NEW International Teaser Trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”


Oct 26, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Hang on everyone, there is a BRAND NEW full trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In this trailer which we have for download here in our video galleries courtesy of, we see many many new scenes, including apparition with Dumbledore, Snape, Harry yelling ‘fight back you coward,’ Fenrir Greyback, Voldemort, the Orphanage, Draco, Ron snogging Lavender Brown, Romilda Vane, a funny scene with Harry and Hermione, the attack at the Burrow, Quidditch, Bellatrix, and most notably, dramatic footage in the Cave with Dumbledore and the ring of fire, and much more. UPDATE: Screencaps are now available here in our image galleries, and the trailer (which you can see below), is on our YouTube channel. Please note, the end of the trailer says “this year,” so it is very possible this trailer has been leaked, or released early as the site is calling this the International Teaser Trailer. More when we get it! Enjoy!
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is due to be released July 17 of 2009.

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Avatar Image says: Yeah why does it say this year at the end of the trailerAvatar Image says: O this is so disqusting!! the trailer is so awesome and we're to wait till the summer. So unfair.Avatar Image says: Awesome! July can't come soon enough! But hey - I though all you guys were going to boycott this film?! I knew that thought wouldn't last!Avatar Image says: Awesome teaser but why did it say this year?Avatar Image says: OMFGUH IT'S AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I WANT IT OUT NOW~ It looks so GOODAvatar Image says: Transcript of the trailer for you Miky (from Italy): Dumbledore: This is beyond anything I imagined. This is a different kind of magic. Very powerful, very powerful." Dumbledore: "Once again I must ask too much of you Harry." Dumbledore: "Everyday, every hour, this very minute in fact, Dark Forces attempt to penetrate these walls." Dumbledore: "This time I can't hope to destroy it alone." Narrator: "This year..." Dumbledore: "This memory is everything." Narrator: "...only he..." Dumbledore: "You're the Chosen One, Harry." Narrator: "...can unlock the secret..." Dumbledore: "Without this would leave the fate of our world to chance." Narrator: "...that can save them all..." Harry: "Fight back you coward." Either Remus OR Arthur yells: "Harry!" Hermione: *snap* "Hey! She's only interested in you because she thinks your the 'Chosen One'." Harry: "But I am the Chosen One." Hemrione: *smacks Harry on head* Harry: "...'kay, sorry. Um...kidding."Avatar Image says: Why does it say "This Year"?Avatar Image says: THIS TRAILER COULDN'T HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME. So i was in my room, reading Prisoner of Azkaban then i get a phone call from my friend saying OMG OMG GO ON LEAKY and so I went on and BAM! New trailer! Does anyone else think that Remus is getting better looking every movie? Avatar Image says: Sorry for a 2nd post in a row, but what if this whole "moving eight months" is a trick? what if they get us to buy tickets for Twilight, then they play HBP instead? Oh the possibilities.... Avatar Image says: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wish we didn't have to wait till next year. Avatar Image says: No words can sufficiently communicate how excited and giddy I am after watching it...other than... SQUEE!Avatar Image says: Okay. The Ron and Lavender kiss almost made me pee. I can't effing wait, omg! I wish Rupert talked, but who cares! He looked hot every time I saw him in the trailer. :D Good golly!! July = 263 more days :( I hope WB changes the date, seriously. They might ... *sighs.Avatar Image says: wow soo cool. but we have to wait too damn long for this movie, argh btw, i'm not native english speaking; what exactley does dumbledore say at :58?Avatar Image says: Yay I'm happy for the trailer! :D The ending made me laugh, though Harry seems to be OC.Avatar Image says: omg I thought that ron was kissing hermione in that scene! haha I was like.. THAT DOESNT HAPPEN YET!@@@##$$ hahaAvatar Image says: yeah why does it says this year?! It cannot be true, is it really magic? it is really happening.. no too late for the ads and stuff, but wow kick as for twilight if it did come out on November.Avatar Image says: SO AWESOME! I loved the ending that was so funny! So I'm thinking Harry must have taken the love potion too... or else he's just being a weirdo. Some of the effects are kind of weird like the raised wand and lightning shoots out of it I was like wow that's kinda lame. But all in all a great trailer! :D SQUEE!!!Avatar Image says: Oh this was immense joy to watch the trailor but I so wish I didnt have to see this first in very poor quality. But thats always been the case! This time however, I know we are never going to see a better quality of this version until next year. This definitely is a leaked trailer, so I guess we should make the most of it. The last part with Hermione was had me laughing out loud. True to character as Hermione has to keep both Harry and Ron in check. Love it. It doesnt matter if dialogue/scenes are changed, as long as they suit the characters and serve the plot on screen. Avatar Image says: haha that last bit was silly. I'm sooo pumped for this movie <3Avatar Image says: OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped!Avatar Image says: Oh this was immense joy to watch the trailor but I so wish I didnt have to see this first in very poor quality. But thats always been the case! This time however, I know we are never going to see a better quality of this version until next year. This definitely is a leaked trailer, so I guess we should make the most of it. The last part with Hermione was had me laughing out loud. True to character as Hermione has to keep both Harry and Ron in check. Love it. It doesnt matter if dialogue/scenes are changed, as long as they suit the characters and serve the plot on screen. Avatar Image says: OMG sooooo good. my sister and i have already memerized it and are now reciting it to everyone we see today. we keep taking turns saying different lines like at the end when hermoine is talking to harry. that part was so funny! :)*sighs* well i guess this might hold me off till the movie. it was great :)Avatar Image says: OMG:!!:!Avatar Image says: Wonderful trailer! This is too good! *squeeees* But I am confused about the fact why it says "this year" at the end. Has WB finally decided to give it to us earlier, or do they do this to us just to be mean?Avatar Image says: Hyperventalating!!! So awesome!!!Avatar Image says: AAAhh!! this made my day. oh and this is totally off topic but in today's newspaper (the startribune for minneapolis) there is a huge front page article in the variety section on quidditch in colleges. its amazing.Avatar Image says: soooooo good!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHIS IS POSSIBLT THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY DAY IS OFFICIALLY PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11Avatar Image says: OMG that was amazing! That's gonna make the wait even harder now, but still, great trailer!!!Avatar Image says: unexpected!Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan girl moment to the max!!!! this is amazing! i thought the first trailer was good!! but this is through the roof!Avatar Image says: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I am so freaking excited!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: ok so i know that WB hasn't said anything about this, but maybe the end of the video saying "this year" means that WB is changing the date back to some time in 2008. maybe the efforts to get the date moved sooner was a success!Avatar Image says: hey it's not working for me can anyone help???Avatar Image says: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! GAVE ME A HEARTATTACK I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! XAvatar Image says: Yay! We actually see ONE shot of Snape....and oh, look, more H/H-ing from Kloves, right on cue....Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!! THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! ESPECIALLY THE ENDING, MARONE!!!! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE IT AT THE THEATRES!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! THANKS LEAKY!!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!Avatar Image says: WOW. squeeeee!! SOOO good! is that fenrir greyback? this was way more of a traditional trailer than the teaser (but the teaser was good too). there were so many scenes of the attack of the burrow! and what was the scene with them all in the courtyard? when someone put a wand into the air? was that dumble's death???? eeeppppp sooo goood can't contain excitement! WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT A YEAR!Avatar Image says: Don't make Hermione mad!Avatar Image says: I downloaded the trailer for my iPod and it won't accept it. Any ideas or help? Other than that, it's a wonderful trailer. Long wait for the movie. I finished Melissa's book and went to make a comment and here the trailer was....made for a great day.Avatar Image says: That was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Loved the Ron/Lavendar part!!!Avatar Image says: One word: WOOHOO!Avatar Image says: OMG I am in such a better mood now-5 mins ago I was still depressed about HBP and now I'm definately happier:)Avatar Image says: OMG! When I 1st read it I thought "wait, it's not april's fool, right?" It's so cool! I love the last part with Harry and Hermione: hilarious!Avatar Image says: OMG! When I 1st read it I thought "wait, it's not april's fool, right?" It's so cool! I love the last part with Harry and Hermione: hilarious!Avatar Image says: That kiss is wrong, Ginny&Harry kiss is the one which is supposed to be like that, after the Quidditch game, with everyone around, Ginny hugging Harry... Like always they have to destroy everything. But I liked the ending, it was about time they gave Harry the humor he has in the books. Avatar Image says: That made me squee and LOL!Avatar Image says: YESSSSS!!! OMG IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED AHHH!!!! THIS IS SO AMAZING IM SO PUMPED!!! (:Avatar Image says: To Hedwig, whats H/H-ing? FreyaAvatar Image says: This is cool.Avatar Image says: This is soooooo unexpected! Avatar Image says: OOOOOH MY GOD.... :D:D:D:D..... I LOVE IT... :D:D:D:D:D. This trailer was awsome<333 I can't wait til July... this is killing me.... Avatar Image says: This was totally unexpected on a Sunday morning. I didn't think I could be any more excited, but alas - I am. Avatar Image says: @ Freya: Harry & HermioneAvatar Image says: Oh this was immense joy to watch the trailor but I so wish I didnt have to see this first in very poor quality. But thats always been the case! This time however, I know we are never going to see a better quality of this version until next year. This definitely is a leaked trailer, so I guess we should make the most of it. The last part with Hermione was had me laughing out loud. True to character as Hermione has to keep both Harry and Ron in check. Love it. It doesnt matter if dialogue/scenes are changed, as long as they suit the characters and serve the plot on screen. Avatar Image says: I would really love to see it, but apparently I don't have Adobe Flash Player 9 and my computer somehow doesn't let me download it. :( No Ron in the trailer????? Avatar Image says: I love it! It's awesome and lighthearted yet powerful, and the last bit is great! =D July 09!Avatar Image says: Haydeez: Thabk you so much!! galadriel12: he apperas briefly, there's one shot of him with Hermione and one of him with Lavender kissing.Avatar Image says: I LOVE that final scene! Very funny!Avatar Image says: WOW that was awesome!!! But Harry would never say that line at the end about being the chosen one...Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGG OMGGGGGGGGGG OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: JEZUS OMFG I CANT REALIZE! DIDNT SEE IT COMING, WAS THAT GREYBACK? OR THORFINN ROWLE? O MY GOD, DID YOU BELLA, AN THE BURROW?? OMFG Avatar Image says: Hahaha, that ending made my day. I had to watch it a couple of times just to get my jollies.Avatar Image says: YAYAYAYAY! That was so awesome... but that couldn't have been the Burrow Burning! If they burn down the Burrow, I will scream. But Oh My Goodness! It was incredible! Harry has a sense of humour! And Gambon was good! Wowowowowow! EXCITEMENT! Radish :)Avatar Image says: Love it! Especially the end! SUCH a teenage moment!Avatar Image says: that was just BLOODY FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to see the full movie!!! Emma Watson is a superb actress!!!! Avatar Image says: OMGG!! this made me even more excited! but at the same time watching the trailer made me even more sad that i could have been watching it next month but have to wait 9 more months :(. Avatar Image says: Kay, first of all, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now THIS is a proper teaser trailer! My only qualm is the ending bit. This movie is making Harry out to be way too horny.Avatar Image says: Harry does NOT like Romilda Vane!!!Avatar Image says: SUCH A GOOD TRAILER!!!! oh my goodness. looks so good. nice nod to Hermione in the end there :) ADRENALINE RUSH RIGHT THERE!!Avatar Image says: yay!!! the best!Avatar Image says: SO AWESOME! Did it show during HSM3?Avatar Image says: Lol, that last scene reminds me of myself whacking one of my friends with various items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed at that. Oh, and I love the ring of fire scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-0 XDAvatar Image says: It looks amazing i kept watching the bit about 1:07 i think? when harrys face dissapears and i was like wth is that about then i realised when him and draco where on the train so yeah i know now. Does anyone know what building is on fire at 0:35? and well funny at the end 'ok sorry errm kidding' anyway I cant wait!!!!! - Just rememberd its not out till next july now so im depressed again :(Avatar Image says: what happend? i cant see the video i saw it once, but now i cant see it!!!!!!!!!!!11Avatar Image says: So many great things! Was the Burrow on fire? But, why does Dumbledore have to suck so much!!! He never imagined that Voldemort's magic would be dark and evil? Gambon's voice sucks, but really this is Kloves, and I say Heyman, since he's worked on all the films, fault. Give us the real Dumbledore, not this stupid, impotent, and oftern angry Dumbledore!Avatar Image says: completely, utterly, amazingly awesome!!Avatar Image says: THAT WAS SUPER AMAZING! and very unexpected. I thought a new trailer would come out next year, BUT WOW now the WAITING is Killing me for real, just wow no words just spectacular!Avatar Image says: THAT WAS AWASOME I CANT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST ONE EVER!Avatar Image says: OME that was AWESOMEAvatar Image says: Oh my God!!!!!!!!! Finally!Avatar Image says: Oh my God!!!!!!!!! Finally!Avatar Image says: Who was Harry fighting in the fields?Avatar Image says: OHMYGOD. i watched it five times and then jumped up and down and screamed for joy. my mom thinks i am SO wierd. THAT WAS FREAKING AWESOME! thank you SO much for putting it up! i can always count on leakycauldron! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: VERY UNEXPECTED. NO WORDS JUST SPECTACULAR, AMAZING, EPIC WOW... WOW. SO GREAT THANKS GUYS! JUST AMAZING MADE MY DAY SO GREAT...... WOWAvatar Image says: yes finnaly a new trailer looks like its gonna be awesomeAvatar Image says: That was awesome and a bolt from the blue. Is it July yet?Avatar Image says: Why does it say "this year"? It's October. Avatar Image says: <3Avatar Image says: Has anyone here ever seen the gif of a dog leaning left to right as the word "WHAT" is being repeated as he moves? Well, that's exactly how I'm feeling right now.Avatar Image says: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh SOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL it is leaked, but I have It now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolAvatar Image says: The last part with Harry and Hermione is very funny but Harry would never be that flippant about his “boy who lived” status. Are they making him to flirtatious in this movie? Ok and on another note-since it seems they cut the death eater’s big battle and the harry Ginny big kiss out of 6 because there is similar scenes in 7 then my theory about the wedding in 7 is that it is also cut but they keep Harry’s 17th birthday celebration as the big party and that gets attached instead of the wedding. Just a theory I had after listening to the book the other day. Avatar Image says: "FIGHT BACK, YOU COWARD!" - Best Scene/Line of the trailer! Was that Hagrid yelling after Harry?Avatar Image says: Hedwig June, that scene at the end of the international trailer is actually taken from the book, so quit thinking every Harry and Hermione dialogue scene in the movies are Kloves' fault.Avatar Image says: haha i loved the end. WHACK on the head lolAvatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! YAYAYAY! OMG THAT IS TOO AWESOME FOR WORDS.Avatar Image says: OMG!!! I just went on leaky for.......I forgot why I'm so excited! This made my day! The scene at the end was AWESOME!!!Avatar Image says: What a GREAT trailer! Better quality please!Avatar Image says: Excellent!!!! Thank you! Avatar Image says: LOOOOOVVVVE! The end scene was hilarious, and I'm so glad they kept Harry calling Snape a coward and it's so cute when Harry's defending Ginny from Greyback (but I'm going to guess that she'll take care of herself!) I hope that that's not the burrow that's burning, though, because that would be so sad :( I really think that this time we'll get cannon Dumbledore. Has anyone noticed if they've shown his burned hand? Oh, and what's with the fire snake?Avatar Image says: I meant "the chosen one" not "the boy who lived"Avatar Image says: Miky, go on Portkey.itAvatar Image says: Wow..a totally wonderful surprise!Avatar Image says: OMG!!!! IT'S JUST AWESOME!!:O:O I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIE NOW!Avatar Image says: omg. the part with hermione and harry i was peeing in my pants. "i am the chosen one." seriously i loved it! it made my day. and now we actually understand the sticking part in the other trailer with ginny by the lake/pond. this is like sixty times better than the last. yeah warner brothers you may be finally doing something right.Avatar Image says: The line about "they only like you, because they think you are the chosen one" is in the book. But as usual they screw with the meaning. It bothers Harry in the book. Apparently he likes it in the movies. It's a funny line, but too bad you have to go for cheap jokes, instead of trusting the material.Avatar Image says: omg THE ENDING WAS HILARIOUS!!!Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! THIS JUST TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!! I'm sooooooo freaking excited. OMG OMG OMG. Cant believe we have to wait till July......I"m gonna die waiting. OMG. It was soooo amazing!!!!! I was not expecting this AT ALL. I just checked Leaky, expecting maybe like more scans or interviews or something, and then it's like 'International Trailer', and then I died. I especially loved the end, with Harry and Hermione. And the cave scene, and everything....simply amazing!Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! THIS JUST TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!!!!! I'm sooooooo freaking excited. OMG OMG OMG. Cant believe we have to wait till July......I"m gonna die waiting. OMG. It was soooo amazing!!!!! I was not expecting this AT ALL. I just checked Leaky, expecting maybe like more scans or interviews or something, and then it's like 'International Trailer', and then I died. I especially loved the end, with Harry and Hermione. And the cave scene, and everything....simply amazing!Avatar Image says: I usually hate typing this but it's well deserved... OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: lol AMAZING!!!! cheeky harry "i am the chosen one" lolAvatar Image says: Wow!!! Wow!!! WOW!!! I'm so stuck for words at this very moment... The trailer is, well, brilliant!!! I loved it!!! So unexpected but I'm definitely not complaining... My only gripe is the fact that the movie won't be out for like another 9 months.Avatar Image says: Its bloody brilliant (as Ron would say!).Avatar Image says: Squeeeeaaal! A few things: Loved the emphasis on the cave and Dumbledore. It really looked like Hermione kissed Ron in the common room so that's gonna confuse people (also, looked like the H/G moment to R/L...), and also what was with the random unknown girl who got loads of trailer screen time? Eh. But amazing trailer!Avatar Image says: Awesome! :) The ending was fun, but, it gives the wrong impression of Harry and the way he sees himself! A bit disappointing, when you look at it like that. Otherwise; can't wait to see this flick! :DAvatar Image says: "Hermione kissed Ron in the common room" do you mean Lavender or did i miss something??Avatar Image says: I had to check it wasn't April Fools Day - where an earth did this come from? Bloody fantastic though. Not sure if it's better than the first because I loved young Riddle so much, but it was great to see new aspects of the film. I'm extremely relieved that both Michael Gambon and Dan have really upped their game acting wise, which means the finale of the film really will resemble the book well. I'm just thrilled really, I've never been as excited about any of the films.Avatar Image says: AWESOME!!!! Love it, especially the music! I kinda wish it had more of Harry's great lines from the book, but it's an awesome trailer, nonetheless!Avatar Image says: WOW! I bet this is leaked. Why would they release it on a Sunday morning? They usually put it in front of some movie they want to do well. I wonder if they'll try to pull it from that site... Avatar Image says: oh my god that was amazing!!!!!!! its probobly leaked, we are SO LUCKY!!!!!! OHMYGODOHMYGODAvatar Image says: "Yay! We actually see ONE shot of Snape….and oh, look, more H/H-ing from Kloves, right on cue…." Sure.. cause Harry and Hermione never talk in the books. They are forbidden from speaking to each other. Cause if someone talks to someone else in the books that means they're in love. :| People like you count any conversation at all as romantic. Avatar Image says: omg what a sweet Trailer!!!!! Loved Dumbledore flaming the inferi! the only thing i can recall burning in HBP bookwise is Hagrid's Cabin ( poor bowtruckles) and Harry and Hagrid had nop trouble extingishing it with Aquamenti charms, so even if that is the Burrow Burning, as soon as the Bella and her pals leave, it could be easily extingished and repaired with magic, Loved the end scene!!! full points to Hermione! this trailer has me more feeling more hopeful about HBP but we shall all see in July! Selina that girl i believe is Romilda Vane who tries to slip harry a love potion, and tries unsucessfully to get him to sit with her and her friends on the train. Avatar Image says: OH MY POTTER. I AM SHAKING RIGHT NOW. HOLY FREAKING CRAP. THAT IS AMAZINGGGGGGGG! THE CAVE, EVERYTHING. THEY APPARATED, OMFGGGGGGGG!!Avatar Image says: AWESOME!!! :) :) Who else paused it at each scene change? ME! :) I loved the ending of that trailer. Really funny. Good placement in it. =] AH! It looks so good!!!!! Makes me even more excited! w00ts! AND...what is all the glass stuff that Draco and Dumbledore stand on throughout the trailer? Avatar Image says: Well, it looks like Steve Kloves is back folks, and he brought the H/H-mobile back with him! Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD is all I can say!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I almost wet myself!Avatar Image says: as interested as I am to see the new material, I am not half as excited to see it as I normally would be. I'm afraid WB rather sucked the joy out of the movie for me. it's a bit like a mourning party to me. anyway.... I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIGH RES. then we could get a really good view of everything that was going on. And was that Snape leading the death eaters out of the great hall?Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG AWESOME!!!!!!!! *tear* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I wish it was coming in November. Holy crap. Why, WB, WHY?!?!?Avatar Image says: NOTE: The video on the traileraddict website is much, much higher quality. Anyway: Snaaaape!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOSH!!!!! I screamed soooo much! Things I loved: The "coward" line is in!! Slughorn's memory: in!! The hand: in!! Cliffs: in!! (though rather bright...) Draco in the train: in!! The last part was hilarious too! I'm even more jealous of the people who saw the early screenings now!Avatar Image says: am i the only one who is somewhat upsat with this trailer? i mean it is great that there is a new trailer but i would have liked to see even a small bit of a harry/ginny well together. i mean anything would do. Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: i can't breatheee!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm going to mong out: £$%£$%%76*909_0oghDFGssDFGtyghUKhjkhJfDRsdERwqq23q1E£$£$%6%^t76p;'[';'.jklhdfETweAvatar Image says: i can't breatheee!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm going to mong out: £$%£$%%76*909_0oghDFGssDFGtyghUKhjkhJfDRsdERwqq23q1E£$£$%6%^t76p;'[';'.jklhdfETweAvatar Image says: Oh my freaking God.... The new trailer is awesome... I can't wait... Avatar Image says: first: OMFG!!!! wow,that's like a million times better than the prev. trailer. it was really great(wow,maybe this movie's not gonna be as bad as i thought after the test screening reports,or just the trailer is well done =P) The END -the "I'm the chosen One" thing,i just fell of my bad XD) and second: why WB?ohh why?? next july? i want it this month!! ahh well...:)Avatar Image says: AAAAHHHH! After months of waiting for the first trailer we just get this one as a surprise and its AWESOME! Thank you for posting this, Leaky.Avatar Image says: How awesome was that? ALMOST TOO FREAKING AWESOME!!! This one's gonna be the best movie yet!Avatar Image says: Really puts the "tease" in "teaser trailer."Avatar Image says: it looks great, was trying to figure out what Mcgonnagal was doing in the scene with hagrid, maybe im missing something obvious. yes im excited, but it reminds me about how mad i am about the delay, i keep thinking ill wake up one day soon and they'll be like "it was all to mess with you, its coming out tomorrow!!!" it all still seems out of place, not right.Avatar Image says: OMG! This got posted right after I checked for news!! I went all day not knowing!!!!! THIS IS FREAKIN AWSOME!! Excuse me, I'm a housewife with no life..lolAvatar Image says: Gambon's voice is great Steve K.Avatar Image says: oh my! i cant get over how good this trailer is. it is sooo good! i cant believe we still have to wait 263 more days! WTF. i wish they showed more of rupert though because he is so fine! but i love harry too!Avatar Image says: Loved the ending, soo funny!! They showed "fight back, you coward!" YAY!!Avatar Image says: SQQQUUUUUUEEEAAAALLLS! OMG!!!!! *continues to scream like a rabid, incoherent fangirl*Avatar Image says: Pardon my keyboard smash, but ladfjdjafodfuaofj;asaarfwrafrfarfikuj.lrfi OMG!!!!!!!!!!! It looks amazing! Why, oh, why do we have to wait until July? Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMG that is BRILLIANT~!!!!!!!!!!!111Avatar Image says: OMFG, i love you leaky!! ..but no where near as much as i love rupert grint, who was looking gorgeously cute here might i add :P SO freakin' excited! loved the "kidding" bit that was like haha cute :D i fricken' hate the time move.. like argh i want HP in november, not july, argghh. but HEY, look at that, i remember moaning about it being over 300 days until we get HBP, now its in the 260s, how time flies :D and how i wish time would fly faster :( arggghh, i need some rupert grint-ness to cheer me up *types in rupert grint on google* -smiles- i love rupe. Avatar Image says: Oh man I'm so afraid I'll be disappointed! I'm expecting SO much of it! Looks amazing! I think this might be the best film so far!!!Avatar Image says: I absolutely can not wait until this movie comes out! Thank you Leaky so very much!!!!!Avatar Image says: THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! THE BEST TRAILER YET!!!!!!! THANKS MILLION. THIS IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE IS THE BEST TRAILER MOIVE YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HPRFM!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: I've been trying to stay away from everything to do with the Half-Blood Prince movie so I don’t get disappointed again like I did with OotP and PoA because it didn't match with my expectations (ie: I'm sort of a perfectionist with some things and I thought they missed out major things) even though they were good movies. Seeing that trailer has made it so worth temporary banning HBP out of life as I'm now really really excited as this looks like the best movie yet…well, it better be or else be prepared to feel the wrath of Soph is Anon!!!Avatar Image says: It must be my birthday today.Avatar Image says: I'm spazzing right now!!!! OMG! Finally Hermione made it into the trailers!! Ron and Lav were awesome I can't wait to see their kissing scenes! Harry and Hermione at the end was HILARIOUS!!!! Harry is so cute! I can't wait! Darn it, if it was still coming out Nov 21st we wouldn't have to wait so much!!!Avatar Image says: OMYGOD OMYGOD OMYGOD! leaky, ilooooooooooveeeeeeeyou!Avatar Image says: hey, did anyone understand what dumbledore said in his last appearance in the trailer?Avatar Image says: Can anyone give a transcription of what they say for an Italian HP fan? :) It's hard to understand from the trailer...Avatar Image says: "Hedwig June, that scene at the end of the international trailer is actually taken from the book, so quit thinking every Harry and Hermione dialogue scene in the movies are Kloves’ fault. Posted by Matt C on October 26, 2008, 01:11 PM report to moderator " Buh? Can you please give me a chapter or page number for that scene, then, Matt? Because I seem to have read a different version of the book or something O_o Avatar Image says: @ Sof is Anon Hey, the two movies you like the least are the only ones that i DO like! PoA and OotP! :PAvatar Image says: man.. i LOVE this trailer. i could watch the ending for like, not hours, but a loonnggg ttiimmee.. lmao. I LOVE RUPERT!!!!XD Avatar Image says: LOVE THIS TRAILER. I LOVE RUPERT GRINT, ARGHHHH! but *WHY DOES IT SAY THIS YEAR?* its out July 2009 right? unless they changed the date back again haha? -i wish-Avatar Image says: I am so excited for the movie to come out now, after seeing that awsome trailer! I love it and I can't wait! (And Hermione is actually in this trailer, unlike the last one!)Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Hmmm... this year.....will they move it? OH PLZ PLZ!!MOVE IT TO CHRISTMAS,AT LEAST!!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Hmmm... this year.....will they move it? OH PLZ PLZ!!MOVE IT TO CHRISTMAS,AT LEAST!!Avatar Image says: sorry for triple the seen with hermione and harry at the end! oh squee!Avatar Image says: the trailer is great! now i'm getting excited all over again. and to think we still have to wait 8 months! unless they's planning to move it to earlier date? hahaAvatar Image says: and the last part is sooo funny!Avatar Image says: Looking at all the excitement over the H/Hr scene at the end, I am clearly in the minority, as I don't like it. Yes, it was amusing, but it goes against Harry's character. Harry never gave Romilda a second glance because she was interested in him for his fame, which made him terribly uncomfortable... and now he's checking out Romilda and thinking his status as the Chosen One is a tool for picking up chicks? Please. While I'm happy to see some levity injected into the movie's portrayal of Harry, I wish it would've been more in keeping with his character. Hermione never had to straighten out Harry on this point. It was Ron who didn't understand why Harry wouldn't want to use his fame to get girls. And they've also stolen the H/G kiss set-up from the book to use for R/L. Disappointing (not so much about R/L as about H/G and how anti-climactic the prescreeners made their kiss sound). Avatar Image says: Wow that was good. Im thinking about going to see the movie now. I had decided not to because I was so mad about them moving it back but it looks really good. The ron and lavender was good, but still NO HARRY + GINNY! Arg!Avatar Image says: I know this is pretty picky but does anyone else think the special lightning effect coming out of McGonagall's wand looks like it was done in iMovie?Avatar Image says: Chreechree, I don't like that scene either, it's not at all like Harry. They wanted to make the scene comical I guess but it's just irritating. nitpicking aside, I'm seeing the movie anyway first day!Avatar Image says: OMG THIS IS AWSOME!!!! Draco in it finally! and i heard Harry yells "Fight Back You COWARD!"! and i was like WHOA! and im shocked and watching again and again and the last part makes me giggle!Avatar Image says: Very nice trailer, thanks Leaky. I esp. loved the end of the trailer with Hermione and Harry, very funny. I hope they keep that in the final cut. Avatar Image says: I really really love this new traile! I wonder when the new trailer is gonna be on the offical website? I love HP!!!Avatar Image says: trailer...I mean. lol : )Avatar Image says: Wow. Hi Guys. Havent been on here in quite a while cause I had nothing to post about. But, what do ya know? When you least expect it, WB gives us a present. That I should add makes me want to see the move even more. I think it looks like it adds the right enough of humor, love and horror to it. Is it just me or does Alan look hotter as Snape every time I see him? Probably just me. We get to see Jason too! if only for a little while. Along with his wife Narcissa. and young Lucius, and Regulus Black,..... I just want to see it so I can see for myself if all the reports and findings were true. I hope Bellatrix has a wanted poster in Knockturn Alley, I love her, but it would add to the effect and feeling. Avatar Image says: Oops! meant it adds the right amount of...Avatar Image says: I loved everything including the music, but that Harry even gives Romilda a second glance..he is not supposed to like her! They couldn't have used another girl at least? Oh well..everything else was really good.Avatar Image says: OMG !!!! I screamed soo loud my nieghbor got scared and was about to call the police !! I'm soo happy they finally show Hermione !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED the part at the end with her and Harry, i laughed soo hard ! I almost fell over when i saw Hemione !!!!!!!!! And the kiss between Ron and Lavender was awsome, i've been waiting to see that !! They even show a bit of everyone's fave sport ; Quiddtich !!! And they even show Ron and Hermione together for like 3 seconds ! But hey something's better than nothing, right !? Everything was UNBELIEVEBLE !!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED every second of it !!! Avatar Image says: Somebody forgot to tell the narrator that the movie's release date has been shifted to next year (sob!). And I still really prefer the first trailer (this new one seems to lack any nifty juicy scenes for my taste) but nonetheless, this is a pretty cool one anyway!Avatar Image says: Good trailer, apart from the bit of sloppy acting from Daniel Radcliffe at the end. I'll enjoy watching the film on a home projector (because I'm still boycotting the entire theatrical release). It's too bad WB's greed has left such a sour taste in my mouth...I'm only mildly excited about this film.Avatar Image says: What an unexpected surprise. If it has been leaked.....then THANK YOU :-) hee hee. Roll on July.Avatar Image says: And that last scene, kids, is why so many who watched the movies thought the series would and should end with Harry and Hermione. Dan and Emma could definitely do a romantic leads film together in the future, they have good on-screen chemistry, which is why they're together so much despite how the series ends. WB knows what sells tickets.Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is way better than the first one. I got so excited i jump lol Avatar Image says: LOL @ Ken M Wow...I loved the trailer, so far, so good. |'m thinking this movie is gonna be awesome.Avatar Image says: the hermione scene with harry at the end-is priceless!i like all the action scenes.goodAvatar Image says: ok i didnt read all of the comments but!!! was no one else impressed by the sweet disapperating-apperating with harry it looked almost exactly how i imagined!!!Avatar Image says: SQUEEEE...AWESOME trailer...Well, I think I can forgive WB now for delaying the movie and thinking that maybe tthere are more surprisingly additions of revisions in the movie to make it better. HAYYY can't wait. That's a beautiful text of the trailer Cara well done :)Avatar Image says: Yet again, a spit in the face to the fans! The WB can't even change so as not to read "This year." Pathetic... And they say they respect the fans. Clearly not!!! Still, a great trailer.Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHH AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9 MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: I loved this trailer. I think it's even better then the first one. Finally we get to see Hermione in and she said something. That part was hularious. I'm glad we got to see Ron and Lavender but I kind of wanted to see Ron talk or Hermione get all jealous but be good for what we got. I wanted Ginny to say something to. I really want to see the teenage riddle. I hope they keep him in it. Lets hope we get another trialer with everyone talking in it.Avatar Image says: "Harry never gave Romilda a second glance because she was interested in him for his fame, which made him terribly uncomfortable… and now he’s checking out Romilda and thinking his status as the Chosen One is a tool for picking up chicks?" NO. You are completely misreading the scene. Harry is poking fun at the situation of all the attention he's getting. SHE is staring at him, he notices, and Hermione notices he he's noticed, so he's making at joke about it. You actually think he's serious?!Avatar Image says: Does anyone have a direct download link to a version of the trailer of the same high quality as the one on traileraddict?Avatar Image says: add itAvatar Image says: ahhh, verrrry exciting... i can't wait til we get our hands on a better quality version. :DAvatar Image says: In the name of Merlin's pants! never expected all this to happen so soon i'm smiling like an idiot and even ran around my office. My colleague thought something was wrong with me, but NO This just made my day!! i'm happy now. My life is complete! Ahhhhhhhhhhh *SO MUCH EXITED*Avatar Image says: The trailer was great and all. Heck I even ran around the room screaming & couldn't sit down for an hour. However, I am not one to forgive WB so easily. The trailer made my day but it's sorta like dangeling a present a kid really wants in front of their faces and not giving it to them. I am and still plan to boycott all WB films that aren't HP until HBP comes out. They wanted to make $ from HPB in summer, well they'll get all the $ they want from HPB but their other films arent gonna get a cent from me or my friends.Avatar Image says: Though I am still angry @ WB, I have to say this trailer was great. I think the special effects were overly done but all in all it was great. I especially luv the part where Hermione says, "Hey! She only likes you cuz she thinks ur the Chosen One!" Harry: "But I am the Chosen One." *Smacks him on the head* It wasn't actually in the book itself but I loved it! Even though the line didn't seem to fit Harry at all, I am able to accept that it is there and I had a great laugh and day after hearing that.Avatar Image says: That was romilda Vane looking at Harry in the library.She looks a lot better than Lavender!!!! Dan,Emma ,Rupert look too coooool !!!!!! I just wish that thing which said 'this year' was true!!!!! The scene in the library was superb !!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Good trailer but where's Harry and Ginny? Where are their love scenes, their kiss in the common room? I read somewhere that Harry and Ginny's kiss from the common room isn't even in the film. What the hell! This is why they moved the film to July? So we don't have to see anything from the books and see David Yates version of how Harry Potter saved the world. Go by the books man! WB you are a great disapoint to all of us. Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG Argh!!! Can't wait!!! P.S He isn't supposed to like Romilda Vane though, is he?Avatar Image says: What is happening at 1.09? Also who is the person at approx 1.05? Who are the people with Hagrid? Other than that, the trailer looks great, I so cannot wait for the movie!Avatar Image says: I really, really liked the trailer. I am trying not to be upset about all the changes (because I already know if they can make it easier on them, they will). I know they always change stuff, but I still hate actually seeing them. I try remind myself that in probably 20-30 years from now they will do a remake (either on the big screen or small screen) and they will actually have the movie follow the story in the books. I loved the scene at the end of the trailer with Hermione and Harry, but I hate that the girl is Romilda Vane. This is how I always imagined them being in my head when I read the books. Though I love JKR, I am still displeased with the way she portrays certain people/groups in her book. The one thing I like about the movie is the kids at Hogwarts actually act more like real teenagers compared to the books. For a trailer that I actually liked, I sure complained a lot. Maybe it is because WB sucks.Avatar Image says: woah dont you get says this year....maybe they'll be surpring all of us{all watchers}....yes i want that surprise...let's wish that they would release it on december....i wish...pls......Christmas is a good sure that's box office hitAvatar Image says: Oh! I love it so much! Thanks for this. I've got to go watch it again. :D:D:D:DAvatar Image says: What the...???? Okay, if showing us another trailer was an "accident", then okay. But if not then.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I don't really dare to watch it *lol* It's still so much time to go til the movie comes out....well whatever!Avatar Image says: It was good. Thanks.Avatar Image says: Oh this was immense joy to watch the trailer but I so wish I didnt have to see this first in very poor quality. But that's always been the case! This time however, I know we are never going to see a better quality of this version until next year. This definitely is a leaked trailer, so I guess we should make the most of it. The last part with Hermione was had me laughing out loud. True to character as Hermione has to keep both Harry and Ron in check. Love it. It doesn't matter if dialogue/scenes are changed, as long as they suit the characters and serve the plot on screen. (if this post appeared already, sorry, seem to have trouble with my browser!)Avatar Image says: Why did they put HARRY AND ROMILDA???????? I mean I was really sure they were going to push the all HG part a bit more.... Anyway, I loved it but this has become a nightmare! I'm still trying to get over the fact that they moved the date.... Plus they don't even let us know when the new trailer comes out..... it just pops up suddenly like that almost giving me a heart attack!!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER... AND I'VE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS MOVIE SINCE THE BOOK CAME OUT.... IT'S MY FAVORITE...BUT THEY ARE RUINING ALL THE FUN.....Avatar Image says: Why is Harry looking at Romilda? in the book he absolutely doesn't like her! However, LOVE this trailer, HATE the fact that I have to wait 'til july.Avatar Image says: Um, is it just me? The Windows Media Player download doesn't work. There's no pop-up and "right click, save as" doesn't work, either. *????*Avatar Image says: Yey! Dumbledore looks just like Gandalf at the beginning! Als, probably everyone of you would have already told that's soooo sad we have to wait so long!! Avatar Image says: @Ken M - Harry and Hermione ( or Dan and Emma for that matter ) have zero on screen romantic chemistry, which is good as their characters are not supposed to. Anyway, the trailer is awesome - can't wait for the movie. Avatar Image says: I've seen it about 53 times till now and I'm not able to figure out Harry's reaction (or whatever it is) to Romilda. Where are Harry and Ginnny ????? They show the things we don't want to see and not what we are waiting to see from ages !!!!!! And you are right Alexandra the download does not work (as usual) !!!!!!Avatar Image says: The trailer is amazing, perfect and so dark, but i can´t wait to see this film it´s seems awesome, July is to farAvatar Image says: Awesome!!! the end was hilarious..... = ]Avatar Image says: awwwwwwww this is so unfair man does it have to come out next year i can't wait to see it i know it is going to be sooo... awesome. Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHH!!!! This trailer is simply AMAZING!!! Love it, love it, love IT! so awesome! I can't wait!!!! I can't describe my emotion enough, like WOW!Avatar Image says: I LOVE this trailer. Even though they have choosen not to include important story lines (the Gaunts...) I think this shows that the movie will be awesome! One thing about the bit at the end with Harry and Hermione, it's REALLY FUNNY but sometime they film things only for the trailer that never appears in the movie. This might be one of those bits. It tells a lot about the story in just a few seconds, but might not be necessary in the final cut. I would not be surprised if that little scene doesn't appear in the movie.Avatar Image says: I LOVVEE THE TRAILERR!!! Finally there's HERMIONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end with h/hr was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!Avatar Image says: HAHAHA omg, the end killed me. Avatar Image says: I don't remember the attack on the burrow in book 6? Was it just added on to the movie? Somebody let me know. Thanks!Avatar Image says: It was added on to the movieAvatar Image says: Thanks for the reply. Well, I guess then that the attack on the burrow in Deathly Hallows won't be in the last movie. Bummer!Avatar Image says: OHH never thought of it that way but it makes so much sense. Wow, I feel so stupid. By the way, is Romilda Vane writing on a computer in the libary? I really hope not. Avatar Image says: Honestly, I'm just shocked that I heard *one* quote from the book. I can't remember the last time they used book dialog in the movies...even if it is just one line. Too bad everything else but "Fight back, you coward" was changed.Avatar Image says: Well, I've read almost all of the [at this count] 267 posts. I am happy to say "SKWEEEEEE" with everyone! This is great. I can't wait...but I guess I'll have to. I wanted to "comment" on a few "points": #1. That IS Ron and Lavendar, kissing in the Common Room. #2 The Fire Snake was from the "flash back" to OoP. #3 The girl, in the Library, IS Romilda Vane. and lastly: 'Leaky' stated, at the end of their article: "Please note: the end of the trailer says "this year", so it is very possible this trailer has been leaked....." Then, 'Leaky' gives the correct date. This is so cool......YAY!Avatar Image says: @Laura: Let us wait, until we've seen THE WHOLE MOVIE before we decide "Too bad everything else but "Fight back, you coward" was changed." :)Avatar Image says: @Confederate Lady: Sorry, but I have no faith in WB to make a decent Potter movie.Avatar Image says: Is Romilda Vane such an important part of HBP? Surely something for the cutting room floor and not the H/G common room kiss. Where was Harry's jealousy over Dean? Avatar Image says: HERE HERE!! WB is terrible. All can hope is that in 20 years a new group of people may come together and make a decent Potter film. Gambon is painful to watch!!!Avatar Image says: nice on, 'mione... just what i would do XDAvatar Image says: still not going to the theatre to see it, I'll wait for the dvd.Avatar Image says: "'kay...Um...kidding" xD It seems GREAT ! I can't wait the next summer holidays !! =(Avatar Image says: Excellent Trailer!!! LOVED the end the best! Perfect comedic timing Dan!!! I want to see him in more comedies...........grrrr! they gave the common room kiss scene between Harry and Ginny to Ron and Lavender grrrr!!!!Avatar Image says: " Fight back you coward",,,,,,,,,at least we know there will be a Snape/Harry confrontation at the end of the we all know who that coward remark is in referal too. I cant wait to see it............Avatar Image says: excellent, and draco even breaks harry's nose. i love that!Avatar Image says: Can anybody explain to me why H/G kiss has been cut? And why show Ron/Lavender? In comparison terms is Ron and Lavender anywhere near as important as Harry and Ginny - he marries Ginny for god's sake.Avatar Image says: i'm really glad most of the comments here are positive. even the spare few that are negative and whiny aren't too bad! it's sweet to see the majority of people excited and not complaining, as it seems to me has been far too often the case. this is going to be an excellent film.Avatar Image says: I so hope they changed their minds. I got way too excited watching this new trailer! I thought that was Hermione at first too! SIlly me! However, if they are still planning next year, I'm sure going to miss that midnight showing. There is almost nothing better than being there with a bunch of Harry Potter fans on the first night. Well, let's hope they are making it better.Avatar Image says: Well as a terribly outspoken critic of WB and their stewardship of the Harry Potter series I have to admit that I love this trailer. For some who have not read the books this movie may knock their socks off. Thick, comfy, woolen socks all over the sticky, disgusting theater floor.Oh well.Avatar Image says: can anybody tell us why Hagrid has a wand? That doesn't happen and irritates me other than that awesome!!Avatar Image says: SQUEE!!!!! This made my year until july! :D <3 the last part. -is hyperventilating-Avatar Image says: Dear Holy Lobster, I'm trapped in a cave with 1000 squealing 14-year-old girls!! Not even JKR could (or would) write so horrific a scene!! And for all you complaining about what isn't in the's the *trailer* for crying out loud, it's not the movie!!Avatar Image says: when exactly is the burrow attacked?Avatar Image says: Hagrid is not using the wand. McGonagall is. Avatar Image says: Hagrid doesn't have a wand. (That's probably Mcgonnagall) If you look, the arm is nowhere near where Hagrid is. Also, I is liking all of the Draco in this trailer. ^_~ Workit, Mr Felton.Avatar Image says: Nearly had heart failure when i first watched it, i thought it was ron and hermione kissing. Trailor is good, be better if we had it in a few weeks time though !! Love the ending, more of the harry we read in the books :DAvatar Image says: WHOO HOO! My thoughts, exactly Mason Dixon Lady! It's the TRAILER, kids! I know we're not all "kids", by the way, so don't hurt me! LOL!!! As we get closer, I'm pretty sure, we'll see more....when the MOVIE comes out, that's when things will make sense, if they don't in the trailer. It's "putting the Cart, before the Horse"! I hope this will be the most fantastic movie, so far! I'm ready!Avatar Image says: omg! sooo good!i can't wait until summer Avatar Image says: @ cachelle...Hagrid does not have the wand it is professor mcgonagul Avatar Image says: This was the best of all the trailers!!! I watched it a couple times and it gets better each time! Very good choice of scenes for this one. It was totally obvius to be leaked because of the "this year" statement. Or could warner bros. be planning something?Avatar Image says: Sorry, I haven't read all of the comments, but it appears they have given the big H/G kiss to R/L. I was looking forward to that, but that they have switched it to different characters is par for the course for these films. It surprises me that Ron got it though. It looks as if he may just be getting his fair share of screen time this time around. "bout time! My heart does ache though because of lack of H/G awesome two sunlit day kissing. ~sniff~Avatar Image says: Great trailer - but NO! for the OC Harry..... :(Avatar Image says: It was a great trailer. Too bad we have to wait 262 MORE days to see it. Still boycotting the WB!Avatar Image says: SQUEEE!!! Can Not Wait!!Avatar Image says: well this actually looks really super awesome. too bad it's not coming out in a few weeks...Avatar Image says: Good trailer. Although trailers don't usually tell you the truth about a movie. I guess we'll have to wait for July to see what they've done with my favorite book in the series. Avatar Image says: I love Alan Rickman. Hes soooo darn hot and sexy as Snape- especially walking in the Great Hall with the few selective Slytherins. If anybody ever meets him tell him I'm eligible for marriage. OKAY enough!!! Sorry lost myself in dream for a few moments there. I love Helena's Portrayal of Bellatrix again, we saw her for a tiny second doing a similar spell to what she did in OOTP. I hope we get to see her be wacko and crazy on the Astronomy Tower and in the Great Hall as we saw in that picture where shes like jumping on the tables for joy. Oh and probably for the millionth time - she should have a wanted poster. Excuse my spelling if its not correct. Avatar Image says: Is this up on the WB site, I can't seem to find it. I have the weird suspicion it's a leak. Though still very good :D The "this year" bit is oddly unsettling.Avatar Image says: loved it!! this year????? AS IN 2008????????????????????? COME ON PEOPLE AM I ON THE RIGHT TRACK HERE OR WHAT , I THINK THEIR COMING AROUND!Avatar Image says: @ Ian That's what I'd like to know. WHY DID THEY CUT HARRY & GINNY'S KISS and give it to Ron and Lavender. I HATE Lavender and it sucks that such a classic scene is going to go to Won-Won and Lavlav. I wanted to see Harry and Ginny sooo much together and see the COMMON Room kiss! WB you have a lot of nerve messing w/ fans.Avatar Image says: I totally agree with michele (p. 07). You guys really think the line "But I am the chosen one" is funny? Harry would never be happy about it! Never! And he is enjoying to be the center of the atentions? Even from Romilda Vane? Oh, Lord... What Steve Kloves did with this film?!Avatar Image says: I AGREE WITH SOFIA...............and michelle from pg.7 apparently. That totally goes against Harry's character, he would never bask in the glory of being the Chosen One, not to Hermione, not to Ron, not to ANYONE. And did anyone think that the part where some random hand raises their wand and casts the spell into the air is poorly done? The effects seemed really bad in that particular moment. This trailer has made me a bit nervous and freakishly excited at the same time..........Avatar Image says: I agree that the kiss should have been Harry and Ginny. I also can't stand they added the "Chosen One" comment at the end. But ya do have to admit it was funny! It was a wonderful trailer!Avatar Image says: Attack on the Burrow??? I thought that did not happen until DH?Avatar Image says: IT'S AMAZING!!! BRILLIANT!!!! AWESOME!!! SPECTACULAR!!!! Everything!!! I'm so excited right now!!!!!! OMG!!! I have to see this movie NOW!!!!!! I can't wait!! Avatar Image says: TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE COMPLAINING: Are you kidding me?! This trailer was please STOP trying to find something wrong with it!!! Everything was Excellent. Even the Chose One thing at the end. Yeah Harry doesn't like it, but he also happens to have a VERY SARACASTIC sense of I could definitely see him joking with Hermione and Ron about it...but only joking. He would never say it seriously. So that line was perfect. So was the Ron and Lavender kiss. Avatar Image says: LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT! HBP'S SURELY GONNA BE BETTER THAN OOTP.WHY DID THEY SAY 'THIS YEAR? WERE THEY KIDDING WHEN THEY SAID DATES WERE POSTPONED???Avatar Image says: loved the last part! Whoever said Emma and Dan don't have screen chemistry is going to have a tough job trying to convince the millions who do see it! I want more funny harry- it is in the book! And I'm with Ian and looney bird, who cares about ron and lavendar's kiss- it's unimportant and wastes the ginny and harry kiss which obvious is more important. They can't have a duplicate scenario in the same god d amn movie, so that means that post game kiss is done for. Avatar Image says: Don't get my comments wrong. I loved loved loved the trailer! I just truly hope that they didn't butcher HBP like they did OOTP. Avatar Image says: your language please.Avatar Image says: Dan did the coward line PERFECTLY! Squeeee! So excited!!!Avatar Image says: Ohyeah, I said Dan and Emma haven't any on screen ROMANTIC chemistry. If that's what you and 'millions' of others see then you're accusing them of very poor acting performances - something I'm not. Avatar Image says: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY! Is this the teaser or the full trailer? :SAvatar Image says: It was okay. It doesn't seem finished, but since it's leaked it probably isn't (that's why it says this year). I thought the Lavender Brown scene was with Hermoine and I was like what the...but after a second watch it is Lavender Brown! I can't wait till July 08! Why Warner Bro., why? Avatar Image says: I thought ron was kissing hermione too! yeah, maybe not. oh but i love it!!!Avatar Image says: why why why is WB doing this to us what is anything wuthout its fans? this sucks so much how on earth do they expect to make any money without us? all for money money money!!! greedy pigsAvatar Image says: some people are making me mad.. this trailer was amazing... & you know no matter what book that get turns into the book will never be the same & some changes will be made,,, & its just the trailer not the movie.. the end was hilarious.. & none of the kisses are important just thrown in... plus i read this on another site & had to post it Harry and Cho got Harry and Ginny’s second kiss… Ron and Fleur got Hermione’s cheek kiss to Ron…..*damn WB* Ron and Lavender got Harry and Ginny’s first kiss… and you can say in a way Ron and Lavender got Ron and Hermione’s first kiss…. Avatar Image says: I thought the last part with H/Hr was WAY out of character. It goes completely against Harry's motivation the whole book- being rather introverted about his knowledge of being the chosen one, having to have the topic practically dragged out of him- not him joking about it it openly in the library. Especially not while enjoying attention from Romilda! ugh. It's funny- but it strays too far from the book for my tastes. Avatar Image says: some people are making me mad.. this trailer was amazing… & you know no matter what book that get turns into the book will never be the same & some changes will be made,,, & its just the trailer not the movie.. the end was hilarious.. & none of the kisses are important just thrown in… plus i read this on another site & had to post it Harry and Cho got Harry and Ginny’s second kiss… Ron and Fleur got Hermione’s cheek kiss to Ron…..damn WB Ron and Lavender got Harry and Ginny’s first kiss… and you can say in a way Ron and Lavender got Ron and Hermione’s first kiss…. So poor Ginny loses out yet again when this film should be her crowning moment. Cho and Romilda are just not important but yet have been given more importance than the girl Harry MARRIES. This is his future wife we're talking about. Are Cho and Romilda even in the last book? This just smacks of anti feeling towards Ginny's character. I think it's more to do with Hermione always being centre stage in the films and they don't want any other female character to detract from this. Why else have scenes cut like Ginny showing Harry she was possessed by Voldermort as well or having many of her lines from the book given to Hermione?Avatar Image says: Scully, people have been seeing Dan and Emma's onscreen chemistry for many, many movies now. No one but JK Rowling knew for certain how the stories were going to end and people shipped who they wanted to ship and saw what they wanted to see. Their onscreen chemistry is just there, felt and seen. It's just natural. They don't do have to do anything, they could just be walking side by side, like in the last movie when Hermione is talking about the boys writing her back. Who says it's bad acting? Oh right, that would be people like you, who fight for that ron/hermione "chemistry". Now that, i don't see and that would be bad acting.Avatar Image says: ok. the trailer is AWSOME! the movies might be about harry potter, but everyone knows that ron is SO DAMN SEXYYYYY!!!!! god!! i think i would cry if i ever got to meet him!! xoxo rupert i love you!!!Avatar Image says: ok, i have a question. Where professore mcgonnigal and all the students are out, is that that one end scene after they see dumbledorel body? If so, why is neville, hermione and ron have no scracths on them from the attacks? Is this an indication that the battle scene is cut from the movie?Avatar Image says: oh and thank you for any thoughts on my questions.Avatar Image says: I am having trouble. I do not remember any attacks on the Burrow in HBP. Can someone please tell me what is going on with the attack on the Burrow??? I love the trailer by the way.Avatar Image says: "everyone knows that Ron is sexy"? I must not be part of that everyone cause I find Ron to be too ordinary and clueless. LOL. Now, if it is Rupert Grint, I might say that he's cute, but not sexy at all. As for the chemistry, I have to agree that it's Dan and Emma who has the chemistry onscreen. They act so naturally as friends but somehow you can't help but wish they're more than that. I've known it will be Ron and Hermione since book 4 but that just don't come off in the movies. If the filmmakers have to work hard to convey that R/Hr possibility, I'd say its a lack on the actors' parts.Avatar Image says: Radcakesfan, once again you're omitting the crucial word from my argument - ROMANTIC. Yes, they've chemistry but if you see it as romantic then there portrayal of their characters are faulty. And by the way, I've never shipped any of the characters ( I left those decisions to the person who created them ). I think all of you who 'ship' actors are nuts anyway. Avatar Image says: when was the burrow attACKEDAvatar Image says: ok as this is a leaked trailer the reason why it says this year is probabley because this teaser and yes it is a teaser would not have been released until january or february of next year. the full trailers are usually abour 2 minutes 30 long.i personally loved this trailer and gave me a bit more insight that they have tried at least to stick to the book. altho there is no battle and dumbledores funeral i think it will make sense by the end of the film.and i know theres a 2 year wait until the final movies and im so glad there split in two as they cant leave anything out. as david heyman has suggested that things will have to be introduced in film 7 (ie) bill weasley for the wedding and and kreacher and dobby are coming back so shell cottage will more than likely be in the movie and if i think about this right i think thats where the cut off for the first film will be with harry over dobby,s grave. what do you guys think. im just glad that u guys in america get the potters films at the same time as us lot in england. which makes a change coz u lot get all the good movies months before us.lolAvatar Image says: LOL at the last scene. Really great comedy by Emma and Dan. Harry and Hermione's deep friendship is one of my favorte things and I'm glad to see it portrayed here. BTW Emma is looking better than ever. She 's a stunner.Avatar Image says: Jamie that would be a really good place to end the movie with Harry at Dobby's grave. I think it would also be cool it they ended the first DH movie with Ron reuniting with Harry and destroying the Horcrux. I'm just really really hoping that it opens at Christmas. Delusional, I know. lol Avatar Image says: I can't imagine why McGonagall is reasing up her wand. Does somebody know?Avatar Image says: it's realy gooooooood...great jod Avatar Image says: Scully, Dan and Emma sizzle just walking past each other. They don't even have to be looking at each other. Maybe it's because one's eye is drawn to them. Now the fact that the Wb have to work soooo hard at the r/hr thingie is bad. The actors and writers have really had to work hard at that. Sugar, totally agree. To me, it's also that i don't care so much about the fates of the minor charactors. It doesn't help that i dislike the acting/characterization and casting of most of the Weasly family. It's Harry and his happiness i care about, and Ginny just doesn't seem to fit the story. I wish Rowling had left the story open ended- mind you, the masses would have been after her forever (lots of us still are though lol) To Ian, I don't think they were concentrating so much on Hermione. Look who got Ginny's kiss, Ron and lavender. So pointless. What a waste of a chance to develop Harry and Ginny's relationship. Avatar Image says: O.K. Radcakesfan, if that's what you see then I'm happy for you. If Dan and Emma fall in love, get married, have lots of babies and live happily ever I'd be happy for them. I'd also have the sense not to confuse that with the characters they play in HP. Perhaps one day you'll get the help you need to do the same.Avatar Image says: it was fun making the film!:) too bad its delayed:( Avatar Image says: I HATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just kidin could you imagine if someone hated HP?Avatar Image says: Scully, you keep on harping on what you think other people should see. You'd fill well in with the Communist /Taliban governments. I just know what I DON"T see and no amount of your bashing is going to make us feel what isn't there. Also there have been lots of people who have shown onscreen magic/chemistry that don't get together in real life.I Most people realize that. Obviously you don't. Avatar Image says: Just saw the trailer (finally). LOVE IT!!! I like how it was all serious, and then funny at the end.Avatar Image says: The trailer was great and unexpected. Where to start. The 'fight back you cowards' line is during the burrow attack in the film and harry yells it at bellatrix. I think the apparating did look amazing, just like in the book. I actually think that the humor at the end was like harry. It sort of made me think of they yeah i'd join up with the death eaters if they didn't keep trying to do me in line in one of the books. I think it is like harry to make a sarcastic comments. There is a burrow attack in DH the book, but they are having a burrow attack in HBP. I think the scene is at the beginning of the film. They said it was added to show that it was dangerous times and that the death eaters were out there attacking people. This is also why they show the millenium bridge collapse. To show that there is very real danger in the world. I think the raising the wand shot is after dumbledore's death. I think dumbledore is in front of the crowd with harry kneeling beside him with ginny holding him. They just didn't show us. Avatar Image says: O.K. Redcakesfan, calm down! Has you've discovered my comrades plot to overthrow the kingdom of true love that's Dan and Emma, I'll leave. My next target is to imprison anyone who believes in Aliens. Avatar Image says: again i ask WHEN on earth was the BURROW ATTACKED?Avatar Image says: The burrow was not attacked in the HBP book. This scene was something added just for the film.I am thinking that this scene was during christmas time now. There is a scene before this that we have a picture of where harry and ginny are talking and then ron comes in and sits between them. There is also a scene before the attack with harry, tonks, remus, and arthur discussing snape's loyalty. I remember someone saying that the burrow is not on fire though like it is in the trailer. There was just a ring of fire around the burrow in the film. It is possible that they just lit it on fire for the trailer to make it look more dangerous. It certainly does especially if you think about the fact that ron and hermione are in there. The only times in the film that the burrow could be attacked with harry there are at the beginning and during christmas. I thought it was at the beginning for some reason but i think i was remembering incorrectly and that it is during christmas because the pictures support that. Also the 'fight back you cowards' that harry yells is during the burrow attack scene and he yells it at bellatrix and not at snape. Too bad. Though great delivery by dan there. Avatar Image says: i wish WB;S DID NOT USE THEIR OWN INTELLIGENCE AND MAKE THE MOVIE AS IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BEAvatar Image says: if only they would take suggestions from us :-(Avatar Image says: im speechless... i loved the trailer!! the movie's gna b awesome... i can feel it.. :DAvatar Image says: It's the 'chosen one' comment at the end that makes it for me. Very amusing!Avatar Image says: I carnt belive harry and ginny get to geather its amazing i have always been a big fan of ginny weasley and always new her and harry would get togather but im real upset fred dies omg.Avatar Image says: Iv'e heard that hermione and ron get together its great i new that would happen omg. luvin harry potter hbp no1 fan me mate jess.xxxAvatar Image says: Iv'e heard that hermione and ron get together its great i new that would happen omg. luvin harry potter hbp no1 fan me mate

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