Emma Watson Featured in Sunday Times, Attends Premiere of Tale of Despereaux


Dec 07, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As her new film is set to open this week, actress Emma Watson is making news tonight. First the Hermione Granger attended the premiere of her new film, the animated movie The Tale of Despereaux, tonight in Los Angeles, California. You can see new photos of Emma at this event here via WireImage and here via Getty.

Also, Emma has been the feature of several interview pieces of late as part of the release of Despereaux. Yesterday MTV posted a new piece online where Emma confirmed she would be attending college or university later this fall, noting again she had applied to schools both here in the States and to those in the UK. She also addressed some rumors that we’ve heard about possible future film roles. Emma Watson said: I’m attached to a film called “Napoleon and Betsy,” which will
hopefully get shot in 2010. I’ve got the colossal final book ["Harry
Potter and the Deathly Hallows"] to finish off, and I’m going to
university in September. I’m looking at scripts and auditioning. I’m
very excited to do roles beyond “Potter.” It’s a very exciting time for

Today, the Sunday Times ran this article, where Emma speaks about fame, fortune, and what it is like for her when she meets new people and fans. “The parties are fun if you’re with friends’ she
says, although meeting her public is often awkward. “I think it’s hard for
people to know how to act when they meet me. Some people try incredibly hard
to avoid anything to do with Harry Potter, fame or acting or whatever, and I
really do appreciate it, but it can be quite awkward too. It’s hard meeting
new people, for them to know quite what to do.”

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Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see this movie! It looks so good and it has such a Brilliant cast!!! I LOVE Emma's dress and those shoes are to die for!!! I want them NOW!!!! She looks great!!Avatar Image says: yay! 2nd comment! she looks so pretty and her shoes and dress are super cute! cant wait to see the movie.Avatar Image says: hey..emma is in LA??? i wanna see her..i live in la....emma if u read this come to beverly hills and visit me she looks so cute with tht dress and shoes?!?!? Movie looks so good...wanna see it nowAvatar Image says: Rock on Emma!!! I can't wait to watch the movie! It looks good! ANd OMG Emma wants to be in a musical! That would be soo good. We can see her sing! :DAvatar Image says: I love Emma, she like the other HP stars are so incredibly humble and are great role models compared to other hollywood teen "stars". I can't wait to see what she does outside HP :)Avatar Image says: This movie looks so cute and now, knowing that Emma's voice is that of the Princess', I want to see it!Avatar Image says: YawnAvatar Image says: The men manage to look as if they had just popped down the road for a drink at the pub. There is no sense of occasion and they look uniformly drab.Avatar Image says: anyone read the interviews? she actually swears and says she would go nude on screen if the movie recquired it XD ” She still loves acting, naturally — she would even, steady chaps, go nude. “Yes,” she says. “For Bernardo Bertolucci. It . . . depends. I’m not getting my kit off any time soon, but it is part of my job.” Avatar Image says: Grow up henryyilupe. The dress emma is wearing at the premiere is awful! Makes her hips look hugeAvatar Image says: Grow up henryyilupe. The dress emma is wearing at the premiere is awful! Makes her hips look hugeAvatar Image says: I was just pointing it out, watned to see what everyone thought and if she's serious or not. And the swearing isn't a big deal, most people swear normally. It's just the first time I've seen her use a swear word in an interview. Thought the dress was nice, she looked quite good.Avatar Image says: she's skinny, she has hips live with it. Avatar Image says: I love her hairdo and make up!! =D Especially the hairdo!! ^^ And the dress is so beautiful!! It must be Chanel's or Alberta Ferretti's. She really likes that colour!! ^^ I'm not so sure about the shoes, though... =/ The dress is flattering precisely because of the reason why Miriam dislikes it XD It makes her look like she has more hips, and I think that that's for the better!! =) In my opinion, curvy women are more beautiful that toothpick-shaped women. I'm not talking about being skinny or fat, I'm talking about contours. I think women with well-placed contours look more feminine ;-)Avatar Image says: The dress is okay, for a fashion runway type event - not sure it really "goes" with life sized animated characters running around, but... whatever. As for her comments about her fans, I think she sounds a little stuck-up. It's hard "for them to know quite what to do"? Why should they have to figure it out all by themselves? Meeting someone is a two-way situation. Maybe Emma is a little bit socially awkward herself. Dan Radcliffe always says how much he loves meeting his fans, and he seems truly outgoing and energetic about it. All you have to do to meet new people is be nice, and show an interest in them instead of yourself. And why is there a photo of Phoebe Price in EVERY event? Look her up on IMDB.com sometime - she's done a total of NINE mostly unheard-of projects, what is up with her getting in front of the camera every six seconds? Ugh. She's almost as pointless as Paris Hilton. I think I'm more excited about the projects that Dan Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are doing outside of the Harry Potter films - they seem really intent on expanding their horizons, doing parts that really involve acting skills... although I have to reserve judgment, as I haven't seen that Ballet Shoes film yet. - M Avatar Image says: Nice. That look and make-up suits her...Avatar Image says: The dress is unflattering on emma, plus it looks more suited to older women. Nothing about body shape, it just doesnt look nice on her. And i agree with marcheline, emma plays it too safe with her projects. Dan and rupert seem be taking risks.Avatar Image says: You definitely should take the time to see Ballet Shoes; you will be very pleasantly surprised. She is brilliant in it, and got all very positive reviews for her acting, including from the Times. She can act, she can model, and she has star quality. I don't think there is any serious doubt about that anymore.Avatar Image says: Sorry, but the other two actresses excelled emma in ballet shoes. She had low energy, breathed heavily and wasnt as convincing. Plus they are younger than her. She was only marginally better than in hp. And since when did modelling require skill?Avatar Image says: I see a small but loud minority here...Avatar Image says: I´ve always wondered how the quality of acting is actually measured and people can say, she/he was better than him/her and try to make a point. It all comes down to what I, the viewer, like personally. I see a difference in the characters of Hermione and Pauline. And I´ve never been distracted by heavy breathing or eye-brows or silly things like that.

"Plays it safe" ... hmmm, so Emma Watson needs to do a movie naked and swearing a lot, before it can be called acting? Then people will say, oh look, now she´s trying too hard to shed Hermione. And to be perfectly honest, a man in a nude role still is viewed quite differently than a woman doing the same.Avatar Image says: bravo hp_appreciator. i couldn't have said it betterAvatar Image says: "she looks so pretty and her shoes and dress are super cute!" HA HA HA! That's really funny! That's EXACTLY what those silly little girls say EVERY TIME Emma does anything at all! SPOT ON! Really made me laugh, thanks for that. "OOh, a picture of Emma leaving the house! Her hair looks really nice squeeeee!!!!" Oh, except the apostrophe would be in the wrong place, so "her hair look's really nice" would be more like it. Heh heh heh.... still laughing at Bella's joke! Avatar Image says: Nudity, sex etc wasnt what i was alluding to. Playing princess-type characters is hardly a stretch... The is not as good an actress as you seem to think. And i cant see her stretching herself as she seems far more focused on PR rather than craft. And it would be nice to express an opinion without having fangirls stifle it.Avatar Image says: She's a really pretty girl. I think a smile or two, and looking like she's happy to be there, would suit her better than concentrating on posing for the cameras, though. I liked her in Ballet Shoes. It's nice to see her branching out and doing things other than HP, but I''m not convinced Emma's really focused on acting. I agree with Miriam , she seems more focused on PR and VIP events at this point in time. Maybe that will change in the future.Avatar Image says: she was on GMTV this morning :D think i'll go and see this? :) matthew broderick is awesome "marcheline" i think she means like they don't know how to react to her, if she's talking about just meeting people, like at school, that kind of thing, if you see Emma Watson your not really going to know what to say, surely if you meet someone you know of who's as famous as Emma, your not going to feel like you can just talk to them the same way as you would if they weren't famous. I'm also excited to see what Rupert Grint's doing, probably because i'm a HUGE fan, though, he's awesome.. I thought Emma's acting in ballet shoes was actually really good.. she annoyed me in OotP though, with the whole eyebrow thing, she's not the best actress, but she seems really down to earth, really she doesn't need to go to uni, she could just work, but she seems like she doesn't think too highly of herself to value a real education. Avatar Image says: Just because she's not doing something as "risky" as Dan or Rupert, doesn't mean she's not making an effort to stretch herself, maybe she hasn't had chance to have any "risky" roles in movies, she can only accept what she's offered. Maybe if Rupert or Dan were offered a role in this movie they may have accepted, if they weren't busy with anything else, voices in an animation seem like a fun part to me, they're usually very humorous, even when aimed at a very young audience, lots of very popular and/or talented actors and actresses have roles in animated films. this doesn't make them any less of an actor/actress. and "Flora" she is really very pretty, she always is pretty, because she is the same Emma all the time with the same looks, even if her outfit isn't great. and her hair does usually look nice. so why is it funny when people say it? maybe the dress isn't too everyones taste, etc, i don't care for it much. i don't get why people saying her hair is nice, or she looks pretty, or they like her dress is so funny? maybe they like it, maybe they think she looks pretty :S i really don't get what the joke is, or how that makes them "silly little girls"?? so i guess i must be missing the point/joke? and "miriam" no, modeling probably doesn't take much skill, your either gorgeous or your not. which Emma is. Avatar Image says: Man...all I can say is Meow!!! to most of these comments. I do agree that she is not the best actress in HP, but she is a great Hermione and clicks very well with the other two characters. I would love to see Ballet Shoes. I think she is absolutely gorgeous whenever she is photographed, whether it's posed or not. The cameras are around, of course it's a PR thing and of course she'll pose. If the pic is not flattering it either won' t make it out there or will make it out with an unfavourable caption. Nothing wrong with posing. I like her dress and shoes. One thing I need to say is I think she looks way, way too slim. I just hope it's her natural metabolism or the dress, and not an image thing. Her going to university is great...why should it be viewed as a self-esteem issue if she chooses that path instead of just working right away? And she does not need to "take risks" to move away from Hermione to further her career, she just needs good roles and performances.Avatar Image says: god she looked so beautiful in theseAvatar Image says: StixVix, and i'm entitled to think that her performances haven't been good. There are far better young actresses out there that have not had her opportunity. Avatar Image says: StixVix, and i'm entitled to think that her performances haven't been good. There are far better young actresses out there that have not had her opportunity. Avatar Image says: StixVix, and i'm entitled to think that her performances haven't been good. There are far better young actresses out there that have not had her opportunity. Avatar Image says: StixVix, and i'm entitled to think that her performances haven't been good. There are far better young actresses out there that have not had her opportunity. Avatar Image says: wow Miriam, bitter much? I think emma's doing great and I'll be supporting her career by taking other people and going to see this animated film ...Avatar Image says: Tia - why would I be bitter? I don't know the girl.I just don't happen to think of her as talented. And she hasn't shown any positive development over the years. Why can you not accept that not everyone automatically likes her because she is in Potter? Just because I don't see her "acting" as "great" doesnn't mean I have jealous feling towards her, it just makes me realistic to her performances. You can go and spend money ont he film, but I for doubt Emma will be making anything of worth in her career. Avatar Image says: whoops, sorry for all the typos! Avatar Image says: man, this is a thread about Tale of Desperaux, emma's new project, but leave i up to Miriam to bring her depressive, emma hating self back on a emma thread and attempt to put a damper on the news. well Miriam, you lived up to your reputation as a hater!! hahhahAvatar Image says: =o eva love usa ma to moc Emma Watson =/ ??????? t__co ludek umí Emma Watson neumí Emma Watson 1000.0000.0000.0000.0000.000 kč

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