ABC Family to Show HBP Exclusives During “Goblet” World Premiere


Nov 24, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

During the weekend of December 5 through 7, as ABC Family debuts Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on television, the channel will also reveal several never-before-seen clips, behind-the-scenes footage and cast/crew interviews of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Over three days the channel will intersperse interviews with Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Michael Gambon. They will also give an overview of the film. The footage will show “love running rampant through Hogwarts, a look into Tom Riddle’s past and an introduction of Hogwarts’ new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Horace Slughorn.”

Goblet will feature deleted scenes as part of the broadcast.

The schedule is as follows:
Friday, December 5:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, 7:30 pm ET.

Saturday, December 6:
1:30 pm ET: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
5 pm ET: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secretsv
9 pm: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Sunday, December 7:
12:30 pm ET: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
4:30 pm ET: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
7:30 pm ET: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

65 Responses to ABC Family to Show HBP Exclusives During “Goblet” World Premiere

Avatar Image says: Can't wait to see this! Bet Dan will be clean shaven - can't wait to see him and hear what he has to say!Avatar Image says: SOOO AWESOME!!! I can't wait!!!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas indeed! This is going to be awesome! :DAvatar Image says: Awesome! I'll be there to capture the clips! Avatar Image says: So Slughorn is teaching DADA now?Avatar Image says: Sounds great. But... here in Finland it's kind of impossible to watch them. ^^ Avatar Image says: Oh, this is so exciting! I can't wait. Um, I think Slughorn is still teaching Potions because the pics show that, ABC Family probably just got it happens.Avatar Image says: Melissa, Did you mean to say that Horace Slughorn was the DADA Prof?Avatar Image says: Can anyone arrange for the Atlantic Ocean to disappear that weekend, so we can watch it in Britain?Avatar Image says: Scully, i so agree these clips better be put onto leaky very soon after, but WB are being bastards by teasing us so much. 3 trailers, nearly 300 pics and now more special features? grrrr 234 days to go!Avatar Image says: "World television premiere for 'Goblet of Fire'"? Maybe I'm mistaken, but hasn't ABC already shown GoF once?Avatar Image says: It must be a typo, since Slughorn is the POTIONS teacher...Avatar Image says: I like all the internationality here...Finland,GB...And on the matter of Melissa having said that Slughorn is the DADA theacher - I think it was deliberate,so she doesn't spoil us,although there's nobody here to spiol PS Greetings from BulgariaAvatar Image says: yaaay. kinda wish they'd focus more on Snape than Slug, to be honest. he IS the hbp after all... but anyway, this is gonna be nice.Avatar Image says: Sounds like a great weekend, here, in the US. But, unfortunately, some of us don't have TV, so will be unable to see this event! :[ Don't forget to do a "this is what happened" if you can. Happy Thanksgiving, to all the Leaky Staff!!!!Avatar Image says: OOOPS! Forgot...all the rest of the HP "family"! Here [in the US] and abroad! Happy Holidays!!!!!Avatar Image says: people, MELISSA didnt say slughorn was that DADA teacher, the entire sentence was in quotations! that was probably ABCs way of not spoiling anyone!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Or probably it's ABC's way of not knowing there heads from their asses, if you ask me.Avatar Image says: Slughorn teaches Potions!Avatar Image says: Hey Abby: I hope you're able to share the clips with those of us who live in Canada and other countries. Unfortunately we don't get ABC Family. CBC is airing GOF next weekend, but they've never aired any preview clips of the new movies. ABC in Detroit never airs any of the Potter movies, so if you can find some way to share them with us, without getting in kaka from WB, we'd greatly appreciate it. Especially if they are with Snape!!!Avatar Image says: Yay! This is too awesome! Of course I always watch anytime they do a "Harry Potter Weekend" anyway, but now I am definitely going to make sure I don't miss a second of this one. And it even starts the day after Beedle the Bard is released! Only 9 days left until that little piece of heaven appears on my doorstep. Bless you and your same day delivery! This time Goblet of Fire will finally have the deleted scenes in it, which has always been one of my favorite things about watching HP films on ABC Family. Prior to seeing this post I thought I couldn't possibly be any more excited for next week, but clearly I was wrong! I have to go put that schedule in the calendar on my blackberry.Avatar Image says: Oh my mother of a goddang banshee! :) Hooray! What a great week. We get Tales of Beedle the Bard, and then that! =D Oh yay.Avatar Image says: It is not the world premiere of GoF because it was shown in the UK a couple of months ago :)Avatar Image says: Have a question for all of you. Does any one know if the WB will ever sale the movies on dvd with the option for us to add the deleted scenes to the movies, like ABC Family? Yes, I know the dvd's have the deleted scenes but not with to option to add it to the movies. Thank you in advance for any and all input.Avatar Image says: They must have meant the world premiere of OotP. I think that is the only thing that makes sense. Avatar Image says: Yay! SO ANNOYING that I live in England and don't have that channel! :Avatar Image says: They have definatly already aired GoF...? So confused right now did you mean OoTP?Avatar Image says: Wait, the "world premiere" of Goblet of Fire? but that makes no sense at all. ABC Family has aired GOF several times before just not with the deleted scenes and I'm pretty sure it has aired on at least one other channel here in the US as well. Decarus, that would have been my next guess too, but ABC Family already said a couple months ago that they would be premiering OOTP in July 2009 to coincide with the release of HBP in theatres. They have some sort of deal with WB. Not only that, but another reason they couldn't have meant OOTP is because even if they wanted to ABC Family can't show OOTP yet since WB made a deal with HBO last year giving HBO the TV exclusive on OOTP here in the US for at least a full year meaning that no other television network here in the US can air OOTP until that exclusive runs out. I still don't get why they are calling it the "world premiere" of GOF, anyone else got any guesses? Its probably just a mistake, but who knows.Avatar Image says: Happy, Happy day. So exciting to see all this new HBP infor. Saw the trailer on Sat. So exited. Can't wait another 234 days! Squeeee!Avatar Image says: That's great! But are they going to promote BONNIE, at all? Geez, nobody knows her yet (outside the fandom) and they gave more publicity to Katie than to the girl who's going to play HP's wife.. They better start doing something, otherwise people will only notice her when they watch the film.Avatar Image says: Just to add to the nitpicks about the "World Premiere": GOF has been shown in Australia twice on free to air TV (including just last Friday) and multiple times on pay TV - so, it's not a World Premiere.Avatar Image says: This is awesome however this is not the network premiere of Goblet of Fire on ABC Family they gave if the first time a few months ago I just don't remember when! I search the cable every week just in case they are showing it somewhere!! Happy Pottering!Avatar Image says: If you don't live in the U.S. or don't have a TV, don't worry because this website is very good at uploading videos especially when there is a fair amount of warning that new video is going to be released. I never tape these things because I know they will appear online very quickly. Avatar Image says: Any info on release parties for beedle the bard. for the USA... Avatar Image says: This is great news. I'll be there to tape the commercials so I can keep watching it. They must of meant that they are going to show snape as the new defense against the dark arts teacher, and as well as Professor Horace Slughorn. I hope they show some quidditch scenes. But I'm glade they are going to show the love thats going around Hogwarts. Can't wait. So excited. Avatar Image says: .........Guess what Micheal Gambon is going to say........Avatar Image says: I am just excited that Michael Gambon will be giving an Interview!! No one ever seems to be able to talk to that man besides on the DVD Special Features!! I love Gambon now ( I didn't at first) and I think he's going to be fantastic in HBP...his performance in POA was great, he just looked like a nasty old bum...he was horrid in GOF and pretty good in OOTP.Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: This is not the world premiere! GoF has already shown on ABC Family previously! Plus, to echo what most on here said, Sluggy is the Potions teacher, not the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher! Oh well...Avatar Image says: Oh I can't wait! HP weekend for me! YAY.Avatar Image says: Ummmm... Isn't Slughorn a POTIONS teacher not a DADA???Avatar Image says: Are they only going to show it during GOF or are they going to show it through all of the HP movies?Avatar Image says: I'm going to add to the nitpiciking about the world premier thing. Just yesterday i saw GoF over here in Mexico on Televisa Canal 5, in HD none the less. Jeje. It was in spanish. So yeah, it's not exactly going to be a world premier on ABC. Avatar Image says: Technically it is a world premiere. It is a world premiere of the new ABC Family version with the deleted scenes back in it. Yeah ABC and ABC Family showed the theatrical release, but not this new version. So it is a world premiere. Avatar Image says: horace slughorn is the new potions professor not DADA professor!!!Avatar Image says: are you kidding me? this in no world premiere, in israel we have seen it on July 2007. and horac IS the potions teacher. WEIREDAvatar Image says: Don't know if it's been mentioned on here already. This is going to be the world premiere of the "extended edition" of Goblet of Fire...the movie has obviously gone through the pay channels like HBO as much as 2 years ago, and has been on ABC Family a few times in the last year...just not this "extended" edition. I don't know exactly what that all entails, probably just another insertion of the deleted scenes from the DVD into the original version of the film. That means it will probably be 10 minutes or so longer than the original version (I won't spoil the added scenes for those who don't have the DVD). It would be cool if once in a while, when they do these longer editions, they somehow got hold of deleted scenes that didn't even make it to the deleted scenes section on the DVD...for example, on the Sorcerer's Stone DVD, during some of the "making of" footage, you can clearly see a scene being filmed that takes placed at Platform 9 and 3/4, just before Harry gets on the train, and you can see Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas, in muggle clothes, waiting on the platform, which shows that in the original cut of the film, Harry probably had a scene where he met those two on the platform first, similar to what happens in the book. Avatar Image says: Nice, But here in Sweden we unfortunately don't have the ABC channels so Just hoping that someone will put it up on youtube ! =D Avatar Image says: I'm glad to see that everybody notes slughorn's real occupation xdAvatar Image says: They claim it's never before seen footage and behind the scenes shots, but I'm willing to bet there will be plenty of already seen footage and interviews included. We might some new stuff, but I doubt ALL of it is parts we haven't already seen on the OoTP DVD and in the trailers! It'll be something to watch next weekend at least while decorating the X-mas tree!Avatar Image says: They claim it's never before seen footage and behind the scenes shots, but I'm willing to bet there will be plenty of already seen footage and interviews included. We might some new stuff, but I doubt ALL of it is parts we haven't already seen on the OoTP DVD and in the trailers! It'll be something to watch next weekend at least while decorating the X-mas tree!Avatar Image says: I wish I was in America to see the HBP stuff but I live in Australia. Also, this says that ABC Family is having the world premiere of gof but it played last weekend in Australia. So how can it be the world premiere if its already been shown? It would be really cool if someone recorded the extra HBP stuff for people not in America and put it on youtube.Avatar Image says: darn it all!!!! i don't have abcfamily, just abc. will someone post some of the stuff on youtube?Avatar Image says: Me, too. I don't live in America. Really want to see it. Hope somebody can record it .Avatar Image says: Awesome, I'll definately tune in!Avatar Image says: the website where this article 1st came from prob. said horace as dada because alot of people watch hp but dont read it.. & its the world premiree w/ the extended edition....Avatar Image says: Squeeeeeeee Times a Hundred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I may be wrong but hasn't GoF already been shown a couple of weeks ago on ITV in the Uk?Avatar Image says: forget last comment just realised that its an extended version... oops! sorry my mistake!Avatar Image says: first time on television !!!!! STRANGE !!!! I've seen it so many times on tv in India !!! In hindi,though !!!!!Avatar Image says: it's been on TV in the UK weeks and weeks ago, so hows it the "world premiere"? we didn't see the HBP extra stuff, i don't think.. i wasn't too bothered about watching it though as i have the DVD, but that still doesn't make it GoF's world premiere? uh, anyway.. cool? and whats with that, horace slughorn as DADA teacher, whaaat? haha unless i have suffered bad head injuries recently i recall sluggy being potions master? ^^, Avatar Image says: I love Harry Potter, that will always be my first love, but I cant wait to see GOF because Rob Pattinsons in it...ooooh yeeeeeah!Avatar Image says: Definitely can't be the world TV premiere of GoF. It was on British television ages ago.Avatar Image says: I'M SOOOOOOO EXITED !! I can hardly wait !Avatar Image says: Sounds great, I can't wait to see it

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