Radcliffe, Watson, and Wright Video Appearance Round Up


Dec 03, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As TLC has reported in previous weeks, a number of the Harry Potter actors have been making the rounds on various TV shows and award ceremonies. Here now is a brief round-up of their latest appearances. Firstly, actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) appeared earlier in the week on the Bravo channel’s acclaimed program, Inside the Actors Studio. The first video of Mr. Radcliffe’s interview on the program is now online in our Video Galleries.

Next, actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) appeared on the BBC children’s program “Blue Peter” this morning in the UK. During the five-minute interview, Miss Watson discusses her latest film, The Tale of Despereaux, and helps make a snowman Christmas card. The video of this interview can be viewed via this link.

Finally, Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley) was a presenter at the British Children’s Academy Awards ceremony this past week in London, England, presenting the award for the CBBC Me and my Movie Award. Video of Miss Wright is available to watch right here.

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Avatar Image says: I watched Dan on Inside the Actor's Studio ... quite an eloquent and "REAL" young man. What's Rupert doing these days?Avatar Image says: I can't believe I missed Dan on Actor's Studio. I hope they replay it. And KitCat, it sounds like you're jealous...Avatar Image says: So apparently Dan has been taking all the baths Harry managed to miss!Avatar Image says: Dan's interview with James Lipton on ITAS was fantastic!!!!....maybe THE very best he has given......he was amazing !!!! smart.....witty.... gracious.......thoughtprovoking.....informative.... just a joy to watch!!!..hope Lipton interviews him again in a few years!!!Avatar Image says: Emma is so cute and gorgeous!!Avatar Image says: Awww I love Bonnie! She's so pretty and elegant. Avatar Image says: I saw Dan's interview the other night. He was his usual engaging self. MAD about you Dan!Avatar Image says: Rupert's been busy working like Dan. He's been doing two films.Avatar Image says: Can I ask - will there ever be news posted about one or more of the young actors that doesn't lead to snide comments being made about another? Probably not, so I'll be getting my Potter news from a source with hopefully maturer correspondents in future.Avatar Image says: I loved Dan's interview and Bonnie looked really pretty.Avatar Image says: Dan was HILARIOUS! He is so intelligent...more young actors need to be like him. That was the BEST interview I've ever seen on ITAS...it's usually too serious and the actor's cry. Emma's interview was cute. I loved her dress. I can't wait to see the Tale of Despereaux...I love movies like that. Avatar Image says: Rupert is probably about to start press on his film Cherrybomb and he's also filming a movie with Helena Bonham Carter, Bill Nighy, and Emily Blunt called Wild Target...so he's very busy. All of them are extremely busy...I don't see how they're going to do everything they're doing now AND film Deathly Hallows...especially Emma Watson...she's about to start COLLEGE!!! I wish them all the best!Avatar Image says: "Can I ask – will there ever be news posted about one or more of the young actors that doesn’t lead to snide comments being made about another?" @Scully, I agree with you. These rivalries among a very few HP fans are strange to me. Dan, Rupert, and Emma seem to be terrific people. I like all three of them and wish them all the best. I'll never understand why that's so hard for some others. The snide comments seem to come from the same people over and over again. You'd think they'd get bored with it. It's just plain weird.Avatar Image says: oh jeez ppl. seriously! we all love our actors! we tease them because we love them! or, we love the character they portray. all these "snide comments" as you call them, are in defense of a character we love, from a book we love. if you dont like the comments, just read the article and go sniff about something else. its that simpleAvatar Image says: @taylor, you make snide comments about real people because you're trying to defend a fictional character you love? Huuuhhh????Avatar Image says: all the actors have been busy doing various projects you just have to go to their site to find out. because unfortnately tlc doesnt post everything abut everyone.. but i do wish them all the best.. dan w/ equus, emma w/ tale of desperaux & rupert w/ cherrybomb & wildtarget.. & all the other actors that a doing projects!Avatar Image says: Dan's ITS interview is probably his best to date. What a mixture of humor and seriousness, intelligence and whimsy. The Napoleon joke was priceless and the remark on the HP series not being a democracy is very, very insightful. The H/Hr pairing may be popular and many HP and non HP fans may like it but this is not a mater of votation. HP is JKR's world and we abide by what she wrote. As for Emma, I did wonder why she guested on a children's show. I thought that being 18 and all, she'd go for a mature image but then I remembered that cartoon movie she did so that explained it. As for mentioning Rupert, hey, no need to be so sensitive about it. This news is about what the HP actors are doing and leaky even posted what Bonnie did but nothing about Rupes. which is jarring cause he's the one who is supposed to be doing 2 indie films at the moment. Just remember that he's not big on the whole media publicity thing OR could be he has not finished fiming yet.Avatar Image says: omg u guys r being ridiculous! yeah we all get annoyed w/ our actors sometimes, but we love them anyway. personally id like to read comments that dont include this argument!Avatar Image says: And once again my favorite actor didn't appear on leaky!!Avatar Image says: Thio, Stop being such a idiot!! Your actor is not that important!!Avatar Image says: Thio, I'm not an idiot!! And who are you to talk about my favorite actor like that?Avatar Image says: I talk to you the way I want to!! You are stupid!!Avatar Image says: Thio, I think our discussion is stupid!! We both like Harry Potter! Can we be friends?Avatar Image says: Yeah! You're right!! We have so much im commom!! Why spend our time fighting? Friends?Avatar Image says: Friends!!! *Just a little joke to show that we shouldn't fight over this stuff and that we all should be friends, give hands and sing our way towards the sunset!!* =pAvatar Image says: It's nice to see someone as talented and real as Dan get the spotlight instead of the Disney kids the media usually shoves down our thoats.Avatar Image says: thank god daniel.if he doesnt interview we dont learn about harry potter films information.he very funny and smart in actor's studio.i think hp fans left daniel for robert but he win new young and adult fans.im look actor studio list and to most successful actors and actres. happy for daniel.now hollywood to esteem him Avatar Image says: I think this was one of the best interviews given in the ITAS. Excellent, Mr. Radcliffe! It was a joy to watch and listen to. Now we need the following parts of the program. Still waiting for the 2nd part to download. Please, post it soon!! *pleading on my knees*Avatar Image says: I saw the ITAS interview as well and agree with all of the other posters - it was great. I love that Dan Radcliffe is still so enthusiastic about Harry Potter. He seems to just love the whole experience of it and is genuinely thankful for what it has given him. It's refreshing to hear that he's looking forward to getting back on the set, he seems to love it as much as the fans.Avatar Image says: just great. love the dan interviewAvatar Image says: If someone can tell me where Emma got that dress from, I will forever be their slave...Avatar Image says: Well. Miss Watson is a professional at publicity for her movies, because she managed not to slap those Blue Peter hosts who obviously couldn´t care less about their guest. While the Inside the Actor´s Studio interview with Dan was fantastic, a lot of Emma Watson interviewers just insult her intelligence. That´s sad, for I believe that she is a rather bright person and capable of much more than assisting in the creation of Christmas Cards.Avatar Image says: I saw Dans interview a few days ago. It was so funny. He really gives wonderful interviews. I liked Emma's interview and Appreciator, you have to remember that this is a children program. Making cards and gluing noodles to a paper plate is what these programs do. She promoting an Animated film that's directed towards a young audience. I'm quite disappointed with Leaky. Someone said that they are only putting up news articles about Harry Potter. That's not true. They have So many Non Potter Related stuff in their gallery's its imposable to miss it. Everything from Equus to Twilight is in their video gallery's . Rupert has been almost completely ignored since he started his work on his TWO films. It pisses me off. If your going to spend your time posting news about Twilight, Equus and Despereaux, pluss various other Non Potter Related news then I think its only fair to post stuff about Rupert's Films Cherry Bomb and Wild Target. That includes his interviews. For anyone that doesn't know rupertgrint.net is a great source. They are partners with Leaky I think but they take the time to post news about him.Avatar Image says: I loved Dan's interview but it was way too short! I would like Mr Lipton and co. to please consider showing the ENTIRE interview ( I think it was 3-4 hours) on their show. At least put it up on their website! I think everybody would want to see the whole thing. Avatar Image says: To everyone complaining about the lack of Rupert: Maybe he's just not doing interviews.Avatar Image says: Wow, for some reason, everyone always only discusses Dan. part of the reason why I hate leaky posters.Avatar Image says: i love tlc.. i think they do what they can do.. & some of the hp stars just tries 2 avoid all media like gary oldman....Avatar Image says: The post is about interviews and tv appearances, rupert hasnt done any. Get over it, rupert's moaning fans sound like morons.Avatar Image says: Your Clearly the moron. He has done several things that Leaky has not bothered to post about. Dans not always doing interviews but they seem to post every article about him. You have missed the point completely but never mind. Do try wrapping your brain around it.Avatar Image says: "but they seem to post every article about him"HE plays Harry Potter and the series IS "Harry Potter and....",get over it because is not their fault if he gets way more attencion than your idol,this site is great.Avatar Image says: Ooops Attention,sorry.Avatar Image says: In fairness to Leaky, how can they post about Rupert's new films when there really is nothing much to report on? I saw on snitchseeker that the film don't even have a distributor yet so publicity has not begun. Leaky will post Rupert news as soon as reputable media outlets feature him. I don't think that this site has the manpower to go and gather its own news and take candid pics of Rupert while filming. It mainly relies on other sites for news. Unfortunately for Rupert, he's not top material for the media. His time will come but right now the busiest are Dan with his equus and Emma with her cartoon movie. Avatar Image says: Apparently you have a problem comprehending what I'm saying. I said Emma also has posts about her film Despereaux (plus various pictures of events she attended). The books are not named after Hermione last time I checked. And you cant play the "He plays Harry Potter " line because this is not a Daniel Radcliffe Fan site BUT going on that line of thinking if they are going to post Equus/Dan news and Despereaux/Emma news plus various actor updates, none of them being related to Harry Potter in the slightest, then they should have been reporting on Rupert's news as well. I stress the point AGAIN that I'm talking about the fact that since Rupert started filming his other movies he has gotten little news updates on Leaky when there has been tons of news to post yet they focused on Dan and Emma. Its not that Dan has MORE news to post that I'm upset about, its that when Rupert had news and updates Leaky has IGNORED them. I wouldn't have said anything if it wasn't for the very first comment made by some uninformed person. I don't hate Dan nor Emma but I hate seeing Rupert put on the back burner and forgotten. I'm pleased to inform you that my disappointment doesn't = Hate. I still like Leaky. Just in the feature they need to report on Rupert too not just Dan,Emma, Bonnie, ect.Avatar Image says: "when there has been tons of news to post" aren't you just a wee bit exaggerating with the "tons" of rupert news? apart from a couple of pics (which TLC posted) and a few interviews (which TLC posted since they also talk about HP) there really hasn't been much. Tabloids don't count and fan blogs don't also count. But if you mean the "Rupert was 35th on Teen magazine's Hottest star list" kind of news, lol, maybe you should send the news to Leaky first. it's the type of news better posted on Rupert's own site and not here. Besides, Dan will again steal Rupert's thunder there cause he was #15 to Rupe's #35. Avatar Image says: jack, your'e a guy and you keep track of who's on Teen magazine's hottest guy list? oookaaay! can't imagine most guys getting into these fan wars. but hey, whatever.gets you up in the morning.

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