Evanesco! Harry Potter Books Often Stolen From Libraries in Scotland


Nov 13, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Several articles out today, detailing books that are frequently stolen from libraries in Scotland. The Edinburgh Evening News reports that topping the list are books from the Harry Potter series. “New figures reveal JK Rowling’s works are not only the country’s top sellers, but also top for being thieved. Children’s author Jacqueline Wilson’s books and DVLA driving theory books are second and third. Taxpayers are footing the bill, which amounted to £223,463 last year.”

The Daily Record also reports that curiously, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets tops the list of books stolen, with the paper also quoting officials on how they are dealing with the growing problem of missing books. Edinburgh City Libraries boss Martin Hinds said members are “vigorously pursued” for the return of books. He said: “We send people reminders and take other steps but if someone’s going to steal, we can take action. ”

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Avatar Image says: I no i shudnt really laugh at this but i have to :) The article makes it sound as if people here get bored one day, fancy reading the hp books, cant find their own copies so they just pop down to their local library and nick them. Or maybe thats just my daft impression :P Avatar Image says: lol it's all those mental people who think that it's evil, they going to make a big pile and burn them. Or maybe sniffy business people who are too ashamed to go up to a counter and pay for a kids book? Come on guys, just go on Amazon if it's that embarrassing. Hahha.Avatar Image says: hmm... it's chamber of secrets that keeps going missing... It must be that people lose their copy, and seeings as it's just CoS, they just steal it rather than buying another one... just kidding. I actually really like CoS. It's just notoriously the least-popular Potter book according to the people I've talked to, not for anything bad but for lack of anything to raise it above the rest. ;)Avatar Image says: I know if were a child, the front cover of CoS would attract my attention the most. Two boys in a flying car..cool! I remember picking up a book with a cover showing a boy flying inside a very big trophy cup. The book was called The Flying Classroom. I was disappointed that the classroom didn't fly, not even the boy and the trophy, it was just a drama. So a good cover can really sell a book. The reason HP is the most stolen is simply because it is the most borrowed. When the libraries say stolen, it seems to me they mean "not returned" as opposed to being shoplifted. In that case, who ever didn't return the book should not be allowed to borrow any more books. They then say they will "vigorously pursue" the members. What for and how? The administration cost to do that cost more than the book so why cant they just ban them? Avatar Image says: it is real cool in a way cuz luk at d amount man !!!!!!! it looks like chamber of secrets is really popular even though i used to thing it was boring !!! ok so i have to go off the web so i can steal a hp2 for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!! hp ROX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i am just waiting 4 d 6 th movie cuz dis ones special 4 me !!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!Avatar Image says: Linny may be on to something, Mallory is behind it all!Avatar Image says: does it mean like people who check out a book and never take it back? or just get it and run? considering CoS doesn't cost much at all i'm guessing Linny's right and they don't wanna buy a kids book.. i guess thats why they do all that kids cover or adult cover stuff, to make adults feel like they're not reading a "kids" book. haha. come on guys, just shout it loud and proud "i love HP"Avatar Image says: to jen. i agree. they're probably all middle-aged men with wifes and children but are to ashamed to admit that they read Harry Potter. lolAvatar Image says: OMG! Almost died laughing reading this story. I have to wonder if they are not being stolen by kids who's families deem Jo's work as "Satanic". Not for burning them, but for reading. Growing up in a Pentacostal church, EVERYTHING was "Satanic". There was always a kid or two (usually the preachers kids) who always managed to have books or other items that were forbidden. We always flocked to them to read, look at or watch whatever item it happened to be that was "forbidden" that was going to send us "straight to hell"! I guess there's just something about living under severe religious oppression and/or being told you can't do or have that makes people rebel. I truely hope that censorship is the problem to this thievery and that it is not people stealing them because they are too LAME to go out and buy it for themselves. Or even worse, burning them because they find it offensive and take it upon themselves to "save" the worlds polulation by destroying perfectly good books. Of course, this CoS book being thieved more than the rest of the HP books is curious...Avatar Image says: yeah its probably because HP is one of the most borrowed books, so therefore it is going to be the highest in the not returned category. The first HP books are smaller and drop down the side of the bed to oblivion easier, so maybe thats why CoS was the highest on the list. I'm just imagining Scottish Christian Radicals doing raids on the library! (not that being Scottish makes it funny. Scotts are awesome)Avatar Image says: JKR made fun of the rude notes that libraries send asking for books back in PS/SS (pg 30 UK edition). I think its kind of funny that someone would get a rude note about not returning an HP book, in which the author makes fun of rude library notices!Avatar Image says: lol, now there's a funny list to be number one of!Avatar Image says: @ Stefan M ..Or stolen by middle-aged men with wife and children who keep stealing his copy to read it themselves, so he has to go out and get the book again! ;-)Avatar Image says: emmy haha! i could just imagine that....Avatar Image says: I don't know why someone would want to steal harry potter books that is absoulty revolting that someone would try something like that. I hope they stop soonAvatar Image says: Or they get smaller and smaller, and disappear, like some "mugglekeys"... But of course most don't believe in magic so they prefer to think it was stolen :))Avatar ImageThegreenunicorn says: I have to give it an LOL. The books are so amazing that people without a copy hav to steal them. Personally, the books derserve it. I would be honored if any of my books are stolen!!

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