PotterCast Emceeing Bryn Mawr Yule Ball with Moaning Myrtles, Mudbloods, Whompy and Ministry!


Dec 01, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

If you’re anywhere near Philadelphia this Saturday, December 6, hie thee to the Bryn Mawr Yule Ball, a fantastic Wizard Rock Holiday concert at which The Moaning Myrtles, The Whomping Willows, Ministry of Magic, and The Mudbloods will be playing. All four PotterCasters will be in attendance as we shall serve as the night’s emcees! It’s also taking place in a Great Hall, people. Best of all?

It’s FREE!

Get out your Yule Ball dresses and party suits, and we’ll see you there for some fun with friends, music and holiday cheer.

All the details about the event (as well as a chance to RSVP, though you don’t technically need to) are right here on the event’s Facebook page.

It is at 8 p.m., Saturday, December 6, in the Thomas Great Hall at Bryn Mawr College:
101 North Merion Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA
Click here for a map!
Directions and more at the Facebook page.

This is just one of several announcements about events this week so STAY TUNED! (The all-caps was worth it.)

27 Responses to PotterCast Emceeing Bryn Mawr Yule Ball with Moaning Myrtles, Mudbloods, Whompy and Ministry!

Avatar Image says: YES! I am sooo excited for this. I can't wait to see you guys there :DAvatar Image says: The top of the Ministry of Magic's my space page is so coolAvatar Image says: Aw man, now I'm gonna have to find a bus there... =)Avatar Image says: Ahh!! That's just down the street from me! Ahh! Though to be honest, a young mom toting around a seven-month-old really would get some strange looks. I could ditch the baby with my husband, but who goes to these things by themselves? Hmmm. I might just think about you guys and how cool it would be to go, but then just stay home.Avatar Image says: yessss!!! I love you all from the bottom of my heart. I´m so happy. I can´t wait to see all of you guys at this great event.Avatar Image says: NO FAIR!! Wish I could go!!! Economrs, if you have a chance to go, go! Find a babysiter, bring the kid and dont`stay long, but you chouldn`t pass up a chance liek this!!Avatar Image says: I am so coming! I am beyond excited to see Moaning Myrtles and Whompy again, and to see Ministry for the first time!! I haven't really listened to The Mudbloods before, but I am always up for new music. If I bring my Harry, A History book, will you sign it, Melissa?Avatar Image says: Don't fret, Economrs. I plan on going by myself. Have no fear. There are always new friends to meet. If you go and see an odd 42 year old redhead all by herself, come over and say hi. It will be me. :)Avatar Image says: Economrs, Are you kidding? You should totally go by yourself and have blast!!! I wish I lived close by... i would leave the kids with daddy and GO!!! I hope everyone has a great time and then post some videos for us!Avatar Image says: MUST GO MUST GO MUST GO!!! Dah! It sounds totaly and completely full of win!Avatar Image says: man i wanna go (i dont live anywhere near philly)Avatar Image says: Hmmm...I work at the College. Might have to attend!Avatar Image says: Molly, of course I'll sign it, it would be 100 percent my pleasure! And Economrs you have no idea how often I see moms with their kids at Wizard Rock shows! And if you come yourself just come say hi to us and w'ell introduce you to some nice Potter fans and get you set up for the night! Don't miss it!Avatar Image says: Oh, I really wish I lived nearby. Hmph. Well, have fun and tell us all about it! Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, did you like read my diary? This is like a dream come true. I have been squeeing all night. TOOOO EXCITED FOR WORDS. I am so buying a new copy of Harry a History so you can sign it and I can put it in a plastic bag for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO COOL!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I am extremely jealous of everyone who gets to go to this. I've never been to a Wizard Rock concert (though I would absolutely love to) and this one just sounds too amazing to be missed. Alas, if only school didn't exist, I lived nearby, and I could drive... So, a plea to those who go: Please post everything you can from it (especially if it's video from Ministry of Magic- they're one of my favorite bands)!Avatar Image says: My husband just reminded me that we'll be in NY that weekend--grr. Otherwise I would really want go! Thanks everyone for your encouragement to go!Avatar Image says: I would love to go and see live wizard rock... but Philadelphia is kind of far away from Brazil. Just promisse me you won't stop doing this encounters until I get the oportunity to go to at least one...Avatar Image says: God I wish I could go. I go to school in Erie, so I could find someone to drive me for 6+ there! I am going to plan this out so I will be able to go! maybe I'll take the bus. I wish I hadn't given Harry, A History to my brother so I could have Melissa sign it.Avatar Image says: Edit: Sorry, that's 6+ hours.Avatar Image says: hey i'm so excited BUT it's not showing up on my itunes. I've hit refresh about a dozen times. any body else with this problem? i guess for now I'll just listen to it directly from the site. ;) hope everybody's turkey day was good!Avatar Image says: givemesomeTLC, This is not a new pottercast... it's just an "invitation" to a Yule Ball this saturday. That avatar can be a little misleading!Avatar Image says: I definately want to go, only I'm 17 and there's no way my mom is going to come into the city with me and sit around while i do this. is there any way around that?Avatar Image says: Awesome!!!! I knew it was a good idea to move to Philly!!!!!!Avatar Image says: It's so sad that all the fun stuff is so far away. :-( I know it will be great, have fun east coasters.Avatar Image says: I wish I could go it sounds awsome. How about a recreation in Chicago sometime. At least make it in to a full PotterCast. I still listen to the Detroit Wrock City episode and The Minstry of Magic has never apeard on a PotterCast before that I am aware of. I will be thinking of you all and be extremely jelous :(Avatar Image says: i'm fairly close... but i'm doing my own concert until 7:30 in Wilmington..... i really want to go though... this would be my first Wizard Rock Concert..... i'm so torn... if i come i'll be late...

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