Wizard Rock the Vote!


Nov 04, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Today is Election Day in the US, and we’d like to remind you, along with The HP Alliance, to Wizard Rock the VOTE! Get out there and vote, no matter who you are voting for. It matters in and outside America, and it will affect the course of the world.

Here are a couple of links to help:

Google makes it easy to find your polling place and registration information at maps.google.com/vote.

If you aren’t registered, but live in Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, or Wisconsin, you can register at the polls on the day of the election (TODAY): click here for more on polling places and other voting info.

You can research the ballot initiatives going on in your state here.

Remember that your vote is important and don’t let anyone get between you and your choice!

137 Responses to Wizard Rock the Vote!

Avatar Image says: I wish I could. too young. Avatar Image says: 'It matters in and outside America, and it will affect the course of the world.' This doesn't change the fact that non-Americans have no say in the matter. This is a Harry Potter news site. Is there no place on the Internet that's safe from foreign politics? Sheesh.Avatar Image says: I don't see why my comment was deleted. I'm not denying its importance, just saying that it's ENTIRELY IRRELEVENT to this website. I just want to read some Harry Potter news. That's it. That's why I've been visiting this site since 2001. Harry Potter news. Right. Let's push an America-centric issue on a news site geared toward children's novels from a British author. This makes great sense.Avatar Image says: I'm awake and counting down the next forty-nine minutes until my polling place opens! This is the first presidential election I am old enough to vote in. And to all my fellow young Americans, pleeeease go vote! I know some times it seems like it doesn't matter, but it does! You live in a democracy, be proud and exercise your right to choose your leader.Avatar Image says: I am not an american and i DONT CARE TO READ IT HERE. BTW im for republicans =].. cuz i simply dislike obama.Avatar Image says: Hiyas, am loving all the great features on TLC and the news etc and always have, or I never would have featured u guys so heavily in my articles online. And although I do realise that there is a great problem in getting people to vote in any country, this post does feel rather like the site editors are pushing their own political agenda. Perhaps you could give posts like this a different section heading? I just don't think that this is something that "All Fans" should be reading. Remember, a lot of your audience is not in the U.S., and while we're interested in the American elections, this is, still, a Harry Potter news site, first and foremost. Take care & best wishes xxooAvatar Image says: This is a generic and worldwide topic. I don't doubt that plenty of dubject specific sites will have something similar to this on their news page. It's a reminder and a good one at that. If you don't live in the US or don't care about it (when in my opinion you should because this affects everyone in the world.) then don't read it. Simple. It's a general global announcement and I can't understand why some of you are freaking out about something that while offtopic, is very important to the world.Avatar Image says: And no, please don't think that I am being the 'typical american who thinks so highly of himself' and/or 'the american who wants to make sure everyone knows that he and his country are better than everyone else's.' This day and what it is about are going to have a huge impact, as always, on the world for the next four years. And I don't really see how posting this on a subject specific site is pushing any political agenda. They're not saying 'Vote Obama!' or Vote McCain!'. Then, it would be a little disturbing. I don't consider urging people to vote for anyone they please and want to vote for "pushing politcal agenda." Maybe you do, but eh.Avatar Image says: Thank you, Katie B. And thank you TLC and WizardRock....for taking the time to remind us all of our basic rights. If some do not care to read this small reminder[because you are not an American], please. Feel free NOT to read it, and pass on to the next piece of news. This particular event will have an effect everywhere. But especially here. I will continue to have the right to read Harry Potter or any other book I care to. Not necessarily because of who I will vote for. Or who gets elected. But because I have the freedom to choose.Avatar Image says: Please, Please, Please vote! The person you choose affects everyone in the ENTIRE WORLD! Avatar Image says: I'm from Argentina, and I think IT IS GREAT they're doing this. Voting is important. And everything is politics- HP books push their own agenda too- wellfare estate, freedom of speech, equality, respect for human rights. And guess what? IT IS NOT WRONG. The fact that voting isn't mandatory for you disturbes me greatly. Voting is not a right, it is a duty, even if you vote a white card. When you don't vote, you say "I don't care if politicians destroy my country, and I don't care if they destroy the rest of the world". Please, PLEASE, vote. The results will affect you, and will affect ME. Avatar Image says: I just got finished saying to my husband how cool it is that TLC & the HPA put out info like "Wizard Rock the Vote." Harry's world parallels our own in so many ways. Though some may feel your brief message regarding today's US elections has no place on TLC, this fan appreciates your efforts to encompass many things that touch the lives of HP lovers. It's not like you are saying "Harry Potter fans should vote for______!" Folks need to remember it is not mandatory to read every single word within the site if it is not something that interests them. THANKS LEAKY STAFF!Avatar Image says: Well as a Brit who recognises that there important things happening outwith these shores, I say this: COME ON AMERICA, GET OUT AND VOTE!!! Today is your day and I hope it will be a great day! As Jo Rowling said, and I paraphrase, voting is your right and your privilege, but you also have a great responsibility to exercise that right. You must vote! What happens today will effect the whole world and we are counting on you to bring about change!!! (Something I posted on another site earlier today.) I agree with Justin, if you don't wanna read about it, don't read it! I do not, however agree with either Britt or Mary-Ann. Britt, this is not irrelevant to this site because Leaky has always been a site with a social conscience. Also, it's not as if there is no politics in the books, is there? Mary-Ann, I'm sorry, but you're quite wrong. As always Leaky has done a great job of remaining "publicly neutral", while encouraging people to exercise their democratic right to vote. At no point have they tried to influence what way you should vote ("Get out there and vote, no matter who you are voting for"- see above) and they have not been trying to pursue their own political agenda. Avatar Image says: I really don't think that TLC needs to add to the mess of "rock the vote" stuff thats out there already. We all know we should vote so stop acting like we can't think for ourselves. And what the heck does this have to do with Harry Potter? I'd really like to know. This post is very inappropriate for the site as a whole in my opinion.Avatar Image says: Melissa, thanks for the appropriate, non-partisan Wizard Rock the Vote reminder that voting is important. Everybody who doesn't like that she took 2 lines to remind people to vote, just consider it a brief commercial. We now return you to your regularly scheduled website ... Avatar Image says: Wow. And there I thought there'd be a load of "I voted - woo for me" type comments to this story theres just some childish whiney "whats this to do with HP" comments. Really. Whats this to do with HP? The motions to ban the books? It only takes a Fudge type leader and your rights can go right out the window. I'm in the UK and i'm following the election, mainly because thanks to the West Wing I understand it - lol - and its important to be interested in this stuff. So come on - who's gonna be the first person to say they voted - I'll save a special "Yay for you" & (mental) chocolate cookie for that person!Avatar Image says: Well, I really liked Bush, he was a funny little man... :) And I agree with all the people who don't want to see news like this here. TLC was a Harry Potter-related site some time ago... :)Avatar Image says: I'm not from the US, but I still think this post is really important and it was the right thing to post it here on TLC. I'm sure that Harry and his friends would want you to vote, too. In my opinion, this is one of the messages of the books: Don't just sit around and watch what is happening around you but get up and get yourself involved. Try to change the things that could be better. Today people in the US have the chance to participate. TLC is right: Use it! By the way: When I see posts on TLC that I'm not interested in (which happens sometimes) I don't read them. It's quite easy, maybe you should try it before getting upset about this post :-)Avatar Image says: Greetings from the UK Americans: RESTORE THE WORLD'S FAITH IN YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR COUNTRY VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMAAvatar Image says: Confederate Lady loved the comment!!! I just got back from voting. I took my son with me to show him how important it is. Thank you Melissa for the reminder. Hedwigthegreat love love loved your comment!!! McCain Palin 2008!!Avatar Image says: goodness, it's not like a single article is hurting anybody!! come on, that's what's so great about this fandom. what we can do in the world is not bound by canon and fanon- and this website continues to be a wonderful example of that!Avatar Image says: Brazilians for Obama! heheAvatar Image says: Norway is shouting Obama, so vote for us!Avatar Image says: "When I see posts on TLC that I’m not interested in (which happens sometimes) I don’t read them. It’s quite easy, maybe you should try it before getting upset about this post :-)"...by luett Thank you for saying that. : ) I didnt see it before. lol It says it all.Avatar Image says: Okay...I am honestly twitching. I am in class but I have the volume in the classroom turned wayyy down and MSNBC turned wayyyy up. This is the day. The day we have been counting down to. By the time that we go to sleep we will have chosen a new president. So no matter what side you are on, get out there and vote. Remember. It may be your single vote that makes a difference. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS LEAKY!!!! Avatar Image says: this topic is definitely NOT just an american thing, it will effect everyone in the world some way or another. plus it's their website they can do what they want, ya know? Avatar Image says: Itis important to get out and vote in your country's elections, no matter what your nationality is. The right to vote is a freedom in many countries and is worth more than a few minutes of our time. Also, people all over the world are watching this election, because whoever wins in the US affects world politics and world relations. So get out and vote, and do a lot of thinking about your choices! Avatar Image says: What does this have to do with Harry Potter? Maybe because the HP Alliance, a prominent group within the fandom, has been running their Wizard Rock the Vote campaign for several months now. That's the connection.Avatar Image says: I am Canadian and reminding anyone, anywhere to vote is a service. I get upset when eligible voters don't bother and this election is important. Good for TLC, today is the last chance to be counted. Avatar Image says: I'm very happy that our foreign HP fans agree on how important it is to vote. No matter who you vote for it's you civic duty as an American, Canadian, Brazilian, etc. to vote in your country's election's! If you don't vote you have no right to talk or complain about who won. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!Avatar Image says: your I mean...lol Thought I fixed that. :PAvatar Image says: I too think that this is a great reminder leaky is posting! If you don't want to read stuff like this in leaky, then don't read it. Go on to the next post. But I would like people stop posting here who they want to become president. That's not the point and it will only divides us in two. Keep your vote to yourself... or at some point we will enter this heated debate over which candidate is the best... and THAT has no room in this website.Avatar Image says: Geez, people. It's ENTIRELY relevant. Quit being so grouchy and be thankful we CAN vote, and that the people at this site are gracious enough to remind you. Even if you aren't from this country!Avatar Image says: Oh people just CHILL! All they are saying is vote...if you dont live in the US..ok you didnt have to Vote today, but alot of us do and will vote today. Never once did Leaky mention to vote for any one candidate, they arent pushing any agenda...just simply saying Vote, its a public forum, its their Website and they can and will do what they want. If you dont need to vote or dont have any insterest in this topic, why not just move on? Lets not start the war of words here. I love Leaky for all its news! Avatar Image says: Moody One...AGREED!!!!!Avatar Image says: She's right, it doesn't matter who you vote for. At least you can't vote for Bush. Either way we will finally be free of the chimp of chaos and his evil master.Avatar Image says: : )Avatar Image says: Leif Longbottom... what do I have to do to have a cool square with images on the left side of my post? Can you help me?Avatar Image says: Please remember to read the arguments for and against ballot initiatives you're voting for. The initiatives actually on the ballot are intentionally difficult to understand, and it is imperative that you actually know what you're voting for or against. You should be able to find this information online fairly easily. I would likewise suggest that you read as much about the Presidential candidate's voting histories as you can - preferrably from before they decided to run for the Presidency, back when they thought no one was watching. You can also find this information online in several locations, but issues2000.org is the easiest I've found. Please be an educated voter and encourage everyone you know to also be an educated voter. Do not vote for any candidate for superficial reasons. This is important - treat it that way.Avatar Image says: Like people above have said before, you don't have to read this article if you don't want to. If it does not directly relate to the HP stories, in your minds, it does relate to the fandom who are socially conscieous, and therefore the reminder to vote is appropriate. The HP stories also do rightly demonstrate, what can happen if we don't take an active part in electing our leaders and holding them accountable. Avatar Image says: This election seems like a pretty decent parallel to the books if you ask me XD I don't want to have Fudge and Umbridge leading my country. But yes! Vote! And people need to quit complaining. I wouldn't be making a fuss about another country's election info being posted here especially if "Wizard' Rock the Vote was mentioned. Everybody needs to get over themselves.Avatar Image says: Leif Longbottom, your comment totally cracked me up! And I completely agree with you! I voted early last week to avoid election day traffic and lines. GO OBAMA!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I just came back, from casting my ballot! Thank you, all of you, for helping the world to realize just how important this is! I agree: I don't want a 'Cornelius Fudge' or a 'Delores Umbridge' running MY country....it may not always be perfect, or "what I want", but at least I had the opportunity to say MY mind! Thank you, Ashley, for your voice. One voice can make a difference. Harry's did, in the long run!Avatar Image says: Come on, America, get out and vote. I did my duty. I hope my candidate wins. But even if you and I disagree on the issues and who we support, I want to urge you to vote!!!Avatar Image says: I voted!!! (there you go Hedwigthegreat!) It was my privilege and my duty, both! I am very confused by those who think this topic doesn't belong on this website, considering the nature of the Harry Potter books. World leaders are important to the world! Wizarding or Muggle. Who can deny that? Jo herself made comments on this particular election (see Neil's post above). So, I add my voice to the rest. If you don't care, then skip over. But a lot of us DO CARE. BIG TIME. Get out there and vote!Avatar Image says: Leaky always post what the HP alliance, how is this any different just because its about voting. Go vote Americans (hopefully for Obama)Avatar Image says: Rock on Leaky !! Today is historical and this campaign election and its turnout unprecedented. Kudos to you for making everyone aware of voting importance. Avatar Image says: I VOTED! Yea to everyone who voted -- no matter who you voted for. It's as important in the Muggle world as it is in the Wizarding World to exercise your right to vote!Avatar Image says: I actually voted several weeks ago. :D GOBAMAAvatar Image says: Canada's last election had its lowest voter turnout in history. Where were the posts urging us?Avatar Image says: It's sad to see all the "but this isn't about Potter" comments here. Voting, regardless of who you're voting for and what country you're voting in, shapes a large part of your future. (Think about the past 7+ years, for example. Try telling anyone you haven't been affected by the results of voting, or lack thereof.) Big giant hugs to those of you who have voted, are voting today, or are supportive of Leaky's reminder to vote. I'm heading out to vote in about an hour. Support your candidate of choice! Adios!Avatar Image says: My family's voting for Obama, I don't trust McCain- i see it in his eyes.Avatar Image says: I voted this morning! I love the Dumbledore/Uncle Sam graphic. Avatar Image says: C'mon now Britt! You can't expect leaky to release "go vote" posts for every single country, can you? They are doing it for this election because they are all from the USA and this is an american website. It is simple as that...Avatar Image says: How about no - how about if you *WANT* to vote you go vote. If you don't know what the heck you're voting for and know nothing more than what some guy/girl told you about said candidate you do the country a favor and stay home. The founding fathers made a bad assumption that people would stay involved and knowledgeable and that's just not even remotely true in this day in age. An ignorant vote undermines the entire underpinning of Democracy and always has...Avatar Image says: Voting has nothing to do with Harry Potter stuff, why is it on this website?Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll visit until this is off the front page. I read the books and watch the movies to get away from America.Avatar Image says: Every other website on the Internet is focused on this election, why does this one need to join in? When the Harry Potter franchise becomes relevant to the US elections, I'll stop whining and 'not read it'.Avatar Image says: oh :( 2 more years to vote ! but i hope the best man wins!Avatar Image says: gotta say . . . I don't understand people who are complaining about this post. also gotta say . . . I just voted! woo hoo!Avatar Image says: Leaky is not focused on this election, Britt! It was only one post! One post to remember that voting is important... that's it. Don't you guys think that it is exagerated to say things like "I wont visit until this post is off the front page"? Which... by the way... means that you would have to keep visiting the site anyway just to check whether the post is off the front page, littleweasleygirl. =pAvatar Image says: If they're going to post urging US voters to vote, then they should also urge people to participate in every other election ever. This topic isn't relevant to me. Harry Potter is relevant to me, which is all I should be seeing here. In the midst of this US election, I want to see some Harry Potter news, as everything else has been drowned out by politics. I come to the source of HP news and oh, it's been drowned out here, too. If this were a general news site, fine. But it isn't. It's strayed off the topic I came here to see, and that's where the frustration is.Avatar Image says: I voted! Wizard rock the vote!!! I have my "I voted" sticker and everything!!!Avatar Image says: Again... it's not like there are 15 posts on the front page of leaky explaining in detail the election and showing the latest news. It was one post only. And all they are saying is that voting is important... and that goes for the rest of the world too. It's only that leaky, as an american site, chose this moment to post this. Leaky isn't drowning the site with the election. I daresay we are... with this pleasant little chat of ours.Avatar Image says: If ya don't like the article don't read it. Apparently people want to complain. Oh well. VOTE VOTE VOTE! No matter what country your from.Avatar Image says: I'm heading out to vote as soon as my class is over!!! Thanks for doing 'Wizard Rock the Vote'...I'll be wearing my shirt!!Avatar Image says: to Britt If you're going to complain about non-directly Harry Potter related stories on TLC...GO RUN YOUR OWN SITE!!!! Get over it already! GO VOTE!!Avatar Image says: If you don't want to read this type of article on Leaky then skip this article. I don't read every single article that comes on here. You don't have to either. The HP Alliance and Wizard Rock the vote have been urging people to vote why is it irrelevant for Leaky to post it? The more information out there for people and the more people see the more people are likely to vote. Its a historic race and its important to be informed. But anyway, My husband and I voted last week to skip the lines, which was really nice. Happy Election Day! It will be a long day.Avatar Image says: Here's my "two cents": In the grand scheme of things, today's US election may not be 100% relevant to HP. HOWEVER, our Congressional representatives do make decisions that affect the world on the whole. They do make decisions that impact our ability to live freely. They do make decisions that impact whether or not a mom from the Southern US can sue to keep a particular book series out of a school library...and that does impact the whole fandom. We live in a time where more information is available than ever before, and it's at our fingertips! I applaud Leaky for posting a simple reminder as there may be some people who only get news from Leaky. Yes, that's true! Some people only visit fan sites! To me, Leaky would be doing those people a disservice not to at least mention the Election as briefly as they did.Avatar Image says: I voted! How is it related to Harry Potter? Because the HARRY POTTER Alliance is the one putting it together. The HPA's stuff is always on here. And Britt- it would have been posted if the HP Alliance had been doing a Wizard Wrock the vote for Canada, but they didn't so there was no HP related news to post. Thanks for posting the article, Leaky!Avatar Image says: Wow, some folks are for and some folks are against the news being posted. Oh well, when I come across a news post that I'm not interested in, I just don't read it... Seems simple enough. Avatar Image says: Also, folks are going on about just wanting to see some HP news. I do too, but at the moment, there ain't much to speak of is there??? They've got to keep the site moving and since the next film is very far away and since the books are over and until Beedle the Bard comes out and also Melissa's book, gotta update with something, right?Avatar Image says: Right on, sunflwr!Avatar Image says: This is a MAJOR election-- the biggest I've ever had the opportunity to participate in. It has serious relevance to the books-- if, in the books no one bothered to take a stand against their government, Voldemort would have won, Harry would have died, and we'd all be depressed. This election is relevant to everyone. I'm not saying that we in the US are some big superpower (not anymore), but our government tends to get us involved in things all over the globe. Whoever gets elected today will have a very hard job and very hard decisions to make that will effect everyone one way or another. I'm sorry, but if you don't see that, then you haven't been paying attention. If the little friendly reminder to vote in the biggest election of our lives offends you, then please skip the article. Everyone SHOULD participate in voting-- wherever you are and whoever you support. (BTW, I didn't get to vote yet, but I am going directly after work-- and I'm taking goodies to the local campaign office of candidate I support to thank them for their hard work)Avatar Image says: I voted! WooHoo! I'm surprised, too, Hedwigthegreat! Social Justice is my favorite theme of the HP books. I'm really surprised that people are so quick to condemn TLC for participating in a historic American day (that has global ramifications). I'm honored that my voice was heard today. I think it's very HP of me :) Si se puede! Avatar Image says: What I have a problem with is the pro-Obama ads on the site. Also, saying get out and vote is great, but it should be limited to that and not "Go" anybody. Avatar Image says: I just voted for the first time ever! :) And I think this post is perfectly relevant to the Harry Potter fandom, seeing as it's about the Wizard Rock the Vote initiative. Avatar Image says: I think it is reall good that they did decide to post this. It's just a reminder for every American to go out to vote. I am a 16 year old Canadian and I believe that this election is very important, whoever is the president DOES have alot of influence on the world. Think about Bush for example, how much influence he has had in the world.Avatar Image says: I voted bright and early this morning as soon as our local polls opened. This is the 4th presidential election I've voted in, but it's the first time I've ever been excited and hopeful about the vote I cast. I'm sorry if some people don't care to read about it or want to whine about TLC posting a reminder to vote here, but as many have already pointed out, who we choose as our leader here in America does have an effect all over the world. I have friends and acquaintances in the UK (one of whom I saw just last month) who have been pleading that we as Americans make a good choice in this election. So there are other people in other countries who are watching, waiting, and hoping just like all of us here in the US today.Avatar Image says: Way to go TLC! There is politics in the "everyday", even in Harry Potter. We can't deny that in addition to being HP fans, we're also people who interact in a real, material world, of which HP is one part. I'm South African, and I would vote if I could - this election really does have repercussions for the rest of the world. Hoping Obama's gonna pull through. It won't be radical change, but it will be change. Avatar Image says: I had to vote absentee but I mailed it off last week and am sporting my sticker today! To those complaining, wait until your old enough and you'll see why it's important. To those who are outside the USA an are complaining, the site is ran mostly by US citizens, yes it's for everyone, but if you come to a site ran mainly in the US, you gotta deal with US news, okie dokie! BTW I voted McCain!Avatar Image says: I have voted! Everyone who can, go do so! Avatar Image says: This site is geared towards a VERY large and diverse audience. I doubt that anywhere they say that they will keep posts only to those that Britt (or any other single user) thinks are relavant. Leaky is very active in the HP Aliance, which is all about charity and being civic minded. HP Aliance has a "Wizard Rock The Vote" campaign. ergo, leaky will post a story about voting. Simple. It was quite obvious what this post was about. if it has NO relavance to you (yeah, 'cause Bush has done no harm anywhere except the US), then skip it. There are others who WANT to read the post. Although, based on the comments, it's quite obvious you are interested if you keep reading. Here's the thing... I'm guessing that most/all of the Leaky staffers are US based. They may not know when Canada's, or the UK's, or other countries elections are held. Who knows... if you submitted a news story about how important it was to get Canadians to the voting booth, they might just post it. Did you try?Avatar Image says: I'll tell ya all why how voting has got to do with HP: HP is an excellent example of a FLAWED government...just as all governments are and those of us in America have the AWESOME ability to have the power to FIX the problems in the government so why the heck aren't we taking a stand? HP is all about taking a stand....so lets put some of what we've learned from HP and J.K. Rowling to use and VOTE for what and who we believe in!Avatar Image says: Will it really make a difference? Too much of a cynic I'm afraid. Mind you, I do remember the happy feeling on the day after Labour got in after 15 years of Tory (and Thatcher) rule, my second ever vote. So if you think you can make a difference, do. I live in the UK (commonly known as lapdog of the US). I get the impression the UK would like to sit in Obama's lap next. Avatar Image says: Go McCain! Wizards for McCain! YAY! Go Republicans! I can't vote, I'm too young.. but i'll vote in the next election!Avatar Image says: What I do find ironic is the number of people here saying they are voting McCain. Isn't Palin in his camp? And doesn't she want to target HP for exclusion from libraries?? Here's a funny story: a friend was told that Palin wanted 'to ban Harry Potter and the Merchant of Venice'. In response he said (joking of course): 'wow I really must keep up, I didn't realize there was another HP book out!'Avatar Image says: I dont give a cent about movies and i still visit the web. You dont need to worship every single article written here. Avatar Image says: "us in America have the AWESOME ability to have the power to FIX the problems in the government" -I wish you excercised your power FOUR YEARS AGO.Avatar Image says: I expected long lines today so I voted early(on Oct. 18th) . Yes, this has nothing to do with HP but I don't mind it being mentioned. I'm sure there are lots of non-political websites who have mentioned it today. It's that important. Avatar Image says: I'm mobility impaired and I pulled out my walker and hauled myself to the polling place at eight in the morning. Many reasons behind this, not the least among them having watched Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins' YouTube video of himself filling out his ballot. Please, don't be a Pansy Parkinson and point the finger of accusation at sincere, socially conscious and motivated people urging others to exercise their civic right and duty. Be a Neville Longbottom and lift that sword of involvement!Avatar Image says: I think what a lot of non-Americans need to understand is that over the past 20 years or so, voter turnout in the US has been very low, especially amongst young people. These "Get out and Vote initiatives," especially those directed at young people are pretty common during this time. Americans are jaded, and sometimes pretty naive about the affect their voice has in world. As Cruella pointed out, why it's taken America 8 years of bad Government to finally figure out that who they vote for matters, who knows. I can tell you that my polling place was busier than I have ever seen it. I think there will be record turnouts. Avatar Image says: "I wish you exercised your power FOUR YEARS AGO." We did... Just because you didn't like the outcome doesn't mean Americans didn't vote...Avatar Image says: Some of you say you don't care, or you are not in America. Think of the things that have happened in the world and to the environment because of Bush. You may not care but this election matters more then you know. And it could affect the world .Avatar Image says: pburgert - you do know that congress has to pass bush's stuff in order for it to become law right? America isn't a dictatorship... If you don't like the way things are, Congress is as much to blame as the President...Avatar Image says: Tim I loved your comment!!! Both of them. : ) Avatar Image says: Tim, You're right, and Congress was run by Republicans for 6 of his 8 years in office. While Republicans ran congress, Bush never vetoed a single bill, spending billions of dollars on pork projects. Republicans are supposed to be fiscal conservativess, but they haven't been for the past 8 years. I don't understand why anyone would believe a single thing they say on how they are going to "fix" the economic crisis. And Cruella is right about voter turnout. Voter turnout was very low in 2000 and 2004. Had people cared about their democratic right, the outcome may have been different. However, people felt jaded by the candidates. I think it took 4 more years of a bad war and a poor economy for many registered voters who didn't vote last time to wake up.Avatar Image says: Oh God, I hate politics. Everybody is so sure they're absolutely right. If you're a Republican, everything is the Democrats' fault. If you're Democrat, everything is the Republicans' fault. And round and round we go. Whoopeeee!!!!! I don't think people elected Bush because they were jaded. I think Gore and Kerry were incredible stiffs and people voted for who seemed to be the sharper person. Just like they'll do this time with Comrade Chairman Obama.Avatar Image says: "You’re right, and Congress was run by Republicans for 6 of his 8 years in office. " That's rich. It took the last 2 years of Democrats to ruin the economy..thanks Barney Franks, Nancy Pelosi and Clinton for their sub-prime mortgages. Nice work.Avatar Image says: I voted for the first time! Barack the vote!!Avatar Image says: Wizard Rock the Vote! We're making history here, witches and wizards. Make it count.Avatar Image says: You're naive if you think the subprime mortgage crisis suddenly happened in the last 2 years. Deregulation began in 2000. Republicans passed the bill and sadly Clinton signed it. We saw the subprime mortgage bubble start to bloom in early 2000s. Both democrats and Republicans stood on the sidelines. You're right Barney Frank and Dodd didn't do a darn thing about it, and I hope they get kicked out of congress. Our economic crisis is combination of credit problems, subprime mortgages, unnecessary spending by the Bush Administration and the republican congress, and a war we never should have been in in the first place. We were in a HUGE debt long before Bernake and Paulson said we should start worrying. Sorry Leaky for turning this into a heated discussion. Delete these post if you want. Avatar Image says: I'm a Republican and proud of it! And I'm completely for McCain because I love my country, and I am totally against Obama. GOD BLESS THE USA, MY HOME SWEET HOME!!Avatar Image says: McCain and Palin all the way! Real Americans, who really care! People with real experience! McCain & Palin 2008! :)Avatar Image says: To Brit, MaryAnn and anyone else not happy with a reminder to vote: why did you bother reading the article, take time to read the comments, then post comments chastising it? You have the option of NOT READING it. There are times when I'm not interested in a particular post at this or any other site I visit regularly. I simply choose not to read the content that isn't interesting to me. It's quite easy. Just use the scroll bar...Avatar Image says: It`s easy enough to tell somebody to `skip the article', but the point is that all I've been doing for the past four months is skipping articles. TLC has been set as my home page since 2001, and I open my browser in hope of some non-election coverage. There are millions of news sites on the web that will cater to politics. I come here for Harry Potter news. The majority of Harry Potter's fans aren't even of voting age. Of all the sites to put this on, putting it here pretty much makes no sense.Avatar Image says: "Real Americans"??? Really?? I guess if you're from a "blue state" then your in the pretend American part of the country (or un-American), huh? The Obama/Biden campaign is no less American than the McCain/Palin ticket. The blue states are no less American than the red. And, if you've listened at all to Obama, we're not the red states or the blue states, we're the United States. (sorry, mods, you can delete if you want).Avatar Image says: I voted for McCain-Palin. I'm a Republican! I vote my heart. I don't judge anyone for their political views. It's a free country. Just vote. It's your choice. Just don't complain about this article. You don't have to read it. That raises a question tho. Why read it if you don't think it's relevant? To complain about it I think. Avatar Image says: It's your choice to vote or not. It's your choice to read the article or not. It's totally relevant because we are beings on this planet and we're all connected. Also, I think it's well established that Potter isn't just for "kids" or loved just by "kids". Many of the fans have grown up with Potter and now are old enough to vote.Avatar Image says: i hope the BEST MAN wins.. idc which one wins as long as good change come.... plus they are both american because theya re both born here... plus i do find it cute that barack obama read hp with his daughterAvatar Image says: Mollywobble, "You’re naive if you think the subprime mortgage crisis suddenly happened in the last 2 years." "Both democrats and Republicans stood on the sidelines" Nope. McCain and other Republicans introduced legislation in 2005 aka Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 in order to curb the Fannie Mae and Mac debacle introduced by Barney Frank and others. The Democratic congress opposed passing the legislation. Avatar Image says: Devilinabluedress, You mean the Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 that was killed by the Members of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs in May 2005? The That's right. It never made it to the senate floor for a vote. But it wouldn't have mattered anyways because that was the 109th congress, which was Republican. Also, Shelby, not Dodd, was the chairman of that committee at the time: a Republican. Avatar Image says: Excuse me, it was killed in July 2005, not May.Avatar Image says: OBAMA IS THE WINNER!!!!!Avatar Image says: WOO-HOO!!!Avatar Image says: McCain lost the support of a big chunk of America when he picked Sarah Palin...an extreme right, bible bashing...probably thinks Harry Potter books should be banned for teaching Witchcraft...(did you guys forget that video of Palin getting exorcised of witchcraft/demons?)Avatar Image says: the exorcisem clearly didnt work, because she is still here. McCain and Palin acted incredibly like voldemort acts. They did their best to divide the nation with their comments about how only people who are republicans are real americans. That is a similer mentality to how voldemort and the deatheaters and those with pureblood mania view people who were muggle born, and to some extend halfblood. yet look at what happened tonight, it was not the republicans that won, it was american taking a step forward, and electing a man who has to deal with hatred and bigottry just because of the color of his skin. the weasleys are probebly the pureist pureblood line in the entire harry potter story that we know of, but because they were not bigotted towards others on the basis of their blood purity, they are blood traitors by the people who speak of real americans... cough, I mean pure blood fanatics. partriotism won out, true patriotism, which doesnt know color, gender, or party affiliation, becaue I can vouch for the fact that I know many republicans, friends and close family, who voted obama because they saw him as the better canidate. 338 electoral votes is practically unheard of, but he achived it while mccain's fear monger and palins hate monger crippled them. and now dumbledores mesasge of love, tolerance, and hope won out in the real world.Avatar Image says: Here here...McCain/Palin tried to use fear to scare people to vote for them...they deserved to lose and lose big...which it seems they did!Avatar Image says: I think I have the right to complain about the extra four years of war we have suffered. I'm Spanish and it took us four days after the 11-M (for those that don't remember the assasination by extremists in Atocha Station) to make our choice and change government. Meanwhile petrol price has grown and THAT'S the real detonate of the actual crisis. US government has invested large sums of money in a war that hasnt been profitable. No cheap petrol came this way. THAT'S what the whole thing is about. Avatar Image says: by the way, im very excited and hope Obama will make the difference.Avatar Image says: Congratulations to all my American friends here for their vote of change whichever way was voted. It was the most fascinating presidential race i have seen from overseas. I am sure your new president will serve you well on the whole. Avatar Image says: I pray that God gives him the ability and grace to be a good President. God Bless everybody! : )Avatar Image says: But it looks like prop 8 is going to win a "yes". I can't say that makes me happy...Avatar Image says: Squeee! It is over! I couldn't take any more political ads!!! It was painful! Very happy and hopeful with the results of this election, the repercussion of this campaign around the world was remarkable! I'm very impressed by the decision of the american people. What I think is very upsetting is people saying this post was no appropriate to Leaky.... what the heck was that about? This post is appropriate everywhere and anywhere. I really don't get it. Avatar Image says: We can elect the first African American president (WHOOO HOO!!) but we can't let a homosexual couple get married *shakes head*...I don't understand people.Avatar Image says: Well said, Jordan.Avatar Image says: Are we going to get reminders for all general elections in all countries???? i was just wondering, i think any political event is important, and i with all the poor turn out of voters all over the world it would be nice to have areminder, us Brits have one coming soon,(we Hope.)Avatar Image says: This is so silly... people getting offended because the US elections is important, why not their countries and bla blah... C'mon.... I'm brazilian and anti-american line of thought is a considerable factor in most of south american countries but even there (I live in the USA) people recognize the importance of this election and of the role the US plays on the world. And to be just as puerile maybe I should point out that Leaky is an american Website and that goes for most of its staff.... so let's just cool down and let your hurt pride be. Avatar Image says: "McCain lost the support of a big chunk of America when he picked Sarah Palin…an extreme right, bible bashing…probably thinks Harry Potter books should be banned for teaching Witchcraft…(did you guys forget that video of Palin getting exorcised of witchcraft/demons?)" by NailnPalin I'm a Christian mother who reads HP. It's a wonderful series of books that I love. I read them to my son who is 9. Don't judge me because of what a few radical people (who call themselves Christian) say. Jesus teaches us to love everyone he's the only one that can judge us. Bless you all!Avatar Image says: I agree. It's great to be reminded of our right to vote. It's interesting to see what all you have to say! Thanks, TLC!Avatar Image says: I realize this is no longer news, but as the consequences are sinking in - and I haven't actually read all the comments so this may be a repeat - did it register here that Obama has read all seven Potter books ... ?Avatar Image says: Am I the only one who is making a connection between all of the Americans dancing in the street and celebrating to the night in book one that everyone thought that You Know Who's reign of terror was over? I'm sure that if Dedalus Diggle was American he'd be shooting off sparks ;)Avatar Image says: Hey look on the bright side at least obama will over turn the denfense of marriage act :)Avatar Image says: Tim, It is difficult to overturn something that the majority of the people have decided, for the second time around, to be the best for them. I hope he doesn't go there. Avatar Image says: Well he said he was. First step toward equality. I wonder if he will go after the state doma's too?Avatar Image says: Majority of the people? I am most certain the federal one was congressional approved and signed into law by bill clinton. So it was not the peoples say there?Avatar Image says: Majority of the people? I am most certain the federal one was congressional approved and signed into law by bill clinton. So it was not the peoples say there?

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