Dan Radcliffe to Guest on NBC’s Today Show Monday, November 10


Nov 08, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Dan Radcliffe will be a guest on NBC’s The Today Show this Monday, November 10. According to Playbill the Harry Potter actor, who is currently starring on Broadway in the production of Equus, “will sit down for a chat with host Ann Curry. The live interview is scheduled to air between 9-10 AM ET.”

We hope to have video of this and will post as soon as we can. Thanks much to our Order partner

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Avatar Image says: yay! i heart dan!! went to see equus last month in NYC. loved it! Avatar Image says: hi folks sorry to post this here but the contact us page is not working, so I have no other way to try and get in touch with someone who can help... Hi - it won't let me register for the leaky login with either my gmail email or my yahoo email either one (tried both incase it was the email that was doing it) - it looks like it submits, but then it comes back to a log in page, and the log in I just created doesn't work, I've never gotten any email confirmation, and it never tries to tell me I'm creating a login with the same name as another one when I try it again - so obviously it is not going through. What do I need to do?Avatar Image says: @ SAYA ... REALLY NO IDEA... GUD LUCK WITH YOUR PROB. THOUGHAvatar Image says: I would love to see Equus but as I live in the boondocks I guess I never will. Can't wait to see the interview! Dan is so cute! To Saya, it wouldn't let me do gmail at all. Even Amazon says it takes forever to get conformation with gmail. I didn't have any problems with my yahoo account tho. Avatar Image says: Saya, I'm having the exact same problem. (I have yahoo.) I'll let you know if I figure it out, but I doubt that I will.....Avatar Image says: My concern at the moment is just even getting through to the Leaky staff to ask the question - if I can't even do that - its no wonder I can't register! If someone has an email address for someone on the Leaky Staff and can forward this to their attention I would really appreciate it... (or maybe I should mark report to moderator on my own comment to try and get their attention?)Avatar Image says: Ann Curry? i LUFF Ann Curry!Avatar Image says: odd - I've always had better chances with gmail addresses than any others (a friend never was able to do facebook using their yahoo address but got the email in minutes with their gmail one) but maybe I need to see about using another address long enough to register and then change it once registered? anyone think that would work? oh and apparently reporting my own comment to a mod as "other" doesn't actually get a response - it just gets the comment deleted, lol... I know thats the point of the "report to moderator" thing - but you'd think you'd look to see why it was reported (I said in there wonder if I can get it to their attention to get an answer by reporting my own comment) - oh well... Love the Leaky but apparently the Leaky don't love me =(Avatar Image says: Saya,Fran,I'm in it too !!!!! I registered the leaky login last month !!!! Since then I've been trying to login but stupid thing does not work !!! Even I have'nt got any confirmation mail !!!! Tried all the other alternatives suggested by the leaky but either of them don't work !!!!! At last I've left it !!!!! And I'm will wait for mondayAvatar Image says: Ooh I saw Equus last Wednesday, it was incredibly awesome and definitely worth the trip to new York. My mom met Dan later that day (oh so jealous) while she was wandering around souvenir shopping. My flight left before hers.. She said he was a really cheerful person LOL! Avatar Image says: elyzie, lucky your mum! That must be pretty amazing to bump into someone shopping! I'm very bad for walking past celebs without recognizing them. I'm glad people are getting to see Equus and liking it. I saw it in London.Avatar Image says: elyzie, wasn't is amazing?! I saw Equus in september for my birthday, but my stupid mother didn't believe me when I showed her where Dan would be leaving the theater, so she made me walk around to the back of the building [where the wasn't an exit] and we missed him. D: D: D:Avatar Image says: yea it wont let me logg in either!!Avatar Image says: Just saw it! He looks great! Only about 4minutes long. They showed a bit of him in Equus. If you haven't seen it go, it is great saw it before it opened and now I am going back before it closes. He is Brilliant! Cheers!Avatar Image says: at least his "beard" is filling a bit. Same interview as all the other interviews: young, controversial material, the nudity, doesn't read the reviews, and Half-Blood Prince being released next summer. The interviewers need to come up with some original questions.Avatar Image says: He's so cute! I love his smile! HIs beard is looking lovely. It's too bad they always have so little time for these interviews . It's unfortunate that they didn't have time to talk about the little auctions they've been having, especially on the saturday night shows. TWo saturdays ago they auctioned off a My Little Pony for about 8 or 900 dollars and an Equus script last Saturday for about $1200. They've been auctioning off posters and signed playbills on the other nights as well, trying t raise money for a charity. Avatar Image says: I freaking crumpled my playbill by accident during one of the more intense scenes when I jumped... doh. ;p I guess I can just shell out $1200 for another one!Avatar Image says: oii ma io so l'unica italiana qua!?!?!?! ..... DANIEL SEI UN BONAZZONE!!!!!!!!!!! You are beautiful!!!! qst è l'unica cosa che so in inglese! xD xauuuAvatar Image says: His beard looks like pubic hair,too bad he has to resort to showing his ass in order to further his careerAvatar Image says: hi coolAvatar Image says: In the absences of a decent time machine, fiction remains the most sturdy vehicle for visiting other eras. [url=http://artofey.com] artofeycom [/url] artofeycom Avatar Image says: Come here and leave your commentYou Are Very Creative Avatar Image says: Have You Seen This? Brilliant!You Need to see this now! Avatar Image says: Dont Stop Showing The World What Youve GotYou Can be very helpfull and see here Avatar Image says: Really Interesting, Inspiring Work Avatar Image says: Wherethehelliseverybody Avatar Image says: Check it, thanks guys Avatar Image says: I Think You SHould See ThisYou Would Be interested in thisJust look Here for more Samples Avatar Image says: Its good For Details and descriptionsWOW! 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