Rumor Alert: WB Planning a “Beedle the Bard” Movie ?


Dec 08, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Well, this didn’t take long: the first rumors of a Tales of Beedle the Bard movie have hit the net. Just mere days after the release of the new book from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, CinemaBlend is reporting that Warner Brothers has “a strong interest” in making Beedle the Bard, the Movie once the Deathly Hallows films are done. The report says that :

Knowing that the magical gravy train is coming to an end, the WB is
looking for ways to squeeze more out of Potter. According to one of our
regular, reliable sources, they’re hoping to do it by digging deep into
other J.K. Rowling work; specifically “The Tales of Beedle The Bard”.

The article then says that WB is grappling with how to include all five tales in the book, but notes that “these are short stories after all, it’s unlikely there’s enough material in any one story to justify a feature film. According to our sources, Warners is still trying to figure out exactly how to make this work.”

Please keep this very much in the rumor category, until official confirmation is released.

Thanks Paul and Cian for emailing.

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Avatar Image says: Woah! It wouldn't surprise me ... and really, I wouldn't complain either. lolAvatar Image says: I'm going to say No, i don't think that it's a good idea! But You the WB and their passion for money! Money is the WB's weakness and anything that has the name Harry Potter will bring in money!Avatar Image says: I haven't get the book yet but is about 100 pages deff not enought material for Movie, unless JO. help them out. since i love anything to do with HP I wouldn’t complain either. lol Avatar Image says: 5 short films with Michael Gambon's overdubbed voice and maybe a surprise visit from Hermoine ?!?!! wait....add nuts and you have the perfect cheeseball.Avatar Image says: The only way I could see this working is as a cartoon that is direct to video. I don't believe this could survive a theatrical release.Avatar Image says: "Money is WB's weakness . . . " -- kitkat WB is a BUSINESS. Hopefully a business makes money or it disappears. I would be chuffed if BTB became a film. Very cool idea -- maybe animated! Ooh, the possibilities!Avatar Image says: bring it on, I'm addicted. Avatar Image says: hagio, yes WB is a business, but when it comes to cultural things like art and literature, a custodial approach is best. when companies truly own our culture, it is a sad state, and not to be taken lightly.Avatar Image says: Sort of sounds like a rumor, but Id be happy if it were true.Avatar Image says: I don't know... Did any of you ever see the old Jim Henson "Storyteller" series? Phenomenal. If they did it something like that, like someone telling a series of fairy tales, I think it could be pretty good.Avatar Image says: And if they do it, they should have it produced/directed by Tim Burton. I always thought he would have done well with HP films.Avatar Image says: Awww! No fair! I want a magical gravy train!Avatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Please no. One of the things I believe that makes Harry Potter so unique is that we've always known it would be 7. SEVEN! WB has allready changed that perhaps. But still I dislike the idea because there is a limit to everything. If Warner Brothers is wise, it will search for other sources of income. NOT Harry Potter. It's end has come, and I'm sure there are thousands of other books wich can be translated to screen!Avatar Image says: Absolutely, LauraH. But there's an awesome connection here. The first season was told by Ollivander (John Hurt) and the second season which consisted of Greek mythology tales was narrated by Dumbledore (Michael Gambon)!!! it would be awesome if John Hurt returned to tell the Tales of Beedle the Bard with those incredible creatures from the Jim Henson Workshop. As for a movie, I cant really see it working but you never know, WB has recently been working wonders with big franchises, such as Dark Knight and HP.Avatar Image says: i'd be much more interested in the tales of young dumbledore! or the marauders! seems everyone's opposed to more films, but if jo would create stories for them i can't get enough! there are a lot of other great films on the drawing board because of the success of HP and i don't think making more HP movies would take opportunities away from other stories! Avatar Image says: This was a rather obvious suggestion - I was wondering the same thing before this rumour appeared, but the big question is how they could get it to work as a film. For example, do they include Dumbledore's commentary - some bits could work such as the pantomime, but I can see them having trouble making some of the other background stuff into a viable film script. There is also the question of whether they dare put the Warlock's Hairy Heart into a family oriented movie without significant changes. It might also be difficult to tie the stories together (though it could be something like Hermione reading bedtime stories to Rose and Hugo perhaps switching into dramatized versions).Avatar Image says: This seems like it would be far too easy to screw up. Avatar Image says: @abandonedboyjon: i am SO addicted, i even turned harry into a lion xDAvatar Image says: I must say i can not complain, but itll probably not happen. i mean, its not a real storyline kinda thing going on. i agree with glitterbomb about the tales of young dumbledore, or the marauders (expecially) since they barley had that in the movies.Avatar Image says: Maybe it could be a story of Beadle? Coming across real-life inspiration for the stories...could tie in some of the witch-hunting history of the time... Kind of like "The Brothers Grimm" movie. The only problem is that I could see this being a phenomenal movie for older teens/adults, and not so much for kids...Avatar Image says: Oh god no. Not a movie for BTB. Maybe a program or a cartoon on the net or tele but not a movie. It would be a rip-off.Avatar Image says: @katie... yes!! tim burton would make the perfect director! and larissa... took the words right from mouth! i pictured a magical, dark version of the brothers grimm. and of course, with tim burton, this means we will have helena boham carter in it, right?? i don't know how this movie would work overall, but it would be great if they could recast some actors and actresses from the potter films to play the roles of these characters!Avatar Image says: It would be briliant if this were true, and it would bea really refreshing movie I think but i don't think it's true. I think it's a untrue rumour. Avatar Image says: DIAF WB. Pah :/Avatar Image says: I have mixed feelings about this. I like it, yes, and I'll be happy if they make a movie into it .. but how they are going to do it makes me wonder. Dumbledore's commentary in it would be great in my opinion. But these stories are so short, how are they going to make a movie out of them? Unless Jo helped them out or something. I personally would rather have a movie about James & Sirius. (Remember that card that Jo wrote the prequel on?)Avatar Image says: I don't think this would be a good idea, what would be good (in my opinion anyway) would be if WB put a little more effort in "The Tale of The Three Brothers". Perhaps filming it, instead of having it told - or just taking their time doing it right. They have, after all, two movies to use. Squish it in, or make them "LOTR"-lengthy.Avatar Image says: As to whether this rumour is true, it is to my mind really a no-brainer for WB to assess the possibility of making this into a movie. Anything Jo writes has the potential to sell in a big way, even if this is rather different from the Harry Potter series and presumably would have to use different actors and actresses for the most part. I wonder if they ever considered QA or FB or even the 800 word prequel for films.Avatar Image says: i knew they were gona do itAvatar Image says: Actually to be honest I didn't expect it. Then again WB are full of surprises.Avatar Image says: roonwit, you beat me to it! I was going to say that this would be cool if it was done as Hermione and Ron reading the stories to Hugo and Rose. it would only call for cameo's by Emma and Rupert, who would begin or introduce the story to their kids, then fade to the story itself, whether animated or live-action. It could be cool.Avatar Image says: Gossip is like a windmill; the slightest breeze generates a buzz. IF and that's a big if, they actually go through with it, I'd see this as an series of animated shorts in the likes of "the animatrix"; they were related to the Matrix, they were short and they were brilliant. It could work... Avatar Image says: Honestly, why am i not surprised? Haey, im not complaining. The More Potter the Better but are they really serious? Is this even possible!!! If they want to do more potter then they should countinue with Albus Severus not tales of beetle and the bard :P. Instead of a film, they should make it a dvd only. It would still make big bucksAvatar Image says: Now, it would ofcoarse be an attempt to make more money, but if they do it right, I wouldn't mind. Think of the animatrix, those were 9 short animated movies about the world of the matrix, made by different animators and different techniques. It was fascinating. If they would do something like that with the tales of beedle, it would be a great treat to watch. And it would be a wonderfull chance to use the remainder of great british actors en actresses. (think Judi dench, Patrick Stewart and so on)Avatar Image says: Cant they just let the series die in peace? It feels like they keep trying to raise Harry Potter from the dead. I know its not dead yet and it wont be for a few years but still....just let it be. But whatever: I guess this means nine movies, then?Avatar Image says: im going to have to say, let me thing, a bit fat NO on this one. im addicted to potter, but this! can you imagine how bad it would be? there wouldnt be enough content to make it a full movie, so they would add their own stuff and it would be a DISASTER!!! i could really see it as for the last deathly hallows dvd, a special feature and it be animated. that would be goodAvatar Image says: oooo much as I love HP this would be to much. I think Jo should say no. it has to end somewhere and DH is that end.Avatar Image says: how do you think they would make it into a film ? they could have like Dumbeldore or someone else read the story from the book and they could have like flashbacks of the actual tale that would be sweat. Avatar Image says: The reviews I've read of the book aren't great, which wasn't the case with the Harry Potter books. They are wonderful books! I have no doubt Warner Bros. can squeeze money out of it, but really, why not just let The Deathly Hallows be the last hurrah? Why does it all have to be a theme park or another movie or piece of merchandise. I'd like to think that people can still read a book and enjoy it for just that, a book, rather than wanting it tranformed into some other multi dimensional media. I can guarantee WB won't donate the profits to charity!Avatar Image says: Crown Victoria wrote: "If they want to do more potter then they should countinue with Albus Severus not tales of beetle and the bard". WB don't have the option of doing an Albus Severus movie unless Jo writes it in a book first. As we see from Harry, a History, Chapter four, the agreement between Jo and WB says that WB can only make sequels from books Jo has written.Avatar Image says: That's really weird!!! A few days ago I was thinking of how the seventh film would be and at the same time I was checking some things about 'Beedle the Bard' and so my thoughts combined and I fantasized how it would be if WB did a 'surprise' ending and showed one of the stories at the end of Deathly Hallows. ... So that means...I'M PSYCHIC!!! XDAvatar Image says: Ugh. Better be a rumor.Avatar Image says: Hopefully, this rumor is false. Remember how WB floated a trial balloon about splitting DH into two parts before officially announcing it? It wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be trial balloon number two. I just can't get excited about WB doing any more HP-related films after DH. To this point, I'd rate the quality of these films as only middling. Let it go WB, PLEASE. OMG, I'm feeling a lot of hostility today! LOL.Avatar Image says: I think it could be really good. Maybe if they did it from the perspective of a wizard child reading each story and how each moral relates to his/her life in some way. It wouldn't be nearly as amazing/exciting as the original book series, but it could be very interesting.Avatar Image says: Harry Potter was a success in its olden days. Now Warner Brothers, J.K. Rowling, and Harry Potter fans are over doing it. It should be left as it is, without an encyclopedia or any more books/movies. I personally love the books, but I believe it should be left so.Avatar Image says: Nooo! No,no,no! No way! Leave it at two Deathly Hallows movies. Besides, look at the source, defenitely just a rumor.Avatar Image says: I was kinda expecting this. I thought they might do this for QA and FB, too. Avatar Image says: If they did it justice, it'd be okay with me.Avatar Image says: To be honest, i wouldn't be surpries if this turned out to be true.I've been just thinking about what WB's planing to do once DH part 2 is done,'cause let's face it WB is a greedy movie company and surely as long as eveyr HP film makes more and more money each time they won't let it die.Of course they wouldn't be able to make their own sequel to the story(thank god!),but now that Beedle came out they'll probably try to squeeze out some more money from HP. On the other hand,it can turn out good.Maybe if Jo gave them more details and so.Personally i'd love to see 'The Warlock's hairy heart' as a movie XDAvatar Image says: I just finished reading Beedle the Bard and love it - the fairy tales and the introduction by Jo and the commentary by Dumbledore. But a movie? Um, no. Fairy tales are best when they are read, silently or aloud, it doesn't matter, but read and not filmed. Please, WB, leave this one alone.Avatar Image says: I want to say it would be awesome. But I don't think it's enough to carry a whole movie. I still haven't received mine in the mail yet! I think Errol got lost. :PAvatar Image says: I'm totally fine with WB making more movies - what WB does with the movies DOES NOT AFFECT THE BOOKS IN ANY WAY. Unless you're some sort of movie purist (which would be really weird), I see no problem in them making these into one movie. And they definitely can. I really think the FoFF could eat up a lot of screen time - make the battle with the word all sorts of epic, but a stalemate, until the whole tears thing, that sort of thing. And then maybe in between shots of a study or Dumbledore's office, with Dumbledore speaking. However, I will be interested to see what they do with the Warlock's Hoary Heart - do you think that story alone could justify a PG-13 rating (semi-ironically enough)?Avatar Image says: I'm with you, on part, Peter. But I don't believe that WB has changed the fact that there are 7 books....and ONLY 7. Because they are filming #7, in two parts, does NOT mean there are "more than 7" Sorry, Professor, but I think this is in the 100% rumor category. Movie OR "tv show"....sorry. Can't see it.Avatar Image says: ABSOLUTELY NOT! This movie would be a terrible, cheap idea. No no no no NO NO! I've never forgiven WB for... past events (lol), so I would never go see anything like this. Harry Potter was always meant to be a 7-part series, and not a start to a bunch of crappy spin-offs. They should stop advertizing the movie aspect of Harry Potter, and remind us that the movies are based on the BOOKS, and not the other way around.Avatar Image says: OHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was wondering if they would do that!!! *John* its not like they are going to call it "Harry potter Eight."Avatar Image says: OMG a movie wud be so stupid A tv show wud b better but it wud only be like 5 showsAvatar Image says: Actually, when I read this, I thought it would be really cool if they could do something like they did with the Princess Bride where the grandfather is telling the story to his grandson. It could be made into something in which different characters are telling their children the stories with the children and the parents providing commentary throughout. Hermione could tell Hugo "The Wizard and the Hopping Pot"; Ginny could tell Lily "The Fountain of Fair Fortune"; someone could tell an adolescent Teddy "The Warlock's Hairy Heart"; Ron (naturally) could tell Rose "Babbity Rabbitty"; and Harry could tell James and Albus "The Tale of the Three Brothers." I would love to see something like that!Avatar Image says: Yes! This would be sooo cool. If they don't do it I'll probably go into depression or something after DH part 2 comes out. I need more!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG LOVE the Rita Skeeter picture for Rumor Alert!Avatar Image says: As much as I love the thought of it, I don't think this is a good idea. I really don't see how they could make this work without totally screwing it up. I'm glad they're splitting DH into two movies, but I think that's enough. As much as I hate to see it end, I just want them to do the series justice, and I think making Beedle the Bard (even though I loved it, btw) into a movie would just be going a little overboard. I don't see how that could make it to theatres very well. Of course if they actually did it, I'd definitely go see it. But honestly this sounds too much like a rumor to be true, I'll be surprised if it is.Avatar Image says: ???????????????????????????? I'm going to say they would be better as plays, just performed by more emotionally stable actors than those at Hogwarts.Avatar Image says: When PotterCast started talking about Beedle I thought to myself and even wrote in saying that it might be a subject for discussion on the podcast that a movie with five 20-25 minute shorts sort of like how they did "The Twilight Zone" movie. I would be interested in seeing how they would so some of the stories.Avatar Image says: I knew it, they should also include the or a documentary of Jo's life and the harry potter phenomenon Avatar Image says: I don't think so. No one would go, and it'd be too much milking. Nah. They'd be better off doing a Grimm fairy tale then.Avatar Image says: The overall narrative bookmarking several short features has worked before. Specifically with the first Creepshow film. As well as Stephen King's Cat's eye (though I sometimes think I'm the only one who liked that movie) It could work, they just have to admit they are going to make a long film, and figure out what age group they are shooting for.Avatar Image says: I think this film will probably be made; there is plenty of precedent. For instance, see "The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm," an Oscar-winning 1962 film which included dramatizations of just three of their very short stories. The main obstacle, I think, is that a great deal of scriptwriting would be necessary to fill out the action and dialogue, and there is no full-length book on which to base it. So, either Rowling would have to write additional material on which to base a screenplay, or she would have to consult extremely closely with the scriptwriting team. Otherwise, I can't imagine that she would permit the project to go forward. Avatar Image says: i just have one problem with them being made into a movie. the fact that the aura of the film would, undoubtly be "childish", it would only solidify the fact in people minds who dont read harry potter, that the series is indeed "childish" and only for kids.Avatar Image says: I think they should have it be Mrs. Weasley as the narrator and she's reading it to the younge weasley children, including new born GinnyAvatar Image says: Nicholas, the Mrs Wealey idea is FANTASTICAvatar Image says: It coulbe be like a mini-series or something, but definitely not a movie! they are way too short and they have Nothing to do with each other! Crazy talk... MAYBE a mini-series, but that's as far as I would give the book-to-screen idea credit.Avatar Image says: NO. They can go to hell. They've already ruined the books, they can't ruin everything in Harry Potter. They just can't. Avatar Image says: I LOVE Kari's idea of having Harry and Hermione and Ginny and Ron and such telling the stories to their kids! And really, I don't see why people should be mad - stupid stuff that WB does does not harm Harry Potter's or J.K. Rowling's good name! I'd really just like to see how they'd pull it off. Besides, the stories are so quick, that we won't have much to complain about in terms of characterization!Avatar Image says: "these are short stories after all, it’s unlikely there’s enough material in any one story to justify a feature film." I mean, it's not like that's ever stopped any movie company before. Polar Express, the Grinch, Horton Hears a Who, etc. were all really short, but somehow they managed it. (I sincerely hope WB doesn't try with Beedle, though!)Avatar Image says: If this is true (And I'm 95% sure that it isn't), then WB is officially milking things for all it's worth. If people thought that the theme park was selling out, image what they'll say when they hear that they're making a feature-length movie based off of a hundred page book that was written for charity. Not only would a Beedle the Bard movie be completely selling out, it would never EVER work. Hey, if BtB has a movie based off of it, why not Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages? Heck, why not make one off of the mini-prequel that Jo wrote? Anything to make a buck.Avatar Image says: Can they please leave something untarnished by their greed? Can we please just not commercialize the fairy tales?Avatar Image says: A little off point... I just got my collector's edition Beedle and the Bard. Absolutely stunning. Worth every penny. Plus it goes to a good cause. It will be something to pass down to my children. I will treasure it always.Avatar Image says: I don't know what to think about this. The thought of more Harry Potter movie excitement after DH really seems awesome, but would they really do this? It seems a little iffy to me. If they could find a way to make it good, with Jo's approval of course, then I'd think it'd be great. But I don't want it to be some cheesy thing people make fun of..if they're going to do it, they better figure out a way to do it right and make it amazing. I'm totally confused as if this is pure rumor or has some basis in fact...I'll be surprised either way! can't wait to hear what comes of this!Avatar Image says: YES! YES! YES!Avatar Image says: how would tht figure out...5 short stories...wtvr i mean i wont complain but its a little odd...maybe its just for extra moola?(dudes u have enough!)Avatar Image says: So true glitterbomb, Marauders film (or book *cough* JKR) would be great!Avatar Image says: im not sure this could be done and i agreeid rather see a movie about the adventures of The maurauders or even the courtship of james and Lily or heck Harry, Ron and Nevilles adventures as Aurors would be interesting as well, i suppose it could be done Amazing stories style as a series of short films put together, perhaps presented as Hermione reading the stories to her children and her nieces and nephews Avatar Image says: that would AWESOME!! the whole time i was reading it...i was thinking it would make a really cool, unique movie!!! It would be awesome to see that stuff on the big screen...JK Rowling is so imaginative. And the screenwriter could definitely work with JKR to make the movie would be great...i hope it's true.Avatar Image says: I dont see why they couldnt make it a feature length, especially since other fairy tales have been adapted to feature length stories e.g. anything from DisneyAvatar Image says: Their probably mad !!! I mean they are after all SHORT STORIES, How can they possibly turn it into a two hour movie ???? And I agree with ONLY one thing you said Glitterbomb, and it's that we all would be more interested with the movie on the tales of young Dumbledore or the Marauders !!!!Avatar Image says: A movie ? won't really fit. Maybe some kind of 5 episodes mini-série. I guess that could work. But a movie sure won't. It's just can't turn into a movie content. Avatar Image says: Sure, let them make the film/s. On two conditions though: 1. They must have an all-British cast, just as the HP movies 2. ALL profits will go to the High Level Group. If the book's for charity, so should be the film. Heck, let them do the FB and QTTA documentaries too! But no one gets a penny save for the needy. Still want to film it? ;)Avatar Image says: In my opininion you are all taking an incorrect assumption thay it has to be a 2 hour movie. While these stories coulf make an amazing 1 hour motion picture. I have seeen an on screen adaptaion of the Grim Brother's tales before - a single film split into segments, each segment telling a different story- and it was great!Avatar Image says: hmm... first thing i don't think this is true and, if it was, i wouldn't like it. beedle the bard is great book but.... i don't want it to become a movie. WB would just do it to make more money and wouldn't care if they did a good jog or not, since they don't really care about the fandom.Avatar Image says: wait..what? a movie? really? I could see them making shorts but there isn't big money in shorts. Maybe they would do a couple and have them play before the Deathly Hallows movies like pixar does with their short films.Avatar Image says: really? i miss the old harry potter days... i think i'm done with the harry potter worldAvatar Image says: Ok, so here's my two (or four) cents-worth: 1 - I love the idea of seeing these stories on the big screen, all short stories kind of interwoven together as they are told. 2 - I do not believe it would be a good idea to have any of the HP cast in these films unless they can show some ancestry to justify looking alike. Especially not having a somewhat main (ie Helena BC) coming back as somebody else...way too recognizable. 3 - I like the idea of "reading the book to their children", but not by any member of the trio...I kind of like the Mrs. Weasly reading to her small children idea (got that idea before my next one). 4 - What if it was Albus Dumbledore's mother/father reading the stories to him? And they could show how Albus' brain works through the "meaning of life" moral of the Three Brothers story. Not that he's foretelling HP or anything like that, but just to show the genious in him or even the sad weaknes that caused his future pain. PS: Reading the book to a child as the movie narative would not prove people right that HP is a children's book...look at the Princess Bride where the grand-father is reading the book as the narator and it's still a big favorite with grown ups more than children.Avatar Image says: I was hoping they'd do a documentary of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them first. Avatar Image says: wowoow this would be so cool! it could be like the brothers grimm and how they made that into a film ie add a back story to them all or somethingAvatar Image says: argh! i have got loads to look forward to... my older bro's 18th, christmas, new year, skiing, italy, HBP my sister's 21st, spain, my 16th, christmas, new year, new zealand, DH1, my 17th, getting a car/learning to drive, my brother's 16th, DH2. i can't be excited for another movie.. wait a few years maybe then i might be excited for it. lol. (never thought i'd not be excited about something HP related?) a movie about harry's parents, harry's children, or dumbledore, would be better.. i'm not sure how this one would work!! :SAvatar Image says: What a bad idea! I loved the tales and this will just comercialise it and comletely ruin the way everyone imagined it because everyone has a diferent idea. Do you think it will come out on audio cd, that would be good.Avatar Image says: I don't think it's a good idea...Harry Potter films are just...Harry Potter films. I think WB must stop thinking in money!! Avatar Image says: i think basically we're all saying it wouldn't be this huge big popular movie like the Harry Potter franchise has been . but i think that they know that and i would love a visual interpretation of the book even if it skipped theaters and went straight to DVD, i think it's une idee magnifique =)Avatar Image says: Katie, great idea about Tim Burton! He could do it as an animated film like The Nightmare Before Christmas.Avatar Image says: I love the fact that you put a picture of Rita Skeeter on this report of what could very well be a hoax. Ah, Potter humor!Avatar Image says: A cartoon series or a corner of The Wzarding world maybe, but certainly not a cinema release. It's just not set up for that.Avatar Image says: Lmao! I love this idea! It would be such a wierd little movie! Avatar Image says: Cartoons? No. :(Avatar Image says: that's pretty stupid. Avatar Image says: So the people either don't like the idea, or they do- and the ones that like the idea seem to all imagine some sort of christmassy movie. please don't make me cringe! ;)Avatar Image says: Wow, that was fast, even by WB standards. I'm somewhat wary - if they cna absolutely butcher ready-made material like the actual books, Merlin knows hwat they'll do with this.Avatar Image says: hpboy13, I completely agreeAvatar Image says: All I have to say is: NO! NO! NO! NO! If they are that intent on doing movies based on books, have them call me and I'll set them up with a nice list of books to looks through! Much as I love the book, this is, I hope a hoax or someone at WB trying to keep a job!Avatar Image says: Unless the WB is willing to donate all proceeds to the Children's High Level Group there would be something morally wrong with making a movie. Its like getting rich off of a charity project.Avatar Image says: I just don't see it becoming a movie.. too short..... and I don;t think there would be enough people whoo aren't harry potter fans to see the movie. Avatar Image says: here's how you do it... keep it low budget, get a different director for each of the 5 stories, keep out the harry potter references like the hermoine and dumbledore notes in the book, and just have 5 directors make short cheap films that together form a single package.... it has happened quite a few times with indy films... like Paris, je t'aime then release the movie in an off month as a line-up filler, and focus most of the effort on the eventual dvd/blu-ray in which you could have dumbledore and/or hermoine in character commentary tracks... hell it could even be fun to do a trio commentary track with harry, hermoine, and ron.. all in character recording bits of commentary the really cool thing is that there are allot of directors that like doing this kind of thing... it doesn't require much of their time and it allows them to put their stamp on something different... and considering their have been allot of directors interested in working on the HP films this could be a chance for a few of them... maybe joss wheddon could do one, maybe cauron could return for one of them, maybe they could get jeunet to do one... the key would be to keep it low budget and loose.... if it's too strict people wont want to be involved.. but if it's a fun project allot of actors and directors would probably line up for the chance to be part of the HP universe without making a full commitment Avatar Image says: I think it would make an interesting set of short films, like children's cartoons kind of length, but you'd have trouble making it a feature film because it's not one story. Would be interesting to see what they ended up looking like though. I definately agree with the comment by glitterbomb though - I would love to see tales of the young dumbledore or the marauders or anything in the pre-HP sereis timeline. But I'd like to see that in story form (from JKR) first, then maybe movies second.Avatar Image says: Taking a movie on(on Beedle) wouldn't be a feasible idea...There won't be any continuity.... They can either do a cartoon or a TV series on it.......Avatar Image says: I don't know. An anthology movie like "The Twilight Zone" or "Creepshow" could work. It would give each tale the time it needed to be told (15 - 20 minutes each) along with some interlocking commentary from Dumbledore or maybe even Hermione. I think it could work like that.Avatar Image says: OMJO OMJO OMJO OMJO!!!!!!! *screams* rgfijsdlrgjeorugeojga yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!Avatar Image says: well, when you want to milk the concept till the last drop, it would work best if several characters would read a story to their children, meanin Harry and Ginny reading to James, Albus and Lilly, Hermione to Hugo and Rose, Draco to Scorpius, Neville and Luna to their children, five stories five sets of actors on reprise..... and we all wailing that the visualisation of the next generation is not as we imagined. mmm. Hopping Pot .... Neville Fountain....... Luna Hairy Heart....Draco the Stump....Hermione Three Brothers.... Harry.Avatar Image says: i love the idea but maybe not a film perhaps a 5 part tv series? which are extras on the DH DVD?Avatar Image says: Please, no film of beetle the bard!! I know Wb is a business, but come on, that's the most ridiculous thing I've heard so far. Avatar Image says: I think it could be done really cute ala "The Princess bride" style where there is a story going on regarding the wizarding world and there is someone telling these stories to someone. Give someone who really wants to get their hands dirty with writing and actually manufacture a story around the telling of these tales... Just don't market it as Harry Potter...Avatar Image says: No, I wouldn't want them to make BtB into a movie. Leave it to the reader's imagination, for once!Avatar Image says: I totally agree with you Libby! Honestly, leave it to the reader's imagination. You don't have to make a film out of every single book. Avatar Image says: It is kinda RIDICULOUS! How could it b a film wif only 5 different short stories?! However, I do hope they could make it work ^^Avatar Image says: Professor Potter brings up a good point. Michael Gambon should narrate the stories and then between them, he could discuss/mention the points in his notes that are in the published book. Personally, I think the BtB tales could work as a straight to DVD movie as a collection of short stories as oppose to one long movie, much like Batman: Gotham Knight.

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