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Jan 07, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

We have several pieces of news regarding various film awards and the Harry Potter films and cast.

Last month we told you several actors from the Harry Potter films had been nominated for the Golden Globe awards. Due to the ongoing writer’s strike, the Screen Actors guild issued a statement indication their members would not be attending the awards. As such, Reuters is reporting today the NBC network has been considering the option of not broadcasting the awards on January 13, however last minute negotiations are underway to try a work out a deal that would allow the actors to attend the ceremony. As we know many were hoping to catch glimpses of the actors at these awards, we will update with more on this situation when can.

Over the weekend, the National Society of Film Critics named Julie Christie (Madam Rosmerta) as “Best Actress” for her role as a woman suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in the film “Away from Her.” Congratulations Julie!.

In a curious twist, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” was nominated recently by the Visual Effects Society for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effect Movie,” however “Order of the Phoenix” was not among those shortlisted for an Oscar this year, marking the first time a Harry Potter movie was not shortlisted for the visual effects Academy Award. The entire list of Academy Award nominations are due to be announced Tuesday, January 22 in LA.

The British Academy of Film and Television Awards issued a “longlist” of films being considered for nomination this year, and included Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a number of categories. These include “Best Adapted Screenplay,” “Makeup and Hair,” “Special Visual Effects,” “Sound,” “Costume Design,” and “Production Design.” Please note these are not the final nominations which are due to be announced next week.

Finally, a reminder OotP has been nominated for a Broadcast Film Critics Award in the “Family Film” category, with these awards due to be presented tonight. The awards program will air tonight on cable channel VH1 at 9pm (Et)

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Avatar Image says:

I’m not surprised OOtP wasn’t shortlisted for Visual Effects. As amazing as the visuals were, nothing was new or innovative. Now, was OOtP shortlisted for prodcution design? Because if it wasn’t, the critics weren’t paying attention.

Avatar Image says:

mollywobble, the surprising point is that the Visual Effects Society nominated it for a bunch of awards, though it was excluded from the Oscar longlist.

I do hope it gets BAFTA recognition.

Avatar Image says:

Just goes to show how many CGI-laden movies were released this year for OotP to get props in one ceremony but not in another.

Bourne’s an odd choice for a semifinalist, though.

Probably just fine, though. Transformers or 300 will probably end up with the Oscar, which is fair since they both had more groundbreaking work than OotP.

Avatar Image says:

I was very upset that OotP missed the Oscar Visual Effects shortlist, but then I noticed that Spider-Man 3 missed the cut as well, VERY surprising considering Spider-Man 2 won the Oscar.

I agree with mollywobble… Stuart Craig does such an amazing job with art direction, I reallllly hope he gets a nomination.

Avatar Image says:

AH! I knew I had to watch something tonight, thanks for reminding me Leaky!

It sucks about eh Golden Globes, I really want to watch, I hope they air the show. :/

One more thing: go OotP! :D

Avatar Image says:

Finn BV, it really isn’t surpising at all. There is a difference between the Oscars and the Visual Effects Society. The VES nominated OotP for best miniatures and models, best compositing, best created environment, as well as best special effects. Now, it seems to me, the VES cares more about whether or not something was done well, not necessarily how original it was. The oscars, however, care more about whether or not the special effects were innovative. Even though the special effects were fantastic, everything in OotP had been done before. It’s the same reason why GoF was not nominated for an Oscar (even though it was shortlisted for Visual Effects).

Personally, I really hope OOtP wins the VES for “Best Created Environment” for the Hall of Prophecies. That room alone should get Craig an art direction nomination, but like I said, do we know what the shortlist is for Art direction?

Avatar Image says:

I do believe you have forgotten one of my most favorite performances of the year. The incredible Helena Bonham Carter who was nominated for Sweeney Todd.

Avatar Image says:

I really hope Michael Goldenberg gets nominated for the BAFTA, that was an amazing script from such a huge book, he deserves a nod

Avatar Image says:

There were a lot of great visual effects in movies in 07. Its a tough category. Beowulf will probably win.

Avatar Image says:

djm19, Beowulf wasn’t on the shortlist either. The list includes: ” The Bourne Ultimatum,” “Evan Almighty,” “The Golden Compass,” “I Am Legend,” “300,” “Transformers,” and “Pirates 3.”

Avatar Image says:

The Golden Globes were, in fact, cancelled.

Avatar Image says:

I just thought you should know that it has been announced that the Golden Globes have been cancelled but the actors will still receive their awards and the winners will be announced at a news conference.

Avatar Image says:

Btw, HP didn`t win for the Critic’s Award or w/e on VH1 – Enchanted did. Urgh! Screw Enchanted! Harry Potter is the real winner here. XD

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