Report: Sirius Black’s Motorcycle, Dumbledore’s Deluminator Prop to be used in “Deathly Hallows” Filming


Nov 28, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

We have a bit of a fun report tonight regarding some of the props from the Harry Potter films that are currently on display at the Warner Bros Studio tour in Burbank, California. Longtime TLC reader and contributor Pinkmoosely emailed to say he recently took this tour, and while at the museum section which houses a large collection of items used in the Potter films, noted that several of the items were missing from their display stands. Pinkmoosely spoke to two different staff members who both replied that Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle and the mysterious Deluminator (both seen at the beginning of Sorcerer’s Stone) “had been recalled from the museum for filming commitments.” While we can not be absolute, it is likely these items will be used for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies, which are in pre-production in England, and will begin principal photography in February of next year.

Thanks so much Pinkmoosely!

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Avatar Image says: first! well at least we know that WB will be consistant with props from the previous films.Avatar Image says: Ok, now that I announced I was the first comment, I have to say its pretty cool their using the exact same props for the last films. Maybe the last two movies will actually stay true to the books...Avatar Image says: YAY!! It's good to hear some news about this Deathly Hallows. I can't believe they start filming in a couple months! :)Avatar Image says: Oh so awesome!!Avatar Image says: yes!!! if this is true, i think the last 2 movies r going to be pretty awesome ; )Avatar Image says: this makes DH more promising......Avatar Image says: This makes me so excited for DH. But it also makes me so sad. :(Avatar Image says: Yay! I can't believe they start filming in just four months.(By the way, does anyone know why there is a "Do Not Disturb" sign on Jo's site again?)Avatar Image says: Squee! So so excited. To think that the Deluminator was the same one Sir Richard Harris had way back then... I can't believe how far things have come. Huh, lily_luna, it's not there for me.Avatar Image says: excellent!!!!!Avatar Image says: Well, when I click the eraser and it goes to the door I see a "Do Not Disturb" sign...Avatar Image says: lily_luna: What does the time turner say? You can get a do not disturb sign by going forward in time to today, but the default entry date is usually 29/12/2007 which gives the Weasley Family Tree.Avatar Image says: argh, EXCITED ;D Avatar Image says: yay!Avatar Image says: Too bad we couldn't get this sort of consistency for Harry's wand.Avatar Image says: That sounds absolutely wonderful! So if they will be needing the motorbike, it seems the 7 Potters episode in one form or the other will be in the movie most likely. The deluminator surely would be used for the Ron leaving and coming back, saving Harry and destroying the locket episode. And I'm absolutely thrilled about that one. One of my favourite parts in all of the books. (That is unless Kloves give the saving Harry and destroying the locket to Hermione. Something I wouldn't put past him :p)Avatar Image says: YESSSSSSS :) I'm sooo excited! DH is the best book, by far, and it'll be the best film, too! Thanks soo muchAvatar Image says: Since they first set up that exhibit in the museum, it's been standard practice for them to pull stuff from it and send it back for filming. The exhibit changes all the time because of it... but of course they have certain things there all the time because it's definitely not going to be used again (like a 'petrified' Hermione).Avatar Image says: everything there will go next year to the theme park in OrlandoAvatar Image says: Thanks, roonwit!Avatar Image says: I'd actually guess that the "commitments" are that the items are being used as models to make copies of the original items. I wager the motorcycle's going to be pummeled pretty handily in the escape from Privet Drive, and I would think they'd need multiple Deluminators if it's going to be used for more than one scene. Either way, the fact that they'll look exactly like the original items is pretty cool.Avatar Image says: Awesome! I love that museum!!! When I went there, they told me the same thing about having to pull items out every now and then for filming commitments. They actually said that's one of the reasons they don't allow people to take photos inside the museum. The deluminator is really cool looking, kind of hexagonal and encased in a green marble/malachite looking stone. :)

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