An Important Message About Wizard Rockt he Vote

Oct 04, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

This summer, the HP Alliance was at every wizard rock show, signing fans up to vote in this fall’s US elections: if you were one of those people, you should have already received a card in the mail confirming your registration. If you have not yet received that card please go to this web site to register online so that you can be sure your registration is active by the time of the election.

If you haven’t yet registered at all, now is still a great time: “Let ‘em know you’re not a dope, wizard rock the vote!” (Click on the button that says “Wizard Register to Vote Right Here.”)The form at this Web page is the form commonly handed out by the super-successful Rock the Vote, and has been filled out by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions.

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Wizard Rockt he Vote?

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WIZARD ROCK THE VOTE! Man, I love the HPA. I volunteered with them at 3 shows this summer, and it was delicious. However, that really surprises me – hundreds of thousands of people have registered via the wizard rock the vote HPA page? Or is that number just people have registered to vote this year? Because those numbers seem a little high, even for HP Fandom standards.

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And a reminder for all you CANADIAN Witches and Wizards to go WROCK THE VOTE, up here in the Great White North OCTOBER 14TH !!!

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WROCK THE VOTE, GUYS!!!!! This is great and there is NO reason why every eleigble HPFan can’t register! Thank you, Leaky, and remember: WROCK THE VOTE!!!!! You CAN make a difference!

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Yay HPA! Just make sure that if you are registering again, you use the same version of your name (middle initial vs. full middle name, for example) so that you won’t end up with duplicate registrations under slightly different names. It happened to me—and they don’t actually let you vote twice. :(

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Obama ‘08

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Zivlok, I think Melissa was refering to Rock the Vote in general over the past few years, not just the Wizard Rock registers.

P.S. If you have moved since the last time you voted, you need to update your registration.

If your name has changed (due to marriage, adoption, etc) you need to re-register in person. According to my registration card anyway, I live in central IL.

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Depending on the county in which you live, you may be able to go to your local administration building and vote and register at the same time, BUT ONLY WITHIN THE NEXT DAY OR TWO.

If you haven’t registered, this is one of the ONLY ways you will be able to vote this year.

Also, since I’m not subject to partiality rules like Melissa, I am free to say:


Just remember to NOT wear any articles of clothing, pins, buttons, etc. that show support for your favorite candidate or issue to the polling booths.


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Since we’re stating preferences I feel free to say…MCCAIN, MCCAIN, MCCAIN, MCCAIN…MCCAIN ‘08. DEFINITLY GO VOTE!!!

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I’ll second that preference! MCCAIN, MCCAIN, MCCAIN ‘08! Wouldn’t “Fluffy” look great with lipstick! :-D

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man, there’s no escape! i love politics, but would seriously enjoy not being subject to the presidential race at every turn.

but i may as well join with robbie and throw some obama love out there. this country will fail with mccain! although if tina fey were his running mate…

regardless of personal views, i will second roni and say definitely go vote. and hope your electors vote they way they said they would!

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robbie, that is not true. who told you that?

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Yay for inkedvote! :) Everyone seems to forget about the US’s cousins to the north. GO Canada! Woot!

The great thing about Canadian politics is that the party in power can call elections any time they want, so you might not have to be stuck with a leader you don’t like for four whole years. There’s usually an election every 2 years or so.

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Joe – I would ask what you mean, but everything I said is true.

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