I think it´s quite funny how Rupert-fans allways are saying that those awards are just “meaningless” and “popularity contest”

I´m 100 % sure that they WON`T be using those phrases IF Rupe was nominated

Avatar Image says:

To quote Glenda:

“Can we stop the whining, you pooperts? And erudite witch, we are getting tired of your complaints.”

Who’s we. It seems to me that most people here are echoing what I am saying. Are you speaking as yourself, or do you represent an as yet unnamed group? And my complaints are justified and backed up with fact.

“Do that next time there is a legitimite acting award and Emma left Rupert in the dust again.”

Next time? Ummm. When has Emma ever won a legitimate acting award?

“Syfy is just a fan award and just reflects the fans opinions. it’s the legitimate awards that you should be wasting your time on. Although Personally, I don’t think poor Rupes will give a good showing especially for a legitimate award contest. There are better actors out there and I can think of Shia Labeouf who will shine more in these awards than Rupert…”

You’re welcome to that opinion. I loved Shia in his earlier work, but I think he’s over rated now and not doing the challenging roles he used to do like Tru Confessions.

But I disagree. Rupert will go far. Critics agree with me. Go to the Rupert Grint thread on Argent Scrim’s and you’ll see all the proof you need of this.

Avatar Image says:

The reason that Emma got nominated and Rupert didnt is because Rupert doesnt really fit in in the best ACTRESS category. who cares. Anything y’all say is just your own opinions. Fans of Emma say that Rupert isnt as good… Fans of Rupert say that Emma isnt as good… blah blah blah… and you can find countless good or bad reviews for all of them.

the crux is, they wouldnt be the actors they are if it werent for EACH OTHER! Their performances feed off each other. If you ask me, which you didnt, none of the trio would be where they are if they werent the trio. Yeah, no duh, you say… what I mean is that they’ve all worked and learned from each other and from the School of Acting that is the HP Juggernaut. and they probably know that. And my guess is that if you asked Rupert, he’d say that Emma and Dan deserve these nominations.

Avatar Image says:

“Who’s we. It seems to me that most people here are echoing what I am saying.”

no Erudite, you and you’re friends from the same site go everywhere complaining and annoying the heck out of people, you and your little group of friends (army [whatever]) go around saying the same thing over and over again, which is really tiring, so please do us all a favor and GROW UP!! You and your friends are old enough to be behaving like little kids complaining about “why not” and “why yes” so please GROW UP already people, at the end of the day Rupert is rich and I’m pretty sure as long as he keeps doing projects he’s going to be fit for life, so quit the complaining already, don’t force your meaningless reasons to us, get over it this is a fan nomination and if Rupert is not nominated is not the end of the word, remember that whatever you like it doesn’t necessarily means is good OR people have to share your views or likes, as you can see most fans (not only HP) don’t share your likes, so please just leave it alone and if Rupert keeps acting then keep your devotion for him but don’t force it or complain like little kids.

and sometimes even if some crtics like some actors work at the end of the day the fans are the ones who will decide who they like and who they don’t and who they just don’t care about.

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Erudite Witch: I don’t represent any group just as you don’t represent the entire Rupert fans. I just get tired of you commenting on almost all HP boards saying the same “poor Rupert” litany over and over. I may agree with you that Emma does not have the acting chops to deserve her nominations and can sympathize with you that Rupert is more talented. However, you are losing what sympathy you may gain by continually whining about the same thing ad nauseam over and over again.

As for your claim that the critics praise Rupert and this is supported by fact….eh? Where? I don’t see his name in any promising actors list if he really has gained the attention of people that matter. I mentioned Shia because he at least has gained the reputation of having promise of acting chops among the young actors that we have. I also could mention Arangano and a whole lot more but Grint somehow is not in that category. You keep saying that Rupert is on the rise but he can’t even make a stupid list like this.

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They’re all awesome; just a shame that Grint isn’t getting the recognition he deserves. WE LOVE YOU RUPERT!

Avatar Image says:

Heehee, i always get a good laugh at that one critic’s comment about rupert acting with his eyes that rupertfans always drag out-face it, his eyes are always covered by his hair or he’s too far in the background to tell lol! I have seen similar comments about Dan and his eyes too since the first movie, by the way.

To alice who was saying that the first few comments weren’t pooperts?? Have a gander at the very second comment… Perhaps you lot should give it a rest, and just simply congratulate the nominees or keep quiet. I’m surprised you guys aren’t banned from the emma fansite forums when you keep bashing her…( Question: Why aren’t you in the rupert fansites? I take it no one posts there? )

Hermione is a great role model for girls - always has been, so of course she is going to get a lot of attention. Plus there are actually people/critics who do like Emma's acting, as well as those who prefer Dan's acting over rupert's  so get over it.  Your opinions are yours and just that, opinions.
People might notice, as i've mentioned before, who Emma's competitors are. Nicole Kidman was not the lead actress of the Golden compass-  that  should have been Dakota Blue Richards who i don't think got a nomination at all.   So if you're looking at the competitors,  why shouldn't  Emma be among that lot?   Nicole was not in that movie a lot either.  Had there been a best male costar  category, i don't think that rupert would have gotten a nod at all either, to be frank.  Compare his role (what, 5 lines?)  to Shia's costarring role in the raiders movie.

As for other roles, Emma, as we have mentioned ad nauseum, is still in school- and possibly going to university this fall. She and probably her parents, didn’t feel the need for her to do a Thunderpants role. She has been offered other movies which is now possible for her to do, now that she’s gotten her qualifications to continue on with her education ie highschool. You cannot seriously compare her time off with rupert who did not continue with his education and thus has had YEARS of free time. It’s funny how you never hear of his name coming up for any roles either. (don’t bother with Tintin- that was only regurgitated from some romanian website that was years behind the times). Maybe he wants to go far with his ice cream business- he has the van! They are young yet, and i think will ALL go far!

Avatar Image says:

Sorry i meant that Emma received her qualifications (ie highschool) to continue on with uni.

Avatar Image says:

Can I just say, Radcakesfan every comment you make (if you’re not singing the praises of Dan) contains something that is is designed to upset people, ie. ‘Why aren’t you in the Rupert fansites? I take it no one posts there’. I’m not even a Rupert fan but to be honest I am totally sick of people like you who, instead of trying to stop an argument, take great delight in progressing it further. Give it a rest.

Avatar Image says:

Glenda: “As for your claim that the critics praise Rupert and this is supported by fact….eh? Where?”

Eruditewitch has provided you with sources to look up these critical praises. A Rupert Grint fansite might collect these reviews, but they don’t make them up. They do exist and they stem from film critics who are not related to any Rupert Grint fansites. So, IMO, the claim these reviews and critics are biased don’t bear up against the facts. You don’t like Rupert’ s acting and that can’t be argued. It’s your personal opinion and that is a fair point. But it’s not a general truth, just as my personal opinion isn’t a general truth.

Rupert getting a considerable amount of critical praise for his acting in and outside HP is a fact. Everyone is free to agree or disagree with these critics, but their existence can’t be argued.

And, to radcakesfan, Monic and Co.: Eruditewitch has a right to voice her opinion just as much as you have. But she has never gotten personal with anyone which unfortunately can’t be said by some others. I for one am interested in everyone’s opinion and that includes those who are opposite to mine.

And to whomever it applies: please stop complaining about Rupert-fans ‘whining’. We have every right to do so. Just try to imagine yourselves in ‘our shoes’ for a moment. Please.

Avatar Image says:

I think if rupert were seen to be doing other work now, between hp films, it would help to assess his abilities. He hasnt shown anything remarkable in hp and that is prob why he wasnt nominated and why he doesnt appear on up and coming actors lists. Emma does because she is a pretty girl if not a good actress. For rupert to get recognition he needs to be seen doing something.

Avatar Image says:

I’d also like to add that the one of the reasons that rupert isn’t taken notice of by the media and industry is to do with his choice of roles being mediocre. To get noticed you need to be seen challenging yourself. There are so many other young actors out there that are picking more interesting or exciting projects. Emma has a lot less competition than Rupert.

Avatar Image says:

“To alice who was saying that the first few comments weren’t pooperts?? Have a gander at the very second comment… “

The second comment was just someone saying that it was a shame Rupert was left out, and that he was the best actor of the trio, in their opinion (<- note that last part). This was followed by 4 comments lambasting the Rupert fans in general before they’d even arrived. So no, the first few comments were not “pooperts”, they were confrontational posts aimed at Rupert fans. It just makes me sad.

I refuse to comment on the rest of your post because I think comments that purposefully try to make a debate personal and are designed – as Jessica said – to upset people are not worthy of a response and I don’t rise to them. Especially when other sites are brought up – for the record I have no idea who you are outside of here or which sites you’re on and I’m really not interested. I’ll just say that I’ve never bashed Emma. Ever. I won’t rise to your comments but I’ll certainly correct the untruths.

“And to whomever it applies: please stop complaining about Rupert-fans ‘whining’. We have every right to do so. Just try to imagine yourselves in ‘our shoes’ for a moment. Please.”


Avatar Image says:

“Can I just say, Radcakesfan every comment you make (if you’re not singing the praises of Dan) contains something that is is designed to upset people, ie. ‘Why aren’t you in the Rupert fansites? I take it no one posts there’. I’m not even a Rupert fan but to be honest I am totally sick of people like you who, instead of trying to stop an argument, take great delight in progressing it further. Give it a rest.”

I agree with you Jessica. I’m actually a bigger fan of Dan’s than Rupert or Emma, but I find radcakesfan’s comments and others who refer to Rupert fans as ‘pooperts’ flat out embarrassing as a Dan fan. Why do you have to resort to that? Rupert’s a good actor too and I don’t begrudge his fans the right to be disappointed.

Anyway, congrats to Dan and JKR. They both deserve it.

Avatar Image says:

I think we are way premature in giving any of the child actors from HP any serious recognition. The fact is that the REALLY excellent actors in the series were giving outstanding performances before JKR ever thought of HP. I remember being impressed with Gary Oldman, for example, in Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992.

If any of the trio are still doing feature films when say, the next generation is coming of age, then we will know they have been successful. Right now it is too early to say because let’s face it. they all are typecast. So it’s good they’re making a lot of money doing these films because it’s basically typecasting them, as it is the only thing they do. A really great actor is recognized as such because he or she surfaces in a WIDE variety of different roles, bringing something special to each.

In this regard I think Rupert may actually have a leg up. I think he is being the least typecast because he keeps such a low profile. I think his mumbled answers in interviews are actually a sign of intelligence because he is smart enough to just keep his mouth shut.

Avatar Image says:

OK I take that back about Rupert having a “leg up”. I guess what I meant to say is that I like all three of the trio, but they all have a serious uphill battle to be long-term actors. Rupert needs to do some other roles. At least Dan and Emma are trying to do other things. I believe that Rupert has it in him, and I think it could be to his advantage that he keeps a low profile, be he really needs to start doing other roles or it won’t matter in the long run.

I’m glad they’re all being well paid because acting is a tough gig. I feel sorry for prospective actors. For every superstar celebrity we see, there are a million others who didn’t make it.

Avatar Image says:

Cromer I disagree, Rupert is not doing other thing that are showing his range as an actor, Rupert is doing the same role over and over again, and that will typecast him as Ron, the only one actor that the critics think can shake off the HP typecast is Dan; Dan has accomplished what no other young actor in the HP series has, even critically more so than Rupert.

And about the reviews, I can also post good reviews for Emma and more so for Dan, or I can also post bad reviews for Rupert…remember that a Rupert site won’t ever post bad reviews, and there are many bad reviews for Rupert in the HP and DL movies, the trio in general have good and bad reviews, but the only young actor that has shown an increase in good reviews is Dan, there were less bad reviews for Dan compare to Rupert and Emma for the last movie; for DB even if the critics slam the movie all of them thought Dan was spot on as Maps and the critics thought his performance was the only salvable thing to watch from this movie; Extras was the best decision he made, not only his episode was nominated for an Emmy in US but just recently his episode won best comedy for the Banff World Television Awards in UK (a series that had many episodes with A-list Hollywood actors/actress, but of them all Dan’s episode was the one that won); Equus, I don’t think I need to say more about that, not a single bad review for Dan, a critically acclaim production and his performance got the respect not only from the fans but the critics and his colleague from all over the word, this was the reason why Broadway decided to get this production and Dan to New York, and finally My Boy Jack was his latest production and another successful move, he got high ratings the day this movies was broadcast in UK, got soooo many good reviews not only in UK but also in US that is consider for an Emmy… Dan has already establish himself as an amazing young actors, so the only person that has show his real talent, who is the most talented actor and that has a future no to be typecast is Dan compare to Emma and Rupert, actually I don’t think he’s typecast anymore, more and more articles are coming out with only Dan’s name and no the “Harry potter actor..” compare to Emma and Rupert.

Last thing, this is show business, I think Emma is included in this list because she ALSO has talent but also has the beauty and something very important that Rupert lacks of which is charisma in interivews (which Dan has in abundance), Emma has what it takes to keep acting if that’s what she wants.

Avatar Image says:

Congrats to all the three and the entire team of OotP for the nomination!

Avatar Image says:

Cromer,i think that few years ago Rupert had more future as actor than Dan and Emma but now Dan is the one that has done big steps with Equus and My boy Jack(he could be nominated at the Emmys)and is evident his hard work out of HP.Is dissapointed this stupid discussion “Dan and Emma,why not Rupert?”.SO boring.

Avatar Image says:

I agree totally onespeedonly, Emma Watson should be nominated for best support

Avatar Image says:

Ahhh – about the reviews on the fansites – if you go to any of the actors fansites there are excertps of positive reviews for that particular actor. Go to Emma Watson’s sites – there are many reviews singling out her talents from reputable critics.

Avatar Image says:

@ Soledad and Sarah

Yeah, you guys are right. Out of the three, Dan far and away has his act together. It’s glaringly obvious.

And I compliment Rupert for keeping a low profile, but perhaps that is just wishful thinking. To be honest, I have gotten pretty disgusted with his interviews because I know what the answer will be to ANY question before he’s even been asked: “Um yeah… well it was… sort of brilliant, you know… I mean it was… amazing, wasn’t it?” (I’ve seen him give this answer before even when it had nothing to do with the question).

But still, I want him to succeed. I guess I am just that much of an HP fan.

Avatar Image says:

Cromer, if rupert wants a career beyond hp then he needs to do something about it. Both in doing more (varied) work and in his PR. Journalists hate interviewees that have nothing interesting to say, and he’s already getting negative comments made about his lack of conversation in interviews. They may not even bother with him post hp.

Avatar Image says:

Re the reviews and critical praise. I think the point never was to deny that Dan and Emma get good reviews as well, neither was it to suggest Rupert never got negative reviews. One comment person on here doubted Rupert got actual unbiased critical praise. The point was to refute that.

Yes, all fansites of the HP actors (or any actor really) would collect the reviews, preferably the good ones I guess. That doesn’t make these reviews any less valid. They do exist. Each of the trio has gotten good and bad reviews and everyone of us has a right to agree or disagree with these.

I agree with every good review Rupert has gotten because I personally do see lots of talent there. I think it’s not his fault he has been criminally underused in the HP movies, neither is it his fault that he’s the other male in the trio. I agree that he has to do more outside HP now if he wants to pursue a career as an actor in the future, but I am not the one to make that decision for him. As for the two movies he has done outside HP: the character from Thunderpants is the complete opposite of his character from DL, so the claim Rupert played the same role over and over again doesn’t bear up under closer inspection, IMO. And while his DL character shares one trait with BOOK-Ron (the insecurity) I couldn’t see much resemblance with movie Ron. On the contrary, I was quite astonished after seeing DL that I hadn’t thought about seeing Ron onscreen once. But that is my personal perception of course and I don’t claim that to be a generality.

Dan is critically highly acclaimed, rightfully so. He has done a lot outside HP lately and I think he has a chance to get rid of his being typecast as ‘Harry Potter’ when HP is over. He is on the best way. As for his being nominated for OotP: again rightfully so. He carried the whole movie on his shoulders and he was awesome.

Avatar Image says:

@ Miriam

I guess the elephant in the living room is this: Perhaps the fact that Rupert hasn’t done any other roles besides Ron indicates that he is being passed over for any other such role (cringes on Rupert’s behalf).

Again, I do want him to succeed.

Avatar Image says:

Cromer, IMO Rupert is a successful person (don’t know about his personal life) but talking about professional, I think he has made money he never thought he would made, he is one of the main characters in one of the most successful franchises, so IMHO I call that a successful professional career, now is up to him to manage his money and his life. galadriel12, I saw too DL and for me Ben and Ron have lots of similarities, Ben was an easy role to play. But I do share the concept of Rupert taking challenging roles, and not just playing a character that won’t challenged him as an actor, including changing your appearance, cutting your hair, getting a beard or something that will detach him from Rupert and Ron, maybe Rupert love his appearance but if you’re an actor you need to be like a chameleon and change your appearance within each role, looking the same for all your roles makes it boring and not convincing (the way he did it for Thunderpants with the perm).

Avatar Image says:

Is Soledad, Radcakesfan in disguise?! I apologise if not, but you guys definately sound the same!

Avatar Image says:

No responding to anyone who has said something personal about me, because I’m not a child trying to start an argument:

There have been many reviews, which I have linked up in the Rupert Grint thread, which show that people, knowledgeable people, think he will go far. Your opinion on him or his roles is fine, have fun with that, but the truth of the matter is, he’s not being passed up, critics do enjoy him, and many have foreseen a bright future for him. This is fact, fact which I can site.

To quote Cromer:

“OK I take that back about Rupert having a “leg up”. I guess what I meant to say is that I like all three of the trio, but they all have a serious uphill battle to be long-term actors. Rupert needs to do some other roles. At least Dan and Emma are trying to do other things. I believe that Rupert has it in him, and I think it could be to his advantage that he keeps a low profile, be he really needs to start doing other roles or it won’t matter in the long run.”

His agent said that he is looking over roles and has some interesting prospects. Rupert recent did a review in a book about young successful actors, in which he said (paraphrased) that the key is to do what you love, work hard, and do it just for the acting.

He genuinely likes acting, though it is obvious he hates the spotlight. Since he gets great reviews, but no media attention, one can conclude that he is not less famous because of his roles or his talent, but because he stays out of the limelight. He keeps a low profile. Just like you said.

This can be good or bad. But considering the kind of roles Rupes said he would be interested in, this is the best idea for him. His credibility won’t wane by being sighted with every starlett in the book or seen mucking it up like his other costars.

Avatar Image says:

Eruditewitch, no one said he needs to raise his profile as a partygoer etc, he needs to raise it as an ACTOR. Which he isn’t doing.

Avatar Image says:

He’s doing just as much as the others on the HP set in that age group except for Dan…who’s on fire btw.

What lowers his credibility then? And I was responding directly to Cromer, who said that staying out of the limelight could be bad.

Avatar Image says:

I could’ve sworn I commented here yesterday. I guess not. Odd.

Can we please leave the personal insults out of this? Most people have stayed away from ad hominem, but some people are tempted by the easy way out of a discussion/argument: insulting the other person. If your argument is so weak that you have to resort to insults, then perhaps you shouldn’t say anything at all.


Avatar Image says:

Out of the trio rupert is the one that has had most opportunity to do other work. He has been out of school for 3 years, he could have done smaller projects outside of hp. He hasn’t. DL was a couple years ago.

Avatar Image says:

Oh so because he’s had more time, he should do more stuff, and that justifies Emma not doing more and still getting the same amount of acclaim and credit?

That makes no sense.

Emma- HP and Ballet Shoes Rupert- HP and Driving Lessons

Same amount of work. So why is Emma getting so much more attention? That’s the point. Rupert shouldn’t have to do more work to get the same amount of accolades from the media.

What I’ve been saying this entire time is that the popularity contests and the media are creating the illusion that Dan and Emma are better than others, when Dan very well may be. He just doens’t appeal to me. He feels too wooden. And yet so many people, fans and professionals, find Rupert to be the brightest talent out of the group, doing as one reviewer said ‘Stealing Every scene he’s in’.

So basically, that leads me to believe that Emma only gets nominated because she’s more famous. And that pisses me off.

And if I were Rupes, I’d want to stay home too. Keep grounded. He has an awesome family…if I were in that situation, I’d want to be there too.

And if you read the interview he did in the successful young stars book, you’ll see where his priorities in acting are.

Avatar Image says:

Why is Emma nominated? The only one who should be nominated is Dan for his acting! He’s the main character, and he did the best in Order of the Phoenix. Emma’s just getting nominated because she’s “popular” and pretty! Her acting probably as nothing to do with this, because she didn’t even do much in Order of the Phoenix. I agree that Rupert should get some credit for this also, but if you come to think of it, he’s just there. This is the same with Emma, she’s just there! She doesn’t deserve this at all.

Avatar Image says:

Miriam, you said “....he needs to raise it as an ACTOR. Which he isn’t doing.” Um, excuse me, he did. He’s done Thunderpants & Driving Lessons. And it doesn’t matter what year they came out in, he still did them! And he acted wonderfully IMO. Just because your precious Emma’s “Ballet Shoes” came out last year doesn’t mean that Rupert didn’t do anything at all with his acting, okay? You’re attacking Rupert like he doesn’t deserve any fricken award at all – which he does! Because he’s really good.

Avatar Image says:

There’s no need to get pissy eruditewitch, i said earlier that emma shouldnt have been there. But if you read my other post you will see that i said rupert has more competition, and i still disagree with what you think of his talent, mainly because he hasnt done anything to turn my head, or the media’s. He needs a challenge, so he needs to work. You can’t expect us all to be as devoted to him as you.

Avatar Image says:

Christine, i don’t consider emma precious, and i don’t appreciate you having a go at me just because i have stated opposing opinions to you about rupert. His work outside of hp hasn’t made a splash, how do you expect him to be taken seriously as a promising actor without a body of work to support it? And something more interesting than DL and not as dire as Thunderpants.

Avatar Image says:

I love how it takes NO time at all for the Rupert whiners to show up.

Oh be quiet! Maybe we just really love Rupert?! Ever though of that? Is it a CRIME to stand up for an actor who you like very much? Hey, would all the Emma fans be fine & dandy if Rupert was always nominated for awards? Yeah, I don’t really think so! So why are we Rupert Fans always targeted for “moaning and groaning”? I don’t care what you all “haters of Rupert Fans” say. I will moan and groan all I want about Rupert because it is my opinion.

To me, the nomination for Emma is not even the problem anymore. The problem is how people are so fed up with us Rupert Fans “complaining” about Rupert being left out. If you don’t like it, don’t read our comments! Just leave & not post a comment about us at all! I never say anything to the people who tell US off! So now this is to all the people who post a comment saying “Rupert Whiners – shut up, be quiet, etc….” – Shove it up Merlin’s pants already. We can say whatever we want on here! It’s called an OPINION & we’re all entitled to have one.

I’m so sick of people telling Rupert Fans off. We deserve to say something! And if you all can’t handle it, then get out of the Leaky Cauldron. Period.

Avatar Image says:

Miriam – I’m not having a go at you. But don’t be such a hypocrite, because from what I read you had a go at Cromer too.

Avatar Image says:

lol @ people defending Emma’s acting. I guess enough people would defend the sky being green if they managed to convince themselves of it.

Avatar Image says:

Christine, what is wrong with you and what gives you the right to call me a hypocrite? How dare you accuse me of having a go at anyone? I suggest you calm down and stop lying about me (calling me a hypocrite, an emma fan and a rupert hater).

Avatar Image says:

Also how do you expect anyone to take your opinions seriously and respect what you have to say if you fly off the handle like that?

Avatar Image says:

Honestly, there’s no way Emma should be nominated. What a laugh.

Avatar Image says:

You know I read these comments and shake my head. As much as I love HP, it really makes me sad to read all the anger that people aim at each other. I always thought the fandom was so great because it brought people from all walks of life together on a common ground. But now as I see now, people are constantly bickering and being really hateful towards others. To me, it just seems immature and intolorant, and I feel that nobody deserves to be treated that way.

Avatar Image says:

Sorry Emma, but Helena Bonham Carter is getting my vote for best actress. :)

Avatar Image says:

I’ll admit now that I don’t care too much about these awards. Who wins and who doesn’t isn’t that big of a deal to me. Though I do think that HG Wells should win the Lifetime achievement award.

What I do care about is the constant bashing and personal comments aimed at my friends for simply expressing their opinion. So what if they think that Rupert is better than Emma? Why does it bother you so much? All they want is for one of their favourite actors to get some recognition. Is that really too much to ask for? I’m sure that if Emma Watson was the one who was getting left out of these awards then you would have something to say about it. Why should Rupert fans be any different?

Avatar Image says:

Christine: It’s great that you love Rupert. I like him myself. But if the tables were turned-if it was always Rupert getting the nominations for things instead of Dan-and we Dan fans jumped onto a news item instantly with our “Oh, why didn’t Dan get a nomination, it’s not fair, he always gets passed over,” etc etc., then maybe you’d understand why it just gets incredibly tiresome to come here and read the Rupert fans’ complaints every single time an award thing comes out. And every single time, you all are the FIRST to jump on the comments and post, so what happens is that what SHOULD be a bunch of simple ‘congratulations’ comments and general discussion, turns into a verbal fist fight between the Dan fans and the Rupert fans, with a little Emma thrown in for good measure. We can’t get past the first two or three comments without it all starting up again. It’s ridiculous. We should ALL be supporting ALL the actors, in one way or another, or at least not be going around trashing the ones we don’t care for. There’s no need to beat one down in order to ‘stand up’ for another. That’s just…childish.

I’m sorry Rupert doesn’t get nominated for more stuff. But it’s not Dan’s fault he doesn’t, and it’s certainly not Dan’s FANS’ fault. It’s just the way it is. And maybe…just maybe…Rupert likes it this way. Maybe he likes being well out of the limelight and couldn’t care less if he’s nominated for anything. Frankly, if that’s the case, I like his attitude. If you really, truly believe in Rupert as an actor, how about waiting to see what he does next, and supporting his future work, rather than whinge about all the accolades he’s not getting now? Stop embarrassing him with your constant complaints.

Avatar Image says:

“You know I read these comments and shake my head. As much as I love HP, it really makes me sad to read all the anger that people aim at each other. I always thought the fandom was so great because it brought people from all walks of life together on a common ground. But now as I see now, people are constantly bickering and being really hateful towards others. To me, it just seems immature and intolorant, and I feel that nobody deserves to be treated that way.

Posted by Liam on June 14, 2008 @ 05:12 PM”

I totally agree with you, Liam. Some people are nasty to fellow fans, and some are nasty towards the actors and the whole thing is ridiculous. However, this is nothing new. It seems like when it comes to the actor kids, it’s always been this way.

Attention girls: I’m sure Dan, Rupert and Emma never bicker over you. Why should you bicker over them?

This is an HP site – not a Dan, Rupert or Emma site. Why can’t we be happy when one of them is recognized for something and leave it at that?

Avatar Image says:

Star, I sort of get what you’re saying, it probably is annoying to read the same complaints over and over again, but for some Rupert fans it’s annoying to see him being neglected over and over again, so there you go.

As I said previously, it just annoyed me that rather a lot of people started complaining about the Rupert fans before they’d even arrived (minus one). The wars that I see in this area of the Fandom really get to me, and others, as we have seen.

And please don’t make this a Dan vs. Rupert thing. There has not been one single comment here that is both anti-Dan and pro-Rupert. I don’t even recall any saying that Dan doesn’t deserve it. The main argument from the Rupert fans as far as I can tell is that if Emma is getting recognition, so should he. And not that he should be getting recognition instead of Dan.

And as far as Rupert’s interview persona and/or other projects are concerned, those ought to be irrelevant in this case as these awards are about performances in a particular film, OoTP.

Now can we please get back to talking about the actors/awards rather than each other?

Avatar Image says:

I just want the teaser-trailer

I´m voting for Dan and OOTP

Avatar Image says:

I really cannot wait till all the HP movies are over, so we won’t hear more complains from fan complaining why this actor was nominated and not this other. Dan is getting his dues doing other projects, or at least his projects are getting recognize for awards, when the HP is over and Dan gets his nomination for other works then there is not going to be a single comment of “why didn’t Rupert get his..”

Avatar Image says:

Congrats to those who got nominations and I’m sorry for Ruppert. But guys… you’re missing the one great actrees of Harry Potter that never, NEVER, gets a nomination.

The white owl’s unique performance as Hedwig got my heart right from the first movie. I don’t know her name, so I’ll call her Barbara.

Barbara has made the Harry Potter movies what they are!! Her flights over Hogwarts and those big yellow eyes capture with astonishing accuracy the soul of Harry’s brave white owl. I can still remember the look she gave us when that big red train was going to your direction in movie 2.

Don’t fear the lack of recognition the industry is giving you Barbara. We, the potter fans, will always treasure your acting skills!!

Avatar Image says:

Yeah,Finally,are you right.If 17th July Dan is nominated for an Emmy,then all rupert’s fans couldn’t say “why Rupert is not nominated?”.

Avatar Image says:

Let me start off by saying I think all three actors are really good and I don’t have preference for or dislike for any of them. They all do a good job in HP.

For those wondering who does the nomination (from wiki):

Nomination/Voting Methods

Each year, the parent Web site chooses up to 25 people from around the world to choose their favorite actors, television series, episodes and movies in more than a dozen categories.

All of the nominations from each committee member is ranked, which helps generate the list of five nominees for each category.

To be eligible, nominees must have appeared on American television between June 1 and May 31 each year, which covers standard television production seasons.

Soooo…... basically 25 people OR LESS chose who was to be nominated. These people may not be big HP fans and may not have even read the books. If I just saw the movie, I’d probably think “Well, Dan’s the main guy obviously and Emma seems to be the most used girl so…”

Let me please add that I’m not trying to take anything away from Dan or Emma and I think they both deserve the nom and I hope you all vote for them every day so they win ( ;) ), but it’s not like anyone is TRYING to snub Rupert. Yeah, obviously many voters didn’t think about him but that makes sense considering how little screen time he has.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we can’t let the opinion of TWENTY FIVE people piss us off and make us tear at each others throats.

Avatar Image says:

C’mon guys! Enough of this already!! We don’t come here to fight over who deserves or not the nomination. We come here because we all love this saga. Each of us may like an actor better than the other… but come on!!

Can’t we just hold hands, sit in the grass and sing “Oh happy day” together?

I bet Barbara would like that….

Avatar Image says:

Potterhead23 how do you know that??i don’t think that one list so long of nominations is based in the opinion of 25 persons.is ridiculous.

Avatar Image says:

To Jessica, no, Soledad and I are not the same person just because we share similar views. Perhaps you think the same of rupert fans? Hmmm (looks suspiciously around…) Perhaps you’re not aware that there is a huge worldwise HP fanbase? and they actually do all have different opinions, to which they have a right. It sounds like it’s okay for rupertfans to sing the praises of Rupert and bash in-this-case emma/whatever award, but not to stick up for them? As for fanning the flames, seems to me that’s what certain rupertfans are doing, hmmm?

“it just annoyed me that rather a lot of people started complaining about the Rupert fans before they’d even arrived ” Star is right- rupertfans are the first to comment and bash on the actors getting attention rather than simply congratulating them or simply ignoring the post if you don’t like it. We just beat you to the punch. Would we be having this conversation had you simply said congrats? No, it would have died out or been a peaceful convo between happy fans.

I think it’s just lovely how people are bashing Emma here. (said sarcastically). Why should someone compare the work Emma has done with someone TWO YEARS OLDER who had more free time is beyond me. Perhaps you should wait until Emma is almost 20 and THEN compare what they have all done, yes?

Whether a guy has the chops or not, the thing is that there are far more roles for males than there are for the ladies. With the size of the ron role, Rupert simply cannot compete this time against other sidekick roles. Next movie, who knows? Emma is pretty much poised to become the next Kiera Knightly (she now has her Chanel campagne btw) and it will be funny to see the hate should she win kudos for her roles while she is young. Once she’s old, that’s another story as the roles for the guys should be more numerous as they can age.

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I was going to stay out of this because the arguments are just getting repeated, ridiculous, misinterpreted, and blown out of proportion, but this one pissed me off:

To quote Star-

“Yeah,Finally,are you right.If 17th July Dan is nominated for an Emmy,then all rupert’s fans couldn’t say “why Rupert is not nominated?”

No. Because Rupert hasn’t done TV. This isn’t about Dan vs. Rupert. And it isn’t about Rupert getting passed up for a meaningless award. It’s about how the media and popularity awards shows like this twist everything and turn it into a ‘who’s more noticable and more out there’ than a ‘who’s more talented’....but the general public is just going to see two people from one movie getting nominated, one with an equal part, and one not, and think “What’s wrong with him?”, when there’s nothing wrong with him.

It’s perception. And you guys who are talking about fans vs. fans are eating right into the game. It’s like pulling the wool over the eyes of the general viewing population to get more attention. If any of these actors win an award that is actually about acting, then I will be the first to sing the praises. Oh…Dan did for his Equus role. That is the only one who has won something for their acting.

Emma’s Chanel campaign says she has a pretty face. It doesn’t say she’s a great actress. And Keira Knightly has done challenging roles that have lauded her oscar noms. She is versatile and constantly improving and changing as an actress. Emma has done two roles, and she doesn’t even do them above mediocre. Comparing the two is just sad.

So do you all think a young actor should do a movie every time he has free time? Especially a young actor very close to his very large family? That seems to be the standard you’re holding Rupes to.

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Commending all Rupert fans here who are giving very good arguments/defense, and by that, I mean that they do it without having to call others names and make negative personal comments on other posters.

All have a right to be heard, Rupert’s fans need to voice out their disgust, their disagreement, their disappointments, or others will think we’re just okay with what’s happening and/or that nobody cares about Rupert and the way hes always being passed up, like the way no one comments about Tom Felton, Matt Lewis and Bonnie Wright are not even getting anything. Aside from the fact that Rupert IS a main character, part of the trio, unlike Tom, Matt and Bonnie, it is also only reflective of the “fact” that a lot of people love Rupert, care about him, and think he’s deserving of the same awards and recognition, and care enough to spend time and effort to voice out their feelings because we all think he’s so worth everything, from the beginning until now, for years running.

So please, don’t tell US off. For as long as Rupert is loved and appreciated, we will be here. So you’ll just have to bear with us :)

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Forgot to add—All have a right to be heard, its called DEMOCRACY.

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I can’t believe that there are 7 pages of bitchy Rupert Grint-related comments on the news piece about Dan and Emma getting nominations to awards that I’ve never even heard of before, and I’m pretty sure 90% of the people here haven’t heard of either! What’s with the bitchyness in the Harry Potter fandom these days? HONESTLY!? Are we suffering from HP withdrawal or something? I don’t even know…

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Christin cassandra, some rupert fans havent been as polite as you claim, and have been name calling. And i think people are ignoring the fact rupert has been nominated for awards (national movie awards 2007 best actor) so he isnt always overlooked. His fans just take it too personally.

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“Star is right- rupertfans are the first to comment and bash on the actors getting attention rather than simply congratulating them or simply ignoring the post if you don’t like it. We just beat you to the punch. Would we be having this conversation had you simply said congrats? No, it would have died out or been a peaceful convo between happy fans.”

Exactly, you beat us to the punch. So the hostility certainly didn’t come from the Rupert fans first. That was my point all along. Just as you can say that, based on these comments I could say that Dan fans are the first to have a go at “rival” fans, namely Rupert’s. Although I hate saying that cos it makes me sound like I don’t like Dan myself, which I do. But this isn’t the first time I’ve seen it happen here. I just wish some Dan fans wouldn’t take it so personally, that some people simply don’t like seeing Rupert missed out so much, and like to say so.

Also, you have to accept that they will come here and express their disappointment. It won’t be me, in fact it’ll probably be different posters each time. But it’s not gonna stop. Sorry. That’s what fans do.

And can I also say well done to all the Rupert fans (and others too) who have been able to keep things civil here.

No one likes to see squabbling in the comments. I can just imagine someone reading this news story for the first time and thinking “Oh no, 7 pages of comments… must be another stupid fight between fans!”. XD

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The info’s on wikipedia, under Syfy Genre Awards.

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Full disclosure – I’m not a “fan” of any of the three, I like all of them and think they play their roles in the movies really well. However, of the three, I have been most impressed with Daniel Radcliffe’s work, and he does seem to be continuing on (that is the full-disclosure part). I am entertained reading all of these comments, it’s like a bad episode of a reality show with a bunce of bitchy girls bickering. I just have to ask however – people continue to comment that Emma is famous, doing her Chanel campaign, etc., all because she is pretty. My question to you is this: what is your main reason for being a Rupert fan? I get the feeling that it is because you think he is good looking, and, I add, there is nothing wrong with that. His body of work, including HP, is not large enough to base your intense fandom solely on just how wonderful an actor you think he is. Ron’s role is (unfortunately) limited in the movie, and he has really only one other major role, and one minor role, in addition to HP. I also realize that many people are Dan fans because they like his looks, again, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s normal and natural. So, I think it is somewhat hypocritical to dismiss Emma as just being a pretty face.

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Come on!!Dan and Emma are getting so much nominations in so much awards only for popularity??then,Zac Efron must be nominated in these awards too…but HE ISN’T.Johnny Depp is only popularity??and Nicole Kidman??if Rupert is nominated for an award(NMA 2007)with Dan and Emma is for his great acting but when Dan and Emma are nominated is for popularity,right??don’t you see your double vision of them??

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Bravo Flummoxed! You hit the nail with that one.

Rupertfans are facing the backlash  for years of bashing Dan and Emma . People  KNOW what they are going to do.  Quite frankly, some of us are sick of hearing them rant on.  They certainly can freak on, but don't expect others not to comment. Yeah, democracy.
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I don’t see any Emma bashing or Dan bashing or anything like that at all. Thinking that Rupert is as good as or better than Dan or Emma is NOT bashing. Wanting Rupert to get a similar level of attention as Dan and Emma isn’t bashing either. I hate to break that to you but it’s not. It’s quite simply expressing an opinion, something that every person that visits this website is free to do,

What I do see is personal attacks aimed at Rupert fans for having the audacity to prefer Rupert to Dan or Emma. Apparently not thinking that Dan and Emma are the greatest actor/actress pairing of all time is considered to be some sort of crime by these people and justifies personal attacks. That’s the impression that I get reading the comments here anyway.

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While I do love watching him on the big screen, I think for a lot of Rupert fans, it’s personality. The funny things he does, the way he is in interviews, the way he treats his fans…that all amounts to a general enjoyment of him. I don’t think it has much to do with looks, at least for me it doesn’t. Hell, I think my favorite actor…Adrien Brody…..is the most gorgeous thing alive, but I call him my favorite actor because of his skill.

Rupes, not being my favorite actor, is my favorite of the Trio because of the way he acts on screen. I am a fan of him and post on his fansites because of the kind of person he is. I think he deserves it. A combination of the two leads me to a be a fan.

With Emma, I really love the kind of person she is. I think she’s amazing. But I don’t like her acting. So there is no combination.

Dan is a brilliant actor. He blows me away. He’s just so twitchy. So I’m not a hardcore fan.

You have to combine a lot of things to see what makes people a fan.

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This whole thing is getting ridiculous.

Which is worse: being upset that Rupert doesn’t get the attention you think he deserves OR attacking people for feeling that way? Be a little more self-discerning before you start attacking people for simply expressing their opinion. Do you see how ridiculous that is when I put it like that? People are getting bashed for simply expressing their opinion. Not for their opinion, but for expressing it.


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Oh, and I meant to add that they were getting bashed before they had even expressed their opinion. The first comment regarding Rupert was promptly followed by several Rupert-fan bashing comments, which is what brought out the Rupert fans in the first place.

So, before you start bashing others for expressing their opinion, think about the hypocrisy of what you’re doing before clicking “post.”

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potterhead23, everthing writen in wikepia is BS, anyone can change and edit info, so never go to that site if you want accurate info.

Avatar Image says:

Eruditewitch: “To quote Star-“Yeah,Finally,are you right.If 17th July Dan is nominated for an Emmy,then all rupert’s fans couldn’t say “why Rupert is not nominated?” —

Er…that wasn’t me that you quoted there. I don’t know who it was, but I didn’t say that, sorry.

Avatar Image says:

Uhm..ana. NOT everything written on wiki is BS…In fact it iS a very reliable source… YES things can be edited, It happened with Dan a couple of months ago, someone claimed that he had died from a drug overdose..But luckely that “news” was quickly shot down

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The great thing about wiki is that although there may potentially be thousands of people out there ready to abuse it, there will always be thousands more ready to correct any errors and keep things right.

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i am so glad that the movie was nominated for Best Film along side “I Am Legend,” “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” “Iron Man” and “Stardust.” but i’m not sure the movie was good enough. please don’t write back criticizing me, but the movie sucked compared to the book. i love the movies, but everyone knows that the books are so much better. the director completley destroyed the movie. he cut out so many of the important parts out, that i think that anyone who has read the books knows that the movie could be so much better. i think that it would be better if it was longer. if it was longer, not quite so many people would go to see it, but the true harry potter fans would go to see it. and people would be able to seethe true meaning of harry potter, and they would actually understand what was really going on, and not have to guess what this is, or what that means, they would know, which might encourage more people to want to read the books. which i think would make the people who read it better people. i know it made me a better a better person, and made me take a different look at life and what really matters to me. i think that if the movies were better, and more inspirational, then maybe more people could feel what i feel, and what i hope whoever reads this feels. that is why i don’t think the movie deservesto be nominated.


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