“Harry, A History” Makes New York Times Bestseller List


Nov 12, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

On Sunday, the New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller List will include Harry, A History. It will debut there at number 18 (a very lucky number in my, and many other people’s, family).

It’s tempting to say a lot right here. I’ll save that for the website; for now, I’ll just say thank you Leaky people, who have been buying it and talking about it and… and everything else. You can’t expect me to think like a writer right now. Thank you. Thank YOU.

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Avatar Image says: Made of awesome! :) Way to go, yepeee!Avatar Image says: Do you know any international sales numbers? I've seen multiple book stores sell it here, which I didn't know it would. So at least one sold in Sweden. :)Avatar Image says: Hurray! I expect it to keep selling well for a while as "everyone else" hears how great it is!Avatar Image says: WOW, congrats Melissa! This is amazing <33 You deserve itAvatar Image says: WOW!!! Congratulations Melissa. That's fantastic. You must be just floating right now. I got mine, but work has not allowed me much time to do any reading. Expect to start it (and finish it) over the weekend. Avatar Image says: I started reading on a long airplane ride and I love it so far. It brings back so many memories. It also reminds me that HP has been so much more than a good read. It reminds me of our sense of community and the feeling that I've been a part of history . I am getting nostalgic for the insane and never-ending (until 7-21-07) speculation around plot points. Thanks for the trip, Melissa. Avatar Image says: I just finished it! It was a great book and the best HP companion book I've ever read! Congratulations Melissa!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! I started reading it and it's great so far! I can't wait to finish it!Avatar Image says: It's great! I read it over the weekend. Well done!Avatar Image says: CONGRATULATIONS, Melissa!!!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!!! I got the book last week and its great. I started reading it in Barnes and Noble and didnt stop till it closed and they kicked me ou then i took it home and kept on reading. What a truly wonderful book, it captures what its truly like to be apart of this wonderful fandom. Thank you for such an amazing book! I'm putting it on my shelf right next to my HP books!Avatar Image says: SO many congratulations, Melissa! You totally, totally, deserve it!Avatar Image says: THAT IS SO AMAZING MELISSA I <3 U AND UR BOOK!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHH! Congrats Melissa, you deserve it. you are my heroAvatar Image says: I very much enjoyed your book. Well done!!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!Avatar Image says: Congratulations!!! You deserve it!Avatar Image says: A. MAZE. ING. just like you!! <3 Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! This is amazing!Avatar Image says: Way to go Melissa!Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa! :) That's awesome! I got your book in the mail last Thursday and had finished it by Friday night. It's amazing, and I don't think anyone could have captured the fandom experience better than you. It really sums up the "era" we've gone through (which is why I've placed it right next to Deathly Hallows on my bookshelf), and it truly makes me proud to be a part of this fandom. :)Avatar Image says: That is so awesome Melissa!!! Congrats!!! Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! I can't believe that you made it to the list! This is totally amazing! Congrats! Avatar Image says: Melissa, this is so awesome! I can't even imagine how surreal this must be for you. I read your book and enjoyed it to the enth degree. I wish I could say more, however Post's comments are an insufficient medium. Best of luck in everything! Avatar Image says: omigodomigodomigodomigodomigod! CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA! THAT IS TREMEDOUS! I was lapping up your book all day at school today; I admire you so much! You really have become a role model for me! Congratulations!!!!!!!! And thank you! I just can't say either of those things enough.Avatar Image says: I bought the book last week and didn't want to put it down...alas work got in the way and didn't finish it until Sunday. I LOVED IT!!! I'm giving it as Christmas gifts to all my family members who are Harry Potter fans. My youngest daughter was 10 or 11 when the first book came out and by the time GOF was out I decided to see what all the hoopla was about. I been hooked ever since...so is my oldest daughter (she's your age) and son-in law. We have had so much fun discussing plot lines, desperately waiting for the next books and lamenting the end of the series. Your book helped fill a Harry Potter void left after Deathly Hallows and I'm so happy that it has made the New York Times best seller list...I didn't think there would be any doubt about that! Congratulations!Avatar Image says: I repeat, It is not you who must thank us. It is for us, the grateful readers of your work to extend our thanks to you for your unflaging dedication to the world of Harry Potter. You have helped us digest the huge volumes of canon, and to examine the most minute of details of his world. You, and you alone, have earned the trust and faith of our favorite author and provided us with insights we could have gotten no other way. Thank you Melissa for Harry, A History. And thank you for Leaky as well. Thank you for being you. OMTAvatar Image says: What an amazing accomplishment Melissa...CONGRATS!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! I read the book last week when I got it and it was wonderful. My mother bought me another copy thinking I didn't have it. lol I'm donating it to our public library. Keep up the good work Melissa! : )Avatar Image says: Thank you Melissa!! Your book is amazing!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa! I'm so happy for you!Avatar Image says: which list is it considered part of? the regular adult list?Avatar Image says: Congrats, Melissa! The book is AMAZING. <3Avatar Image says: Congrats, Melissa! The book is AMAZING. <3Avatar Image says: this is so amazing. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: This is so great! Congratulations Melissa!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Already said congrats on the HaH site, but I'll say it here too. This is awesome. I hope the book continues to sell well.Avatar Image says: My friend promissed me she will bring me one copy of your book when she goes to New York! I live in Brazil and wanted to buy the book online from Amazon.... but she wants to buy me a copy (and one for her, of course), so I'll just have to be patient... but I can't wait to read your book Melissa!! Congratulations to you!! \o/Avatar Image says: CONGRATULATIONS Melissa!!! I'm about 1/2 way into "HaH" now. I became an HP fanatic less than 3 years ago, so it's great to read about all the craziness that I missed.Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa. My book was delivered last night....now if I can just get these kids to bed I can dig in. I know it will be great! You deserve this.....you worked hard for it!Avatar Image says: Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations! That is such a great honor! I've enjoyed the book so far! Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa! I love the book and I'm glad to see it being acknowledged for how great it is!Avatar Image says: Terrific news, Melissa! I love your book and am looking forward to reading it a second time and many more times after that! Great book!Avatar Image says: Way to go Melissa!!!!!!! I got the book and was done in 36 hours. I expected it to be great, but it managed to exceed my expectations. Well done!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! Your book is amazing!!!Avatar Image says: Fantastic! Congratulations, Melissa. Your book is on my Christmas wish list:) Avatar Image says: Melissa, it is such a great read! I cant stop gushing over it and have totally convinced friends to go out and buy it. Congratulations on your success. Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa - you deserve all of the accolades for sharing this work with us.Avatar Image says: More congrats, Melissa!Avatar Image says: Wow! congrats! I've bought my copy, but havent gotten to read it yet. Can't wait though :)Avatar Image says: No, Melissa, thank ??YOU??! I wish I could think like a writer and come up with the words to explain just how much I loved Harry, A History, but nothing seems to truly capture the feeling. I literally laughed and cried while reading. And I was torn between feeling so happy and so grateful for having joined the fandom when I did, and feeling so sad that I hadn't come into it earlier because I missed so many great moments (I didn't read the books until the January after HBP was released.) Most of all, though, Harry, A History reaffirmed my love for all things HP - I'm already looking forward to rereading it, since I flew through so quickly the first time. Congratulations on the success of the book - it is very well-deserved!Avatar Image says: CONGRATS!!! All your hard work is paying off. Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! you deserve it. I'll be buying the book this weekend; can't wait to read it!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa!Avatar Image says: Good job Melissa! I can't wait to get it!Avatar Image says: Good job Melissa! I can't wait to get it!Avatar Image says: THANK YOU, Melissa!!! The book was amazing and the Best Seller list is extremely well deserved! Congratulations!!!!!Avatar Image says: Melissa,I believe it's okay to say " I told you so". I did so in Detroit to be exact. You said "from your mouth to God's ear". I guess He was listening. Honestly how could you have missed. You may not be the most all knowing Harry expert ( some kid in Toronto is) but you are the Queen of the fandom and you know your realm. Can't wait to see it at number one. Thank you.Avatar Image says: I got the book early, and haven't had the "courage" to read it yet, because I know that I will cry..I've followed your journey for nearly eight years now, and even though I don't know you, personally, I feel that I do. I'm sure you understand. I am old enough to be your mom, (and also have have a daughter in journalism) and I am exceedingly proud of your acheivements, and thankful, for your sharing all of your experiences with us. Congratulations, and God bless, Melissa. Enjoy your your well earned sucess.! L.D Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!! I can't wait to read it and I am sure I will enjoy it greatly! Well done!!Avatar Image says: omg CONGRATULATIONS, Melissa! I can't wait to get my copy. I watched you reading from it on youtube and started crying at the tabby cat part. Oh man. I can't wait to read the rest!! and 18 is my lucky number too :)Avatar Image says: Congradulations Melissa! The book was incredible, it made me cry and laugh and just relect on this fandom. You deserve this. Avatar Image says: Already commented on facebook, but I think this is worth two comments...Congratulations! You are amazing! You turned being a fan into a best selling book! And by the way, it is a GREAT book. I keep wanting to send you an email about how wonderful I think it is, but I'm going to wait until I'm ALL finished! Should be quite soon :-)Avatar Image says: Just received my copy today. Congrats Melissa and thank you so much! You deserve this. :)Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa! I'm very happy for you that you've had your dream come true. You deserve it after all your hard work. :-)Avatar Image says: AWESOME POSSUM FTW. I am so excited Melissa! (even though my book, which I ordered almost two weeks ago hasn't arrived yet grumblegrumble) Congrats!! :-DAvatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! I can't wait to get my copy. But from I read around the net I think it's going to be very popular because you and Jo Rowling admit that Harry and Hermione should have happened. Avatar Image says: Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I'm only : ( about 1/4 the way through and would be further if I didn't have to actually do school work. It's been a great read so far!! Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa!!!!!! :) Is 'Harry, a history' on sale in Australia?Avatar Image says: "because you and Jo Rowling admit that Harry and Hermione should have happened". Oh dear, the delusion continues.Avatar Image says: congrats! i love the book and i've made sure to recommend it to my other potterheads!Avatar Image says: haven't got the book yet, will sometime, probably before my next holiday (new zealand, from england, so i'll be stocking up on books ^_^) congratulations! Avatar Image says: what, my smily face turned into a -- on my last comment, thats meant to be a ;D lol.Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa, that's wonderful news! Your book isn't just fun to read (which it certainly is); it's also a highly professional, skillfully written, well-researched historical document that will be a primary source for scholars and journalists for decades to come.Avatar Image says: lol!! Well Jim... I guess we all know this (delusion) will never go away. But it's all good fun, isn't it? What would be of the fandom if we couldn't have this kind of argument? I'm all for Harry and Ginny, by the way! =pAvatar Image says: Yes Thio, it is good fun. I just hope Dorothy and others aren't too upset when they realise Jo Rowling said Harry and Hermione could have happened NOT should have.Avatar Image says: Wow! That is freakin awesome! OMG! Congrats to you, Melissa! Just keeps getting better, doesn't it?!Avatar Image says: Yeah! What a great accomplishment. Take a moment to enjoy the success, Melissa, you deserve it.Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa, on a great book. I pre-ordered it some months ago and it arrived last week. I enjoy it tremendously. It's a very well done companion book, great for all of us who have joined late in the HP saga (after book 3 for me). You totally deserve the success of this book after all the hard work that went into it and your comittment to the fans on this site.Best regards, Urs, Switzerland.Avatar Image says: Congrats! I can see how it made bestseller, our Barnes and Noble was almost sold out when I got mine.Avatar Image says: I work at Target and i was looking through the books the other day and i saw your book. I got so excited because i come to your website every day. I wanted to start jumping up and down but i figured the customers would think i was strange. Congrats!!!! :)Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa! I picked it up yesterday on my way to work and I cant put it down! Thank you for writing this book, I really appreciate all the hardwork and effort and how you poured your soul into it. It really shines!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa!!!Avatar Image says: Awww, yay!! Congrats Melissa! Amazing book!Avatar Image says: Woooooo !!! Can;t wait to read it :D:D 6 days !!Avatar Image says: Melissa, I've just finished reading the book, and I'm still all teary-eyed. I think what made it so good was that you weren't just telling your story, but OUR story as well, all the fans who've gone along on this amazing ride with you. I've been more of a lurker here on Leaky than a participating member, but hardly a day has gone by in the past few years that I haven't stopped in to check the latest news and see what everyone is talking about. You and Leaky made it all so personal for us. Thank you--and congratulations on getting on the NYT bestseller list. I'm so proud of you I could bust! PS--I can't tell you how tickled I am that Jo has a TLC sticker in her office. I've got one on my car, not far above my HP-themed licence plate. *grins*Avatar Image says: Melissa, from the first page I felt like I was reliving some of the most rewarding times of my reading life. What a great journey Jo has given us and you are walking us all through it again. This book was a terrific idea - to take a step back and remember and analyze and delight in the Harry Potter experience. Thank you so much and all of the congratulations in the world to you! You deserve it.Avatar Image says: I just wanted to add my congrats. I am currently reading your book, rather slowly, unfortunately, as time allows, but I love it. You not only know your subject, but you really opened your life up for all to see. In addition, you are a great writer. Don't ever give that up!Avatar Image says: Hi Melissa, Congrats on your bestselling book... hope you write more.. Anyway, do you know if it will be released in the Philippines? Thanks and more powerAvatar Image says: Congratulations! I bet it will rise to a higher number ;) 18 is amazing though! I can't wait to read it when it comes. Everything I've heard on PotterCast and youtube has been amazing. We fans are so proud of you, Melissa! Thank you!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa!! That's fantastic!!Avatar Image says: Good Job Melissa!!! the book was so great i feel like you told all of our stories. It meant alot. You wrote a bestseller, way to go you're awesome!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm almost finished with your book Melissa. I love it!Avatar Image says: I stopped at Borders on my way to work the other day and picked up a copy. I was in a hurry, so I was about to ask the lady at the counter what section your book was in and I saw it was right in front of my face on the "Best Sellers" table!! I about peed my pants with excitement! I am so happy for you Melissa... It felt like a moment of celebration for all of the fandom :)Avatar Image says: YOU GO GIRL!!!!!Avatar Image says: Malissa--That's ROCKIN!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I just bought your book yesterday ,haven't yet had time to start reading it but was just told how GOOD it is by a friend who also just read it. Am looking forward to it. WOW! what a accomplishment!!!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa!!Avatar Image says: Jim, That's precisely right!! I remember thinking the exact same think when I read the word "should".Avatar Image says: AHHH! That's amazing, Melissa, congrats! I was waiting to hear news like this! SQUEEE!!! : )Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa. Once uni work stops for the term I cant wait to be reading your bookAvatar Image says: Well done Melissa! I have just this minute ordered my copy from Amazon, and have had it gift wrapped to myself, along with the special edition of Beedle the Bard!!! It's a Christmas present to myself after what has been a very difficult year. I hope to be able to sit on my hands and not open them until Christmas Eve, so that then a whole potterverse treat will be there fore me once my children are in bed!!!!! Best wishes and congratulations, AvaAvatar Image says: That is awesome, you rock, congrats! I'll be picking it up this weekend. I can't wait. :)Avatar Image says: That is awesome, you rock, congrats! I'll be picking it up this weekend. I can't wait. :)Avatar Image says: Omg CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Soooooo cool!Avatar Image says: I LOVED HARRY, A HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!! : D I was to little and my mom so controlling I never knew about wizard rock, (or anything else that happened "before")now im addicted. HARRYAND THE POTTERS 4EVER!!!!!!!!!! I was here for the long stretches for book 4-5 and all the rest, they were killer, and I HATE SPOILERS!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Avatar Image says: Dear Melissa, congratulations from Brazil! Yep, I'm from Rio de Janeiro and I just got my copy delivered. It's great so far. Congratulations and may this one be the first of many. Avatar Image says: Melissa Oh Melissa, I am so happy for you. I love your book. I had to wait for payday to get your book, and then I got really sick. I finally got it 2 days ago. It's so good. I read it until I can't keep my eyes open. It brings back so many memories. Congratulations.Avatar Image says: Bought my copy last weekend and am enjoying it very much! Congrats, Melissa!! Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa!! I'm about 2/3 of the way done and loving it!Avatar Image says: Well done Melissa. Im half way through the book and im enjoying it very much. Thanks for writing it.Avatar Image says: The book is just FAB !!! Congratulations !!!!Avatar Image says: Congrats!!! Melissa, i'm in Australia so I haven't got my copy yet but i can't wait!! I'm sure everyone will agree with me and say we are so proud that you have this great honour!! Keep up the good work and hopefully you will come downunder for a book signing.Avatar Image says: Soooo amazing! Ha ha your book inspired me to right my research paper in English 101 about how the harry potter hysteria has formed a sub-culture of its own. Well actually I came up with it before I found out about your book and I went to the bookstore and saw it and was like "now I HAVE to write it about that". Your writing style really draws the reader in. A lot of the stuff you talk about in it seems so similar to my own experiences. May Harry Potter live forever and may you and leaky be right behind him! With a dollop of love and a teaspoon of fan girl, Kat North CarolinaAvatar Image says: You deserve this Melissa! I just finished the book and LOVED it. As a fan, I felt like you were speaking directly to my heart in some places, rather than from yours. So cool! Avatar Image says: Congratulations Melissa! For the record, I'm Argentinian, live in Germany, and I got your book through Amazon. I'm loving it. I just finished the chapter where you interviewed Laura Mallory and frankly, I admire your patience —or perplexity, or whichever other emotion that kept you from grabbing her from the back of the neck and bang her head on the table. Kudos!

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