Happy Birthday, Alfonso Cuarón


Nov 28, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban director Alfonso Cuarón, who is celebrating his 47th birthday today. Many happy returns, Alfonso. Cheers!

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Avatar Image says: Happy birthday Alfonso! great director i would say either this or ootp is my faveourite harry potter movie. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday! PoA is definitely my favorite movie so far.Avatar Image says: Alfonso is my favorite Harry Potter director! he made the Prisoner of Azkaban movie so entertaining, funny, and my favorite one! Happy 47th birthday Alfonso!Avatar Image says: happy b-day! wish he'd direct DH...Avatar Image says: I'm not sure which film is my favorite: Order of the Phoenix or Goblet of Fire. But Prisoner of Azkaban definitely comes after both of those. Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!Avatar Image says: It's hard to judge now with a range of so good directors - but for me Alfonso Cuarón has done the greatest film of all HP - it has the perfect balance of events/humor/and everything else, just as it should be) My respects and happy birthday!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Alfonso! Thank you so much for all your great films! I Loved PoA!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to my favorite HP director!Avatar Image says: Happy birthday to the greatest director to ever take on the Potter franchise! Your success was wonderful and vital in changing the direction the series was to go. Avatar Image says: happy birthday alfonso, you're my favorite director to date and it's not only because he's mexican (cuz i'm mexican too) but because he did the best harry potter movie of them all. i wish you a very happy day. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!Avatar Image says: Cheers Alfonso! The Harry Potter we see these days on screen is all about your vision...simply perfect!Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY GIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM MR. HAMMER! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! ;) Avatar Image says: oops meant Birthday in the fist line lol. Happy birthday ;)Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday to the second best director in the Potter series.Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday Alfonso! :)Avatar Image says: Alfonso!!! Happy birthday you wonderful man! I agree with everyone. PoA is my fav film too. Its just so Potterish,you know? and GoF and OotP are not. different feelings. How many times did you watch PoA and OOTP? 50times:10times Best wishes Alfonso! Avatar Image says: happy 47th to my favorite of the HP directors!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Al! Poa was the best hp film yet i think, he got everything right especcialy the artistic side of the film....Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday. And I am SOOOOOO glad he never got his hands on another Harry Potter movie!Avatar Image says: Feliz cumpleaños desde Argentina!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday!!!! He is definitely my favorite Harry Potter director. Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite HP movie by far!!!! I REALLY wish he would do DH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be totally awsome!!!!!Avatar Image says: Booo... I didn't like this guy he messed with a book that didn't need his personal touch added. Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday! Thanks for making the best Harry Potter movie ever!Avatar Image says: Happy Birthday, Alfonso!!Avatar Image says: Nothing will ever take the place of PoA in my heart. I wish Alfonso a wonderful day and hope he knows what a beautiful gift his film was to all of us. A gift that we can open over and over again! Avatar Image says: I agree with Heather. Happy (late) birthday. I wish he would direct deathly hallows, if he promisses there won´t be any talking heads, I´m surprised no one mentioned it. Buut, it was my fav movie all the same!Avatar Image says: happy b-day alfonso! you're my fav hp director! wish you could do DH!Avatar Image says: wooh hoo! happy birthday! best director in the series in my opinion.Avatar Image says: I honestly think he is the best director of the HP series! Poa was fantastic! GoF was great too though. I also wished he directed the Deathly Hallows. OoTP was boring to me, i mean i've watched PoA and GoF many times (more PoA) how many times have i watched OoTP? ONCE! the other times i fell asleep. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ALFOSO CUARON! i hope you have more successes in life!Avatar Image says: YOU RUINED POA, THAT WAS LIKE MY FAV BOOK AND THE MOVIE SUCKED. I HOPE YOU DONT MAKE IT TO 48 Avatar Image says: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FAVORITE HP director!Avatar Image says: CUARON IS NOT ONLY THE BEST HP DIRECTOR BUT PROBABLY THE BEST MOVIEMAKER ALIVE. THE MAN IS A GENIUS! FELIZ ANIVERSÁRIO!(THAT'S HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN PORTUGUESE)Avatar Image says: happy birthday! POA was one of my favorite HP movies Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Happy Birthday!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: Happy Birthday!

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