Emma Watson Looking Forward to Filming Ron/Hermione Scenes from Silver Doe Chapter for “Deathly Hallows”


Dec 12, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actress Emma Watson has given a new interview to MTV, where she discusses the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie. Noting she has not yet discussed with co-star Rupert Grint the romance and kiss their characters share, Emma Watson is most looking forward to filming another scene between the couple: the emotional reunion that takes place in Chapter 19, “The Silver Doe.” Quotage:

“The scene that really touched me is Ron’s betrayal of Hermione, him
leaving her. There’s that wonderful scene where he comes back and
Hermione just launches herself at him and starts hitting him and is
uncontrollably angry at him and disappointed in him for abandoning her.
I’m looking forward to that because it felt very real when I read it.”

She also goes on to remark on the events and future of the couple we learn in the epilogue. “I was thrilled really. Ron was the right person for her to be with. I
think it was amazing that they had kids. It was perfect.”

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Avatar Image says: That will certainly be a scene Im looking forward to!Avatar Image says: LOZ THAT WAS MY FAVE PART. HERMIONE PWNED RON!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDAvatar Image says: RON AND HERMIONE FOREVERRR <3Avatar Image says: that's a great part of the book, but i really like harry's meeting with dumbledore in the chapter King's CrossAvatar Image says: I'm looking forward to seeing her do something that's just completely passionate and out of control. :)Avatar Image says: me tooAvatar Image says: I agree this was a great scene in the book. It did seem very real when i read it. I think it will be great to see. Avatar Image says: I'm really looking forward to that too and hope she does it justice. I love the book description of Hermione's angry reaction to Rons return and I hope 'they don't make it soppy and emotional instead. But Ron's walkout is not so much a betrayal of Hermione as a betrayal of Harry.Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see that scene, as well as the kissing scene, of course. Avatar Image says: Maybe if they do something to get Emma angry before the scene, it will be more realistic. Not that I'm saying she can't do it, but you can't really fake that flush you get when you're truely angry.Avatar Image says: I agree, anne. Hermione was furious because Ron left both Harry and her; he promised to stick with Harry but he walked out. I hope they don't make it a soppy scene, especially the poignant hug between Ron and Harry; I liked that part the best. Avatar Image says: anne, I agree, Ron hurt both Harry and Hermione. However, I don't think he betrayed them. This would assume intent. I feel Ron didn't think at all when he ran out of the tent. He lost his temper and ran off to cool down. He wanted to return immediately but was hindered by the Snatchers and when he came back to their campsite it was too late. I think Hermione felt betrayed though. And that's why she lost it when she saw him again. I also hope they are able to show this scene accordingly. Unfortunately the WB has a record of changing things around. :/ Avatar Image says: I'll bet they change the Ron/Hermione kiss to a little peck while Ron's eyes are closed. ^_^ heheAvatar Image says: I think Ron leaving was a major betrayal to Hermione. Hermione loved him. His leaving was very personal to her. Even more so than Harry. But utvwas a betrayal to both. I think Ron did something that she could never understand.Avatar Image says: Very funny Scottman. I don't think Ron and Hermione's kiss could be any worse than Harry and Ginny. But Harry and Hermione's kiss better not be hotter than R/hr. You know darn well Dan will return Emma's kiss with gusto!Avatar Image says: Did Ron lose his temper, or was it the locket Horcrux that caused Ron to walk out? Wearing it seemed to affect him worse than the other two (his own self-doubt being magnified?), and he was wearing it right before he walked out, because Harry makes him give it back before Ron leaves the tent. It should be a good, scene, and I hope Emma can pull it off. Sometimes her performance comes too much from her head, and not from instinct.She's acting like she's acting like Hermione, not simply acting. It doesn't seem to come to her as naturally as it does to Dan or Rupert. Which makes going to "uni" a very good idea.Avatar Image says: Tim - Oh my goodness, I totally agree! "You know darn well Dan will return Emma’s kiss with gusto!" Well put. And you know what? I'm pretty sure Emma will return the kiss with "gusto" also. I know they've always had a thing between them. Which is why I'm really worried about the R/Hr kiss. I hope Emma really seriously puts herself into that kiss, or else I'll be really super fricken bummed!Avatar Image says: The two times Ron and Harry fell out for an extended period of time (GoF and DH) in the books Harry was always miserable or irritated when he spent time with Hermione. They are such a boring pair to read. In OOTP, at one point, didn’t Harry say Hermione reminded him of Ron’s mom. lolAvatar Image says: I totally agree with Christine and Tim! There just seems to be more chemistry between Emma and Dan throughout the films and that worries me. Emma kissing Rupert might just be awkard- we'll see. Ron left for a number of personal issues that were heightened by the Horcrux being around his neck- Ron being know for a temper anyway. "Betrayed" is a heavy word but he did walk out on both Harry and Hermione. And Hermione was in the rain screaming for him to come back but he kept walking till he disapparated so in that sense, it was betrayal and I can empathize. In the end, this whole book has a number of scenes that require raw emotion. I really hope the actors can pull them off without overacting them.Avatar Image says: Ron/Hermione = <33Avatar Image says: I also hope the direction is a bit better than the customary Harry/Hermione embraces (e.g. meeting at the Burrow at the beginning of OtP) we've gotten so far. I know Emma's up to it, but I wouldn't trust Yates to do it right any farther than I could throw him. As far as kisses; Harry and Ginny's moment of truth was for me the best moment in the entire series. If they screw that up I'll...I'll...I don't even want to go there.Avatar Image says: I see the delusionals are out in force tonight.Avatar Image says: CassandraM, yup, you're right. The locket was influencing his thoughts. Remember he totally flipped out right after hearing about his sister being caught stealing the sword by the man who murdered Dumbledore. We can only imagine what was going through his head at that moment. His whole family is a target and they are all on the frontlines fighting this war. His father is being watched by the Ministry, his brother's ear got cursed off and his sister is stuck at Hogwarts with Deatheaters in charge. He must have felt so helpless and angry, especially with the Trio just wasting time camping all over the UK starving and getting nowhere fast. So he snapped. With the help of the locket distorting his thoughts and making them sound worse than they probably were... he got into that fight with Harry...etc. It was only until he took off that locket and walked out did he suddenly come back to his senses. He wanted to go back IMMEDIATELY but he couldn't. You know, Voldy's horcruxes have only ever messed with two people in Harry life with mind control/possession/manipulation. Ginny and Ron. They happen to be the two most important people in Harry's life. Ironic? I'm really glad JKR included the rocky relationship between Harry and Ron. It just show how strong their bond is and how much they have developed over the years. You don't really see that with Harry and Hermione. She never challenges Harry. Sometimes, I almost feel like she is afraid of him. Ron stands up to and challenges both Harry and Hermione... sometimes it costs him more grief than he would have liked. lol Avatar Image says: Chelsea, how do you know Ron hadn't apparated before Hermione even got out there? The protection spell around the tent is only a few steps away from where it ends and Hermione was held back by her own shield charm, which she had to disarm before she could even get outside and stop him. Ron would have been gone way before that. So. You wanna re-think that whole betrayal thing? Where was the intent when Ron was extremely emotional from a fight with his best friend, worried sick for his family and had that bloody locket poisoning his mind even further? DO you really think he meant to leave for good? The trio all have tempers I don't know why you single out Ron. Harry was absolutely mental in OOTP. Hermione is so bossy and can put you down (usually with Ron) when she gets pissed off. Avatar Image says: I really look forward to the Ron's return scene. Some of the funniest lines in the entire series are spoken by Hermione when she is angry, and Ron's return shows AngryHermione at her absolute best. Riveting reading. Of course the movies will never be close to as good as the books, but they're still fun to watch.Avatar Image says: Hahaha i loved that part it was hilarious!!!!! =DAvatar Image says: OHH SWEEET!!! I REALLY HOPE EMMA GOES ABSOLUTLEY NUTS HITTING RUPERT! bahhahhaha I love Ron and Hermione <3Avatar Image says: why emma and rupert didnt discuss this kiss yet if they are really so close friend???? i think we all know the answer.. they have really chemstry.. they like eachother but they cant show their feelings because of the media i guess..Avatar Image says: Ki- When Ron comes back he admits that he heard Hermione calling out for him, so Chelsea's assertion is valid.Avatar Image says: Sabosh,they aren't "so close"he wasn't in her birthday's party and Rupert ISN'T her type of guy so don't be delusional.I can't wait for the last movie!!Avatar Image says: I'm with you Christine. Dan, Rupert, and Emma seem to be good friends, but I've always thought there was a special closeness between Dan and Emma. The on-screen chemistry between those two is really strong. It's no wonder that so many people, who see the movies but haven't read the books, think the romance should be between Harry and Hermione. I know they both deny any romance, but if they are smitten with each other, they'd never admit it publicly anyhow. I think they'd make a cute couple. If the kiss between Harry and Hermione is kept in DH, I'm sure they'll have no problem! Avatar Image says: That scene is hilarious. I like how they call it "emotional" when the emotion is- erm- fury. Hee-hee. Avatar Image says: i dont get it. i read that book a hundred times and i didnt spot any harry/hermione kiss!!!Avatar Image says: What? Didn´t spot the kiss? lol when Ron destroys the locket, harry-riddle and hermione-riddle kiss! Not the real ones. Yeah, I´m really afraid WB will focus too much on the h/h kiss and ruin the scene. Doon´t!! You have to show Ron´s feelings about it!Avatar Image says: To be more specific : "their lips met". Found that line?Avatar Image says: The whole book is so full of all these wonderful and powerful emotions. I t is really great to see them on screen played by some of the finest actors like Rupert and Emma. Good lord, I really love this part. I seriously think that no one else can play this part better than Emma because she truly is Hermione and Rupert really is Ron. Can't wait for the movies to release. . Avatar Image says: I think she just can't wait to hit Rupert.Avatar Image says: oh... Avatar Image says: "i think she just can't wait to hit Rupert"you are too delusional,i guess..Avatar Image says: Exactly Gran! Everyone thinks that Harry and Hermione should be together! It's frustrating - like literally frustrating to find people like that. I'm pretty sure that Rupert and Emma are not as close as we all think they are. I've watched many interviews, bts clips, tons, and it always seems like Emma is more into Dan. I don't know, it just worries me that she won't be like BAM with Rupert. But instead she'll be pretty darn happy with Dan. I mean, she hasn't talked to Rupert about the kiss? I'm pretty sure she'd talk to Dan about it... or maybe they've already kissed before? Hm, maybe I'm just being weird... Avatar Image says: I think that the problem with the newest Harry Potter films is that the actors/actresses were picked at such a young age. Of course, this is neccessary, but as the characters grew, and the actors grew, they didn't always go in the same direction. Whilst in the beginning, they were believable, the chemistry between the actors/actresses for the last few films couldn't really be predicted when the actors were so young. How could the people who picked the actors for this film know if Emma and Rupert would one day have the on screen chemistry to pull off the romance, (plus, they didn't know back then about the romance anyway.) And they wouldn't have known that Dan and Emma would have the chemistry needed to pull off romance. If the films had been made once the whole book series had been done, and people knew that ron + hermione would end up a couple, and if they didn't neccessarily stick to the same cast, but picked actors for not only their talent, but the chemistry they have, then maybe this wouldn't be a problem. And people are only mentioning Ron and Hermione, what about Harry and Ginny, who have had about 5 scenes together in the whole series? I hope they make it work! But, I still think that all of the actors do great jobs as their characters. Whilst I love Harry Potter, and everything to do with it, I'd say the films are the worst part of the Harry Potter world. How can any film portray Jo's work and do it justice - it's not possible because films are restricted!Avatar Image says: I have to agree that many people like a H/Hr pairing. Dan once remarked in an interview that HP is not a democracy. Just becaus we like it doesn't mean JKR will change the story to suit us. Those in the HP fandom know it's R/Hr but the non book readers are intrigued by that H/Hr pair perhaps because of Dan and emma's chemistry onscreen. I really have a feeling that they're going to include that kiss in the last movie and it would be so disappointltily funny if that kiss has more impact than the R/Hr kiss. HOpe emma will have improved in acting by that time to give it the proper nuance. Those are two different kisses, you know.Avatar Image says: OMG !!! I LOVE EMMA !! She's soo real about it all and i can totally agree with her about how Hermione made her feel after Ron's return. It makes me extremly happy that she loved Deathly Hallows because that's how we will know that she takes her job and work seriously and to heart, because of how much it means to herAvatar Image says: "She also goes on to remark on the events and future of the couple we learn in the epilogue. 'I was thrilled really. Ron was the right person for her to be with. I think it was amazing that they had kids. It was perfect.' " Good to know Emma isn't floating around the Land of the Delusionals with so many others. While she may not be any sort of gift to acting, she has much more integrity as an actress than to go around flaunting whatever 'chemistry' some people think they see between her and Dan. I can, however, understand how those people are seeing Dan/Emma chemistry as somehow superior to that between Rupert and Emma. If, after DH, all we've learned, and all JKR has told us, they can *still* believe H/Hr should and will happen, heaven knows they can talk themselves into *anything*.Avatar Image says: Emma has to kiss Dan too in DH...can you imagine all the snicking, giggling and AWKWARDNESS that's going to be happening on set?? Gosh, I know it's a long way off, but I hope they show the OUTTAKES on the DVD after the. movie. Avatar Image says: Emma has to kiss Dan too in DH...can you imagine all the snicking, giggling and AWKWARDNESS that's going to be happening on set?? Gosh, I know it's a long way off, but I hope they show the OUTTAKES on the DVD after the. movie. Avatar Image says: Remember, the H/Hr and R/Hr kisses must evoke totally different feelings from the trio: the first must cause Ron to feel pain, hurt, anger, to the point where the audience might think Ron will actually stab Harry instead of the locket. The second must show that Ron and Hermione truly love each other, although I don't know if they'll actually have it where it takes place in the books, it might remind people of Pirates III and Will and Elizabeth getting married in the middle of a fight :\ To that end, for the movie I would totally go over the top with the H/Hr kiss - have RiddleHarry totally dissing Ron (have Dan dress like Equus, bare-chested with the evil goatee lol), while RiddleHermione dresses slutty and ogles Harry. Make the kiss a real nasty, French kiss betewen them! :[ Remember it's only acting! It would make a great scene for the trailer, and a make a great contrast for the true love R/Hr kiss later! :x Avatar Image says: You and me both, Emma! Avatar Image says: that scene is something we should look forward to... at long last, ron did managed to have the gut to tell hermione how he felt... i guess hermione had already let out a little hint about her having romantic feelings for ron... at the end of the yule ball, well i just heard that when i watched the goblet of fire again a few days ago... she said that if ron had wanted her to go with him at the ball, he should have asked her a little earlier... too bad for ron... but it just increased the excitement of the fans... so good work for jk... another thing, haary had seen them holding each others hands when they were at grimauld place... and harry missed ginny suddenly... ooh..... i'm blabbing too much again...Avatar Image says: Potterfantw: "How could the people who picked the actors for this film know if Emma and Rupert would one day have the on screen chemistry to pull off the romance, (plus, they didn’t know back then about the romance anyway.) " By the time they filmed the first movie, the fourth book was already out. It was quite evident R/H would get together, plus, Jo told them stuff. The directors/producers/whoever picked those particular three actors because they had good chemistry between all three of them.Avatar Image says: Emma gives an interview without even mentioning Harry (or Dan), and all the delusionals can say is that she'd be more enthusiastic about kissing Dan - despite all of the trio saying a thousand times they're all just good mates. The fantasy world on these comments pages is something even Jo's brilliant imagination would struggle to match. Please keep it up, it's hilarious! Avatar Image says: I completely agree, Galadriel, It wasn't a betrayal of either of them. The Horcrux acted on all of Ron's insecurities and made him believe that THEY were betraying him. Besides, at this point, he has no idea that she actually LOVES him. Has she said it? No. Has there been a kiss? No. The fact that Emma Watson doesn't understand the basic motivation for her own and Ron's character doesn't bode well for her portrayal of Hermione in the film, I must say. Perhaps she was too busy doing yet another modelling job for a magazine than taking the time to read and understand the book properly.Avatar Image says: Flora, the betrayal Emma meant, was Ron leaving them.. Avatar Image says: I really wouldn’t care the least, should Dan and Emma have the hots for each other (which I personally don’t perceive, but that’s just my view anyway). But if the H/Hr kiss should really look hotter than R/Hr's, then Dan and Emma, the director, the cameraman, the CGI-person (remember, the H/Hr kiss was Locket-Voldy’s distorted image of Harry and Hermione, not the real thing), the producers, anyone involved, would have done a majorly bad job. I have no doubt about Rupert’s acting ability and Emma is too much of a R/Hr shipper herself. The R/Hr kiss will rock!!! :) And I really don’t think Dan and Emma have better chemistry than Rupert and Emma. I have the impression that this perception is mainly due to the influence of the WB’s marketing strategy, because since at least PoA, they shove this whole Harry and his female best friend Hermione dynamic into our faces, to me personally it’s sickening. I love Hermione and her friendship with Harry, but by misrepresenting and understating the Harry/Ron friendship, movie-only people must have get the wrong impression about the romances, IMO. I am sure Rupert and Emma will nail down the R/Hr romance in DH. They have shown to have fantastic chemistry onscreen, if given the chance by WB (which wasn't too often unfortunately). Their flirt fest in OotP was quite convincing, IMO. Just to make clear. I don't think any of the three fancies any of the other two in real life. I think they are friends and like and respect each other a lot. Avatar Image says: For merlin's sake, what did you Emma expect would say? She was asked about her forthcoming kissing scene with Rupert in the last movie and did you really expect her to say "I hate the idea"? Of course she'd say she's looking forward to it. But if the way she described the scene is what really appears on the script (don't know if there is one yet) I suspect Kloves is once again padding Hermione's role. The "abandonment" scene is not an R/Hr scene. It's more a betrayal of Harry and their cause than anything else. If it leans towards how Hermione is affected by it, well, we all know the cause. KLoves loves Emma, I mean Hermione.Avatar Image says: I think I understand what worries you, Danny. I too feel Kloves is unfortunately Emma/Hermione-biased. I mean there is nothing wrong with having Hermione as a fave character. She is an awesome, brilliant, wonderful character. But it should not show in a movie script and if Kloves thinks anything of himself as a professional scriptwriter, he better be objective. Anyway, as to the scenes. I think Harry and Ron will have their huge reconciliation scene when Ron saves Harry from the pond and destroys the locket. That will (hopefully) make it clear enough how Harry was affected by it. However, they do include the R/Hr romance in the movies and with regards to that storyline, plus as a friend, Hermione was affected too by Ron's leaving (I still maintain the opinion 'betrayal' is too strong a word for what happened), so I have no problem with them showing it. If Kloves finally manages to show something as it actually has been written by JKR, then everything will be fine. IF.Avatar Image says: I'm glad that she thinks that that scene is important, and also that she knows that deep down, Ron's desertion was a betrayal to Hermione, so I liked her using that word =) I'm happy about this because now I know she'll try to give that scene the relevance it has ^^ Tim, I agree with you, H and Hr's kiss better not be hotter than R/Hr!! XD People have different opinions on the H/Hr kiss judging by the book. Some think it's a hot kiss and some think it's just a peck. I find myself in the second group. Firstly, because it seems that the preliminaries moves prior to that kiss are kind of slow (Riddle-Hermione 'snaking' her arms around Riddle-Harry) and secondly, because I think that Ron's horror shock didn't last long, so he didn't give Riddle-H and Riddle-Hr much time to deepen the kiss!! XDAvatar Image says: Lot of kissy talk going on here! On this subject, I guess my favourite scene has to be "OY, There's a WAR going on!". What I like the most is how Harry is several times caught uncomfortably in the middle of Ron and Hermiones antiques whether it be a row or a frighteningly loving stare or a kiss.Avatar Image says: Jim - You know what? People have many diffferent opinions on you, and we want to express them. Stop thinking you are so mature and NOT delusional. Other people have opinions and Dan and Emma, that's all. Why should you come in here and try to stop that? People like you make me really angry.Avatar Image says: People have many diffferent opinions* < not on you. Lol.Avatar Image says: I don't know what you guys are talking about Rupert and Emma not being able to pull it off. They have an amazing on-screen chemistry. And that's not just my opinion. Lots of critics for GOF and OOTP talked about their chemistry. One said "Sparks of sexual chemistry are clear for all to see." Apparently not "all." My opinion comes in on them having an amazing off screen chemistry as well. (Hand, Foot, Wand ceremony, Paris promotion of OOTP, Unscripted...).Avatar Image says: I actually just read that chapter again. The Hermione scenes are funny with the insults she lobs at Ron. But the most poignant scenes are those between Ron and Harry and I really hope that shows through. In defense of Jim - it may be fun for some to think of the actors as real-live couples, but it most likely is not true. Even in the Inside the Actors Studio interview with Dan, James Lipton asked him if he was really close with the other too. He started his answer by saying "we're all just such different people". He intimated that they were friends, but not even "best friends" much less couples.Avatar Image says: Yes, I know what she meant. She's still wrong. And Steve Kloves needs to have both his hands broken in order to stop him ruining the last three movies with his terrible scripts and awful dialogue, just like he ruined the first four. Thanks to Kloves, Film Ron, Harry and Hermione all bear very little resemblance indeed to to Book Ron, Harry and Hermione. It's a real shame, because with a writer who was true to the spirit of Rowling's characters, the films could have been halfway decent. I'm quite certain that if Steve Kloves had his way, the entire series would have been called Hermione Does Hogwarts (and Ron Doesn't Exist, La La La) Avatar Image says: Don't you guys realise that DH will be 2 films? H/hr kiss in the 1st part, R/hr in the 2nd. And stop shipping, its pathetic.Avatar Image says: I would just like to see the Ron/Hermione and Riddle-Harry/Hermione kiss scenes portrayed the way JKR wrote them. If these scenes are half as exciting to watch as they were to read, Yates & Co will have done a wonderful job. Seems like an easy choice to me, but history shows otherwise. BTW, I know nothing about the trio's private lives and I think shipping is silly, but I do believe Dan and Emma look cute together. LOL.Avatar Image says: i like that scene but i'm waaaaaay more excited for "KING'S CROSS" XDAvatar Image says: Oh Boy! That is one of my favorite part, too ( Ilove them all) and hermione and Ron's confrontation when Ron asked Hermione to choose between him and Harry, that's a WOW. Though they have not expressed their love to each other in any of these scenes yet, it's a betrayal of their friendship. But what I really wants to see is when Ron and Hermione kissed and Harry said if they can continue that later (something like that), It's so romantic and deserving.Avatar Image says: Wouldn't it be amusing if the entire Harry/Hermione kiss scene was all done CGI, more like it's described in the book? After all, we know the WB does *love* their CGI! *still gagging at that werewolf*Avatar Image says: i love that right after ron saves harry...harrys completely gratefult hat rons back & instantly forgives him... it shows how STRONG their friendship is...also when hermione pumbled him after he came back how hurt she was that shows how much she cares about him... also that NO ONE can break thier FRIENDSHIP and they can get through ANYTHING TOGETHER... this movie is going to be GREAT! and Mora that one b.day party emma had dan or rupert didnt go... so dont just pin point out rupert..Avatar Image says: I would call it a betrayal. I don't think it's too severe a word, for that would’ve been exactly how both Hermione and Harry felt, despite Ron's motivations, they felt betrayed. And Emma hasn't misinterpreted the scene with the omission of Harry's feelings, she's just talking about it from Hermione's perspective. R/Hr have a relationship outside their commitment to Harry, they would share things with each other that they wouldn't discuss with Harry i.e; talking about how they thought he had more to go on.' There was an unspoken trust of their commitment and loyalty to Harry, and by extension, to each other. They had Harry's back TOGETHER, by rejecting that, he is rejecting her. R/hr are a team, they are joint by their fierce loyalty and love for Harry, and their love for one another. Avatar Image says: they are not immature screaming and laughing young girls so i think the kissing scenes will be okay for them, they are professional actors after all hahaAvatar Image says: Im looking forward to the Harry Hermione kiss! Rons anger when he destrys the horcrux is wonderful to read.Avatar Image says: I hope they leave well enough alone - and they wont. They will think that they can rewrite it better than the way Mrs. Rowling did and do the scene their way. They already screwed up the first 5 films so why stop now? God I hope they do it right! Avatar Image says: can't wait to see Ron/Hermione in DH and I really hope Emma and Rupert can it pull it off. Their chemistry has to be perfect otherwise it won't be half as poignant but rather something the filmmakers just thrown together in case you didn't notice it in earlier films... if that makes any form of senseAvatar Image says: Flora, That was hilarious. "I’m quite certain that if Steve Kloves had his way, the entire series would have been called Hermione Does Hogwarts (and Ron Doesn’t Exist, La La La)." <-So true. mollywobbles23, "My opinion comes in on them having an amazing off screen chemistry as well. (Hand, Foot, Wand ceremony, Paris promotion of OOTP, Unscripted…)." I KNOW! Where have these guys been??? I am a dedicated HP fan and an interviewaholic so I've caught many of the videos and photos serving as promotion for the HP films, and it's subtle but yet still so evident. Their body language? The way that they turn in unison sometimes, or how she'll position herself next to him? I mean, I'm not alluding to any romance here, but there is chemistry. The way they both acted at the Paris premiere and that cute little video of them together singing Hedwig's Theme? C'mon, people! Get with it. You can't base your stuff solely on the movie things. And how much she talks about Rupert in other interviews! I feel like an outsider here. I'm not trying to be some crazy Emma/Rupert shipper ('cos shipping of real people that you don't know is kind of weird), but to say that Emma and Rupert have none at all? That's just craziness. I loved the R/HR flirting onscreen in OotP. Those furtive glances made me squee like nobody's business. I look at the little things and I think they count just as much, if not more, than any grandiose actions. Because honestly, go back and pay really close attention to your OotP DVDs and you'll see what I mean (the looks in the Room of Requirement, the looks at the end walking to the station, the laughing after the Cho kiss, etc.). It's awesome. I love being an R/HR shipper, and it makes me happy that all the trio feels the same. Dan and Emma have actually been the most vocal out of the three to support R/HR, and it's so funny because so many of you seem to think that they have greater chemistry.Avatar Image says: I can not wait to see that scene acted out by Emma and Rupert:)Avatar Image says: this scene is great but i really didn't understand why hermionie and ron had to be together from the beggining i thought it would be harry and hermionie never thought ginny was that pretty.(: he he heAvatar Image says: Man I almost read like every comment and how Dan and Emma really like each other and stuff thats all BS. IMO I think the 3 of them have the same relationship. If people don't know if they can pull of the emotions they're wrong. I mean they're ACTORS they have to learn, they'll get into caracter. Even if Rupert and Emma'll feel uncomfortably kissing each other they know is part of their job and they have to do it. If the hitting scene isn't soo emotional or him leaving, the Director will Obiously say something and not just get the first take. Goodness sometimes people's comments sometimes piss me off and I know its just their opinion but it seems like they just imediately sit and comment and not think about the event. Get me?Avatar Image says: I've seen all the interviews and bts stuff too and i've never noticed much of the "chemistry" between emma and ruprt. I see way more between Dan and Emma, but that could be because my eye is drawn to them and not to rupert at all. Sorry but even the scenes between them in the OotP seemed to me to be filmed separately, like just emma on screen and then rupert. In the interviews, they've all been trying to point out the hermione/rupert thingie since the second movie, and it's been enforced with the handholding scene among others. The movies have been dead obvious with who was supposed to like whom (with Harry crushing on Cho early on) , yet it seems most people still like the Harry/hermione coupling or saw them as "the couple". Maybe because they look so cute together. Whatever, i do see more chemistry between those two than the ship couples. It's too bad, because d/e would burn up the screen. Heyman better insist on the evil h/hr kiss 'cuz that is gonna be soooo good. Can't wait!Avatar Image says: Joejoe, i like your thinking! The evil H/hr kiss is supposed to be hotter, to drive Ron's emotions. AND it has to look realistic. Otherwise people would just laught. Of course, some fans would like that because they worry that the h/hr kiss will upstage the r/hr kiss and no, that wouldn't mean it is bad directing, acting or whatever nonsense r/hr's are trying to push. Oh, and i agree with Emma that ron's actions were a betrayal. She couldn't leave Harry when he was up against something so drastic. That Ron would expect her to was really poor judgement and a really excellent reflection into their future together, to my mind. (although i do understand he was starving.) Run, hermione, run! roflAvatar Image says: "Sorry but even the scenes between them in the OotP seemed to me to be filmed separately, like just emma on screen and then rupert." This is the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time. Thank you for making me laugh hard, radcakesfan. The word beginning with the fourth letter of the alphabet comes to mind. Avatar Image says: radcakesfan i can see where your coming from but dont forget that locket was driving ron even more and also him & harry made up right after that shows how strong their friendship is... buit people wouldnt know that unless they have a strong friendship that has had a falling out :)Avatar Image says: The gifs or screenshots that come to mind where you lot trumpet their chemistry are where they are sitting across from each other at the kitchen table. They are shot separately with the camera aimed at them separately as they face opposite directions ; P To the person above, the locket was affecting all of them. Ron just was the weakest character .Avatar Image says: Wow, radcakesfan, you're like my HP equivalent to Ann Coulter. You never fail to disappoint with some kind of rude remark: "That Ron would expect her to was really poor judgement and a really excellent reflection into their future together, to my mind. (although i do understand he was starving.) Run, hermione, run! rofl" Really? Honestly? You just baffle me. "although i do understand he was starving." ?!? That's all you take from J.K. Rowling's writing? *Really?* I'm just shaking my head in disbelief, because I see that as something you're saying with heavy sarcasm--correct me if I'm wrong. So if I'm right, you mean to tell me that your first thought is that he was driven by hunger? How about that, oh I don't know, he has a rather large family that he just might be worried about? And the comment about the "future" of their relationship...just, wow. That has to be the most bitter statement I've ever read in my life (let's go with hyperbole here since that seems to be what fuels you). And the scenes that I referenced before are not scenes like that. They're in the same shot. Sorry.Avatar Image says: Sooooo,the D/E and H/Hr shippers,WHY DON'T YOU MAKE UR OWN HELL H/Hr D/ELUSIONAL ROMANCE INTO A NOVEL THEN? i'm sure people can't wait to buy it and THROW it away! Don't you all read ALL MEDIA and the DIRECTORS comments about Rupert/Emma chemistry?Blind? Avatar Image says: I totally agree with Emma. Ron did betray Hermione & Harry, & it was completley worse for Hermione to deal with it since she is in love with him. When Ron came back to the tent, I was NOT expecting Hermione to react the way she did, even though Ron really did deserve it. I thought Hermione was just gonna run up to him & kiss him! Boy was I surprised!!! Even though Ron betrayed Hermione like that & it's supposed to be sad, I actually started bursting out laughing when Hermione starts cussing & punching Ron out. I can't wait to see the Ron/Hermione kiss. It's going to be so romantic!!! I loved Deathly Hallows. It was my favorite HP book. I love the scenes where Ron & Hermione are being really sweet to the other, & then next thing you know, they're arguing AGAIN. It's just really funny. I love the epilogue, it was perfect. I think the names are really unique, even though I've heard people comenting that Ron & Hermione's kids names are weird. I think Rose is beautiful, & Hugo very unique & different. I can see Rose being like her mom, being smart & a know-it-all. I also see her like her dad too, saying something funny every now & then. Hugo, I think, is more like his dad. He's really smart like his mom, but he's lighthearted, funny, & always trying to get by with stuuff like his dad. I love all the new HP kids, & I truly hope that JKR will right a few books about them & their experiences at Hogwarts. I would love that, & to be able to see what kind of personalities they have, to compare to see who they act like most. Long live the HP series!!! LOL. Avatar Image says: ilove you hermione and ron and harry potterAvatar Image says: Ummm am I missing something? Most of the people who are talking about all the 'D/E BS' are R/H fans anyway. So what's with all the delusional talk? lolz? Personally, I ship R/H, but see much more chemistry between Dan and Emma in the films.Avatar ImageBookworm_Weasley says: Emma is a lucky girl! Not only does she get to kiss Rupert at the end, but she gets to kiss Dan for the Silver Doe chapter! At least, I assume she does. I assume that for the Riddle!Hermione and Riddle!Harry's embrace, they'll film Emma and Dan doing it and then add the effects with the computer. I'm glad to hear she's looking forward to the reunion though, and how enthusiastic she is about that scene in the book, it makes me sure she'll give it her all.

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