Emma Watson Updates Blog with “Deathly Hallows” Mention


Nov 05, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

A quick update tonight as actress Emma Watson has updated her official blog with news that she is doing some prep work for her next appearance in her role as Hermione Granger. Writing that she is trying to apply to universities, she is doing lots of reading, but notes “I keep getting distracted as I have started re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in preparation for the start of filming in February and can’t put it down. Reading it for a second time has made it no less addictive.”

Thanks to Snitchseeker and Emma Watson Official.

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Avatar Image says: Of course Emma - if anything, these books only get more addictive! First?Avatar Image says: Lol, i can't wait to see what University she get into. and yes of course, they only get more addictive the more you read them, how else could you explain everyone here! Avatar Image says: Only the second time? Hmmm, looks like everybody else's comments are the same. Oh well.Avatar Image says: The books are my addiction! That's what helped me quit smoking. Oh no, I think I replaced one for the other. I think I can live with that. lolAvatar Image says: An HP actor who reads the books - YAY!Avatar Image says: I was surprized. only the second reading through of DH? Oh well, if she got straight As in A level i guess she couldnt just sit around rereading the books. Wish i could...serious revision time for me...Avatar Image says: I don't find it strange that she is just reading it for the 2nd time.. 1st: Although I loved it and I personally think it's the best of the series, and although I have read all the previous books many many times..I haven't read it a 2nd time yet..The reason might be that I was a kid when the aothers were realesed and 20,last year when the last one came out, so as kid it was easier for me to re-read..now I'm a little bit bored to tell you the truth.. 2nd: I think she had more important things to do this past year than re-read sth that she wound spend at least 9 months on..She has a life you know.. Not like all of us here that we spend our time on the net..(me included) Anyway...I love it when I see an actor appreciating the big project he is part of..and being a fan..Avatar Image says: ...grr...sorry for the typos...I was distracted by my dog!! He is a puppy just 2 months old!!Avatar Image says: I'll agree with a PART of that, Natalie! She does have other things, "on her plate", like school. As a "stay at home mom", I am happy that she is that driven, in her schoolwork! [smart kid!] As for the "addiction"? It is VERY "mesmerizing". One of those "once you start, you can't put it down" things. It's probably a huge distraction, for her other things. I know I am. I never seem to get "bored" though. [even with Internet Sessions LOL] I'm on the whole set, for the 4th time, "just because"! She appears to be quite a "fan" of HP, and that is not really surprising. She and 'Hermione' are very "similar".....and it will be a great help to her, come February. She's very dedicated....to her work AND School!Avatar Image says: Confederate Lady, I am trying to find the hidden messages in the quotation marks... lol! I guess she isn't applying to Oxbridge then, as those applications close in October, I think. Best of luck to her, anyway!Avatar Image says: Lucy---as I understand it, she has applied to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Cambridge and at least one other Northeastern US College, either Barnard or Brown, if memory serves. All pretty high-powered! Does anybody out there know what the current status of Betsy and Napoleon is? IMDB still lists Emma as Betsy, with production starting any time now. I wonder what the status of all that is.Avatar Image says: <3 Emma. I'm on my 4th read and yes, it gets better cause you notice little things. Avatar Image says: I am agld to hear that she actually read the books. most of the Actor havent even ready one of the series,I read the whole tseries twices already and wont mind doing it again. specially the 7th and last one.Avatar Image says: Conf lady, I'll concur with Lucy, I've heard of meta-fiction but you're introducing meta-comments! Hows funky, lol! I also agree that DH is even more rewarding on second reading as we soak up the details and make the connections and clues that I could never grasp first time solely because the plot drove the pace of my reading at a frenetic rate first time round! I disagree however with Natalie on the point of "fans" who reads the books more than once don't have a life. Everyone has a life, and a life will be a dull one if you have nothing to be passionate about, idolise or geek on if you will. It could be anything from a being a Star wars fan to love of knitting, to spending hours on your make-up, to shopping, to stamp collecting. Look at me, I'm a stars wars fan, a JK Rowling fan, I got all colours of lightsabers, my girlfiiend left me, I got no kids...and wait, what point am I making here...?Avatar Image says: It's great that Emma reads the books, but I think sometimes us HP movie and book fans get carried away with idea that the actors need to be as big fans as we are. They're not Harry Potter fans; they're actors. Only Evanna appears to be both. Obviously it is useful for them to do their research (and even more important for the filmmakers) but I don't know why it should be seen as such a revelation if they haven't read the books multiple times. It's not a requirement of their work, and to be honest, for some of them, isn't there a chance that HP might be the last thing they feel like reading when they spend most of the year, night and day, working on and promoting its films?Avatar Image says: I would just like to say that I'm a big fan who has read all of the books several times already and they do keep getting better everytime. One thing I would like to mention is that not only do I have the hardcover and paperback but I also have the audio books. Once I discovered MP3 players I discovered that it was a lot easier to put the audio books on there and be able to listen when I wanted. Avatar Image says: Good that she reads the potter books.BUT I've beaten ger by reading them 17 times.Avatar Image says: Just to reiterate what I'm sure most are already saying: it's so nice to see the main stars, or at least some of the main film stars, are just about as enthusiastic book fans as the rest of us. And it also helps that they actually DO take the roles they play to heart if they're prepping by reading the books (as opposed to certain adult *cough* actors who may or may not even read their character sections and just sort of "wing it" if you will heheh).Avatar Image says: I just started reading the whole series again last week for the 3rd time this year. Love them. They just keep getting better and better! Avatar Image says: Moody One I hear you. I've read the series (always straight through from Book 1 to Book 7) six times now, usually at a pace of two to three times a year. Right now I am frustratedly forcing myself not to read them (just finished my last run through less than a month ago) so that they will seem more fresh when I start again. So I'm reading other things during the wait. But it's funny to see that Ms. Watson is human like the rest of us and gets sucked in by the books just like we do.Avatar Image says: Mimblewimble, I was 130 pages to the end of POA when I got Melissa's book in the mail! It killed me but I finished POA and then I read Melissa's book, which was great. lol. Whew! I've had a busy week! I'm gonna start them all over about 3 weeks before the HBP movie release. Well lets just say I'm gonna try to wait. lolAvatar Image says: Moody One Yeah I need to pick up Melissa's book too. It's hard to explain why I don't have it already... It's just that with book releases, if I obsess over the release date, it seems to make the wait so much longer. So I try not to focus on the release date and then as a result I usually don't wind up getting the book until after it has been out a little while. So obviously with that philosophy I've never been to a midnight release party. Which is another good reason to pick up Melissa's book, so I can see what that was like.Avatar Image says: Mimblewimble... You've never been to a Release Party? That's what I call Will Power!!! I wasn't even trying to be strong enough to wait until the stores opened again the day of the release or for a delivery from Amazon. Avatar Image says: Guys...I think you all misunderstood me.. I don't say that I am not a fan or that I find re-reading books that I love,dull..No! Actually,fyi I'm from Greece and I own both the british and the greek versions of the Harry Potter books, and I was always there the day of the release of each book trembling for what happens next..I just think that as the years flew by, I find myself not having the stamina, or the mood, or the time to reread sth..I just prefere reading new staff now that it is over..This doesn't mean that I am not here on leaky everyday to see what's going on, or that I don't go to watch the films the first day they are released, or that I haven't already ordered my copy of Beedle the Bard..(because I have done all these!!!) PS..@Professor Potter..:P That was a great answer!! :)Avatar Image says: Karen Well once the book is in my hand, there is not a trace of willpower (laughs).Avatar Image says: iv read it over 24 times although i know i am an obsessive and that's an understatement... stangely though, even though i am still a massive and dedicated fan, my obsession is getting less... or maybe iv just got other things on my mind..? anyway i will always love them :)Avatar Image says: There aren't any release parties where I live. : ( I live in WV where hardly anything exciting ever happens. I take that back! My brother met Alan Jackson in Hardees one evening! lol Avatar Image says: First, I am happy that she is coming back back for the DH movies as there were some rumours of her dropping out of the last two. Thank you, Emma!! I just would not have watched the DH movies if you weren't there. So, good luck with your studies and please do come back for the movies. There is no Harry Potter without you (quite likely). You are the perfect Hermione Jean Granger to life!Avatar Image says: Hey Nikki, I don't agree with you as you think that all actors need to big fans as well. Emma is a superb actress, perfect for the role and she is that perfect only because she puts herself into the role of Hermione. So, how can she only read the script, but not the books themselves?Avatar Image says: Sorry, Nikki, extremely sorry! I meant my last comment for Alice. Please forgive me for offending you.Avatar Image says: Hmmm. She's only read DH twice? I've read it about four times! Once is never enough when you're reading books like Harry Potter and Twilight!:) Anywho, I'm glad that she's getting ready for her DH filming in February. And although it's still disappointing that we have to wait until July for HBP, I'm gonna go see Twilight on the 21st of this month and Robert Pattison! *squeal* And there is an up-side to the delay of the movie: HP gets to last longer. The books may be written, but the movies aren't yet done and nor is the new theme park, that's being built. Can't wait for that to be done either. So much to look forward to in the upcoming year(s). Cheers!Avatar Image says: So I guess she officially isn't doing Napoleon and Betsy right now. I knew it. It must be really weird for her, reading the books and inevitably imagining herself doing and saying everything Hermione does. I have to admit I'm not a fan of her portrayal of Hermione thus far but I'm hoping that with all her rereading that she'll be perfect in DH. :) Avatar Image says: It's about time that one of the actors actually reads the books first before doing the movie...lol..way to go Emma! and DH is the best book by far, hands down...so enjoy and pump all that excitement into your performance, we will ride the thrill along with you when it is released...!Avatar Image says: yay i'm soo happpy that they're starting on February. (Filming Deathly hallows part 1) It's cool though how she is just re reading the book for the second time and even though people can read it in like 2 days, I'm pretty sure she does way more things than what we do. Sometimes when I get the book and re read some parts Im all like "what, this wasnt here before" and I think it was because from the excitement of finally having Deathly Hallows in my hands back then was like a dream and you just want to rush to finish the book. I remember sleeping next to the book and when I would wake up I had to touch it to see if it was real because it was such a long wait for the book, and it seemed like a dream to me :)Avatar Image says: I know that you cannot avoid this 'aqddiction' emma but still am sure you will be able to stand so much work pressure. you can do it!! Avatar Image says: I know that you cannot avoid this 'aqddiction' emma but still am sure you will be able to stand so much work pressure. you can do it!! Avatar Image says: agreed with splinch's comment on the first page! you notice little things when you re-read it. and emmas right im on like my 30th time reading DH and its just as addictive everytime *:L* but, HEY, natalie! we have lives, just part of that life envolves a wonderful book named Harry Potter =P i re-read the HP books alot.. but still have a life, i read when im ill {..which i am very often} or at night when i can't sleep. ^__^ good luck emma in getting into the university you wish.. which im sure you will! Avatar Image says: i like to hear that...it makes me wonder sometimes if they actually care about the books...i know the trio does and i appreciate that Avatar Image says: Emma doesn't HAVE to attend a high-profile liberal arts colleges in the American Northwest, but that's her choice. If she looks at Forbes's "Top 100 Colleges that Change Lives", my college is #98 (Emory & Henry) -- one she could check out. Small class size (although I'm sure she's accustomed to big classes back in the U.K.), nice teachers, a fairly large and beautiful campus, a wide liberal arts curriculum and help with assignments if she needs it. (And my college needs more transfer students too!) Sorry about the plug, but she seems like the kind of person who would like a change of pace to get away from the hectic film schedule she has with the Potter films (nice to see she's catching back up with DH) and her projects in between. But I'm fine with whatever she chooses, since she'll do great with either school she chooses.Avatar Image says: Hey x Haven't been on this site for a while, great to see Emma is dedicated and all that sort of stuff!! Love all the HP books - but the 5th, 6th and 7th are brill! Ly xx

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