LeakyCon Proposal Submissions Open!


Nov 16, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Today LeakyCon, our fan conference set for Boston, MA, next May (21-24), has opened submissions for presentations and programming.

If you have an idea on a topic of Harry Potter canon; an idea for a presentation on a character, theme, moral, or event from the series; a tutorial on a particular Harry Potter creation; or even your own personal, unique story related to the Harry Potter series, we want to hear it. To submit your programming ideas, choose from the options listed below to provide us with an idea of what you have in mind. By filling out this short form, you will be giving us information on the presenters, the type of presentation you are planning, and everything you will need make your presentation perfect. The deadline for submitting your proposal is February 1, 2009.

The programming for LeakyCon is divided into three different tracks: Academic, Informal, and, a first for any Harry Potter conference, Youth. Academic Programming will focus on book canon and presentations centered on enlightening and inspiring others. Informal Programming will feature programming on lighter subjects and bring more lightheartedness and fun to our conference. Youth Programming will be geared specifically to those attendees who are between the ages of 14-18, providing them with presentations and programming specific to their interests while fostering an environment of community involvement. If you have an idea, lecture, programming thesis, or activity that could fit into one of our LeakyCon programming tracks, please click here to start the submission process for ACADEMIC programming, or click here for INFORMAL or YOUTH programming.

LeakyCon 2009 aims to bring together all aspects of the fandom for a weekend of fun, learning, and, above all, giving back. All proceeds from LeakyCon 2009 will benefit Book Aid International and the Harry Potter Alliance, two charities close to our hearts and who have worked tirelessly in the previous years in the fandom. Information on this aspect of our conference, along with everything else LeakyCon related, can be found on the LeakyCon website.

As a reminder, registration for LeakyCon 2009 is open and can be purchased via this link. Registrations are going quickly, so do not wait to reserve your spot at The Leaky Cauldron’s first ever Harry Potter fan conference today. Discounts on registration are currently available as well; complete information can be found right here. Stay close to Leaky for the latest news from LeakyCon 2009.

See you there!

17 Responses to LeakyCon Proposal Submissions Open!

Avatar Image says: I wish I could go!!!!!!! I bet its gonna be epic. Stupid far away-ness. But I know we'll hear about it! :) Avatar Image says: Excellent! I don't have a submission myself, but I can't wait to start hearing about the offerings that are accepted. :)Avatar Image says: The ticket link doesn't work :(Avatar Image says: Submitted! O_OAvatar Image says: Thanks, Spencer V... we have our techies working on getting that link up and running. Meanwhile, if you go to the LeakyCon website, you can click on the tab marked "register" and go from there to get your ticket! Enjoy! Lisa QuestauthorAvatar Image says: The link is working for me, guys. Try again?Avatar Image says: Yup, it's working! Also, you made it 2008 one of the times. Yes, I pick nits more furiously than a crazed chimp. Man, I wish I could apparate... *cries*Avatar Image says: Grrr. Why May 21st? Why? I want to go so badly. : (Avatar Image says: I *just* wrote a paper for school about how Fawkes is a representation of faith, courage and resurrection. *goes to write abstract and submit*Avatar Image says: man everytime i see this trailer dude it makes me want to see the movie so much i mite have to read the book again for like the 10th time lolAvatar Image says: I wish it wasn't in the middle of the school year. I would love to be there :(Avatar Image says: why everythig has to be 18 and under? There are many HP fans over 21. that love to participate!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Picazo, you don't have to be under 18 to go to this event; we are simply having a seperate track for those 14 to 18 who are attending. The majority of people going to the conference will be over 18; I myself am in my 40's and I love going to HP conferences! There will be plenty for you to do; please join us!! lisa questauthorAvatar Image says: Lisa there is probably not that much to do at that meeting. because it won't be cool or anything you know it's boring there. KimberlyAvatar Image says: I want to be there soooo badly! :( So much money! :(Avatar Image says: Do people who end up presenting get a discount on registration? I ask this because the deadline for submissions is February 1st (which I assume means you won't find out if you've been accepted until after that) but the price goes up to $199 after February 1st too. I'd rather wait to sign up to see if I get accepted (as I'd like to submit a paper proposal) but I don't want to face a price-hike as a "penalty" if I do wait and then get accepted. Avatar ImageKylieandra says: Any idea when we will know if our proposals are accepted?

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