USA Today Features “Harry, A History” by Melissa Anelli


Nov 04, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Today, Harry, A History, the new book about the Harry Potter phenomenon written by TLC webmistress Melissa Anelli, has officially been released. As such, the USA Today newspaper takes a closer look at the book, with an article that also contains new comments from Melissa who says that the world of Harry Potter “is so pleasant to spend time in,” and the world of the online fandom such as we have here at the Leaky Cauldron “is still a joy every day. There are still people doing fan art, discussing the books.”

With editor Jennifer Heddle saying “it will appeal to both hard-core fans and casual readers,” the article notes that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling did write the foreward to Harry, A History, as “Rowling reveals it wasn’t until 2002 ” five years after her first Harry
book ” that she went online and looked at the vast Potter Web world.
“The tale of the online fandom is every bit as extraordinary as Harry’s
own,” she writes, “and it has left me with a feeling of awe and

As the series is now complete, there are some fans still holding out hope for more from the beloved magical world of Harry Potter, and Melissa weighs in on the matter: “I do think there is a chance,” she says. “If she returns to it, the
book will be about Albus Severus Potter (son of Harry and Ginny
Potter). The eighth book they said would never happen!”

You can find out more about Harry, A History via the book’s website, or discuss your thoughts and reactions to the book, here in our forums. Harry, A History is available now.

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Avatar Image says: Congrats on the book and the fantastic publicity piece in USA Today! Wishing you much success.Avatar Image says: Definitely going to pick this up at some point :)Avatar Image says: This is very cool, this cover of USA Today. :) Only overshadowed by Barack Hussein Obama being elected 44th President of the United States of America. :-)Avatar Image says: That's so awesome! Though I must say, an interesting choice to have the book come out on election day - was it an attempt to gain publicity, to have people find solace in the book away from the horrid state of our politics? Can't wait to go to the signing tomorrow!Avatar Image says: I thought I was freaking out in my head when I saw the cover today. I was counting the newspapers at the end of the night (part of my job) and I saw Melissa's face peeking out at me. I actually bought the issue. (Keeping an eye on CNN coverage of the election has kept me from reading it so far, but I promise to read it tonight. Hehehe.) I'm also picking the book up on Friday at my local Borders. Can't wait to start reading it. :)Avatar Image says: I saw the cover of the USA and laughed, GO Mellisa and Go Harry Potter! Avatar Image says: I am hooked on this book. It is absolutely addicting and I continue to get goosebumps in remembering where I was when I first heard of HP & the decision to read the stories -- thank you Jennifer & Mom!!! Avatar Image says: Congrats!!! Just got mine, and I'm halfway done! Its such a great representation of the fandom! I love it!Avatar Image says: Gee, congratulaitons on being a published writer. That's what you get for being an HP fanatic. YOu go places. BTW, Other sites are posting a JKR interview for this book about how she was tempted to have a Harry and Hermione pairing. I guess this admission is a perfect payback for all the "delusional" comments that the H/Hr shippers have to suffer through the years. Har harAvatar Image says: I bought the book today and was pleasantly surprised to see Melissa in my copy of the USA Today while reading during lunch on campus!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!Avatar Image says: Jamie, that's not what Jo said about Harry and Hermione at all. I suggest you read the quotes more carefully.Avatar Image says: When is this released in Australia? But this is so cool that Melissa is being interviewed and getting such positive reviews :)Avatar Image says: Way to go Melissa! Congratulations!!!Avatar Image says: It's a wonderful read and an entertaining one, too. Melissa, your storytelling talent is absolutely the best gift you could give all of us!Avatar Image says: CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA! :) Thank you so much for writing something that will bring something new to the joy of Harry Potter! Avatar Image says: YAAAAYYYY!!!!! Congrats Melissa! :D but there's not a single Borders here in College Station T-T and I can't wait to read your book! Of course it's at Barnes&Noble but I just like to get all my HP stuff at Borders b/c they've been great to HP.Avatar Image says: Awesome!! I can't wait to buy it!!! Congratulations!Avatar Image says: It was good, but I thought that it was going to be more like a Harry Potter encyclopedia, you know what I mean. But Stilll an AWSOME read.Avatar Image says: I've read about half the book so far and it's simply wonderful! I find myself smiling, laughing out loud, and feeling all nostalgic. Congrats Melissa! You Rock!Avatar Image says: WOW and double WOW! Congratulations, Ms A! I just finished the reviews, on Amazon...the first one, from a noted literary critic! I can't wait to get my hands on this one....My birthday, is next week, and I hope it turns up in my "haul"! This is one fantastic book! [I might even venture to say, I think I'm looking forward to this, {everyone forgive me}....more than Beadle The Bard!] What a great job. And a Forward, by JKR, herself! WOW!!!!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa. I can't wait for it to hit the bookshelves here in England so I can get my hands on it!Avatar Image says: Congrats on the great article, Melissa - being front page news is so cool! And the book is wonderful - I read it over the weekend, and loved re-living my memories of discovering the books and meeting Jo at a signing and discovering the online world of fellow HP lovers - it made me laugh and cry and gasp. You did such a great job!Avatar Image says: Lets leave the partisan posts to the news sites, shall we hpboy13? Our country reached a momentous milestone today, no matter who you support, and since the very theme of the harry potter books is about standing up for others and against bigotry, we should be proud as a country.Avatar Image says: I got my copy yesterday, and had it read in about 8 hours!!! Thank to HP I love to read not, I would never read before, it was hard now i read a lot!!!Avatar Image says: OOPps, messed up, the NOT is not suppost to be there!!! sorry for 2 post!Avatar Image says: Have my copy now and reading it slowly so to allow plenty of time for the memories to be savoured. Enjoying it a lot, it's interesting to get a different persepective on all the past years plus so much fsacinating info on the website setup and everything. Well done Melissa!Avatar Image says: I got my copy yesterday. I've read the first three chapters and I have to say its a very good book. Worth a read. GREAT JOB MELISSA!!!Avatar Image says: I just started it yesterday, I can't wait ot read the rest. Congrats, Melissa!Avatar Image says: I had gone to Barnes and Noble yesterday, and they either didn't have it or were hiding it. The employees were very busy and I spent 30 mins walking around the store looking for a copy. I had to go out of town today and so I stopped at the Borders on my way home and they had it, very easy to find in a section that screamed HARRY POTTER BOOKS HERE! and there right next to a special edition copy of the Deathly Hallows was Melissa's book. I am reading the last book in the Prydain Chronicles right now, so as soon as that is finished I will jump into Harry a History.Avatar Image says: getting my copy at the weekend, so glad to see it doing well. Good things happen to good people.Avatar Image says: Congrats, Melissa! I haven't gotten a copy yet, but I will soon, and I'm looking forward to it. By the way...I moved to the NYC area recently, and if I hopped on the train now I could still make it to your signing on time. But alas, I have to much work to do tonight. Oh, well. Good luck with the reading; wish I was there!Avatar Image says: got-it read-it loved-it - could not put it down - we all owe the Leaky folks much thanks for all the hours and Dedication they put into keeping all of us up to date on HP. Thank You Melissa! Hope it makes the best seller list. You certainly deserve it.Avatar Image says: I've spent my few free moments today reading it, and the book came out very well. Congrats Melissa!Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa for this loving keepsake of my time as a HP book fan. I say "my" time, because even though most of the events happen from your perspective, you wrote about the fans as if you knew all of them (including me!. It's great!Avatar Image says: Melissa is was a wonderful book! Congratulations!!!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa, I can't wait to read your book. I really hope JK writes that book on Albus Severus he just seems so interesting, wonder how he'll act towards Scorpius?Avatar Image says: I LOVE the new Harry, A History widget!! Avatar Image says: Yayyyy, so cool to see you in usa today!!! Sorry don't be mad Melissa, I plan on getting the book soon, along with Beetle in a two-fer deal once I have some more stable finances, I swear, I even have the amazon page bookmarked and everything! Can't wait for some down time from school during the holiday break to read it!!Avatar Image says: Congrats, Melissa!! I just finished reading it and it was fabulous! Some of it was like going back in time and re-living some of the best parts of my life and other parts, like the parts about the origins of Wizard Rock, were completely new to me (but just as amazing!). I laughed a lot and I even cried once. (Incidentally, that is the first time I have cried over a book since Sirius died....) Thank you for all the hard work you must have put into this!!Avatar Image says: I cried the whole time I was reading it. It was so amazing and brought back all my Harry Potter memories. I love Melissa Anelli. She is the luckiest person alive and has done the coolest things in the world! Her book is amazing!!!!!Avatar Image says: I picked this up the day it came out, and I searched through Borders to get it! Was so pleased to find it, and read fifty pages the first night. This book is essential for any Potter fan, and I admire what Anelli was able to achieve with the publication of the book. It is definitely one of the best books about the phenomenon around! Thank-you so much Ms. Anelli for an amazing book! Your insight is second to none.Avatar Image says: Congrats, Melissa! I can't wait to get your book and I hope you keep publishing books as well as being a journalist! Avatar Image says: i need a series about their lives BEFORE the epilogue.....they grew up too fast ha ha! BTW congrats melissa! picked up my book yesterday!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Mellisa! I can't wait to read you book. It's going to be my present to myself after I finish my final exams next week. And from what I heard so far in all these interviews, it's will be totally worth it.Avatar Image says: Bought it yesterday. Started reading, and realised after a couple of chapters that I was devouring it. So I forced myself to slow down so I can savour it. But I'll still be finished with it in a day or so. It's too good to put down for long. Congrats, Melissa, and thanks for everything! :)Avatar Image says: Just finished the book and it was so nice to revisit the wonderful, exciting and, at times frustrating (waiting for a book to come out) experiences of the Harry Potter phenomenon. I felt completely satisfied after reading book 7; its ending was perfect to me, but looking back at it all, and remembering the thrill was a delight. Thanks and congratulations Melissa. Avatar Image says: i hope j.k. roling will make the eigth book about harrys child because i love these books, there great and harry a history, im not sure what its about but im getting it!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD i love that book. The science of Harry Potter, under your arm...amazing. I use that for references all the time in essays and such. I can't wait to get your book. =] I'm late on it but I'm getting it this next weekend. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: Fantastic news, Melissa. Congratulations. It's really wonderful that all your dreams have come true in this way. I think I speak for all of us Potter fans here in saying that I hope Leaky stays around, producing the same quality news, discussion (not to mention the brilliant Pottercast!) as ever.

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