UK Amazon Contest for Ten Signed Copies of “Beedle the Bard” Collector’s Edition


Nov 23, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Another contest has now opened to win a signed Collector’s Edition copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling, this one from Amazon Great Britain. Residents of the UK who pre-order, or already have pre-ordered, the special Collector’s Edition of the new book by the Harry Potter author, will be entered in a “prize draw” for one of ten copies of the book. To enter you must pre-order the Collector’s Edition by December 2, with the winners chosen via random selection. Good Luck!

Thanks Roonwit!

22 Responses to UK Amazon Contest for Ten Signed Copies of “Beedle the Bard” Collector’s Edition

Avatar Image says: Ah, too bad it's not open to US residents; just ordered mine.Avatar Image says: With all the contests Amazon is throwing up, perhaps one will be open to US residents next. Hope so!Avatar Image says: It feels like Canada is the forgotten country. I swear we are invisible or something. There hasnt been a contest open to us in years. Jeez. oh well, other countries dont get anything either so ill stop complainingAvatar Image says: Oooh, I'm entered since I pre-ordered at I'm Dutch so the Netherlands isn't left out. I'm sorry Canada. We don't have an so I had to order via the UK.Avatar Image says: Crwon Victoria, I totally agree with you. Um, yeah we do exist up here. Again, if it wasn't for the expensive shipping I would cancel my copy from and order it from the UK. Avatar Image says: As long as it is open to people who pre-ordered many months ago like me, that's great. A £50 free gift not to be sniffed at.Avatar Image says: wonder if UK includes ireland or not for this?Avatar Image says: Petra and Sylvie: The competition is for UK residents only (excluding Northern Ireland) so pre-orders from outside the UK presumably won't be entered for the competition (the odds of winning probably aren't that great in any case, perhaps 1 in 3,000).Avatar Image says: Oh... if Canada is the invisible country, how about Brazil?? Oh... I really want a signed copy by Jo Rowling... sniff... :(Avatar Image says: Hmm I ordered mine as soon as it became available for pre-order months ago. I wish they could let us have the same opportunity to enter the prize draw seeing as we were first to order as fans. I cant really afford to buy another one and I dont want to risk cancelling then re-ordering as this is a limited edition. Oh and dont worry US friends, I'm sure there will be a similar comp in US!Avatar Image says: Silly me, just found out that I am automaically entered into the draw as well as everyone who already ordered! Its a superb prize draw. Kudos to Amazon for getting Jo's signature. I reckon its an incentive to sell these CEs quickly.Avatar Image says: @Roonwit, those odds are not actually too bad as far as comps go. It all depends on what percentage of the 100,000 UK Amazon has got. Sounds like you are making an assumption that UK has 30%, so yeah, 1 in 3000 chance of winning. You know, I think that's a really good assumption.Avatar Image says: PP: I was guessing based on the number of signed books the various Amazons have (US have 35 in the customer vote promotion, UK have 10, and DE have 10). It would make sense these were allocated based on relative sales (though on the other hand I would have thought UK would sell more of these books than Germany). Looking again at the figures though would imply a lower UK share, maybe 20,000.Avatar Image says: Woo! I'm entered - it's weird to think that you might win something held and signed by JK Rowling... I'm sure that Canada and Brazil will have someting linked to JK Rwoling soon. Have faith and all your fingers and toes crossed!!! Now must email all my friends to tell them about the comp! And to order them to get Melissa's book! (just finished it! Belongs to the House of Awesome!)Avatar Image says: Well Praty, I am in Mexico and there's nothing either. But I have entered the German, direction is on this Leaky site too, you just need to answer who inherited Beedle in DH and put your e-mail, ahhh yes you have to be over 18. It's not written anywhere that it is for germans only. And in the comentary part, someone translated all german words into english. So well there's always a chance. Good Luck to everybody.Avatar Image says: I pre-ordered my copy off and i live in Ireland am i still eligible for this prize?Avatar Image says: Its just wrong that it's only UK-residents :( Then I'm with Canada. We in the Netherlands never get something like this competition.Avatar Image says: Any info on release parties?? Especially in the US... Avatar Image says: Sorry, but it is wrong that it is only for UK residents. I'm in the US, I pre-ordered my UK copy back in July. I'm paying more for postage that the UK residents. All of us should have the same chance as the UK residents.Avatar Image says: AUSTRALIA is the forgotton country we never get a chance to be part of any of the competitions or anything that is happening as well as other parts of the world probily feeling the same way. They should have it open to everyone. Good luck to everyone all the best.Avatar Image says: Oh well. I guess ill just move to the Uk. so that ill at least have a chanceAvatar Image says: Did anyone else end up winning one then? I won in the UK! :D

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