New Video: Dan Radcliffe Talks HBP Delay, Filming Deathly Hallows Epilogue and More (Updated)


Dec 01, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

E Online has released new video of an interview with actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), who makes new comments regarding the delay of the release of Half-Blood Prince and more. Of note are Dan’s remarks on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows films, where he states again he has not yet read the scripts, but after speaking to someone who has read them, he now has “high hopes” for the film and in particular the ending. On the matter of the epilogue, Dan does specifically discuss the possibility of the trio playing themselves aged by 19 years. Update: We now have this interview for viewing and download here in our galleries.

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Avatar Image says: thanks for the link although I hope the trio do not portray themselves for the "19 years later" it would be so awkard. Avatar Image says: If the trio don't portray themselves in the epilogue I'm gonna walk out.Avatar Image says: I LOVE DanAvatar Image says: Be sure to catch the Inside the Actor's Studio interview, too, tonight - sorry, Central Time Zone, it's over, but it was just excellent!Avatar Image says: AnaWeasley and whim have cancelled themselves out with their comments, so YAY! First post! Good to hear the rumor debunked about Dan's schedule being "the real reason" for bumping HBP.Avatar Image says: Very good interview. Talking the DH movie almost makes you forget that HBP is a bit a ways yet. Almost.Avatar Image says: (Actually, I don't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys about "first to post." Which is good thing, seeing as Jordan and maestra2 squeezed in there.) I have no idea how I'd like the Epilogue done. I liked it in the book, but figured it might not make it into the films at all since it is sort of superfluous to the main plot. But if I heard Dan Radcliffe correctly, it is in the script (though that is no guarantee of avoiding the editor's razor). So we'll see what ends up happening.Avatar Image says: Oh, and I do very much hope that the actors do play thierolder selves in the epilogue. It seems like it would be easier to age someone than to make an older someone else resemble, for example, Dan, and not create a feeling of disconnect with the viewers. Avatar Image says: I hope the trio portray de epilogue... though I don't feel too confident about this choice. But I think it's gotta be them... If it works or not, I'l just judge after seeing it. And I think we may see the teaser trailer of Deathly Hallows in the movie theaters just before the Half Blood Prince movie... =p That would be kind of cool/strange...... coolrange!! Or strool... ... I'm tired.Avatar Image says: I do hope that Bonnie Wright will also be able to play Ginny & Tom Felton as Draco at the end. THAT would make m feel a WHOLE lot better. Avatar Image says: It will be interesting to see how they handle the epilogue in the movie. I am less worried about the physical transformation, though, it will be a challenge to get it right. All three are talented actors, and as great an actor Dan, I wonder if he will be able to pull off being paternal. That part of the book is highlighted by the exchange between Harry and Albus,and we get a poignany glimpse of what Harry is like as a father. Even with the impressive range he has already, I worry that he has no frame of reference to draw from, though he obviously has a great cadre of mentors to consult with. I just view this as potentially one of the biggest stretches he will have to make as an actor and I look forward to see how he rises to this challenge. Avatar Image says: i couldn't get the clip to play (i hate technology!!), but anyway... i love the trio and think they r all amazing actors, but i can't see them playing the epilogue. i always imagined the older versions to be in their 30's or a least matured adults. i know the actors are going to be in their 20's when dh comes out and there's always movie makeup, but still i think actual adults should play the roles.Avatar Image says: I seriously hope they play themselves. I don't want the last scene of Harry Potter to be someone else! The magical trio forever!!Avatar Image says: I really want Dan, Rupert, Emma, Bonnie and Tom to be used in the epilogue, and not other actors. I'm glad it seems like if they do film it, they're going to use them.Avatar Image says: I agree with Christine-we can not have Harry Potter end with anyone other than Dan, Rupert, Emma, Bonnie and Tom. What a shame that would be to end with new actors that we have not seen before being our beloved Harry and crew. If the movie people can Brad Pitt into a very old man for his next movie then they sure can age these guys from 20 somethings to 30 somethings very easily. Avatar Image says: No problem with the epilogue... when they get done filming, they'll *BE* their older versions! The problem may be more in keeping them *young* enough for the earlier scenes!Avatar Image says: NOO. Please, Warner Brothers, do me a favor and keep Dan, Rupert, and Emma for the epilogue! It may seem weird, but in my mind... its the LAST HARRY POTTER IN THE SERIES AS WE KNOW IT TODAY. I dunno, but introducing completely different people for the last few minutes would totally turn me off. I mean, come on! It's Dan, Rupert, and Emma. In many peoples minds, they are Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and seeing other actors in their roles would feel extra creepy. And like I said, its the last thing we see, and personally, I'd rather see the same trio I've been watching for the prior movies than other actors.Avatar Image says: I think it's very possible the trio will be able to portray themselves 19 years later. Makeup is pretty advanced these days, and along with a little adult hair styling they could be good to go. Also, they don't necessarily need to state in big bold letters '19 Years Later' in the film, so with the introduction of their children at King's Cross it could just be implied that it is some years later.Avatar Image says: Personally, i completely disagree with the people who did not like the epilogue. This scene is soooo important because the one thing Harry wanted most in his life was to have his own family! We see that in the first book, when Harry looks into the Mirror of Erised, (one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series!!) that this is his greatest desire. This is what the whole series was leading up to!!! Harry spent nearly the first 17 years of his life on the verge of death and other dangers. And now we see that Harry finally has that chance to settle down and have the chance to become a good parent. And to know that after nineteen years all is well. I don't care how this is portrayed in the films, but I do believe that it is very vital to the overall plot of the series!Avatar Image says: They'll have to keep the same actors. They could NOT end this 8-film ride with other actors saying the final lines. They just wouldnt do it. I wonder, tho, if it might not be a bad idea to just have the epilogue be sooner then 19 years later. I guess making it 11/12 years later (and only saving that 8 years) wouldnt be that much of a help tho. I'd rather see them write a new epilogue (and by them, I mean Jo) and have it take place much sooner (like at a childs birth or something), then see other actors end the series.Avatar Image says: i agree with most of you, if the trio doesn't portray themselves "19 years later" i'll walk out of the theater and never go back. with somebody else we'll just...know. like it's not them at all and it will feel weird. Avatar Image says: I compelety agree with you, whim. P.S. I love the fact that I have TWO spinning books to play with! :DAvatar Image says: Yeah, they did use different actors in the Lion, Witch Wardrobe (didnt't see second one) and it was kind of weird. I dont think it's that hard to age them. There are some pretty talented makeup artists around. Also its partly the actors' job. How will they walk, how will they speak, and the costumer's- how will they dress? good example. Cate Blanchett played Galadriel in LOTR and changed her voice into more of a whisper I walked and acted like the Queen of the Elves that she is. THEN AGAIN the actors wont be THAT much older. Someone who does this for a living, a theater makeup artist perhaps? Please put in your two cents.Avatar Image says: people go on about the epilogue, but i have this same worry about the return to Godrics Hollow. Both Harry and Hermione have used polyjuice and take on the guise of two older muggles. i love that part of the book, but truth be told i don't want to see two strangers playing that scene! It should be Dan and Emma. Could they make that work somehow?Avatar Image says: They should look into how "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" pulled it off with Brad Pitt. If the script is good and it should be in the film, then we'll just have to deal with them playing themselves - unless, again, they pull off the aging well. Then by all means! But honestly, I'd be okay with something like a [not cheesy] slow montage of everyone's older selves. That way it's not too lengthy so that no one will complain about the makeup, and others won't complain about the cheesy everyone-lived-happily-ever-after factor. It would simply be a "lite" version for all to be satisfied. Or they could just leave it out and end it sans epilogue. 90% of everything that was in the epilogue was what I expected anyhow [which is I guess what was a bit of a disappointment]. So, yes, either the original cast with excellent makeup/CG effects, or leave it out.Avatar Image says: He's such a lovable nerd. :) I concur, I hope they are able to work something out to keep that as the epilogue. But I'm glad to see that they are taking some time with these final films so they tie up the series with respect! :-) But, my goodness, he's right - ten years from start to finish! I feel old now!!!!!Avatar Image says: Argh. It was loading slowly and now it won't play at all! Argh.Avatar Image says: Ooooooooh, if they do keep the original trio and Tom and Bonnie, I certainly hope older Harry sports that dashing facial fur he's got going on in the video. Delectable!! Runs off to find more HP cast members sporting beards......Avatar Image says: I really hope the three DON'T do the epilogue. That kind of young person acting older never works -- "Brokeback Mountain" being a prime example -- and I think it would end a brilliant film series on a cheesy note.Avatar Image says: Wow, T-Vey!! I've never thought of that. You have seriously changed my mind about the book's epilogue.(NO SARCASM) Everybody should find this person's post and read it!! Although I still think Albus Severus is a name worth getting your butt kicked for at Hogwarts. Ha HaAvatar Image says: Jain: So much of "Dealthy Hallows" has the main characters on Polyjuice Potion, not only at Godric's Hollow, but at the Ministry. I don't think the film makers have any choice but to use other actors and dub in the lead actors voices.Avatar Image says: GOSH NO! i do not want to see any other actors in the epilouge except dan,rupert and emmaAvatar Image says: I could see the film makers leaving out the polyjuice . Especially at Godrics Hollow, they can find a way to write around it. That maybe more tricky for the MoM scene though. As for the epilogue, If they don't use the trio bonnie and tom, they should leave it out.Avatar Image says: some people act like the main actors will need to look so old in the epilogue. I happen to be 19 years out of high school. It's not that different. A few gray hairs that get dyed regularly, some shallow wrinkles and that's it. It's not like they need to look as old as Lupin.Avatar Image says: i think that having a 20 year old playing some one in there mid thirties is a pretty silly idea (as a concept). i mean really think about it for a sec. if they try and make dan, emma and rupert come across as parents it will likely not come across as believable. their children will look more there brothers or sisters. remember 20 isn't that old. and yes i see were everyone is coming from with the point about make up, but really its that and the performance that really matters. they've never really played anyone at that age level. but i guess that could be seen as a challange for them as actors. but as a positive the trio still have time to mature untill they start shooting for dh, most likely they will leave the epilogue scene to last, so thats a heap of time. but if the make up department and that actors can pull it off then im all for it, we'll just have to wait and see. really what it will come down to is a decision to what the director feels will be most effective in delivering a realisitc scene. i personally feel they should use different actors, but im still optimistic about the idea, so please don't completly badger my comment. Avatar Image says: I really really want Dan, Emma, Rupert, Bonnie & especially Tom to play their older selves because we've just grown up watching them and how they interact and I feel that if they used different actors, that will all just be lost. Especially the exchange between Harry and Draco, I want that to be between Dan and Tom. If they can actually pull it off? I dunno but I will seriously cry if they don't stick with the original cast.Avatar Image says: getting people to look WAY old is easy...just add the white hair, the sunken eyes, the wrinkles, the posture, glasses, old people's clothes etc. But getting a 20 year old to look 30....well thats kind of tough cause at 30 you look much the same except you have a different hair style or manner of dressing yourself or talking a little more maturely(or not) etc. the make up department can do very little with this situation I'm afraid. It'll be mostly up to the actors to bring out their older/wiser/settled down selves...which I'm sure they'll do just fine. I think they should really just portray themselves. Its not like you really grow that much after your 20s...Avatar Image says: I have a feeling that the epilogue is going to end up on the cutting room floor. Maybe an extra on the DVD when it comes out. And, if Dan hasn't even seen the script yet for DH, there is no way that they are going to have a trailer on HBP. They haven't even started filming it yet. I did appreciate the comment Dan made about the writer's strike affected next years movies. That makes me feel a little better than the rumor about not wanting to compete with that vampire movie.Avatar Image says: "No problem with the epilogue… when they get done filming, they’ll BE their older versions! The problem may be more in keeping them young enough for the earlier scenes!" lol that's not really true! haha Dan, Emma and Bonnie will be still quite young. Tom and Rupert will be a little older but still not the age their character are supposed to be in the epilogue. I think they should play their characters in the epilogue, but only if the makeup department do a really fantastic job so it won't look fake. If the movie makers don't manage that, then it's better they don't even include the epilogue. they could film that when all the actors are in their 30s and include it in an especial DVDs collection released in 10years time! Btw, last night I watched Dan's interview in the Inside the Actor's Studio, it was a such a fantastic interview! He is great, what a wonderful sense of humor he has, I hope I can go to see Equus soon because all I've heard are good reviews.Avatar Image says: I know how they'll handle the Epilogue. Several months before HP7 3/4 is due to hit the screens, WB will suddenly say that they need to postpone the movie... for about 19 years. There you are, problem solved.Avatar Image says: Honestly, i DON'T want them to include a lot of polyjuice scenes, it sounds fine in the book, but in the movie it'll look ridiculous. Some of the polyjuice scene can be easily avoided, but some cant such as the Ministry of Magic scene so they'd better find a way to make it look fine. Avatar Image says: Honestly, i DON'T want them to include a lot of polyjuice scenes, it sounds fine in the book, but in the movie it'll look ridiculous. Some of the polyjuice scene can be easily avoided, but some cant such as the Ministry of Magic scene so they'd better find a way to make it look fine. Avatar Image says: We so WONT be seeing a teaser trailer in front of HBP for DH... but the hype surrounding it already is cool!Avatar Image says: I think they should get 38 year olds to do the end, because they would have to age Dan, Emma and Rupert 19 years 3 months and a few days. Year my maths stinks to put them at the right age of when they arrive at Kings Cross. Plus we don't want to wait for them to grow a few years older to make it look like they are thirty. Have other actors do them at 38 and at the end of the movie have Dan Emma and Rupert in the final shot before the Credits. If They do do the Dan Emma and Rupert 38 years older and they cut it because it didn't work, I want to actually see what it was like because that would be funny.Avatar Image says: It's going to be tricky to do, but from what I can see, most people think the original cast should do it. I don't think that is a problem, nothing some different hairstyles, clothes or makeup wouldn't fix. But mainly, I think it's how they will compare next to the actors they will cast to play the next generation. The original cast will actually have to look like parents, and not, say, siblings.Avatar Image says: I'm confident the Dan, Emma, Bonnie and Rupert will play the older trio effectively in the epilogue. Make up work these days are incredible. The cast of Back to the Future did it well and so did James Dean in Giant and I'm sure there are plenty more of successful examples. The trio are accomplished enough and more importantly, are old enough to play older counterparts of themselves if that makes sense! But the the direction of how they play it is important, must be subtle and not too caricature. I'm sure Yates will guide them well. Avatar Image says: Wonderful interview, albeit short. although the consensus appears to be in favor of "using adult actors" in the epilogue, I disagree. Dan, Emma and Rupert started with these films. They have grown up, with the films, aging as their "characters" have aged. I think, personally, they should be the ones to "end" it. They will bring a sense of relief and of finality, that no one else could. Something, I believe, only someone who has "lived the event" could bring. They CAN do many things with makeup. I agree with Michele: If they can make Brad Pitt look older, certainly they can make 'Harry' , 'Ron' and 'Hermione' and the others, look older. After wouldn't really be much of a stretch from their real ages, could it? I vote Original Cast!Avatar Image says: Serina, Is there a hype about seeing the DH trailer on HBP? Because I was kidding when I suggested that on the first page...Avatar Image says: From purely the standpoint of the actors, it seems a very big kick in the face to have roles they've played for 10+ years replaced for the last scene.Avatar Image says: You young 'uns are cracking me up! They will be 20, 21 when they finish the filming, believe me, you don't look that much different in your late 30s. You may be more tired (especially with 3 kids), but as far as looks - not so much. I'm 42 and don't even have any grey hair yet, and just a few "smile" wrinkles (why am I on a Harry Potter site you may ask? Well, like most of my peers, I love the books. My son does too, and I just couldn't let these misinformed posts go by without commenting). In my 30's, I didn't look "WAY old" (as someone previously posted) at all. I do remember being in my teens and thinking that 30 was so old and mature, believe me - it's not unless you want it that way. My nephews are 20 and 22 now, and they look like adults. I can guarantee they won't look too different in 15 years. About the polyjuice scenes - I agree with the other posters - I think they can and will find a way around that. Especially for the Godric's Hollow scenes. Avatar Image says: I was fine with The Epilogue in the book - but I really don't want it filmed. It makes me shudder to think how cheesy Kloves script for it will be - even with Yates trying to contain him! Avatar Image says: well listen. remove looks from the equation, because i'm 29, going on 30, and still get carded. people in their 30s don't necessarily look much different than they did in their 20s. but having kids. that's another story, and it really makes you a lot more mature than you could ever imagine before having kids. the actors that play james and lilly, for instance, are what i'd expect to see from old harry and the gang. not radcliffe.Avatar Image says: I think the epiloge will just be re-written. I personally don't think it HAS to be 19 years later at Platform 9 3/4. The point is to show that Harry got what he wanted, a big happy family. I would love to see it as a morning in the Potter house, with Ron/Hermoine just dropping by as Harry & Ginny rush to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school (because I assume that Harry sent his kids to muggle school before Hogwarts.) That is a lovely scene that I have played in my head, probably because I do it every morning and hate it. But that would be something that Harry would be so glad to have -- a normal life.Avatar Image says: I actually don't want the epilogue in the film, simply because I want it to end on the trio as we first met them. I didn't like the epilogue in the book much, not enough information in the interveneing years and to me it felt rushed, so I hope the film makes up for what 9this otherwise brilliant) ending lacks.Avatar Image says: Absolutely No to having other actors portraying the older versions! As someone said above, you don't look that much different in your 30's or even 40's anymore. Guys have the biggest change usually because they go bald but that can happen in your 20's and people get fat and out of shape. But look at ie Charlie Sheen and Brooke Shields. Just throw some grey in and maybe have the guys have more facial hair and the girls a shorter hairstyle. Dan and the others will have no problems, especially since half the time people think Dan looks older already. And no to polyjuice scenes. I wanna see the Dan and Emma, not nobodies!Avatar Image says: I agree with sml, I'm 41 years old and have been told by several people that I don't look much older than 25 or 30. People age differently nowdays. Emma and Bonnie look much older than what they are when they are at the premieres with makeup on and Dan and Rupert both look older with the facial hairs they have been sporting lately. I don't see it as a long stretch at all. Avatar Image says: ohh exciting stuff the wheels are in motion for DH and we still haven't seen HBP. It has to be those 3. It'll really show the scope of the series that we've watched these 3 kids way back in 2001 grow up. It has to be them. I'd like to see the Epilogue after the credits. That way if it wasn't your cup of tea you can always just switch offAvatar Image says: Am I barmy? DR is getting more and more like Harry Enfield! I wonder if they are related.Avatar Image says: I do hope they keep the same actors for the epilogue. I'm sure they'll adapt polyjuice scenes to allow that as well, except for Godrics Hollow. The polyjuice is sure to be used there, with different actors.Avatar Image says: I hope Dan, Rupert, Emma, Bonnie and Tom are in the epilogue. The entire series will be ruined if they aren't. You can't use the same actors for 10 years then in the last 5 minutes of the series, throw someone else into their roles. Come freakin' on.Avatar Image says: If I heard him right he said the hardest thing to do is age a character..HELLO have you seen the new trailer for Brad Pitts new movie where he looks OLD...his make up job is amazing..if they can do it for that movie hire the same people to age the trio!!! it would not be the same if they don't!Avatar Image says: I hope the use the trio in the epilogue as well. As for MOM, maybe they will have a few glimpses of other actors, but I think that maybe what they will do is portray the events from the trio's point of view. So just like they did with the invisibility cloak, when they showed that Harry was invisible, but from then on you could see him, they will show the people whose form the trio takes, and then we will see the trio for the rest of the time...just an idea about what they might try and do.Avatar Image says: I don't think there is a possibility of getting older actors, but rather that the epilogue will not be in the film. Which would make me very angry, by the way. I love the epilogue.Avatar Image says: Ooh I can't wait for DH :) I hope they age themAvatar Image says: I hope that Dan, Rupert, and Emma play themselves in the end! It would be weird without it! I just hope that they add stuff, ie, their jobs and such, because when I read the book, I felt a little empty afterwords not knowing what they had been doing for 19 years! The epilogue is the only part of Harry Potter, the whole series, that I didn't like. I felt a little cheated on that. It felt very fan-fictionish.Avatar Image says: harry potter and the half blood prince will be a masterpiece.Avatar Image says: torn, HELLO Brad Pitt is much older than they are going to be when they film this. It's easy to make someone in their 40s look like they are 50s or older, but it's not so easy to make people in his 20s look like they are 30 years old or older because it can look like crap. Don't forget Daniel has grown up in a movie set, he knows much more about these things that we all will ever know, it's stupid to be so egocentric to think you know more about these things than someone who practically lives in a set, aroud makeup artists and special effects makers.Avatar Image says: I don't get the aging thing. Wizards don't age like muggles. Dumbledore was supposed to be 150 when he died and he died an unnatural early death. I'm sure if Mr. Gambon can play 150 and still kicking high, the trio can play thirty something! Avatar Image says: HELLO Cameron. Why do you think that people in their 40s can easily look 50, while people in their 20s cannot easily look 30s. I'm telling you - there is not much difference in looks between those ages! I may not know about stage make-up, but at this point I've definately learned it's futile to guess one's age. I'm 42 and still get carded. My nephew is 20, has a heavy beard and some early graying - he's under-aged and sometimes doesn't get carded. 30 year olds are young and look it if they are fit, don't smoke and stay out of the sun. Trust me. p.s. - how old are you by the way?Avatar Image says: By the time they film DH, those kids are going to be plenty old enough to play themselves in the epilogue. What are they now, like twenty?Avatar Image says: Eu ao Harry Potter Avatar Image says: As far as the polyjuice potion scenes go, I believe that the filmakers will try to avoid it as much as possible. Harry could likely be underneath the invisibility cloak, still visible to the audience. Casting "a bunch of nobodys" to play in these scenes is just not the same from a film standpoint as a book's. I have been wondering from the start how they would portray this. But what if it wasn't just a bunch of nobodys but people we could recognize and relate to. Say... Jo herself!!! That would be incredible, although very equally unlikely... This is a change, though, that I think would be quite necessary.Avatar Image says: I don't think they should even include the epilogue... You never know.. One day JK will write some more HP books that will eventually turn into movies, then we'd be expecting to see the same people that played the characters from the epilogue... I really doubt the epilogue will be in there... The only thing it really does is show how Harry respected Snape, and i think there are other places to throw that in there.... Plus i would rather see some amazing battles at hogwarts and in the forbidden forest and such instead of having 5 minutes of talking that doesn't mount up to much.... :)Avatar Image says: Older people play high school kids all the time... Hence, American Pie and all the other comedy's from that era.... I could make a long list!!!!Avatar Image says: It can be really tricky to age the trio, because it is 19 years latter... when a person is in her middle thirties they don't look that different from when they were 18, the difference is very settle... it is not like if it was 40 years latter i think it would be easier if they were much older....... i don't know. But i wouldn't mind if they cut out the epilogue and did some other kind of ending scene just giving a mention of what might happen afterwards.....Avatar ImageTheWanderer244155 says: HP FTW!

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