Heyman to Kloves on Deathly Hallows: “times I think we could have done three movies”


Dec 11, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

IESB.net has a new interview with David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter films. David Heyman spoke about the decision to split the film of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into two movies and also mentioned recently speaking to screenwriter Steven Kloves about the wealth of material contained in the final Harry Potter book. Quotage:

ESB: I have to ask the obligitory Harry Potter questions, is it a good thing they split up the upcoming films?

Heyman: Yes, I didn’t want to do it initially. I was like, “This is
crazy.” And then the decision rested ultimately with the filmmakers.
The studio said you do whatever you think is right and initially I was
like, “This is crazy!” And then I started going through the book and
the thought of doing it in one film is insane. This is the story where
so much is resolved. In previous films we’ve been able to remove
certain things that didn’t relate to Harry, we took Harry’s journey.
And in this one it was nothing, I mean, it was so much harder to remove
things. The think we could have removed would have been the Deathly
Hallows, but the book is called The Deathly Hallows and that would have
been slightly problematic. And so we made the decision and I was
speaking with Steve the other day, Clovis [sic] the writer, and he says, “you
know there are times I think we could have done three movies…” There is so much material and it’s such great material that now I feel very positive about the two film approach.

IESB: Do you think it’s the end for the Harry Potter franchise and characters on the big screen after the last book?

Heyman: I would not be involved in a film based on Jo’s characters
without Jo’s stories, so my sense is yes, unless Jo magically writes
something else Harry Potter that is not a Harry Potter tale, not Tale
of Beetle the Bard or the books on Quidiche [sic], if she wrote something
like that maybe but I am not sure she has any plans to do so.

45 Responses to Heyman to Kloves on Deathly Hallows: “times I think we could have done three movies”

Avatar Image says: Let's hope that even the 2 movies will be good enough...Avatar Image says: I can't believe he spelled Quidditch wrong! Three movies would have been fantastic! Can you imagine how much more we would get to see that's in the book?Avatar Image says: Further confirmation that a silver-screen adaptation of Beedle is NOT in the works. *That* would be crazyAvatar Image says: I'm sorry but even 2 movies are exagerating.. So I insist, let's hope that they'll do a good job.. Anyway, we have to watch HBP first..Avatar Image says: come on, imagine taking the deathly hallows out of the film, its insane, the critics would go mad ahuhuauhaahuAvatar Image says: >.> I'M GONNA KILL WB.Avatar Image says: I want the TV series! Beginning in 2012, a seven season Harry Potter series attempting to put every word Jo ever wrote to the (little) screen. It could be shot over five to seven years, featuring a completely new cast (which gives us all plenty of opportunity to argue about their acting ablities). It will be one of the most expensive TV series every produced, but it will be worth it. Think of the DVD and Bluray sales! And a while down the road, in 2025, they can re-make all the movies again for the big screen (new cast, dirctors etc. new discussion about the acting), this time in Stereo3D with integrated smell-o-vision! Again, Bluray 3D sales through the roof. Honestly, the TV series is a good idea, the rest was my attempt on humour. :) Avatar Image says: Huffleclaw, I think the spelling errors are probably the interviewer's or the IESB.net editor's rather than David Heyman's, unless he wrote down all his answers for the interviewer! Glad to hear he wouldn't involve himself in any non-Jo HP spin-offs, and am really pleased the studio gave him the ultimate choice about breaking the film into two, rather than forcing him to stick to the seven book blueprint, 'cos I'm really looking forward to the two-part extravaganza! Three might have been a bit much though (and imagine the explosion of cynicism!), especially considering previous movies were so heavily chopped - I can't imagine it would have fitted well into the movie series, if everyone sees what I mean!Avatar Image says: HP-Appreciator... Hell yeah, I'd watch it!!!Avatar Image says: yeah a harry potter tv series would be really cool actually =)... I can't believe they considered taking out the Deathly Hallows!!!!!! I really hope they don't make the wonderful tales of beedle the bard into a film though, i reckon that would be TERRIBLE!!!Avatar Image says: HP-Appreciator, i agree, despite the stereo3d things and 1025 whatever i think the tv series would be greatAvatar Image says: I've enjoyed the movies, such as they are. But I've always thought that they would write themselves into a corner because of the things they chose to leave out. And their reasoning is so short-sighted - I'm thinking in particular of leaving out Dobby after COS. Now, even if they put him in DH, the impact on the people who haven't read the books will be minimal. They'll have all but forgotten Dobby, and there won't be any on-going relationship that we saw develop in the books. But that one comment, about what they could have cut. Good grief. Cut the Deathly Hallows because it isn't related to Harry? That's all tied in with Harry and Dumbledore, and Harry's loss of faith in Dumbledore, and why Dumbledore is not trusting enough to tell anyone everything about his grand plan. . . That's exactly the reason that the movies should never have been made, much as I enjoy watching them. And it's further proof than in this day and age, a book-to-movie doesn't work. The only way it would have worked well after the first two books was to make each movie four hours long, and studios today aren't willing to do that. We'll never have another movie made from a book that is as good as "Gone with the Wind".Avatar Image says: The fact that they considered removing the deathly hallows from the Deathly Hallows movie is mind-boggling to me.Avatar Image says: 0800 00 1066Avatar Image says: he "wont" do a film if it wasn't her story...doesn't he mean can't. I remember that that was the deal...no book no movie. So if she's done..he's done. I wouldn't mind a cartoon version straight to video beedle thing. I can't see them cutting the deathly hallows...the wedding (I don't see happening), the seven harry's could go, if necessary dobby (it really doesn't move the story along.) But anyways...I am looking forward to two movies.Avatar Image says: Ok, 3 would be ALOT.... but i suppose theres 2 ways to it ..... 1) 3 IS ALOT 2) means we can watch more and more of HARRY POTTER :-) I dont mind really, wat ever is bestAvatar Image says: ah... i have to quit reading comments on this site, they sometimes just get so irritating!Avatar Image says: They can't cut Dobby out, who would rescue them from Malfoy Manor?????? And they can't cut out Malfoy Manor either. I think 3 would be great myself. Would love, love, love a TV series. And since kids movies get remade all teh time, I can see this series being remade every 20-30 yrs (for like the rest of eternity :D) for the big screen. I really can.Avatar Image says: Ok, 3 would be ALOT.... but i suppose theres 2 ways to it ..... 1) 3 IS ALOT 2) means we can watch more and more of HARRY POTTER :-) I dont mind really, wat ever is bestAvatar Image says: HRWGHP, I agree with you about Dobby. But a TV series??? I can see it now, especially if it came out of the Hollywood machine. Harry would be whacked out on drugs in HBP, Ron would be portrayed as a complete idiot, and Hermione's wardrobe would consist primarily of tank tops and thongs. LOL.Avatar Image says: If they do 3 movies, that would make me the happiess person on the face of the planet !!! Avatar Image says: I have actually been thinking about how I would like to see the books portrayed on the screen, big screen or small for quite some time. The idea of a live action TV series crossed my mind, but maybe better and more manageable would be to make a CGI TV series. If all the characters are rendered in CGI (maybe with design input from Mary Grand Pre) they could look closer to the book versions. All the side stories and characters could be included (I'm so sad that Kreacher's "Won't, won't, won't" bit at the Dursleys isn't going to be in the HBP movie). Umbridge could actually look like a toad, Dudley could be twice as wide as he is tall and Snape could be really, really greasy (though Alan Rickman does a fantastic job). Imagine the Quiddich matches (the world cup!), the Room of Requirement (in it's various incarnaitons) it could be fantastic. One can always dream!Avatar Image says: See, this is what is wrong with the movies - they felt like they could have cut out the whole Deathly Hallows bit, if ONLY it wasn't in the title. Oh, darn. On another, note, I have long thought that, in at least a decade, an animated television series could be SWEET.Avatar Image says: Dobby doesn't appear in DH until his death scene: so from the perspective of the DH 'virgin' who hasn't followed the other movies or books, this little thing called "Dobby" will show up in the middle of an emergency, save everybody, and die. It's Deus Ex Machina BIG TIME here. If they leave it out (the death of a beloved character) it will outrage fans, but they're going to have to introduce Dobby at the Burrow or something to make us care about him when he reappears later on to kick it.Avatar Image says: ppffh I heard they're already taking parts out.Avatar Image says: why not thirty-seven movies? there are 37 chapters...... in that way even the grandchildren of Radcliffe, Watson and Grint could play Harry Potter......... Deuuuhhhh!Avatar Image says: Ahahaha, funny. Cutting the DH would be the best you could come up with? *lol* Yet another example of how they are thinking and why the movie adaptations are so weak (and not like I'm not a purist fan or anything, I don't have problems with/love a bunch of movies that come from books I previously loved, but most HP movies, in my opinion, are kinda sorta maybe like epic fail).Avatar Image says: he wanted to remove the deathly hallows? this guy is such a a%#"@le, shows you how much he doesn`t understand what the books are about, and explains why the other books have been butchered (this was probably mispelled I`m sorry in advanced) when adaptedAvatar Image says: I am so happy Jo decided to put the hallows in the title. Good grief. Anyway, it sounds like they're not going to cut much the way he's talking.Avatar Image says: @Eyore: "Good Grief. Cut the Deathly Hallows because it isn't related to Harry?" I don't think he meant that "it isn't related to Harry" I think it got put into bad context. He was discussing the fact that there are things, they had to remove [from the other movies, as well] that "didn't relate to Harry" and the last statement [about the Deathly Hallows] just got jumbled up. Of course the Deathly Hallows relates to Harry! I am also of the mind that that was probably never actually considered.... I do agree, though, We will never see another movie, from a book, like 'Gone With The Wind' because 21st Century people are in too much of a hurry and have too short an attention span! Thus, making it not profitable for the studios. It all comes down to Profit, sometimes. Sad, but true!Avatar Image says: I don't think they actually would have cut the hallows even if they weren't the title, Heyman's just saying it as it is, when I looked at it I came to the same conclusion. And people, I know it's allowed to daydream, but please stop going on about a potter tv-series. It wouldn't work for so many reasons. 1 the first season would be like five times shorter then the fifth. 2 there would be a much smaller budget, so say goodbye to the beautiful castle, exciting quidditch matches, noseless voldemort and (yes) dobby. 3 every castmember in the movies is top notch, the cream of the crop of the british acting-guild. Who wants to see underpayed american actors take a shot at playing the parts of britains finest wizards and wizards? not me. 4 honestly, what do you think are the chances that they'll find another trio of actors that the mass will embrace an that will grow so beautiful in there roles as Dan, Rupert and Emma, without becoming spoiled junkies like Lindsey Lohan? The odds are a billion to one if you ask me. So.. a big no-no on that idea! I think it's time that people start to appreciate what we have. we have got a billion dollar filmseries, with THE best people working on it day and night. I think it's a bit ungreatfull to still be unsettisfied. By the way, caracticus, I totally agree with you on Dobby.Avatar Image says: I would totally be addicted to a HP TV series (hides face as my husband asks if I am crazy) not yet but on down the road totally would go crazy for it. Avatar Image says: "The fact that they considered removing the deathly hallows from the Deathly Hallows movie is mind-boggling to me. Posted by KB Prez on December 11, 2008, 12:12 PM" Me too! I'm in shock!Avatar Image says: It could totally be (and would have to be) a British TV series, (please WB) and it could be longer then 7 seasons, because some books are longer then others, they could beef up the 1st two seasons with extra things, just think an entire episode in season two of Valentines day with the Dwarf Cupid that tackles Harry and sings! Totally would love that. And eventually (like in 50 years) BBC will remake the movies for TV and they would be good and different. I love me some BBC and PBS (Public Broadcasting that shows a lot of British shows) Eventually it could be done!Avatar Image says: *sigh*... never mind me Avatar Image says: above message is brought to you by.. Redbeard ;)Avatar Image says: who said it would be an american tv show, i would be perfectly happy to let britain do it and they can air it on BBC America and I think CGI would be great for the tv seriesAvatar Image says: You go, Redbeard! 100% I agree about nixing any kind of TV Series [British OR American, may I add] I especially like reason #4. They will NEVER find 3 kids, who will compare to the trio of Dan, Rupert and Emma!Avatar Image says: Yah, they can finally find a trio of actors who CAN act, do LOOK like the part (ie. Harry has black hair, Ron is tall and gangly, Hermione is brown & bushy haired), and focus a lot on their relationships. I just don't feel all cute and fuzzy when I see the trio on screen. I feel like Harry and Hermione get all the friendship, and unintentional H/Hr stuff (DAMN YOU KLOVES!), and they just enjoy making fun of Ron. Which is sad. JKR's characters have so much depth, and it's all been wasted away because of film marketing. They want to sell humor, awesome Dragon effects, cutesy teen-movie drama, and they've deleted the real magic. Yes, there is no "magic" in the films. There are so many mistakes in terms of Wizard vs. Muggle world, magic physics (How can Dumbledore perform magic with a finger?), lack of anti-Muggle racism (How long has it been since 'mudblood'? Is the story even about racism anymore? All Voldemort wants to do is kill Harry, there isn't any Wizarding history involved. There is no cause and effect), hell, there isn't even the sense of a real school. They barely have robes, they just don Abercrombie & Fitch, then later sell it on Ebay. And don't even get me started on the Californication on the Trio. What the hell is up with making them all plastic-looking? Hermione doesn't need to be gorgeous all the time. Let us fall in love with a plain Jane, and bookish, bossy, know-it-all who is kind, but also kind of annoying. I've got a lot of rage in me. Steve Kloves and David Heyman -- don't pretend you care about the series the way we do. Avatar Image says: I love the idea of the 2 film split. I really do not think they could have fitted all that happens into just one film. There is such a wealth of material in the final book that it'll have some spectacular sequences when it ends up on screen. I'm fairly certain that I'll end up losing a pint of water from crying so much when watching the last films. Can't wait. Also, David Heyman always seems such a lovely soft spoken sort of chap. He's adorable. Avatar Image says: No, I can see why they'd cut the Deathly Hallows. From the point of view of making a well-structured, impactful and focused film it would make sense. Just that from the point of view of Harry's and Dumbledore's characterisations in the book, to do so would cut out some of the soul of the books. That choice is an important one for Harry and sets him apart.Avatar Image says: Please, make tv-series of the Harry Potter books. I am very glad that you have made and make the movies, but it is so much that disaper from the books. Avatar Image says: Yeah, it's funny how the hallows seem like the most removable subplot from a book that's named after them! But, on rereading, I decided that the central drama of the book is Harry's struggle to choose between Hallows and Horcruxes, which is also a choice between choosing to reject or trust Dumbeldore's plan for him. This is why I think the films should be split at Shell Cottage, with Part 1 ending just as Harry finally makes the choice to trust Dumbledore's plan and go after the Horcruxes. One note for Leaky: The headline should say "Kloves to Heynman," not "Heyman to Kloves." Heyman is quoting Kloves when he says the bit about three films.Avatar Image says: how the hell did they even consider cutting the deathly hallows !!!???Avatar Image says: Two movies. WOW.....Keeps the magic going on for some more time..... And WHAT is this rubbish about removing the Deathly Hallows????? It is the foundation of the whole book!!!!! Make 4 movies if you want but do not cut it out!

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