Two New Photos from the “Half-Blood Prince” Film


Oct 30, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Two new images from the “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film have surfaced online this evening. The first image shows Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley in a swampy marsh outside The Burrow, while the second shows Professor McGonagall, with wand pointing to the sky, surrounded by Hogwarts students and staff in the courtyard.

The sixth film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” is set to open in theaters July 17, 2009.

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Avatar Image says: WOOH. First to comment! :lAvatar Image says: I can't wait for the freaking movie. It's going to be amazing. I just hope they have a decent ending. I want some wandlore action!Avatar Image says: The pic's are great! Yea! First!Avatar Image says: damn!! almost first to comment!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY A HARRY/GINNY PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Dang! : ( Not first. 2rd tho. lolAvatar Image says: 2nd...fingers won't work.Avatar Image says: sorry, time for my opinion. omg doesnt it look awkward? the h/g one i mean. cmon shes standing in her fluffy pink thing in a swamp and the man of her dreams in shielding her. way awkward. alway way romantic. i wish my house was by a swamp and derek woul do that for meAvatar Image says: Awwwwww!!!! Don't they look so cute together!!!! What's McGonnagall doing??Avatar Image says: hmmm... could the second photo be what we see towards the end of the trailer with McGonagall conjuring some sort of lightning... this must be sometime after Dumbledore's death...Avatar Image says: Yeah, i think the second picture is after dumbledore's death. They said that everyone was crowded around with harry kneeling next to dumbledore and ginny holding him. Clearly they aren't showing us that part. The first picture is cool with harry shielding ginny. Are ron and hermione in the burrow attack? What are they doing during this scene? You know in the films i always wonder where were ron and hermione when they walk in together to find harry. Avatar Image says: Wow, not really sure what to say about that. Well first of all, why is Ginny in a pink role? I am someone who plays close attention to detail and gets upset when the movie does not follow the books. Im pretty sure Ginny Weasley would never wear a furry pink bath robe. But whatver Maybe im being to pickky. The picture is great anyway. I love the second one too. Its definetly after Dumbeldore dies thats why everyone looks so upset and some people are even looking at the floor (probably where dumbkleodre is)Avatar Image says: LMAO OMG do you see katie aka cho in the second picture? i thought she wasnt in the movieAvatar Image says: I think Arnold the pigmy puff escaped somehow and Ginny saw him and was lookiing for him and Harry was watching her out of the window and he saw something roam through the bushes and had to run out and save her. Nice pictures though I hope we get more soon.Avatar Image says: yeah. im glad that harry and ginny are together, but... i wish it ws me with harry. jk jk jk. ok not really i do want to be harry but not movie harry book harry. so yeah i cant wait to c the movie. woooohoooooAvatar Image says: the first one looks like it's pre-cg if you look at the background. mega excited though.Avatar Image says: the second picture troubles me, is it supposed to be just after dumbledore dies, looks like it, but why would Mc Gonagall cast a bolt of lighting??? "The lighting struck tower" maybe??? it's too hollywood for me, what do you guys think?Avatar Image says: ron and hermionie, ooo.. the romance makes me melt!Avatar Image says: cool pics the one of ginny and harry inthe swap is obviously after the burrow is attacked and they have been flushed from it and have someone comming after them and harry is trying to protect Ginny , as for the others pic the one of Ron and Hermione and what likes like most of the student body of Hogwarts is watching Professor McGonagall to me looks like she is perhaps getting rid of the Dark Mark over the Astronomy tower, or perhaps cast a tribute to Dumbledore , I have to LMAO@ mugglenet they have the pic of Mcgonagall named that she is casting the dark mark, Honestly why in merlin's beard would she be doing that of all things ? Avatar Image says: Hahahha I have the same dressing gown as Ginny :D Crown Victoria: I know it doesn't seem like something she'd choose, but it might be something that Molly would choose for her lol. My mum got me mine..Avatar Image says: ughh... im still so frustrated that they have added another stupid scene that wasn't at all in the book, yet they cut some pretty major scenes, like the guants!!! crown victoria, i agree with u. ginny just isnt such a girlie girl. oh, and i think in the 2nd pic mcgonagall might be sending a message to the order???Avatar Image says: The first pic with Harry,Ginny, what part of the book is it from? hehe I wasn't surprised when I saw Ginny in the pink robe; she did think those pink Pygmy Puffs were cute after all :PAvatar Image says: Why do all you people think pink is such a girlie color? My daughter is such a tomboy - plays hockey, soccer, etc. - yet her favorite color to wear is pink. I had a thing against pink at one point, but then I realized I looked good in it, so it was almost an ironic thing to wear it as I was tomboyish too. It's almost like saying - "so you think I'm pink? - try me . . . ."Avatar Image says: I NEED a high res picture of the Harry/Ginny pic! They are getting me excited for them! I hope the changes Heyman talked about means more Harry and Ginny, the primo coupleAvatar Image says: May she is taking the lightning and zapping the dark mark and making it go away????Avatar Image says: I agree with Linny that Ginny's bathrobe has been chosen by Molly, or is even likely a hand me down, just as Ron gets hand me downs from his brothers. Also Sue, you are right in a way, pink used to be considered a masculine colour and was the colour chosen for baby boys until ca 1950, because it was based on red and therefore considered a strong, assertive colour. Men of quality were also meant to wear pink shirts with their suits. Whereas blue was a girl's colour. Funny how history changes things. Avatar Image says: @eva: She's not "in" the movie! LOL. But we do see "students" from time to time1 I'm supposing "Cho" is still at Hogwarts, even though she's not with 'Harry' Great pictures..VERY clear. But I am stumped on the 'McGonegal" picture. Can't wait. [Have to, but can't!]Avatar Image says: YaY!Avatar Image says: is there an attack at the burrow? i don't remember reading that in the book. Oh well it still looks good.Avatar Image says: @jennie: It's not in the's a new scene, they added, for whatever reason. Odd, but there it is!Avatar Image says: Cool Pics, i love it they just make me more excited and anxiousAvatar Image says: I'm sure the scene with McGonnagal is the same as the one in the trailer where Hagrid is standing behind her. Notice, how in the pic there's a huge space right behind McGonnagal, I'm sure they were gonna insert Hagrid there, since he's so tall, they add him into scenes with other people via CGI...Avatar Image says: Doesn't Harry look very possessive and protective about Ginny ???? How awefully romantic, oooooohh !!!!!Avatar Image says: Sorry, forgot to write more !!!! Is that Cho standing near Neville??? If she is,then I hate her and I wanna to see some pics of Hagrid too !!!!!Avatar Image says: I think we will see McGonagall(Maggie Smith) more often than in the last film! I like this fact :)!!Avatar Image says: "Wow, not really sure what to say about that. Well first of all, why is Ginny in a pink role? I am someone who plays close attention to detail and gets upset when the movie does not follow the books. Im pretty sure Ginny Weasley would never wear a furry pink bath robe. But whatver Maybe im being to pickky. The picture is great anyway." She's in a pink robe because she took a shower. Why wouldn't Ginny wear a pink bath robe? If you are someone who pays close attention to detail I hope you payed attention to the fact that it's the same robe she wears in the first teaser trailer. Pretty old news to complain about.Avatar Image says: Alexa, student's shouldn't just disappear when they become not relevant to the plot. People should be thankful for continuity that shows it's still the same school.Avatar Image says: @YodatheHobbit Actually for your information, in the other teaser trailers, her robe was blue. And that is my opinion and i am not complaing its called COMMENTING Avatar Image says: Redheads should NEVER wear pink. or lavender it clashes with their hair. Avatar Image says: am i the only one who realizes that Bellatrix is running like a loon on the great hall tables and shooting curses at people in another pic when she isn't even supposed to be in this movie except at snapes house? Of course im not complaining its always interesting to see her in the movies because shes completely nuts and just the way she talks and acts is very interesting. and did you see fenir greyback?! god he really does look bad. but yeah the pics on Ginny and harry are good too.Avatar Image says: Just saw "Burn after Reading" in an Irish cinema. The first Half Blood Prince trailer was played, it had "Coming This Year" at the end of it. Good to see WB spent the money on updating the trailers after they pushed back the release date LOL!Avatar Image says: FFS.Harry and Ginny are STANDING IN A POND.While DEATH EATERS ATTACK THE BURROW.Am I the only one who sees a problem with this NON-CANON S*** that Yates and his lot are forcing on us?What is so wrong with the f****ng book that he feels the need to get someone to REWRITE CHUNKS OF IT???? Avatar Image says: @phyl They had a good reason to add that sceneAvatar Image says: Crown Victoria- what reason would that be?Avatar Image says: Superb! Harry looks so protective about Ginny. Great acting Dan and Bonnie!! What is this "attack" anyway?? Why did it suddenly spring up out of nowhere?? They shouldn't have changed the actual series of events( no attack). Still, not complaining!! No way . Dan is looking awesome!! And Bonnie is sooo Beautiful. Even the other picture is superb though I don't like Cho. Nothing against Katie, only her character. Anyway, getting really excited!Avatar Image says: SATISFIED. HAVE'NT GOT A PROBLEM WITH GINNY'S ROBE. WHAT I JUST REMEMBER IS THAT HERMIONE HAS GOT THE SAME ONE.(SORCERER'S STONE).Avatar Image says: I love the first picture. super awesome. its from the new scene the director added right? thats not in the books? its supposed to be whent he burrow gets attacked so i guess ginny was getting out of the shower when it happened and she ran outside or something and doesnt have a wand so harry is saving her? that was seriosuly just a guess..i have no idea if its true.Avatar Image says: blimey harry..........i knew it.u wil save me from the DARK LORD........ i'm so excited to watch the new film..............Avatar Image says: this movie looks good. might even be better than ootp. 2009, i cant wait. but i have too.Avatar Image says: Phyl, they have to change it from the book, it has to fit a certain time frame?? personally i'd love it to be as long as the book but they can't do that, without this scene it wouldn't be all that dark would it? like no attacks, no danger until right at the end, they have to show it's an on going war, death eaters didn't just go on holiday for a while waiting for the end scene. on to these pictures - LOVE every picture we've seen so far, want to see more ron weasley but thats probably 'cos i love rupert grint, haha, 254 days to wait, dang it!!!! *arghhh* -not happy- but *EXCITED* Avatar Image says: I do not remember an attack at the borrow that scene is not any part of the book. I really hate when they rewrite the story. The books are perfect the way they are and I believe the books would translate well onto the screen. I hope they keep in how Harry & Ginny 1st kiss it was one of my favorite parts.

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