New Image of The Burrow from “Half-Blood Prince” Sticker Books


Nov 09, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

There is a new image online this evening giving us a glimpse at The Burrow surrounded by flames from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film. This image, scans of which can be viewed right here, shows the Weasley home in the background with the characters of Arthur Weasley (Mark Williams) and Remus Lupin (David Thewlis) running in the foreground.

Thanks to Oclumencia for mailing.

18 Responses to New Image of The Burrow from “Half-Blood Prince” Sticker Books

Avatar Image says: What's with the boxes?Avatar Image says: that's where the stickers go. Avatar Image says: Ooooh, that makes sense. Thanks!Avatar Image says: Whose white hair is that? At first I thought it was Luna, but as I scrolled down, it got too long and too white and too old-man looking. But why is Dumbledore there? I mean, he has to stay at the castle during Christmas. Really, the question is when does the attack on the burrow happen? We know it will happen during the X-mas break, but when? Assuming they put every single thing in the movie, when? Before or after Scrimgeour talks to Harry? What?Avatar Image says: @Bobby yes... that is dumbledore but it is his beard, not his hair. i believe the page that dumbledore is on overlaps the large photo. you can also see that the sticker numbers correspond (one page ends 192, the other starts with 193)Avatar Image says: maybe this is just me (usually is) but im pretty sure ive seen this pix before. weird....Avatar Image says: I don't remember any scene like that in HBP - does it happen in the book? Avatar Image says: no ginger they added itAvatar Image says: interesting pic, definately a change in the appearance of the Burrow as for Dumbledore being there he would be able to apperate from outside the gates of Hogwarts to the burrow in a matter of moments and surely would if word was gotten to him quickly as he would desire to protect Harry from Bella and the Deatheater boys (lol sounds like a HP tribute band) and Bobby we don't know exactly where they placed it, just that it is at christmas vacation, hopefully after so they at least have a nice christmas as they do in the book, as harry's next christmas after that one, definately not so merry Avatar Image says: uhm..I don't know if I like the idea of this christmas ruined.. Does anyone know if the attack is made by the deatheaters or by Voldemort himself? God, I hope not! sorry for my english, I'm italian. PS= LOVE the site!!Avatar Image says: Not just you Taylor I've definitely seen this before in fact I think I own it. Think its on the UK 09 calendar. Not a new pic for meAvatar Image says: We haven't [as far as I have been able to find] gotten any Calendars, or such, in stores yet. If someone knows of them, outside of Amazon, I'd love to find out. As for the "not a new pic", I enjoy every new pic that comes out. I guess I'm just another "fan" who checks things out, not for their "quality", but because they're HP.Avatar Image says: the attack might not be in the christmas break, it might be before the new term? who knows, but whenever it is i don't actually remember there being an attack at the burrow in the book.Avatar Image says: I thought that was Hagrid's house.... I don't like the new look of the burrow, I like it in the other movies.Avatar Image says: Hm...I really hope they don't wreck Christmas!! and ele0206, your english is fabulous!Avatar Image says: thats.. thats the burrow? if i hadnt have read what it said i'd have thought it was shell cottage or something, which isnt even in this book.. but er, looks very.. cottage like.. the burrows supposed to be on many levels, right? or it was in other movies? i thought it'd be different from the second movie, but not.. THAT different :S but still.. im SO excited. every time theres new pictures or something on here i get so excited its unreal.. 248 days, argh! oh well.. after christmas it'll be 203 days.. and christmas doesnt seem far away.. so probably not as far away as it feels!! Avatar Image says: In the enlarged version you can tell that the person to the left of the picture, where the sticker is not in place, is Harry. So Harry, Arthur, Remus and Dumbledore are all there and only Arthur and Remus are between the fire and the building. harry appears to be running through the fire and Dumbledore is too far in the foreground to be behind the fire. I do wish they would get rid of that ugly bolero tie in his beard! ;)Avatar Image says: People, Dumbledore is NOT in this scene at the burrow. Just look to the next pic from Oclumencia's galleries. His beard is from the the next page of the sticker book.

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