Alan Rickman to Film Deathly Hallows Scenes in Late 2009


Dec 05, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Alan Rickman has given a new interview to SCI-FI Wire where he discusses his filming schedule in his role as Severus Snape for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In the interview he says he will be filming late in 2009, mentioning working with Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort) for those pivotal and dramatic scenes at the end of Deathly Hallows. Mr. Rickman said: “Well, because they have to get me and Ralph Fiennes together, it means
I don’t start shooting it until the end of next year, which means I get
room now in this coming year,” he said. “So it’s going to be long. I
was talking to Helena [Bonham Carter] yesterday. I think she starts in June, and she
goes on for a long time.”

Alan Rickman also spoke briefly about the decision to split the filming of the book into two films, noting “Well, it’ll be a big finish, won’t it?” Rickman said. “That’s true,
and appropriately. You can feel it now, the size of the undertaking.
Watching Daniel [Radcliffe], I saw a trailer for him being on Inside the Actor’s Studio, and you think, ‘Wait a minute, he’s 12! Oh. Perhaps he isn’t.”

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Avatar Image says: Oh! He is so amazing! I love him. And I cannot waitttttttttt for his scenes. :DAvatar Image says: Its so great that they're already talking about filming Deathly Hallows, July still seems far away, but its nice to have something to keep us going. I love Alan....can't wait to see those scenes. Avatar Image says: Oh man, now I am suddenly feeling old, seeing Dan controlling an audience like that, and Emma modelling (gracefully)! Poor Alan. I get the feeling he is feeling very old seeing the children become adults in the space of what probably feels like 1 week in Alan's eyes! He is only 60 for pete's sake but he was making jokes of soon being in a wheelchair and oxygen ventilator the other day! Snap out of it, mate, lot more great stuff ahead for you ;)Avatar Image says: That's cool,but does that mean that there isn't a Dark Lord Ascending part to DH1 then?Avatar Image says: I bet the last one will be the best one. Looking forward to seeing Nobel Son (starring Rickman) this weekend.Avatar Image says: This will be amazing - Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman together in one of the most important scenes of the whole book !! Nothing against Daniel Radcliffe - I think the guy has grown and is finally living up to his role as Harry - but I fear that Fiennes and Rickman are more than Radcliffe can chew - not to mention swallow ... poor Rickman, you say ??? Poor Radcliffe and Watson, I'd say.. the only two young actors who stand a chance against Fiennes, Rickman, Carter are Tom Felton and Evanna Lynch, in my opinion.Avatar Image says: Sasha, remember that both parts of DH are being filmed at once. All of the scenes are not necessarily shot in the order we will watch them. There could very well be scenes about chapters from the beginning of the book that won't be shot until the end of 2009.Avatar Image says: @Sienna, yeah I look forward to those scenes too! But actually I would say lucky Dan, Emma, Rupert, Felton, Lynch etc, for having such a great opportunity to act and learn from these great talents! And for me, there is no question that they have all made the most of learning a great deal from the experience and will continue to do so. I also think those young actors will always relish future collaborations as have the seniors have done when they were their age. Dan, in particular, I can see would become an actor of great stature and is certainly proving to be quite fearless in his trade, so he will hold his own with Rickman and Fiennes. What am I saying, he already has! But they are all playing off each other, its teamwork, (almost a family!) there is no competing on who's the better actor. They are also clearly relishing their roles. Everyone was cast in their roles because the casting director saw potential in each one. Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see the scene where harry is under voldemort and snape and Nagini kills snape then when harry comes out, snape shows him his past memory with harry's mother....I was feeling SOOO emotional when i read that....SNAPE IS A GOOD MAN!!!!!!!! They better put the scene where MacGonagall and snape confront each other and fight for a little bit...I WANNA SEE SOME PROFESSOR MCGONAGALL ACTION!!!!! XD XDAvatar Image says: Of all the characters that JKR created ... Undoubtedly the most complex, conflicted, and strangely charismatic is Severus Snape. And there is no actor living or dead that IMO could have brought him to life like Alan Rickman. Truly a superb actor. And I have seen him in many roles, comedy, dramatic, action, etc... and he has never ceased to amaze me with his extraordinary talent. Avatar Image says: Awwww! Hes so cute. And HANDSOME. Actually hes 62yrs old and will be 63 on February 21st. But anyway, this is exciting but very sad at the same time- it means the real end, and death of my two favorite characters. Oh boy! I dont know how I will be able to handle that. I have become attached to them. But we will get to see some happy times before that unpleasant end. I find it funny that Him and Helena talk outside of filming- but Im sure through all the time they are on set they become friends and not to mention they did Sweeney Todd together and are doing a Real Life Alice and Wonderland together as well. P.S. Melissa I bought Harry a History- I cant wait to read it!Avatar Image says: evanna lynch and tom felton on par with alan rickman!!!! and what evidence is that based on?!Avatar Image says: wait, why is Bella getting more filming time than Severus. Thats not how I read the book!!Avatar Image says: I bet they're going to film all the trio stuff first because they're going to have to ALOT of on-location filming for all the tent scenes and all of that stuff. All of the scenes that involve Snape have all the older actors in them, so I bet they have to make sure they can get them altogether. With 18 months to film...they're not going to finish filming until early 2010!!!! That's a LONG TIME! It seems like it would be fun though. I wonder what Emma is going to do about school?!Avatar Image says: @ DEBBIE: Just because Helena is starting to film earlier doesn't mean she's getting more screen time. They don't film the movie in order...they film it out of sequence. So they're probably going to do all of the Snape scenes together so that Alan Rickman won't have to keep stopping and starting. He can just do it all at once. It's the same way with all the actors. Plus most of the book focuses on the trio, so Dan, Rupert, and Emma will be their primary focus for quite awhile. I can't wait to see that sequence when they take Harry away from Privet Drive in the film...that was intense enough in the book, but I bet it will be RIDICOLOUSLY good on screen. Avatar Image says: Rickman is a great actor. He's appearing in so many other movies at the same time as these HP ones, and in all the other movies he's so different from Snape, you can't even tell it's the same actor. That's the sign of a great actor, that they can appear iconically in a wide range of roles and seem so totally different every time.Avatar Image says: There are two scenes in DH that I think are absolutely spine-chilling. The first is the murder of Charity Burbage in the very first chapter. That chapter, like all of JKR's first chapters, is so incredibly well-written. I could visualize Burbage spinning over the table and pleading for her life before Voldemort murders her. The second is Snapes' suffocation by Nagini. It was terrifying to read. DH is such a GREAT book! I'm really excited about this film and I can't wait to see these scenes!!!!!Avatar Image says: Siena, you are soooo wrong. If you would see Equus you would know Daniel has the talent to steal scenes from Alan, Ralph or any other actor. He acts opposite a Tony award winner in Equus, Richard Griffiths, and in Broadway Daniel is completely stealing the show. The only problem I see is the HP movie makers haven't used all that potencial Daniel has yet. Kloves don't like Harry as much as he like other characters like Hermione and Draco, so he doesn't gave Harry good lines or scenes. It's easy to notice Harry is part of most scenes but he is actually the one who has less lines. It's funny what you said, because the young actors you say are more talented are the ones who actually have proved less.Avatar Image says: In fact, I think Radcliffe is the only one who has proved he an act with all these experienced actors. Theater acting is the most difficult thing and actor can do and Daniel is acting in Broadway every day! Earning all positive reviews from the critics and the audience! They are even talking about a Tony. That's how all these great actors: Rickman, Fiennes.... started, and that's what Radcliffe is doing now. The other kids are a joke compared with all these big actors names.Avatar Image says: @Jain: It is based on that I think Evanna Lynch and Tom Felton are the best young performers in the HP films, it is not meant as a comparision to Rickman's and Fiennes's incredible works - how could I dare to do that? @Erik: I must admit that you are right; I have not seen Radcliffe in Equus. He is obviously doing a really amazing theatre performance there ! But I was referring to his work in HP and I think his performance lacks depth in the films - but again, this is just my personal view. Avatar Image says: Aaaaahhhhhhh I LOVE ALAN RICKMAN!!!!! SNAPE RULES!!!!!! Cant WAIT TILL MOVIE COMES OUT!!!!! LOL!Avatar Image says: @Debbie - Scenes for a movie are almost always filmed by location (and I guess in this case, actor availability), and not in chronological order of the story. So for example, they will probably film most of the Burrow scenes at the same time since they are at 'that' location. So yeah...just cause they're doing Helena's stuff first doesn't mean she's getting more screen just may be that a lot of her scenes coincide with the locations they are filming at at that particular time. That said, I can't wait for Rickman's scenes! So exciting! :DAvatar Image says: That still from HBP looks MAGNIFICENT. Especially HBC's Bella, wow. I can't wait til summer. And I haven't even read HBP yet but isn't N. Malfoy supposed to be tall, blonde, and stately? The Malfoys have a reputation for sexiness to maintain, you know! / kiddingAvatar Image says: I love Rickman's last quote here. I first fell in love with him in Beckett's plays. He continues to bring unexpected depth to an already deep character. At the same time, I feel like he is holding back. Something makes me think this in the direction of the work and that we'll really get to see some fabulous acting in the last two movies. (Well, three, really.) I can't wait. Oh. Perhaps I'll have to.Avatar Image says: I fancy Alan's voice,deep and sort of insight,which is always really sexy.Saw him played in the film 'True Love' &'The perfum', so nice a man Avatar ImagecrazyforSeverus says: I love Alan Rickman. I can't wait to see him in the 7th. I hope they include the first scene in the book at Malfoy Manor with Snape and Voldemort as well as the scene in the Shrieking Shack. Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes are the best actors...I can't wait to see them in the same shot!

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