New Photo of McGonagall from “Half-Blood Prince”


Nov 10, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

A new photo from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has now surfaced online. Bearing an official WB logo, this looks to be a new still of Professor McGonagall, as portrayed by actress Dame Maggie Smith. You can see this photo here in our galleries.

Thanks to ScarPotter for emailing!

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Avatar Image says: firstAvatar Image says: for those that dont read ...Spanish? ...Italian? ... if I'm not mistaken, you have to click the word "aqui" at the end of the post to see the full pic.Avatar Image says: Just curious, why did we take away pictures for the post? I miss them. They spruce up the page.Avatar Image says: Just curious - anyone else think that the wooden thing next to her kinda look like a piano? Is Flitwick teaching more than just choir now? Also, McG. looks suitably older and more stressed out than usual.Avatar Image says: i totally agree gweneth !!! ah i got on today and was all wth!! I LOVE MINERVA!Avatar Image says: This isn't a official release, the HBP logo is fan made.Avatar Image says: Thank you Beth A for the instructions to see the picture!Avatar Image says: B. - r u sure? this photo looks pretty authentic. i agree w/ Bobby, i like how McG "looks suitably older and more stressed out than usual" ; )Avatar Image says: Its actually portuguese, and yes you click at the bottom of the article where it says "cliquando aqui.". The site speculates that it is a depiction of a scene after Dumbledore's death. I actually think they are on to something, but who knows.Avatar Image says: LOL Bobby... i thought it was a piano at first too. but i think that it's actually a desk.. possibly Dumbledore's??Avatar Image says: i agree with gweneth ;D the pictures before the posts were really nice.Avatar Image says: Is it Dumbledore's actual body?Avatar Image says: you're welcome. :) I had issues myself. I had tried the first link, but didnt go where I wanted. Then I thought I remembered some very-long-ago spanish that I learned that aqui translated to here. I guess, since it was actually portuguese, then it was actually a lucky guess.Avatar Image says: You know I thought it was a body at first too, but there's no way they'd spoil that so soon, I concur with t-vey, looks like a desk with a book on it. But it seems like an unusually tall desk, I don't recognize it at all...Avatar Image says: Woah Jeebus, talk about your shoulder pads of doom xDAvatar Image says: It looks like shes upset. Also no robes, more like dress clothes. She has her hand inside the box/desk. There's something in it you can see the edges of it coming up higher than the wood. The box/desk isn't long or wide enough to be a casket. I'm thinking that this is a still from a added part. The director has already said that the funeral isn't going to be in the film. Maybe, this is part of a end of term ceremony. McGonagall is headmistress now that DD is dead, she would conduct it.??????? They've got to find a way to go from DD's death to the end, without the funeral. Avatar Image says: Looks just like I did on Halloween! Talk of which, vote McGonagall (Irvin) at Mugglenet's Costume Contest before it's too late!Avatar Image says: Once again, I'm drawn to Ron's arms in the nextdoor pic! LOL!Avatar Image says: im not sure what it is, it doesn't look quite right to be a desk or a casket, perhaps a impromptu memorial of some sort but there is nothing the in pic to show that, and its definately not the headmaster's office that Mc Gonagall is standing in, just not really enough inthe pic to positively identify what the msytery object is or whats happening in it, but i do agree by the worn out, pained lok on her face id say its after Dumbledore's death Avatar Image says: go on maggie XD looking rather stressed and worn down there. and thankyou Beth A, i could only see the little tiny pic until i read your comment ;D just my thought but the wooden thing to the left looks like one of those tall things people make speeches from?? like in church or whatever. normally with a book on to be read from?? and agreed with Gweneth, i liked the pictures.. made it look nicer.. Avatar Image says: Just a question... Don't know if anyone can answer me. I had read that Dame Maggie Smith had breast cancer not too long ago. I'm pretty sure I read it on this site. Does anyone know if she's better? Is she in remission yet? I hope so...Avatar Image says: She looks so stern! I can't wait to see the movie! I miss the pic's on the posts too!Avatar Image says: next week, i.e NOV. 21,was the original release date of harry potter and the 1/2 blood prince.I ABSOLUTELY LOATH THE WARNER BROS. omg 8 months to wait!!!!!!!!!!!. they could release some more pics. if they had a bit of decency. this one's AWESOME though.i was desperate for nov. 21 four months ago.Avatar Image says: one last thing,I HATE WARNER BROTHERSAvatar Image says: i think its definately after dumbledore has died. i thort at first it was dumbledores podium but its far too long. might be the staff tableAvatar Image says: Not too sure on the costume, it doesn't look very authentic, and were's the hat? It's been missing for about 2 films. And she is supposed to be wearing amerald robes, like the first two movies. The little things.... Anyway, it's not maggie's fault, she is great as Minnie. I hope she portrays minnie kicking ass in the battle of hogwarts in the last film. Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh. JOEY!, I think you may be right. Everything fits. She's wearing the same clothes, there's snow in the background, and the podium thing looks the same in both pictures. It has to be the scene with the necklace!Avatar Image says: Her hand is behind something in this picture though, rather than flat on a table like the opal necklace one. =/ I thought it might be Dumbledore's casket at first, but I think it looks like she's ascending a staircase.Avatar Image says: I agree with JOEY!. This is the opal necklace scene.Avatar Image says: I wonder where this photo is in the movie? I mean what big bits are the with the big MAvatar Image says: I love McG so much. The makeup on her is fantastic. She looks much older and sleep-deprived. Poor thing. I can't wait :)Avatar Image says: Robes not authentic? Her robes in the first two movies were awful. Boring, plain, simplistic. Looked like she just wore a green curtain.Avatar Image says: Oh play us a tune there McGonagall!! Totally looks like a piano. I agree with gweneth on page one, where's the news article pictures Leaky? looks boring without itAvatar Image says: it looks like a dumbledore's coffin i think Avatar Image says: Dame Maggie Smith has breast cancer and had surgery and chemo, things look good. She has not made an official statement about this, an unknow friend made the statement. If you search for maggie smith has breast cancer in your web search box, you can read about it yourself.Avatar Image says: I was wondering how she is doing. I hope she is better because she is an amazing actress. I hope she is healthy enough to film deathly hallows. We love you maggie, hope you beat that terrible Cancer!!! Avatar Image says: Wow it's so cool when my name is mentioned in the posts! =] but yeah anyways. it is the necklace scene. its so exciting.Avatar Image says: At this rate, we want have to see the movie because so many pictures keep coming outAvatar Image says: this is gotta be after dumbers dies and she looking sadly at his desk. gotta be

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