New Image of Vanishing Cabinet from HBP Film Online


Nov 07, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

An image appeared online today giving us a new look at the Vanishing Cabinet from the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film. Available for viewing via this link, the image appears to be from a French edition of the Harry Potter Clue board game.

Thanks to UHP.

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Avatar Image says: First comment!Avatar Image says: Intresting...although I wouldn't have known it was the vanishing cabinet if i ahdn't read the post first.Avatar Image says: Didn't Peeves break it in COS? Wood wouldn't break that easily.Avatar Image says: Hmmm... if it is in the Clue game, then I wonder what it's purpose will be? As a location? If so, that's a pretty small space to kill someone. Maybe it can be used as a weapon... or... WHAT IF IT'S A SUSPECT? "I think I have finally unraveled this mystery. The grievous crime took place in the Room of Requirement, and the weapon used was Fiendfyre. But who perpetrated this crime, you ask? It was none other than... THE VANISHING CABINENT! J'ACCUSE! Take 'em away, boys!"Avatar Image says: Peeves did break it, but Malfoy asked Borgin for instructions on how to fix it.Avatar Image says: In the Clue game, the vanishing cabinet is a weaponAvatar Image says: Has no-one noticed that the NEXT picture is one we've never seen before of Harry dragging Ron by the wrist, presumably to Slughorn's office to get an antidote for the love potion? Ron's wearing rather a delightful vest. Much more interesting than the vanishing cabinet, no?Avatar Image says: halycon you r so right!!Avatar Image says: all the other pics are much better yayAvatar Image says: Nice design !Avatar Image says: interesting pics, well that it is not at all how i had envisioned the vanishing cabinet, but as Jo doesn't really describe it in detail, i can't really complain about that, i love the pic of harry taking ron to get the love potion antidote, Poor Ron having to take that love potion meant for harry and given to him by Romilda Vane Avatar Image says: I noticed that too Halycon but wasn't sure if everyone else had seen it already and I was just super slow on the HP news front. As for the vanishing cabinet, I'm completely underwhelmedAvatar Image says: Ugh!!!!!!! Why can't the movie be coming out this month!!! I want more! The pic's are great!Avatar Image says: Hehe, pretty funny, Bobby! ;) How unfair that we keep getting all these images from a film we have to wait another EIGHT MONTHS for. Sigh. Avatar Image says: y can't the movie come out already!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: ummm Bobby... that was hilarious!!!!!! Avatar Image says: haha. the vanishing cabinate was cool.. but i found the alomost shirtless ron better!!! I LOVE YOU RUPERT GRINT!(L)Avatar Image says: Vanishing Cabinet? Looks more like an outhouse! Not a very exciting picture, that's for sure.Avatar Image says: What a crappy pictureAvatar Image says: looks like an outhouse...Avatar Image says: foregt the cabinet, look at Ron's arms! *eyes bulging* LOLAvatar Image says: Pretty soon, we're going to have the whole movie on our computers. In pictures. We'll be able to put it together piece by pieceAvatar Image says: Am I the only one who doesn't want trailers and pics at the moment? By the time the film comes out, we'll have seen everything there is to know about the film, there won't be any surprises!Avatar Image says: Halycon, i was wondering about that picture :S never seen it.. looks almost like their holding hands, haha, but yea, looks like it could be after the love potion and theyre on their way to slughorns office.. i didnt think the vanishing cabinet would look like that ^o) but then again we didnt get any description of it in the books did we?? * so freaking excited fro HBP argh 250 days D: * Avatar Image says: Wow very slooooow news week in the HPverse - so ironic since there's been such a dramatic change in America at the same time Avatar Image says: Good find!Avatar Image says: thats completely different to how i imagined it, i always thought that the cabinet harry hid in in cos was the vanishing one and the one that malfoy was purchasing that looks more like the weasleys broom shed to me i agree with most here, the harry and ron picture is far more interesting and there are 286 images of hbp out? grr WB for teasing us with amazing trailers and stillsAvatar Image says: Reminds me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill :) Very spooky.Avatar Image says: This website has loads of picture I haven't seen before. Just keep clicking the left arrow button. There are also some photos in a strange 1920s monochrome tint that are pretty cool.Avatar Image says: Actually I suggest going through all 286 photos on that website gallery as there is a wealth of new lovely photos I haven't seen (I'm sure I've seen all the leaky gallery ones). And who is that fella on 256? Avatar Image says: The Cabinet!? Who cares about that when I spot a slightly small but rater nice picture of Ron/ Rupert, his sexy-zomg-where-did-those-muscles-come-from-arms and Harry/Daniel pulling him away. He looks like he got the love potion. I suppose I should comment on the not-as-sexy cabinet. It looks pretty cool ( Why is it angular? People must really like triangles. ) Its not what I pictured, which was just an ordinary cabinet so this version looks better then mine and according to the trailer, its huge. I cant wait to see the movie.Avatar Image says: was the Vanishing Cabinet, then not named as such yet, not already in CoS, as the cabinet in which Harry hided, when father & son Malfoy entered Borgin and Burkes? or was that scene cut from the movie?Avatar Image says: It looks like an interesting outhouse, not at all what I pictured the Vanishing Cabinet to be. I thought it would look like a wardrobe.Avatar Image says: lol who cares about the cabinet, just look at those aaarms...sigh..... Anyways*back from reverie*, this is not the first time that I click on a picture link and see one I didn´t see before on leaky. Aham. You guys should pay more attention to that, just a tip.Avatar Image says: I love how almost all the comments aren't even about the actual picture but the one right by it. Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, but that picture looks like an outhouse, not a cabinet. The other pics are great, though.

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