New Photos of Fenrir Greyback, Narcissa Malfoy and More


Oct 29, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Several new photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have surfaced online. New are looks at Fenrir Greyback, Narcissa Malfoy, Teen Tom Riddle, Head table with Prof. Slughorn, as well as one of Ron with Lavender Brown, Young Professor Slughorn, Dumbledore and Harry at the train station, another of Professor Slughorn extracting a memory.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is set to open in theaters July 17, 2009.

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Avatar Image says: WHY!! Why the dead animal on her head!! She's supposed to have hair like her husband....Avatar Image says: oooohhhh, nice pictures! loved the Teen Tom Riddle!Avatar Image says: very cool pics, I don't know what they are thinking with Narcissa's hair, but i must say they got the clothing right, very chic, very much in line with what i pictured. Fenrir is properly creepy! Meep! as for Harry and Dumbledore at the underground i wonder if Dumbledore will make useof his scar that is an exact map of the London Underground lol at any rate love the pics even if narcissa needs a hair color changing charm Avatar Image says: Why does Greyback look like a pirate? :( Isn't he supposed to be... scruffier? Dl Avatar Image says: OMG. Fenrir Greyback creeps me out completely. :o Won-Won and Lav-Lav looks great. I love all the other pics too. The one with Harry and Dumbledore at the train station is fantastic. Now I would love to see some new pics of Ginny and Snape and maybe a bit Hermione? :) I mean, I can totally do without the Hermione overload we got with previous movies, but she should not be shunted aside either. Avatar Image says: Narcissa's hair is WRONG, but the pinched in face is perfect, the outfit is close but should have been robe length... can't see her in a muggle outfit. They should have consulted Jason Isacc after all he did great at creating his look and character. As for Fenrir WOW it will be easy to feel creeped out by him as he drools over the chance to bite Hermione.Avatar Image says: why they give more more photos harry ginny ?Avatar Image says: I think the reason they colored Narcissa's hair the way they did was to show she is related to Bellatrix (the darker color) but also is the mother of Draco (blonde). Or she just might be in need of a trip to the hairdresser for a touch-up! lol I think what makes Fenrir so eerie to me is the eyes and lack of eyebrows...very inhuman indeed.Avatar Image says: How awkward turtle is it that I've taken to comparing the costumed actors not to the characters in my head but to the ever-brilliant Makani's renderings? Fenrir = spot on! Narcissa = terrible! Tom Riddle = meh Slughorn = ought to be more walrus-y, but the way they did Young Slughorn was very convincing, if not how he was described in the text. Lavender = "Hmmm...How do we not let people confuse her with Hermione? Let's give her dirty blonde, curly hair!" In short, Fenrir is brilliant, everyone else: blech. Avatar Image says: I agree with Becky.Avatar Image says: Narcissa looks way too much like Cruella d'Ville. Ugh. That is awful. The rest are fun but remind me how p.o.ed I am at WB for delaying the release!Avatar Image says: "How awkward turtle is it that I’ve taken to comparing the costumed actors not to the characters in my head but to the ever-brilliant Makani’s renderings?" You know what? Me too:D It's became canon for my imagination. I meant.. I can't imagine somebody looking diffrent that Makani's vision. It's just like that. For me they're perfect.. Myby filmmakers should see this drawnings? Avatar Image says: Fenrir Greyback looks even more disgusting than I ever imagined :)Avatar Image says: Did anyone ever find out why they didn't re-cast Christian Coulson? Avatar Image says: dude i thought lavender was hermione!Avatar Image says: I'm not exactly sure how I feel about the way Greyback looks. Maybe in the actual movie he'll look more realistic, as opposed to looking like a Halloween costume.Avatar Image says: If I would guess, without knowing, which characters they play I would NEVER guess right! C'mon! Slughorn doesn't have a moustashe, Narcissa looks like Rita Skeeter(!) and that Riddle-boy doesn't look handsome at all! (according to me) And I expected Fenrir to look a lot "greyer". That guy looks like he's been more out in the sun than me!Avatar Image says: I agree with those who said they can't shake Makani's artwork from their imagination, especially when it comes to anything Malfoy. Wish they could have cast the first teen Riddle for continuity's sake. And Ron looks so happy wearing that necklace! Wonder if poor Hermione is looking on...Avatar Image says: Cissy's face looks right, but that hair! WB - what's wrong with you??? I am very much looking forward to McCrory's performance, however. Avatar Image says: I think Greyback looks excellent, very frightening, and on the verge of attack, just as he should. I agree with most everyone: Narcissa would look a lot more appropriate without the Cruella DeVille split-hair's distracting from her sneering, smug face, which is how she is described. Tom Riddle and Lavender look terrific, but Slughorn really should have been fatter and had at least a small mustache. But he's a great actor, and I think he'll play him perfectly. Can't wait, even though I'm still steaming mad at WB. Avatar Image says: Oh my I just noticed after many views that poor Ron has the necklace on. How funny is that. I usually don't get into the hair war that goes on before every movie. Usually I really don’t care if the hair matches the book description but I have to say why oh why did they do that to Narcissa's hair. We are not a stupid audience that we could not figure out that they are sisters but with different color hair. Many families have children with different color hair. We don’t need the dead brown animal on top of her head to point out the link. Avatar Image says: Narcissa looks ridiculous...stupid stupid hair, and I don't get why they'd do that. Avatar Image says: I like Narcissa, though she doesn't look much like I pictured her. That's not a bother. She just has that expression I imagined her with and that's enough for me.Avatar Image says: could anyone tell me, when the station scene with dumbledore and harry is in the book? I can't really remeber this happen...Avatar Image says: WOAH not how I pictured Greyback at all! They definitely made him creepy enough, though. Narcissa is ok. Not how I pictured her hair, but I love the outfit and the red lipstick. My favorite is the one of teen Tom Riddle. Ooh la la! <3Avatar Image says: Is it me or does Narcissa look like Cruella DeVille....never really pictured her like thatAvatar Image says: They said Cristian Coulson looked too old for the part. I dont remember how said it but I know I read it some where.Avatar Image says: Greyback is great, he will be better in the movie, here this is a make up picture with no "feelings". But to bad they didn't use the actor sexyness ! Narcissa is good too, maybe not as blond and beautiful as she should be, but at least the actress is talented. Avatar Image says: Fenrir is what nightmares are made of. I have to say, I'm a little bit worried what the younger audience will think of him. I can't look at that picture too long it scares me so much. Imagine what an elementary school kid will think.Avatar Image says: Oh and I hate Cissa's hair. I'd like to have a good sit-down with whoever was responsible for that mess.Avatar Image says: Not crazy about Narcissa's hair, but Greyback is VERY SCARY!!!!Avatar Image says: oh here come the haters. again. never happy. always hating.Avatar Image says: I don't know why everyones complaining about Mrs Malfoys hair. If she looked like her husband, I'd be thinking - wow, tweedle dum and tweedle dee!Avatar Image says: Narcissa is not at all how I pictured her. I pictured her to look a bit younger, with long straight blond hair. This movie image doesn't seem to fit Rowling's description of her looks. Avatar Image says: Lavender's look still bothers me completely! But that's okay I will just ignore it right. Okay moving on YAY for Pictures!Avatar Image says: Narcissa doesnt look anything like i imagend her to be, and by the looks of thinkgs neither does she to many of u. The rest look good apart from lavander who people can mistake for hermione but she looks alright, and teen riddle. apart from that its goodAvatar Image says: Fenrir is sooooo creepy looking, I love it!Avatar Image says: AAAHHH! Greyback is scary!Avatar Image says: I wish they had kept Christian Coulson, I thought he was perfect in cos. ha Greyback's great though, I started when I saw the face! Avatar Image says: omg - Fenrir Grayback is scary - even scarier than whatever animal died on Narcissa's head!Avatar Image says: narcissa is too old looking for jason, fenrir is to not human, hes supposed to ba discusting man not a creature from halloween, tom riddle is supossed to have black hair and what with the change in unifrom "HOGWARTS ROBES""" im dissapointed and dumblored can't take harry to the train station, whats up with that??Avatar Image says: That's exactly how i pictured Lavender! Great! Love Greyback and young Tom is all right, but Narcissa is just wrong!Avatar Image says: What the hell happend to Narcissa?!?!? She looks hideous. Now, Helen McCrory is a beautiful woman but, oh my lord she looks awful. She is NOT Narcissa. I want to cry :(Avatar Image says: Donald Trump calling Narcissa, he wants his hair backAvatar Image says: Narcissa's hair is awful :S And for some reason, I always pictured her much younger... But her clothes are very good. Fenrir scares the hell out of me lol, I can't wait to see him act. Young Riddle is brilliant, and so is Slughorn.Avatar Image says: Narcissa, what have they done to you ;.; You were so perfect on Makani's drawings XDAvatar Image says: Fenrir right on, Slug horn is good enough, but Narcissa? No way! She should be the equal of Lucius, and should have long blonde hair. Does she not lean over Harry, covering his face with her hair so to whisper to him without being noticed by You-Know-Who in DH?Avatar Image says: I thought their logic from the beginning was to make Lavender look a little bit like Hermione. It kind of triggers why Ron might like her (because her character, like Cho's, doesn't have many attributes we'd normally associate as being "right" for Ron relationship-wise, but her looking a bit like Hermione adds the tension and plenty more jealousy for Hermione- making her feel like Lavender is prettier to Ron than she is, though that's not the only reason he actually likes Hermione). Avatar Image says: Fenrir looks like Makani's version!Avatar Image says: Fenrir = good. and creepy :) Narcissa = NO WAYYY that picture is horrible Tom Riddle = Can you say "Absolutley noT!" Slughorn = I never liked how he looked Lavender and Ron= No way, hated this picAvatar Image says: omg!! how can you NOT love the way they did fenrir!! if i were hermionie i would be sooo freaked out!! just try to picture him about to bite hermionie!! yikes!!Avatar Image says: ravesfave's right- grayback looks like a halloween costume... *slaps forehead* and narcissa looks like... not like narcissa ... for some reason they keep forgetting that riddle used to be HANDSOME and meh for the restAvatar Image says: I don't like Narcissa in the picture at all. She looks older than Lucius, when she's younger, and her hair is ridiculous. It's me or Fenrir is wearing a silver earring? Avatar Image says: I don't really think Lavender looks like Hermione at all. In the trailer some people might have confused them because it goes by so fast... but apart from that I don't think WB planned to make them look alike. Is Ron wearing the "my sweetheart" necklace on that picture? And what the heck is Dumbledore doing with Harry on that train station? "Harry!! You know how to aparate?" "Er... sorry sir... no!" "Well.... two train tickets then!"Avatar Image says: I was expecting an extremely handsome actor for teen Voldy... guess not, young tom looks creepier than teen tom. Greyback freaked me out! Narcissa looks like she has a permanent hat on her head.Avatar Image says: Narcissa is awful, what's with the hair. The director is responsible for approving the way the actors look, once again David Yates screws it upAvatar Image says: I Like them, but for some reason Teen Tom Riddle looks nothing like i imagened him ..... but i like it though ! LOVE the pic with Ron and Lavender ! Ron keeps looking away in all of the pictures with him and Lav - Lav... I hope he's looking at Hermione !!! I still want to know why people are confusing Hermione and Lavender, they look nothing alike !! Lavender is more chubby at the face and Hermione never wears her hair in pigtails with little bows on them ! Hermione's hair isn't that long either . OMG , Fenrir is scary as hell, i screamed when i saw him !! Scared the living crap out of me ......Avatar Image says: I don't know .. Fenrir is weird in my opinion. Too fake and big. But who cares about that. I care about Narcissa! She's horrible. Gosh. Helen looks so effing old! It's really disgusting. I thought Cissy was young, pretty, and thin? Not the total opposite! And that hair ... ugh !Avatar Image says: I imagined Narcissa a bit more frail looking by this book. And the hair is weird. Doris - Christian Coulson is too old now. Over 30. They've mentioned that a couple times in interviews...Avatar Image says: Fenrir is creepy, gross and totally spot on!! Narsissa.....she looks like Draco's Grandmother with that hair!! The clothes and posturing are Malfoy enough, but the hair designer!!! The rest are fine, but I do agree that in shots we have so far they should have made more of a contrast to Hermione and Lavender.Avatar Image says: Hair does not a character make. Avatar Image says: Personally I am very pleased with the photos. I think Narcissa looks pretty close to what I was imagining (and way better than I feared after never seeing a hint of blond anywhere during pre-production) and Fenrir is just... wow. Scary!Avatar Image says: Wow, Narcissa looks so utterly different from the Narcissa I've always imagined in my mind while reading the books, but I guess I'll just have to get used to it. I mean why on earth is she wearing Muggle clothes instead of robes? It doesn't seem to fit at all with Lucius's clothes, which suit him perfectly. But teenage Riddle really does look very much like an older version of child Riddle so that's good.Avatar Image says: "They said Cristian Coulson looked too old for the part. I dont remember how said it but I know I read it some where." He is too old. You can't have a 30 year old playing a 16 year old. It just doesn't work.Avatar Image says: Narsissa NOTHING what I imagined so basically a FAIL. Fenrir I imagined more human then that. Slughorn will never be close to what I imagine and whats with that stupid graduation cap hes always wearing. Lavender also some what a FAIL. Young Voldy ok not great but not bad. Dumbledore and Harry at the train station probably just a memory. Over all not liking them. I thinks it the whole they moved the movie back and im expecting more kinda feeling.Avatar Image says: FENIR LOOKS LIKE HE HAS SOME SORT OF DISEASE!! its not even werewolf like! ahh he is nothing like i imagined him! this movie is going to be crap. and narcissa is to old...Avatar Image says: "ravesfave’s right- grayback looks like a halloween costume… slaps forehead and narcissa looks like… not like narcissa … for some reason they keep forgetting that riddle used to be HANDSOME and meh for the rest" No. Each individual hair on the neck, face and forehead has been glued to the skin separately. It take hours of work to do this. You are insulting the make up people here who constantly create fine work. Do people not see the prosthetic appliance?! It is far more complicated than any Halloween costume. To say so is just wrong. It does not.Avatar Image says: most reactions about this Narcissa are that she looks like Cruella deVille, my first reaction was : KATLEEN TURNER, SERIAL MUM, COAT FROM MY MOTHERS TEENAGE WARDROBE.... and my mum is in her 70-ties. Complete wrong kind of clothing, too much the '50-ties, should be the kind of dressing like in "Titanic", this is definately not " the lady that would nice looking if she hadn't been wearing a look that suggested there was a nasty smell under her nose." this is a puffy face that tries to be arrogant. Good McCrory got pregnant, because else she would have been haunting us two. three year earlier.Avatar Image says: "But who cares about that. I care about Narcissa! She’s horrible. Gosh. Helen looks so effing old! It’s really disgusting. I thought Cissy was young, pretty, and thin? Not the total opposite! And that hair … ugh !" That's horribly mean. She is 5 years younger than every fan girls precious Jason Isaacs. People need to learn some manners.Avatar Image says: with that stupid graduation cap hes always wearing that, my dear Vincent, is the teacher's cap which is standard attire to an Oxford Don, and from which the USA graduation cap is nicked. And to be honest, it is about the only thing on this interpretation of Slughorn that is right. For the rest he should be fat, short and walruss like, And less drabby colored. Avatar Image says: Greyback doesn't look like I imagined him. I mean, he looks more like some weirdo creature than my idea of a werewolf. That's just me though. As for the Ron and Lavender--YUCK! I absolutely HATE Ron and Lavender together. (If you can't tell, I'm a huge Ron/Hermione fan) I like the one of Slughorn extracting the memory. It would be better if he had the walrus mustache though...Avatar Image says: Greyback looks really super scary. I could hardly look. So awesome!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: EWWWWWW...... Narcissa is totally wrong. I imagined her much, much prettier than that. She reminds me of the evil lady in 101 dalmations.... what's her name???? And what's Dumbledore doing in the train station with Harry?????Avatar Image says: Dude, Fenrir gives me the creeps!!!!! :-0 My little sister might not want to see that on the big screen. That pic of Sluggy extracting a memory makes him look like he's in pain. Lol. Narcissa Malfoy looks a little too old to me, and her hair bothers me. Still, at least she doesn't have a big part in the movie. Riddle looks almost like what I imagined him to be, just add sharper features and make the hair jet black.Avatar Image says: Why does everyone want Mrs Malfoy to look like Lucius? Yes they're similar in the books, but on film it would be creepy! They're meant to be hubby and wife, not brother and sister, who share haircare tips!Avatar Image says: Sue Upton > Narcissa Malfoy.Avatar Image says: " i wonder if Dumbledore will make useof his scar that is an exact map of the London Underground" HAHAHAHAHAHAAvatar Image says: maybe Lavender looks a lot like Hermione to remind us that Ron was with her to move on, to forget hermione, if you know what I mean.Avatar Image says: Ok everyone... (i'm sorry I cant site any specific resources) but I read from a review on the movie screening that the reason that Harry and Dumbledore are at the train station is because this is where they first meet each other to go to Slughorn's house! There are no Dursleys in this movie so they skip right to the part where dumbledore comes. This is also the first place we find Harry. I believe this includes an added scene where Harry is flirting with a waitress and then the train and the smoke clear from across him and he sees Dumbledore just standing there.Avatar Image says: Fenrir seriously looks like a bad halloween costume. The eyes look like marbles and the teeth look like the ones you win in those machines in front of kmart. Hopefully there won't be any closeups.Avatar Image says: Fenrir is freaking me out! Narcissa looks really wonderful though, as does teen Riddle. I really can't wait to see just how exuberant Lavender is, I have a feeling she'll be perfectly loathsome. =DAvatar Image says: oh, and narcisa reminded me of professor mcgonagal, and grayback´s all wrong, he should be a proper worewolf, but if that´s what he looks like when he´s human, it´s creepy, but that beard it´s stupid. And I didn´t see anyone saying this, but Dan looks stunning, like very handsome, in all pics so far, more that he was in any of the movies!Avatar Image says: Ahh, so Narcissa is the Potter version of Cruella De Vil ? In that light the hair makes sense....well sort of.Avatar Image says: i love Ron! look at that necklace. it's not quite how it is in the book but it sure gets the point across! it's aweful.Avatar Image says: I would also like to add that I cannot believe what a bunch of complainers some of you people are!!! I get so excited when I get to see photos and stills of this movie and all this negativity just starts to eat away and diminish the joy in it. It's just NOT worth it, guys. If you don't like the appearance of the characters, you could probably just wait for a minute or two, and you'll probably get over it by that time! I started to laugh when people replied that they disliked every single photo. How can anyone even say they dislike the one of Ron?? He's not a new character, and all he's doing is sitting there! It's so much more satisfying to anticipate a movie when you tell yourself how great it's going to be, instead of picking out every detail which is not how you wanted it to look :))Avatar Image says: Oooo, Fenrir is very creepy. But why is Slughorn so thin? I see poor Ron actually has to wear the necklace in the movie. Lavender is looking like she will be fantastic in this rendition of the Half-Blood Prince.Avatar Image says: Merlin's pants! What have they done to Narcisa's hair?? With an astronomic budget, how difficult is it to make a long silver blond wig!!! They have ruined her, she doesn't have a an effin' toupe for crying out loud! Arggg! WB better CGI it, NOW honestly! As for Greyback he's one scary werewolf! Doesn't look much like Lupin in movie 3. Actually, he looks like an Underworld lycan. One very ugly scary creature! Lavender Brown looks all girly girl with her ribbon and curly hair, cute but dunno over the top. I bet she's also going to be one of those sugary thing that seem cute but get you sick after a while...Avatar Image says: T-Vey, I believe it's a testament to Jo's writing when each reader has formed such a clear interpretation of the characters in his or her mind. Sometimes it's hard to swallow that someone else's interpretation (in this case, the filmmaker's) isn't the same as yours. Some of the new photos aren't what I pictured, either, but it doesn't dampen my spirit for this movie one bit!Avatar Image says: Narcissa is totally WRONG!!! She would never wear muggle clothing, and her hair ???? what were they should be long and bloude!!! So ruined the anticipation of seeing her on film :(Avatar Image says: What is up with Narcissa's hair? Seriously? Who thought that was in character?Avatar Image says: "Did anyone ever find out why they didn’t re-cast Christian Coulson?" They did recast him -- with two younger actors. I think the right sentence you're aiming for is "Why didn't they ask Christian Coulson back?" Well, David Yates declined to ask CC back because he thought he was too old to play the part (and when they did that CC interview after HBP came out, he looked significantly older than when he shot COS). I'm sure that if CC hadn't aged that much, he'd been asked back. But I do think Hero-Fiennes Tiffin and the other kid that they have playing Riddle look like Ralph Fiennes and Coulson, respectively. So it's not a big loss, and kids can mature a lot in the space of 3 years.Avatar Image says: Fenrir scared the crap out of me when his picture appeared. He is SOOOO scary.Avatar Image says: I have to agree with Tom and Jeff back there. Here we go again. YOU all are a bunch of whiners. Stop, just STOP! For Gods sake! Narcissa looks fine! she is beautiful, yes they changed the look of her a little but no need to go and have a fricken cow about it. I have been with these books since the beginning and love them as much as the next person. There is no way they can make it to match whats in your heads. So quit saying shes ugly, shes old, blah blah blah. We heard this before when you all had a cow that Helen was casted. That is rude beyond belief. Helen is 39 yrs old. Helena and Jason are both 42 if I recall correctly. So stop with the childish non-sense. And grow up a little. And really to call someone old??? Alan Rickman is 62 almost 63 and I wouldnt consider him old. Avatar Image says: Hmmm, i was hoping they'd make Narcissa a bit hotter, but she is still quite hot :) I still fancy Narcissa though, Harry is one lucky bugger, I wish Narcissa Malfoy would put her hand down my shirt... blimey did I just type that out loud? Ah well if the girls can fancy Draco and Lucius, the guys can fancy Narcissa! Avatar Image says: Just think if she were on here reading what you had to say, or if she were in front of you- you mean to tell me you would call her ugly or old? Im 19 and have been mistaken for 25, yes thats cool now, but it makes me think about whether or not I will always look older than I really am. Its not nice. Avatar Image says: I don't think that Lavender looks like Hermione at all.. However, if a certain movie crew had made Hermione a brunette like she was supposed to be...there would be no confusion at all amongst some fans. Emma was almost beach blond in her opening scenes with Dan and Harry in OotP. Ridiculous.... Yeah, I'm whining, but darnit it's a free country and I'll whine if I want to, LOLAvatar Image says: Why do people complain about complaining? Am I not aloud to voice my opinion because last time I check I was. Avatar Image says: Wow, Narcissa looks like Cruella DeVil!! Not at all like I pictured. And I'm not a big fan of Fenrir either. He looks kind of fake to me. But I loved the other photos!!Avatar Image says: @ Vincent- Because its taken up 7 pages and more before when we were discussing Helens casting. And at this point and even to begin with its sick, childish, and pointless. Not to mention it makes you look like a conceited a-hole.Avatar Image says: I just love the picture of Fenrir. He's totally scary. As for Cissy. Well she alright I guess. Who I'm not crazy about at all is..Tom Riddle. I mean, yeah, we've lived with Christian Coulson's image for so long, that it will be hard for anyone to take his place, but Frank Dillane just doesn't look right. I hope it's just a bad pic though.Avatar Image says: is it just me, or does the one of slughorn extracting the memory look like he's, in JKR's words, "laying a quaffle-sized egg."? just my thoughts. i loved the one of ron and lavender on the calendar with the words 'my sweetheart' and the necklace. hadn't seen it before. i loved them all except for greyback who looked real creepy. *shivers*Avatar Image says: OMG i didn't know ron actually wears the necklace! did it say that in the book? i know i'll be disappointing ron&hermione fans here, but if ron actually liked lavender i think they'd make a cute couple. that is, if hermione had someone else. anyway, great pics.Avatar Image says: I think narcissa looks great. I did imagine blond hair but i am sort of indifferent about those sort of things. She definitely looks like she could be draco's mother and has the right smell under her nose attitude going on. I think the picture of fenrir is just a bad picture. I don't think there will ever be a time in the film when there is that much light on him. I think he could look successfully creepy in the shadows. He totally does make you think of an underworld lycan now that you mention that. I think that what people mean with confusing hermione with lavandar is in the new trailer it went by so fast that if you didn't know what was happening you would think it was hermione. Ron and hermione have been flirting for three films now so i think they are trying to trick the audience who doesn't know the book into thinking it is hermione. I don't think they look anything alike in actuality besides both having wavy hair. Avatar Image says: OMG, i screamed when i saw greyback, cause when i clicked it, it was an extra large pic, and it just popped up, very creepy. AHHH. omg, tusk tusk WTF is up with her hairAvatar Image says: Greyback scared me this morning! Love love love him! As for the rest of the pic's, I thought that they were great. All but the toupee on top of Narcissa's head. I couldn't resist. I can't wait until the movie comes out! ( I'm still secretly hoping that the date is right on the teaser trailer and it's coming out this Christmas.) Delusional, I know. lolAvatar Image says: Loved all the pics, with the one exception being Mrs. Malfoy's hair. I kind of get what they were going for, but it just looks like she is wearing a bad hairpiece. Avatar Image says: Why does everyone keep saying Narcissa is too old? Helen McCrory is 40 (Jason Issacs is 45). I think she looks great.Avatar Image says: I love the pictures, altough I oped Narcissa's hair was longer and MORE blonde! Fenrir is creeeepppy! Tom Riddle is perfect! But why did they have to give lavender hermione's hairstyle. They both look the same except that Emma is way prettier!Avatar Image says: Narcissa looks older than Bellatrix...Avatar Image says: oh my god why does narcissa have a skuk on her head shes supp 2 have thje same sort of hair as lucius malfoy. she looks way older than bellatrix. tom riddle was better in CoS this one doesnt have that pinched look with the hollow cheeks that the book so often describes i pictured greyback to look different he looks really disgusting but in the picture he looks like a stuffed head maybe hell look more real in the movie...>>> why does lavender have hermione'S hairstyle arent they supp 2 luk diff? i wish they would put more pics of snape and hermioneAvatar Image says: Greyback - terrific, stomach-turningly ugly and scary. Those teeth!! Narcissa - I'm sure she'll be great, she's an excellent actress and will be able to transcend the two-toned look. The hair makes me giggle because here in South Africa, we have a cadbury's chocolate bar called Top Deck which is half brown milk chocolate and half white chocolate, and she looks like one of those! Slughorn: even tho he doesn't fit my fat, puffily resplendant mind pic of him, he's also a great actor and I'm sure he'll be terrific. Teen Riddle - looks smarmy and handsome to me and I would buy him as an older version of the Fiennes boy (young tom). Of course they couldn't recast the CoS actor people, he's 30 years old by now! Avatar Image says: i have no idea what i expected or imagined fenrir greyback to look like - but that picture is absolutely brilliant for what he's supposed to be. reallly creeepy :D i suppose narcissa and bellatrix should look a bit similar but the hair SHOULD be white blonde like i think and maybe the costume a bit more ...... lucius like =) make it look more expensive or somethign as opposed to something mcgonagol might wear to the hogshead friday nightAvatar Image says: Finally a good pic of Narcissa love love.Avatar Image says: I was very happy to finally see the latest pictures from half blood prine at last! ron and Lavender looked good. Harry and Dumbledore at the train station I liked. Narcissa looked terrible way too old for Lucius, and what,s with the skunk hair? Geryback looked totally disgusting and creepy! Tom riddle looks like the pictures I,ve seen of a young Hitler. I,m really looking forward to next July and seeing it on the big screen!Avatar Image says: nice pics! greyback nearly gave me a heart attack (still i get the creeps looking at that photo), young tom is excellent and same with slughorn (jim broadbent was a brilliant choice for him). i don't particularly care for the narcissa foto, but i guess its just because i had my own picture of narcissa which was totally different. can't wait for more!Avatar Image says: Greyback looks awefully scary (I don't like him at all), Ron looks disgusted with Lavender,Harry looks too cute, Narcissa looks good (except her hair is a lot like Cruella D'Ville), Slughorn and Young Tom Riddle look very cute (but where is Chrirtian) !!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: One word, WB... MAKANI. Do your fandom research... ¬_¬Avatar Image says: Draco's Mum looks beauitful, she looks like someone from the 1940's area Avatar Image says: Why is Narcissa looking like that cruella in 101 Dalmatians????And Fenrir Greyback really creeps me out...I can't looks at his(it is more prudent to say "'it's")face for more than 2 seconds......Reallllllllllly best selection.....Riddle is awesome.....Looks very arrogant and I'm happy that he resembles Christian.....Avatar Image says: Has anyone read the new interview with the producer of the movies. I can't remember his name right now. Anyway, he said that one of the reasons they pushed back the film was because WB had no movies next year. Can you believe what freakin greedy little pigs they are! OMG I'm just so pissed off. Avatar Image says: No, but I can believe what selfish, rude people most of you are. Helen is 39 YEARS OLD. Helena Bonham Carter is 42, Jason Isaccs is 45. Cruella De Vil has pure black and white hair that is sticking up all over the place. Oh and its not devided on the top of her head its devided straight down the middle, her right is white and left is black. I am just as big a fan of the books and movies as anyone on here, but this is really beating a dead horse to death.Avatar Image says: Coulson is now way too old to play young Riddle. My god how bloody freaky is Greyback?! Avatar Image says: k i agree fenrir is amazing, picture that hovering over your neck.....ahh! cissy, well, she does look affluent and bitchy, but yes the hair is not "malfoy" enough. maybe it is to visually tie her to bellatrix for the movie only people, you'd think the scene at snapes house in the beginning with the unbreakable vow, which they did do, would explain their relationship fairly well.Avatar Image says: Ummm, sorry, this is just not right. They got Greyback and Narcissa totally wrong, in my eyes.Avatar Image says: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not Narcissa is it me or did anyone thing this could be Lucius' Mother......Avatar Image says: @ BellSnape Get over it people have there opinions and thats it. Obviously people are not satisfied with Narcissa, and I haven't seen anyone complain about her age it all about the hair. Yes, people are saying that they imagined her younger looking, but there are probably some people that think she is perfect for the part, so you know what you are the one that looks like the a-hole. So why don't you just except peoples opinion and state your own because frankly I'm tired of hearing you judge people and there opinions. Avatar Image says: OMG!! what did they do to Narcissa's hair!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Agrees with Vincent. It's just everyone has their own idea what she should look like from JKR. And when your a Potter fan you can't help express your opinions as deeply as we do. I'm sure BellaSnape has had an opinion or two their self.Avatar Image says: Merlin´s pants! Am I blind?? Everyone saw the necklace, I just thought lavender was ticling him or something, I didn´t notice she was puting it on, lol.Avatar Image says: Yeah, whoever decided Narcissa would have brown-blonde hair is an idiot. IDIOT. Narcissa is not described as having a trace of brown on her hair in the book. Long, sleek,'s a Malfoy thing. I guess she's a Black, but still, it shouldn't be this fake-looking. Maybe it'll look better on film versus an air-brushed photo-shoot. I'm hopeful. I really like Slughorn, even though he isn't the walrus he is in the book, I think he'll be very good in this one. Fenrir is spooky...good, though. Dumbledore is perfect, his hair is a lot whiter and straighter in this one, resembling how the Dumbledore in the first movies looked. I like him better this way. And it's signifying his aging. This movie is going to be good. I can tell. Avatar Image says: Like I said she looks like she has a toupee on! I love love the new pic's. But Narcissa's hair is just not right! Avatar Image says: I DONT LIKE LAVENDER!!!!!!!!! She looks nothing like i imagined her, her face is different and she should have longer darker hair, and maybe look more Self-concious and Tarty (also i disagree, she looks nothing like hermione!); Narcissa need longer, Blonder, Straighter hair; Fenrir looks... O.K; And even though Slughorns actor is apparently good, he should look fatter and more walruss-ish. Tom Riddle.....nothing special. Can't wait for more character pics, we've seen the new characters but im missing the old! (Harry, All of the Weasleys, Lupin, Hermione e.t.c) CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FILLM!Avatar Image says: I don't know what they were thinking with Narcissa but that's just terrible!! Someone needs their roots done :) I had always pictured her strikingly pretty with silvery blonde hair. The clothes are fine but whoever thought that hair looked good should be fired!Avatar Image says: The Greyback picture is a make up tester. I don't think thats him.Avatar Image says: Holy crap, Fenrir is going to be so effing creepy.Avatar Image says: Narcissa in my mind should be this haughty, overbearingly proud and regal character, she should look snooty and full of herself. What I see here looks too young and not nearly aristrocratic enough to be Narcissa...maybe this would fit Philosophers stone, but not #6 & 7...she needs to be more hard around the edgesAvatar Image says: I never pictured greyback like that but I'm actually quite impressed, he looks great! And Narcissa.. for a moment I thought it was McGonagall there. Come on. Avatar Image says: And by the way, what is it that they always mess up with the easy things? I mean, big scenes and all the major things that have been really difficult to do are usually at least satisfying, but then they mess up with tiny details. It's not so hard to dye Narcissa's hair blond like it says in the books. It's not so hard for Dumbledore to wear his glasses, it's not so hard to put the right people in the same class. Tiny, but annoying. Avatar Image says: omg lavender DOES NOT look like HermyAvatar Image says: Hmmm.. Greyback does look scary enough, but not as animal-like as I have pictured him...maybe it's the photograph though. We'll see. Narcissa... well... the outfit looks fantastic (I want a coat like that!!) and she seems to have nailed the right expression but the horror that is her hair is a huge let down (didn't they consult JKR at all there? What the hell happened?) Avatar Image says: Eeeewwww. Fenrir doesn't look remotely like I invisioned him! Neither do any of them. Teenage Tom was supposed to look EXACTLY like the memory. Fenrir was supposed to look normal but with a tattered robe, an unshaven face, slits for pupils in yellowy eyes, and big canine teeth. Narcissa was supposed to look fairly pretty with long white-blonde hair. Slughorn wasn't supposed to look at all like Fudge! Actually I never really had much of a vision for Slughorn... Lavender was always African American with short black hair. For the Animorphs fans here, think of Cassie. The train station was NEVER a literal train station. It was a white place. White. No shadows no anything. You imagine something, it appears. Like a blank page, waiting for someone to write on it. How can the movie COMPLETELY make EVERYTHING different than my point of view?Avatar Image says: Maybe they decided it to be a visual joke for the movie, that Lavendar looks like Hermione for the movie. Maybe they did it on purpose to show Ron choosing a girl who can act as a physical substitute for Hermione.Avatar Image says: OMG GREYBACK, got the scary element *perfect* but personally -if im being awkward- i think they should thin the face a bit? looks awesome though, dang i wasn't expecting that!! narcissa looks kinda like maggie smith?? like the face? sorta?? anyway, she's got the whole "pure bloods first" look about her, very proud and up her own rear! as for the hair, CALM DOWN GUYS! face is perfect imo. Tom looks great! very handsome, kind of suspicious face, but theres something in it making him look trust worthy at the same time - perfect casting all in all?? JIM BROADBENT I LOVE YOU, dang how awesome was he in HOT FUZZ??? ( i love the movie hot fuzz.. nick frost + simon pegg + jim broadbent = AMAZING ) can't wait to see him in this!!!! RUPERT GRINT, argh i love you, dang it can you get much cuter?? lavlav doesn't look how i thought she'd look, but since i first saw who was casted, now when i re-read HBP i see this girl and she fits so well!!! *EXCITED* young slughorn - is that jim broadbent made to look younger or a different actor?? looks just like him a few decades back!! wow, well done with him!! suposed to be blonde and balding??? -hehe- argh stop making me excited for this movie when its ages away!! albus and harry at the train station? WAIT! - have i missed something?? whens this scene?? what happens?? argh!! i've been on holiday and before that had limited internet access.. so might have missed what happens there?? looks ace though.. LOL @ the guy who said about making use of his scar [london underground map scar] ^_^ wow im excited!! now to go reread HBP (..for the 384798473th time or something) major long comment ^ whoa. oh well *IM EXCITED* -i love harry potter dang it- *RUPERT GRINT IS AMAZING* jenn xAvatar Image says: stop saying cissy looks like Cruella DeVil, she does not!! i think y'all need to rewatch 101 dalmations, ONLY similarity is hair colour, but even then cruella is right one colour, left another, and BLACK to WHITE not BROWN on top and BLONDE, she's lucius' WIFE, not sister/mother/daughter, she's bella's sister who has BLACK hair, it's rare to find sisters - one with white hair, the other with black. and whoever said why is she wearing muggle clothes? whens the last time you went to a shopping centre or something? look around you, no one dresses like that!! it's either very fashionable clothes from decades ago or a cross between robes and a dress or something. and the person who said narcissa killed their anticipation of the movie needs to get real, seriously!!! how can ya say that? it's one character, not even a major role! IMHO i think she looks awesome!! very proud and up herself, strong looking and looks really fearless.. will be interesting to see her go from this to how she is at the end of deathly hallows, fearing for her son's life, terrified and tired. dang it i'm totally **excited**Avatar Image says: slughorn looks like my old philosophy teacher lol :]Avatar Image says: OMG they got everything right!!!! I am a little disappointed in the hair color on Narcisus. But Greyback is amazing!!!! It looks perfect without being over done. I cannot wait till the movie comes out!!!! SO EXCITEDAvatar Image says: HATE CISSA'S HAIR(what's that thing on top???) BUT GREYBACK WILL B GiVING ME NIGHTMARES 4 THE REST OF MI LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Lavender is so ugly!Avatar Image says: I know it's too much to hope that Narcissa's the curvy lady I imagine, but could she AT LEAST look like Makani's drawings? Goodness, I don't think Lucius would tolerate someone that aged that gracelessly....Avatar Image says: i agree with Melanthios.Avatar Image says: Is this a joke? I mean, seriously, IS THIS A JOKE? And, WHAT is that dead squirrel doing on top of that poor woman's hair? I always said that Joely Richardson was born to play Narcissa and this "Narcissa" does absolutely nothing to dissaude me from that belief. To begin with, and I mean this with all due respect, but she simply is not attractive enough. Narcissa should be beautiful. Not perfect, but beautiful. This woman ain't it. Second, where is the aristocratic bearing? I guess she is trying to appear haughty, but between those ghastly clothes and her age, she looks more like an embattled flight attendent determined not to put up with any more of the passengers' crap. The hair speaks for itself. What a shame. Like I said, Joely has the beauty, bearing and ability to have made an amazing Narcissa. This other woman is a catastophy.Avatar Image says: Narcissa!? I thought that she is....younger? more beautiful? wow....Avatar Image says: Narcissa was supposed to be beautiful and young looking other than the snob look. like come on!! she looks nasty!Avatar Image says: narcissa is so not what i pictured her to be!!! She's supposed to be beautiful (she should look like an extremely pale bellatrix) and seriously, the hair? neither is slughorn (needs uncle vernon-ish mustache & fatter face) fenrir greyback is just...ugh...dont even get me started on that...and isnt tom riddle supposed to be hot? the casting has always been pretty good for the previous movies, what happened???Avatar Image says: what the hell they did to Narcissa? I thought she would be a hot blonde woman. :/Avatar ImagePotatoesButterbeer says: somehow helen mccrory looks a lot older as narcissa. i cant really imagine her as jason issac's wife and tom's mom. plus what is up with the hair, it looks like she's wearing a fur hat that cannot come off. Avatar ImageBlackButterfly13 says: I'm sorry but when I envisioned Narcissa Malfoy, I was think bleach blonde hair like Lucius and Draco, yes the cheekbones but still a beautiful face that would make you wonder how the hell she was related to Bellatrix (not that Bella is ugly never!). This chick reminds me of a librarian or an english teacher getting ready to hit you with her long ruler for talking in her class. I mean what the bloody hell is up with her hair!!! Books, theories, EVERYTHING!!! have indicated that she looked nothing like a usual Black! Big disappointment mates! T.TAvatar ImageBlackButterfly13 says: Plus I though Professor Slughorn would be fatter.....and a giant gray moustache!Avatar ImageBlackButterfly13 says: Rebecca De Mornay - Perfecta Narcissa MalfoyAvatar Imagejhill2456 says: They got Narcissa all wrong. She is supposed to have long blonde hair, not just a blonde streak. She is also to look younger than Bellatrix. Plus she was to be totally frantic about the welfare of her son. The movie did not do a good job at all on Narcissa. That's sad because she was my favorite character in the whole series!!!!

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