Get A Clue 7: Jingle Spells 2! ON SALE NOW!


Nov 23, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

It is our seventh Get a Clue fundraiser, and it is our best yet. Last year, for the holiday season, Leaky, in cooperation with 14 wizard rock bands, produced a charity compilation CD that raised more than $35,000 for literacy. So we are doing it again.

Presenting Jingle Spells 2, a bigger, better, more festive, more fun, more attitudinous, holiday wizard rock compilation. This time we have 18 songs, from old and new favorites. We said it last year (and you all seemed to agree) so we’ll say it again: even if you don’t like wizard rock, we are sure you’re going to love this. It is all-new music, form 18 bands. Buying the album is the only way to hear the music on it. It is a perfect holiday gift for yourself or anyone else you know that loves Harry Potter. It’s for a good cause, it’s inexpensive – it’s a holiday gift and a good deed all rolled into one.

This album is selling for $15, which includes shipping in the United States (there is a $3.60 surcharge for orders outside the U.S.). It is available for preorder NOW at this link, or just right here!


ALL PRE-ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED OUT IN THE FIRST OR SECOND WEEK IN DECEMBER. E-mails asking where your order is, before it is reasonable to expect your order has shipped, will not be returned. We are ONLY SELLING 1,800 copies. In Mid-December the album will become available on iTunes; buying a printed edition is the only way to get the original artwork (done by Frak!).

Remember: There is a LIMITED number of copies and fewer physical copies than last year (because of our crunched schedule) so get it now! Every penny of profit will go to aid the efforts of Book Aid to help promote literacy worldwide, and The HP Alliance to help realize the messages of Harry Potter in the real world.

Still not convinced you should order? Give the samples below a try.

Those who ordered copies last year will be getting a special e-mail shortly, so if you aren’t on that list, we strongly suggest ordering your copies NOW.



Listen to samples!


color=”#990000″> The Remus Lupins, “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to Good Cheer”

color=”#990000″>Gred and Forge, “Christmastime At School”

color=”#990000″>The Whomping Willows, “Let Me Be Your Christmas Tree”

color=”#990000″>The Moaning Myrtles, “Nargles in the Mistletoe”

color=”#990000″>Tonks and the Aurors, “Candle in the Window”

color=”#990000″>Catchlove feat. Danny Dementor, “It’s Still Snowing”

color=”#990000″>The Parselmouths, “Santa Don’t Judge Me”

color=”#990000″>The Mudbloods, “An Epic Christmas Tale, Chapter 2: Murder at the Top of the World”

color=”#990000″>Minstry of Magic, “12:05 a.m.”

color=”#990000″>Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls, “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear”

color=”#990000″>Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills, “Christmas at the Leaky with You”

color=”#990000″>Swish and Flick, “I’ve Been A Very Naughty Girl This Year”

color=”#990000″>Peeved, “A Ministry-Approved Christmas”

color=”#990000″>Roonil Wazlib, “The Mandrake’s Carol”

color=”#990000″>Draco and the Malfoys, “A Very Voldemort Christmas”

color=”#990000″>RiddleTM, “Draco’s Christmas Wish”

color=”#990000″>The Butterbeer Experience, “Christmas Mirror”

color=”#990000″>Harry and the Potters, “Snowy Owl”


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Avatar Image says: Is it coming out on itunes anytime soon? Avatar Image says: Yessssssssssssssssss! Avatar Image says: yes itunes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hufffepuffAvatar Image says: Yes! I was just wondering today when it would come out. HOORAYS!Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh this is so exciting! Is this going to be available on iTunes, like last year? Please say yes! It's the only way lots of people can get it!Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh this is so exciting! Is this going to be available on iTunes, like last year? Please say yes! It's the only way lots of people can get it!Avatar Image says: Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!!! Accio Jingle Spells!!!!Avatar Image says: Finally, amazon has had the info for it on their site since Monday. I was worried I missed it. Avatar Image says: Woohoo! Just ordered it. :) It'll be a great welcome home present when I get back from studying abroad this semester! All the clips sound fantastic :DAvatar Image says: Yayyy! I preordered it right away. Last year's Jingle Spells was what got me into wizard rock, and I'll be forever grateful to you for that. :) The samples for this one sound amazing, and I can't wait to get it!Avatar Image says: Yay! I've really been into wizard rock lately, so this is timely. Now to listen to the samples.Avatar Image says: The samples are really good! Can't wait until mid-December! iTunes!Avatar Image says: Awesome! I'll be getting on it on itunes! Can't wait!Avatar Image says: Hooray! Just ordered mine...don't want to miss out on Frak's artwork! Ever since Jingle Spells 2 was mentioned on PotterCast a few weeks ago, I've been listening to my CD from last year. I love it,and I can't wait for this new one to arrive! :)Avatar Image says: I'm so excited it's insane!!!!! Siriusly all my favorite bands are here + Frak's artwork + followups to last years' songs ("It's still snowing" made me lol)!!! YEAH!!!Avatar Image says: I'm so excited it's insane!!!!! Siriusly all my favorite bands are here + Frak's artwork + followups to last years' songs ("It's still snowing" made me lol)!!! YEAH!!!Avatar Image says: I'm so excited it's insane!!!!! Siriusly all my favorite bands are here + Frak's artwork + followups to last years' songs ("It's still snowing" made me lol)!!! YEAH!!!Avatar Image says: bought. this was released on my birthday. yay!Avatar Image says: Is this gonna be available via itunes like the last one? Living outside the US, I prefer downloading via itunes rather than the hassle of shipping.Avatar Image says: GAH! Just ordered! I hope it gets to me before the 19th, because I had it shipped to my dorm!Avatar Image says: Coincidentally, I was just listening to some WROCK on MySpace. Can't wait for this to be on iTunes!!Avatar Image says: OMIGOD!!! that is what I said when I read the headline but I wish you could've heard the volume. The dogs of the neighborhood certainly could.....Avatar Image says: OMIGOD!!! that is what I said when I read the headline but I wish you could've heard the volume. The dogs of the neighborhood certainly could.....Avatar Image says: I've been waiting for this announcement for weeks! Amazing. Kinda ticked that the Canadian dollar is crap so I had to pay 24.87 but... yeah... it's worth it.Avatar Image says: Just ordered it!! Can't wait to listen over and over and learn all the words!! Love Christmas music!!Avatar Image says: OMGG! YESSS! So excited! This is going to be my Christmas present from ME!Avatar Image says: Sweet! Guess I better order it.Avatar Image says: Um... I'm all set to order mine, but none of the "Buy Now" boxes are clickable. Is it sold out already?... Or does my computer just hate me....Avatar Image says: Wow these sound really really amazing!! They were all on key, and blending "carol of the bells" with "Hedwig's theme" (in the "christmas mirror") was genius! And great cover art Frak!!! I can't wait to hear the whole songs!!Avatar Image says: If it wasn't for convertion rates, I would buy it NOW. Unfortunately, it is a lot of money for me. I really really hope you sell out, because this is a GREAT THING you are doing. Avatar Image says: Yay!!! Finally! I bought the first Jingle Spells on iTunes after hearing it mentioned a lot on PotterCast and I absolutely love it! I was debating between buying the physical copy of Jingle Spells 2 now, or waiting to buy it on iTunes. I decided to buy the actual cd because I get a physical copy of the limited edition cd and it comes with Frak's awesome artwork!Avatar Image says: Pre-Ordered!!!!!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! I've been waiting for that to pop up!Avatar Image says: I Knew it was going to be today! My Spidey senses were tingling. Squee, I'm going to order mine as soon as I can! Still loving last year's, too! :-)Avatar Image says: I'm so excited for this! I love last years and pre-ordered it without hesitation and am happy to do the same again this year even though I can't get any of the previews to work XD The CD being for a good cause is icing on the cake, I'm so glad ya'll did this again this year.Avatar Image says: I just returned from the AC/DC concert and here's more music for me!! Super-duper beautiful artwork, Frak!!!!! I literally had Jingle Spells as the only CD in my car till about August. "It's still snowing" is hilarious. "It's Snowing" is one of my faves from Jingle Spells. Can't wait for this to arrive.Avatar Image says: Yay! I've been waiting for this! :) I love last year's Jingle Spells. *is jealous of the person who just got back from the AC/DC concert* lolAvatar Image says: YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting weeks for this announcement, I just ordered mine!! Jingle Spells is what got me in to wizard rock last year. I love it!!!Avatar Image says: Yay!! I'm gonna ask for it for my Xmas gift, or, alternatively, buy it for any money/money from returned objects I get for Xmas! :D I just hope it doesn't sell out before I can buy one!!!! *wink wink to the Jingle Spells Crew* Jingle Spells ROCK!! <3Avatar Image says: Yay! Now that's a great way to start a new week! I really hope it'll arrive in time for Christmas in Europe as well. I really cant wait to get it :)Avatar Image says: OMG!!! Obatr!!!!! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!! XxXxXAvatar Image says: I checked my e-mail today, and there in my junk folder was a notice to go get Jingle Spells 2!!!! I squeed and grabbed my credit card and I cant wait to have it in my hands! I have listened to the first one a million times and I love it. Honestly, that's what got me into wizard wrock... Yay! Christmas + Harry potter = best idea ever:)Avatar Image says: I ordered mine last night!Avatar Image says: OMG, I ordered this last night. I loved last years and plan to put both on while decorating the tree/house. Probably won't get far when I start laughing at some of the songs. Also this album is way special since my friend has a song on the album. Go Swish and Flick, you wrock.Avatar Image says: Ordered!!! It's going to be a very Harry Christmas indeed! I Love Sue's Squee cameo with JFF. Thank you Leaky for doing this again... Avatar Image says: YAY!! My daughter and I are really looking forward to it--she's listened to the samples and thinks it may be better than last years.Avatar Image says: Yay! Can't wait for it to be on itunes. The songs by Peeved and the Butterbeer Experience sound AWESOME!Avatar Image says: so so happy! of course i'm not listening till i have the actual cd in my hands! i love that some of the titles cont. from last year's cd like "its still snowing" or "and epic christmas tale part 2" yay for jingle spells!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Are they sold out? Paypal says to contact seller when I want to proceed to check out,Avatar Image says: Yay!! I just bought it! I'm so excited!!!! 18 songs! Frak's artwork! Wrock!!!!!! :D *runs around*Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got mine, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I loved the first one and thought it was wonderful. In fact, I have been listening to it since the beginning of November. When I saw that they were doing another one this year, I immediately pre-ordered it. I can't wait until it arrives in a few weeks.Avatar Image says: I missed out on Jingle Spells last year so I'm really excited that leaky's doing it again. Jingle Spells is what introduced me to Wizard Wrock. I LOVE The Moaing Myrtle's Nargles in the Mistletoe. I like last year's wrocking around the bathroom stall and being a luna fanatic i am absoluted so excited for for *pass out*Avatar Image says: I just pre-ordered! WOOT!! Have a very Harry Christmas everyone!!!Avatar Image says: Why Frak hasn't been scooped up by a major book publisher to be an illustrator is beyond me. The fandom is soooooooo lucky to have the funny, entertaining, and immensly talented Franco.Avatar Image says: *punches fist in the air* YES!!!!!!!!!! The songs sound fantastic!Avatar Image says: I just pre-ordered mine! Avatar Image says: I've been checking the site upwards of 10 times a day to see this post! I was so afraid I'd somehow miss out on ordering a copy. *Wipes brow* This is great!Avatar Image says: will it be on itunes... please please pleaseAvatar Image says: Hi all! Wowza, PLEASE be sure to order quickly as these are going fast! For those that have commented on it, as Melissa noted in the post above, this WILL BE ON ITUNES MID-DECEMBER, but you will not get all the fantastic art (and there is a lot of it) from our fantabulous Frak. Me personally, I ordered the hard copy to give as a gift, AND will be getting the iTunes version for my own iPod (Wizarding holiday music year round works for this Hufflepuff I assure you :) ) Thanks again for all your enthusiasm-the music is so good and the benefit to the charity is great! Cheers! xxx SueAvatar Image says: Wiiiiiiii!!!! Supermany yeays! Jinglespells rock!Avatar Image says: Wiiiiiiii!!!! Supermany yeays! Jinglespells rock!Avatar Image says: wow they all sound sooooooooooo gooooooooood! wow! i'm sorry but normally i just listen to wrock b/c i want a laugh. this is bloody amazing!Avatar Image says: YAY! I just bought my copy!!! griffindorAvatar Image says: is it going to come out on itunes?Avatar Image says: please put it on itunes!!!! that is the only way my parents will let me buy it!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I think it sounds terrible. sorry but... i know what real music is.Avatar Image says: well i think it sounds wonderful. im so excited for jingle spellsAvatar Image says: HOW do we order this internationally? I'm in China, and if I have it sent to my parents in the US first, it won't get here before Christmas! :( The link takes me to a page where "standard shipping $0.00" is the only option, and says they don't ship to China. Is that so? What other countries DOES it ship to, then?Avatar Image says: does anyone know if i can get it on amazon uk? It's gonna be great, lover ministry aproved christmas by peeved!!!!!!

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