“Order of the Phoenix” Film and Actors Top AOL and Yahoo Best of 2007 Lists


Jan 03, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Now that 2008 is here, many media outlets continue to look back at 2007. Here is a brief round up of some of the latest in this group of lists:

AOL Moviefone has released the poll results of their The Best and Worst of 2007. It is not a surprise that the Harry Potter films and actors placed at the top in many of these categories. Actor Ralph Fiennes, who pays Dark Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, was chosen as their ‘Best Male Villain’ with 34% of the vote while “Order of the Phoenix” also made it on their ‘Best Movie Sequel of 2007′ list; the voters put the fifth film in third place with 16%. Films were not the only aspect of Harry Potter included in Moviefone’s ranking. The news of Albus Dumbledore’s sexuality ranked as the forth ‘Biggest News Story of the Year.’ Moviefone looks into the future as well, naming the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” one of the movies voters are most excited to see in 2008.

In a similar fashion, Yahoo released a number of related lists. Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) are both among the site’s list of the ‘Most Popular Movie Stars of 2007.’ Coming in at 3rd and 10th place, respectively, the actors joined such break out actors as Shia LaBeouf (“Transformers”) and popular Hollywood actresses as Angelina Jolie (“A Mighty Heart”) on the list. “Order of the Phoenix” ranked fifth in the Top 10 Movies of 2007, according to Yahoo as well.

In case you missed it when we first reported it this past November when the UK Film Council made the first announcement, the BBC has an article online placing “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” in first place at the UK box office this year. Including the latest box office totals, the fifth Potter film has grossed more than £49.4 million.

Thanks to all who mailed!

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I mailed it :p Hail Voldemort!

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Emma Watson 3rd place?!? Well I guess she does have the movie star look about her. Dan is definitely the more progressively accomplished actor but I suppose he has less of the movie star look. Hence their positions in the chart. But I love both of them so well done to them. I hope Rupert Grint doesn’t feel too bad not be on the list but for me he has the best comic timing than the others. We are so fortunate to have these lovely kids (oops, theyre not kids anymore!!) to play Harry, Ron and Hermione.

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I have said for a long time that the HP series of books and films will eventually surpass the Star Wars films/books…and this is from a fan that was “gaga” as a teenager, over the original release of the Star Wars movie, now titled “A New Hope…” back then, in the ‘70’s Steven Speilberg broke ground in innovation…but what he didn’t have was a fabulous writer behind him, someone like JKR that could write an epic story and play to the movie buffs at the same time…I so wish I still had my original Star Wars book…but alas, time goes on…

The trio who head up the Harry Potter films are blessed beyond their respective bank accounts…they have the blessing of being icons and heros, the first of many HP to come…the “original cast”...they will stand the test of time and 100 yrs from now be counted with the likes of Judy Garland (Dorothy/Wizard of Oz) and Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker)...in my mind the best of the best of all time…

I love you guys!!! Long live HP & JKR!!

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Poor Rupert Grint. First those awards that Dan and Emma both won in the UK, now this. Sad thought, but maybe he’ll be able to channel Ron even more now…

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im a big rupert grint fan, but i really dont see how rupert grint not in that 10 most popular stars list a big deal..

did you see the descriptions?

3. Emma Watson Emma Watson had her fans on the edge of their seats when it looked like she might not return for the last two Harry Potter films, but thankfully, she decided to stick with the series until graduation

10. Daniel Radcliffe A teenage Harry Potter got angry in this summer’s The Order of the Phoenix, but it was news of his nude stage appearance in “Equus” that got Daniel Radcliffe the most attention this year.

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I hate how Rupert always get pushed to the wayside. Its always Emma and Dan this. Luckily, I think its helped him in the long run, hes the most normal.

Anybody seen mugglenet? Its broken.

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Yay! Making the top again go Harry Potter! I agree poor Rupert I think he is one of the best actors of the trio…

Yeah I saw mugglenet also it’s been hacked apparently is what the thing is saying.

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Um… correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the Yahoo list based on how many people search the internet (via them?) for these actors through the year? Big Deal. Personally I never use Yahoo so my vote would never count. I notice most on the list are women, which is interesting. So it’s mostly to do with gossip and who wore what (or not, in Dan’s case).

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@anne: I don’t think it really matters if “The Yahoo list based on how many people search the internet (via them?)” The Harry Potter ‘Order of The Phoenix’, the stars, the books, and the upcoming films all made SOMEONE’S list., as did JKR. Be it an elementary school (Pineview Elementary, in Lexington South Carolina did a poll on ‘Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix’ “Who was your favoite character,?” It came in third, with The Pearl, being #1)The prize being the book., or a High School ‘Harry Potter Plot Discussion’ (again, from Lexington South Carolina) The mere fact that they were even noticed, among all the other stars, actors, movies, best dressed, worst….what ever, for 2007 is fantastic! Not all of these polls/lists are “mostly to do with gossip and who wore what”......I DO use Yahoo. I also subscribe to IMDb, WIS Television, ABC, NBC and CBS Networks. All have THEIR lists. and many other sites. Even the evening news has their “best and worst” lists. It’s all in good fun, and as I said, the attention given Harry Potter is amazing! Maybe Emma, Evana, Bonnie and Katie will make “Mr Blackwell’s Best and Worst” After all, they do make “red carpet” appearances! LOL

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I think it’s amazing Dan is in the top ten, usually it is just women in those searched lists, because most people who search are men. He had many proyects this year so I understand it.

Mike, all of them are normal, it is very disrespectful what you said. Emma and Dan don’t choose to be in those lists, they just attract more people, who search about them. It doesn’t make who they are, it’s just a list. Rupert fans are always so disrespectful with Emma and Dan, it’s not their fault and it’s not their fans fault. These lists are objective, they are number, no-one choose who is going to be on them, so it’s senseless his fans say “it’s unfair”. Don’t be immature. Dan’s fans don’t even care about these lists, I’ve seen his fansites have not posted about it.

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Let’s not forget our greatest Evil the Dark Lord Voldemort (the wonderful actor, Ralph Fiennes,) who shows in OOTP a different type of badness as he was in the GOF. He is older, harder, more cynical, more creepy, more scary, more terrifying. Rather a snake in a human beeing. He’s transcendentallly evil like a Devil. He emmanates agressivity and fear5 at the same time. Compelling performance!

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Spiderman 3 was the top grossing movie? Everyone spent their money on it (including me) before word got around how much it sucked. It should have been the most refunded movie of the year.

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I take offence in the generalization that Rupert fans are always disrespectful towards Dan and Emma. Before making statements like that, wouldn´t it be good to step back, take a deep breath, and consider if such a statement isn´t disrespectful towards the general Rupert fan? There are bad apples among his fans as there are in other fandoms, but by far the most Rupert fans I´ve met online like Dan and Emma very much and respect them.

If we point out that Rupert gets shunted, that´s nothing against Dan and Emma, that is just stating a FACT. Great for Dan and Emma that they have won so much last year. They are certainly deserving. Point being, Rupert is also. Just because he is the other male in the trio, it is not right to ignore him completely. So much that this one reporter at the NMA´s didn´t even bother to learn his name and referred to him as ‘that ginger boy’. Speaking of disrespectful.

Dan, Emma and Rupert seem to be really good friends who like and respect each other. I wished we fans could as well. Why is it each time someone- rightfully – calls attention to the fact that Rupert gets shunted, they get accused of being disrespectful to Dan and Emma? I would think it is possible to like and support all three of them.

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Confederate Lady: fair enough comment :D. I was just trying to make Rupert fans feel better because I think these lists are really not worth people getting worked up over as they always seem to. I’m sure D, R and E don’t give a toss.

Interestingly, I see that on IMDb’s list Emma is 22 and Dan is 17, almost an exact reversal on their respective positions last year.

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