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Nov 10, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As we reported previously actor Dan Radcliffe was to be a guest on NBC’s The Today Show this morning, and the video of this new interview (Update) is now available here in our video galleries. In the short interview (runs approx 4:21) Dan discusses working on the play Equus, where he notes he does not read the reviews for his work. Unfortunately, only the slightest of mentions is made at the very end seconds of the interview regarding the upcoming Harry Potter films, with no time left for comments from Dan on the movies.

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Avatar Image says: I'll admit, that interview was pretty crappy. I watched it on TV this morning. They asked him the same old stuff, "Why'd you choose this role? How do you feel about the nudity?" etcAvatar Image says: And so where I work the security protocols are such that I cannot access any outside videos unless, maybe, they are from a trusted local news source....and my personal laptop has a dead monitor. Great luck right?! Either way if I go by the Leaky text I have to say that it is a good thing that HP is only mentioned very, very briefly at the end of the interview. HP was not the subject here, Dan in Equus was. If HP gets mentioned a lot in his interviews for other projects, he will not be able to avoid the typecasting as easily as he could with less HP mention. I, obviously, along with everybody here I'm sure, would love to constantly hear about HP from its actors, but that is not the reality and I'm glad people/interviewers/fans are letting Dan grow into his adult acting career.Avatar Image says: i agree with Aubrey. It was an interview about Equus, but Dan did note that Alan and Harry aren't too far apart, Harry having melted Voltermorts face in the first film.I like the fact these current batch of interviews concentrate on Equus, they've been very mature interviews. Dan has come across relaxed and comfortable.Avatar Image says: i'm gonna see this play one day. Anne Curry is a DanRad fangirl. <3Avatar Image says: I watched it and the questions were pretty much what have been asked in the past, however, the people on this site have probably seen more of Daniel Radcliffe's interviews than the public at large - so, to many Today Show viewers - it was probably new stuff. Dan seemed relaxed in this interview (he'll always be a "fast talker" I think), and it just comes across so much how committed to his profession he is, and how much he wants to perfect his craft. He looks young, but his work ethic seems like that of a much older person. By the way - he looked pretty handsome in this interview, I think it was the hair.Avatar Image says: I saw the play two weeks ago and was blown away by the performance given by Dan. At no point did I find myself thinking that this was Harry Potter I was watching. What I did think was more along the lines of my God, this young man can act. If there is justice, he should get at least a Tony nomination, if not win the award. If you are old enough and mature enough, the subject matter of this show is very complex, raw, and not for children, I urge you to see this show. As Dan said, this is more of a why did he do it instead of a who dunnit. Some people may not be too comfortable with the why or the journey taken by the actors to get to that answer. You may leave the theator feeling uneasy about the story you have just witnessed but the performances are something anyone who loves the stage should not miss. I confess, I wish he had been asked something other then the standard getting naked questions. The show is so much more then the nude scene. How does one get so deeply inside the mind of such a damaged human being and convey that to a live audience without making the character a monster or a cartoonish freak? So many good questions left unasked just so Ann Curry could ask Dan about taking his clothes off. I swear, Dan should just do the interviews naked and get it over with. Avatar Image says: @ Sharon: "So many good questions left unasked just so Ann Curry could ask Dan about taking his clothes off. I swear, Dan should just do the interviews naked and get it over with." I agree entirely with your sentiment, but I was ROTFLMAO over the wording, LOL, you are too right! :)Avatar Image says: Obviously DR isn't obsessed with HP, we must abduct him and brainwash him. Then the terrorists will go away and the millennium bug will be caught and killed. ^_^Avatar Image says: Watched it and it was a rehash. I don't really pay much attention to actors these days, but i must say that Dan's matured a lot in the last few years, and i hope he continues to do the right thing and to make his choices, he might just be a good "Hollywood Kid" story if he keeps it up.Avatar Image says: Sharon, You are so right about the Equus performance. I got to see it last month and was blown away by Dan and the entire production. I'm getting to go again on Friday and looking forward to watching for more details that I may have missed as it's so complex. I knew the play very well before going to see it but Thea (the director) has gotten so much more out of the written word. And all of the cast are tremendous. And yes - quite obvious Anne is a Dangirl! But I love that about her. Given that - I wish it had been longer and that she had given him more time to talk. I did like the comparison Dan made about Harry and Alan. There is some validity in that. I always wondered why Harry didn't seem more traumitzed by killing someone with his bare hands at the age of 11. Quite gruesome if you think about it. Last - I wouldn't object to naked interviews by Dan - but you know I'd only watch them for the discussion!Avatar Image says: ROFLMAO, tim! I keep wondering why every single interview HAS to include a mention of HP. The world does not revolve by Patronus alone!Avatar Image says: I saw Equus last weekend. WONDERFUL performances all around! Dan has grown so much as an actor. The story was VERY INTENSE. Dan did a beautiful job!!!!!Avatar Image says: I totally agree with Sharon's post. I saw the play in September and was blown away by his and the other actors performances. They were awesome! This was my first play ever and I am so glad that I got a chance to see it! You can see how much Dan has grown in his acting and I just know that more wonderful parts are out there with his name on them. I never saw him as Harry Potter in the play; it was just Dan doing his very best performance in what he loves to do! We are so fortunate to have someone (Dan) that is quite versatile in the parts that he plays as well as the other actors that were in it. I will say that Richard Griffins was quite awesome himself in this play as well as all the others. He had the biggest part to play with more dialog than anyone other than Dan. He did an outstanding job! It does seem that all the reporters and most of the fans still think of the nudity scene which really doesn't tell the story of the play. Once you see it, you will finally understand the part of the nudity but you really don't notice it once you get ingrossed in the story. Outstanding play with outstanding actors! What more could anyone want!Avatar Image says: Nice beard DanAvatar Image says: wow...he's beautiful! more than ever! I love him;)Avatar Image says: Yeah, I pretty much agree with everything Sharon said in her post. After seeing the play, I am so shocked that people focus *that much* on Dan's nudity. It's absolutely integral to the plot, and it's not even for that long. I mean NO ONE ever mentioned that his co-star Anna gets naked too, LOL! It was my first broadway play too and I loved it! Dan and the rest of the cast are immensely talented. Of course when I got back to work *everyone* asked me if I saw Dan naked before they asked me how the play was. ;)Avatar Image says: Whoa! Dan looks more a man here than a teen. And the longer hair makes him look more handsome. Not really a fan of the short hair. And this interview is an abbreviated verison of the real interview. Maybe they cut out the funny parts.Avatar Image says: I thought the interviewer was awful! She kept asking questions and then not waiting for Dan to answer, she cut across and interrupted. Wish interviewers would just shut up some and then maybe we'd get some novel answers. I also thought it was very patronising of HER to lean over and congratulate HIM on being such a great young man - I mean, who's the star here?!! Dan has proved himself with a bunch of great and varied performances on film, tv and stage, and she has no place being so condescending to someone of his acting stature. I wish he had leaned over and patted her on the head and said something like, "And you're a sweet young lady, really, I'm amazed you've got your head screwed on right, honey."!! Avatar Image says: I agree, Sienna, he looked like an adult, no longer a teen. A handsome adult, too, I'd say. And I don't know, pottershrink, I think it was kind of sweet (but maybe I'm being condescending). He has done well, and seems to have retained a sweet nature through it all. That is remarkable and he deserves a pat on the back for that.Avatar Image says: I don't think adults can help themselves pottershrink - Dan just seems like such an incredibly sweet guy. People aren't really being condescending - remember - 19 is still very young to an adult, and people are just impressed with his humility and the charming way in which he handles himself. You always think - what a great role model.Avatar Image says: *Sharon* "So many good questions left unasked just so Ann Curry could ask Dan about taking his clothes off. I swear, Dan should just do the interviews naked and get it over with." Have seen him twice in Equus and please could they just get past the nudity thing. He hates those questions. And *Lermon* "I agree entirely with your sentiment, but I was ROTFLMAO over the wording, LOL, you are too right! :)" You know what I think and have you worn your shirt yet. I love having Dan's naked torso on mine! LOL Avatar Image says: YAY DAN!!! I absolutely love him as an actor and as a person in general. He just seems like such a great person to be around. I want to see Equus so bad! I've seen clips of it online and just those couple of minutes was enough to give me chills. I've always thought Dan was a great actor, but he just keeps getting better and better. I can't believe they're all grown up now!! Dan is doing Equus, Rupert has two upcoming independent films, Emma is about to go to COLLEGE! I can't believe it!!Avatar Image says: AH! Hahahaha, *Rhiannon*! LOL I stare at it every chance I get. :) The best gift ever, for sure! I just watched this interview again, and I was struck again by the fact that he really is all grown up. It made me sort of teary, actually, LOL, but he looks amazing and sounds fantastic. I love that he has remained so grounded and just... NICE (and Emma and Rupert, too.) I am so happy for him and the successes he has worked so hard for. I wish him all the best in everything he ever takes on in the future. He will always be Harry to me first, but it is great to see him in other roles and to know that once HP is finished he is not going to disappear from the screen or stage. He has a long, exciting career in front of him. There is a quick second in that interview, when she asks about the nudity, that I swear he had to rein in a little impatience. I am sure as an actor of his caliber it gets very annoying to have to keep answering about that instead of being able to answer an intelligent question about such serious work. But he still smiled and answered professionally. I just admire him so much as a person and an actor. And, on a totally physical note... I REALLY hope they keep the scruffier look for DH. :) He needs to look a little bad a** for that one!

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