New Poll on Brooms at Wizarding World of Harry Potter Website


Dec 09, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter website has been updated with a new poll. Brooms brooms brooms, which is your favorite broom is the topic at hand, and you may make your vote via this link.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction is currently under construction at Universal Orlando, Florida, and at last report, is slated to open in early 2010.

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28 Responses to New Poll on Brooms at Wizarding World of Harry Potter Website

Avatar Image says: My fav broom: nimbus 2000 In my opinion: less mechanic and more how I imagined brooms.. Avatar Image says: I voted for nimbus 2000 aswel, remembering how much harry loved that broom until it hit the whomping willow (I think it did, didnt it?) anyway yeh i voted for the nimbus 2000. Avatar Image says: I pfefer the 'Firebolt'. It's sleek look and utilitarian use makes it not only a good looking broom, but gets you "from A-Z" faster and with more surety and comfort. Kinda like the Acura of the Wizarding World! My vote: 'Firebolt'Avatar Image says: Firebolt, by far. :)Avatar Image says: I voted for the Firebolt, of course! Definitely the broom you want when speed matters! Hey...did you check out the drawing for The Three Broomsticks? Totally cool looking! Can't wait to go!Avatar Image says: The Firebolt, of course! Books three and five are my favorites, and the Firebolt had a whole subplot in book 3, relating to Sirius Black and the leadup to the explosive Shrieking Shack scene. The Firebolt definitely made the biggest impression, and I just like the sound of the name. The Nimbus 2000 would be my second favorite. Why isn't there a Comet 260 option? :)Avatar Image says: FIREBOLT! NO DUH! COURSE I ANT THT BROOM! THOSE DRAWING....GO CHECK EM OOUT....THEY R AMAZING! CAN"T WAIT!Avatar Image says: Firebolt! : )Avatar Image says: I hope that they are making a ride with the broomsticks! Avatar Image says: Firebolt...duh. I wonder why they want to know? They going to be selling them or maybe as part of a ride?Avatar Image says: Nimbus 2000, Harry was so attached to that broom, it was his first. Can't wait till the park opens, my friends and i are all saving up to go there!!!!Avatar Image says: I voted for the Firebolt. =)Avatar Image says: I think they want to know the better option so if they do make a ride they can use a certain broom model.Avatar Image says: I picked the Nimbus 2000 because I believe deep down inside it holds a very special place in Harry's heart. Quidditch is the first thing that makes Harry feel like he belongs in the Wizarding World, and the Nimbus was part of that success.Avatar Image says: I totally vote for Mad-Eye Moody's Harley Davidson broom. ^_^ Too bad they're too cliche and put the brooms mentioned in the movie. Heh. Avatar Image says: Well, helloooow! Need they ask? Firebolt baby!Avatar Image says: Well, Nimbus 2000 holds sentimental value as Harry's first broom. And it served him well didnt it? So just to be an odd one, I'll favour the poor abandoned Nimbus 2000 to ensure its past great reign is not forgotten :) Mind you, Mad Eye Moody's (movie) broom should have been on that list!Avatar Image says: Oooh sorry I didnt read comments first. Seems I'm not in a minority amongst my leaky friends here unlike the voting results :) Justin, thats a great adjective for Moody's funky broom!Avatar Image says: cant wait cant wait cant wait!!! squeeeeeeeeeee!Avatar Image says: i voted for the firebolt. in PoA harry is tempted to but it himself, but doesn't want to spend all that money. then when he gets it and hermoine turns it in he is devasted and angry and anxiosly await to get it back. plus, it was given to harry by sirus, who also gave him his first ever broom when he was a year old. hey, that just gave me a thought... what if they made a kiddie broomstick ride? oh, and how to acces the pics? Avatar Image says: Firebolt! But if we all voted for the Firebolt, why does the WWHP have it as polling so low?Avatar Image says: so low - because it should be way higher than 76%!Avatar Image says: Those polls make you SO exited and leave you wondering what sort of attraction (or something else?) they're going to do with the winning broom??? :-DAvatar Image says: I voted for the Firebolt because Sirius gave Harry his Firebolt. I know both brooms hold a place in his heart, but Sirius was the closet thing to family he had.Avatar Image says: I voted for Nimbus 2000...because it was Harry's first broom, but it's very clear that the Firebolt is going to win. Avatar Image says: I voted for the Firebolt. It's sleek and fast. It was close though. I had every intention of voting for the Nimbus 2000 until I though about all the things Harry's been through with the Firebolt. I hope this means that they'll be selling brooms! How awesome would that be?!?!Avatar Image says: nimbus 2000. Harry's first broom.Avatar Image says: i think that the firebolt had a lot of sentamental value to Harry because Sirius got it for him, before he died!! so i would choose the Firebolt!!!!

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