Dan Radcliffe Takes Part in Broadway Cares Charitable Event


Dec 10, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Playbill.com is reporting that actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) took part in a charitable event this past weekend in support of the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS which raised a total of $3,061,148 for the charity. The 20th Annual Gypsy of the Year Competition was held at the New Amsterdam Theatre and featured Mr. Radcliffe, who is currently on Broadway in the play Equus, along with numerous other actors from stage performing as part of the event. The article notes that the play Equus was the largest Broadway
fundraiser, bringing in $203,746 for the Broadway Cares/Equity
Fights AIDS charity. Additionally, Playbill.com reports the young actor’s performance as part of the event, a send up of his role in Equus, was named runner up for Best Stage Presentation for the night. Photos of Mr. Radcliffe on stage at the event can be seen here, as well as on the Broadway Cares Charity website.

Update: Additional photos are online from the Gypsy of the Year Competition thanks to SnitchSeeker and photographer Michael Portantiere of FollowSpotPhoto.com and can be viewed via this link.

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Avatar Image says: Just one more reason to admire Dan! CONGRATULATIONS Dan!Avatar Image says: It's great to hear they raised so much money! Worthy cause. And for Dan's Equus to raise over 200k is amazing!Avatar Image says: It's great to hear they raised so much money! Worthy cause. And for Dan's Equus to raise over 200k is amazing!Avatar Image says: go to gettyimages, they have some fantastic pictures , everyone looking as if they're having a great time. Also dan has been nominated for broadway star of 2008. go to broadway.com. you only have untill tomorrow to vote!Avatar Image says: it seems to have been overlooked by this site! in error i'm sureAvatar Image says: They have been auditioning things after each performance since several weeks ago. For example, a pair of Daniel's jeans raised 4.000$! They've made history because Equus has raised the most in the history of BC/EFA for a Broadway play! And if that was not enought, they took part of Gypsy of Year Competition these last 2 days to help raise more money for the fundraiser. Daniel wrote a song, and he performed it while dancing with the actors who play the horses and the actresses of the play. Amazingly they were runner-up, getting more votes from the jury than all the musicals except the Lion King dancers. I think it's incredible all they have done to help this fundraiser, they have put all their heart in it. :)Avatar Image says: I was there for one of Dan's Equus performances back in November, and Dan came out wearing an Equus T-shirt (which he signed)... and it sold for $1700 right there on the spot! I'm not surprised they're earning the most money! Keep up the good work!Avatar Image says: yeah, that is so great, daniel radcliffe hasn't made hundreds of millions of dolars from these films and they fundraise a pitiful 200K...daniel radcliffe is a bad manAvatar Image says: look, you guys are all fools, harry potter is one of the biggest grossing series of all times... for example after my gratuitious sex with my brother yesterday i was reading the sydney morning herald... basically it sad harry p. was awesome... malfoy was the bad man... FUKC YOU DAVIDAvatar Image says: this is very wong. you people are so stupid, we need to wid the world of red heads, malfoy is the real hero. his views on social politics are very right, hooray for malfoy!Avatar Image says: @David Um... most of the stuff Equus acutioned off was donated by Dan. And, he encourges his fans to donate to charity instead of sending him gifts. If that makes him a bad man, then I never wanna meet a good one!Avatar Image says: ..whatever.. harry..your still be my crush..Avatar Image says: Dan wrote that song that they performed? Guess he wasn't joking about that writing poetry thing and the singing lessons too. The title of that song is kinda naughty, lol, but considering Dan's sense of humor I shouldn't be surprised. And I guess he wasn't kidding too about the singing lessons. Looks like he had a big blast on that stage. Way to go Dan!!Avatar Image says: Hurray for Dan !!!! I don't think that he is a bad man at all !!!! He is sooo sweeet, soooo nice, sooooo good looking, and best of all soooooo generous !!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm sure Dan gives plenty of his own money to charity as well. Nothing wrong with trying to raise additional money from other sources.Avatar Image says: Pay no attention to the calling Dan a "bad man", his other far ruder message was deleted. He's just being an idiot. Avatar Image says: Well, that David seems not only an idiot but a bad reader too. it's not Dan who donated but the Broadway theatergoers. If you want to call somebabody bad, then it's them for donating only 200 k, lol. I have always believed that a simple dole out is not good charity. better to encourage others to contribute to charity by raising awareness about the plight of unfortunate people... On topic: actor, singer, dance, and now writer? Dan is indeed a man of surprising talent.

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