Harry Potter Book Sales Top 400 Million Mark


Jun 17, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

There are some new numbers out today, regarding the sales of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. The Bookseller.com reports that world wide sales of the beloved series about the boy wizard have topped the 400 million mark. Even more impressive is that the books are now available in 67 languages for fans everywhere.

As reported previously, the UK will see the Bloomsbury paperback of the final installment in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows released next month on July 10. There is still no word on a paperback release date of the US edition of “Deathly Hallows” from Scholastic, and we will of course update with that and other paperback release dates as we get them.

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Wow! That’s great for J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series!

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Awesome! It’s about time! The HP series has sold so many books it stuns me!!! I can’t wait for the paperback editions of Deathly Hallows. Great news!

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That is so totally cool!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait untill it comes out in paperback I still am reading my sisters copy because my mom says she won’t buy me a copy until the paperback version comes out. I personally like hard back better than paperback though.

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I wish the US paperback would come out. It’s much easier to carry for reading in waiting places like doctors offices or government waiting rooms. Plus it would complete my paperback set.

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Yay! Congratulations J.K. Rowling! I own 8 out of the 400 million!

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=O 400 million!!!!

Many congratulations to Jo!!

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Awesome! HP is the ultimate book series, the best, the most record-braking, ever!! BTW, here’s a nice story about a boy scout saved from harm’s way by his “hefty” HP Book: http://www.gretnabreeze.com/site/?brd=2712&pag=461&cat_id=403&newsid=19771436&rfi=16

Go Harry Potter!!! Congratz Jo!!!!

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That’s pretty epic! Congratulations!

Now how long will it take to get to half a billion…?

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yeah. paperbacks are so much easier to hold in your hand when reading in bed :-)

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Huzzah! There should’nt be a paperback DH in America: EVERYONE SHOULD READ THE HARDCOVER BECAUSE IT’S THE ORIGINAL WAY!

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I’m with DeathlyH….

I don’t own one paperback version of any of the HP books.

As a matter of fact, I bought another hard back copy of SS this year after my cousin (whom I loaned my copy to because she was very sick and needed something to cheer her up and because I love her dearly, I relented, and WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS I THINKING!!!) did not return my first hard back copy.


kudos to Jo!!!

And another 400 million more…

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kudos jo! I own 14 of them 7 in english ans 7 in spanish…. does that include quidditch through the ages and fantastic beasts? in that case I own 16 of them!

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Bravo! Way to go!

I own 8 copies in English and 8 in French. I sincerely hope she reaches the 500 000 copies. She deserves it.

I use her books to teach French and English to my students.

Keep on trucking Jo.

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I own the seven, plus “fantastic beasts…” and “quidditch…” in English, plus the seven books in French. I haven’t found either quidditch or beasts in French. Have they been translated too?

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CONGRATS JO!!! (And Harry…;) )

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@ Ian

Since those two little books were for British Charity, I don’t think they’ve ever been translated…

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I think hardcover is better cuz my copy of Order of the Phoenix is paperback, and I’ve read it so many times that it actually ripped in half down the binding. No joke. When I re-read OotP i have to read the first half of the book then find the other part and read that. It really sucks when I lose one of the halves. = ]

Yay!! It’s so cool that sales passed 400 million!! Way to go, Jo! =]

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The two companion books are both available in French at Amazon.fr:

“Le Quidditch à travers les âges”


“Les Animaux fantastiques “

[de Joanne K. Rowling (Auteur)]

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... Les Animaux fantastiques… I have no idea why but I really love saying that! Thanks for my phrase of the day Fragesteller

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