Purported First “Deathly Hallows” Poster Fake Says WB


Dec 13, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Bah Hum, the fake poster elves are hard at work this season it would seem. Scores of owls arrived today bearing news that this was the first purported poster for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film, but thanks to WB we can confirm that this is fake!

Thanks to WB and all who emailed!

93 Responses to Purported First “Deathly Hallows” Poster Fake Says WB

Avatar Image says: the sad thing is... whoever made that probably has some talent, that doe looked pretty darn good :(Avatar Image says: (first!!!!!) :DAvatar Image says: It's not surprising consedering we still don't even have the official HBP poster...Avatar Image says: its gud. even if its not official. wb might wana pay for it. looking goodAvatar Image says: Its way to early for it to have been official... But too bad because its GORGEOUS!! :)Avatar Image says: wow that's really good. one of the best fake posters have seen, that person did such a good jobAvatar Image says: that looks pretty good but way to soon for a posterAvatar Image says: We don't even have a poster for Half Blood Prince, and someone out there is willing to beleive that WB would release a poster for Deathly Hallows?Avatar Image says: For a fake its absolutely beautiful!Avatar Image says: One Herd?Avatar Image says: WB should hire that person. That was a damn good fake.Avatar Image says: Whoa. I would have believed that poster. It's REALLY good. Damn .. I'm so impressed. Lol. :) I think a poster should look like that though. Very nice. I'm going to prank my sister with this poster .. see her get all excited about nothing! LOL :DAvatar Image says: That's really awesome, even if it is a fake.Avatar Image says: Although, I dont think I love the One Hero part...Avatar Image says: I'm not sure about the "One fate, One hero, blahblah" part, but the poster itself IS really quite good. WB, bookmark it for the future.Avatar Image says: I'm not sure about the "One fate, One hero, blahblah" part, but the poster itself IS really quite good. WB, bookmark it for the future.Avatar Image says: That's pretty amazing. Is that Spinners' End along the top?Avatar Image says: why would we have a DH poster before we even get an HBP poster? it's still a really really really nice poster. I love it actually and I would have believed it was WB's if, you know... it made sense time wise lol.Avatar Image says: too bad it's not real... but I would have said... Only One will Master Death... Avatar Image says: impressive. which is a shame bc the doe would have been a good symbol to have pulled out for the poster, but I doubt WB will copy the idea now.Avatar Image says: That is one amazing poster!!! To bad its not real, props to whoever made it!Avatar Image says: a little close to the OOTP teaser poster, but still damn good... i would have made it black and white rather than black and blue just to illustrate some difference. Avatar Image says: I dont really like it, from a designers point of view, the text is all wrong, there are two forests, whats with the one at the top? and the hp logo is wrong. Avatar Image says: I am not convinced of the quality of the doe. It is too fuzzy and I am not sure what the cloud of light around it is supposed to be (if anything). I also don't think the "one way - one fate - one hero" really fits either the illustration or movie. In particular there isn't "one fate" for Harry, because it is his choices (and those of others) that determine what happens, and there isn't "one hero" because although there is a main hero, a whole load of characters are also heroes, such as Ron, Hermione and Neville (and listing everyone would make this post far too long). One final thing, the poster would surely be for "Deathly Hallows part one" or "Deathly Hallows part two".Avatar Image says: LOL I'd never seen it before just now, and it looks great! Shame..Avatar Image says: May be a fake, but dang it looks good.Avatar Image says: Holy crud! Whoever made that poster has amazing talent, even if it is a fake =DAvatar Image says: omg that poster so good how come wb didnt just buy the really good poster? its so good Avatar Image says: Thats one of the most beautiful fan made poster I've seen! The words dont suit the image though. It should say: One Fan One Poster One FakeAvatar Image says: hey everyone at leaky! i know this is a random question, but it does relate to DH, so: i was just wondering whether anyone knew when DH would be on itunes because i really want to put it on my ipod to listen to! thanksAvatar Image says: wow.. that poster was amazing! Avatar Image says: Ooohhh, hero! It is actually a very nice fake then.Avatar Image says: ghhhnhAvatar Image says: I think it's actually a pretty nice fake (far better than its predecessors). Speaking as another designer, I think the text at the top could use some work but I see nothing wrong with the logo itself, except perhaps the large Photoshop lens flair in the center. Avatar Image says: This is a great poster! All it needs is Hermione hitting the doe over the head with a rolled up newspaper....Avatar Image says: That fake was actually pretty good! No wonder people thought it was real.Avatar Image says: Thatss A Pretty Amazing Poster Avatar Image says: Loving the fake poster, though! Such a shame it isn't real, haha.Avatar Image says: We don't even have a poster for HBP, so why would we have one for Deathly Hallows?Avatar Image says: that is THe best hp poster ive ever seen, including the real ones. that person had the right typeface, as well as talentAvatar Image says: lol We don't even have a HBP poster yet. That fake poster is pretty, though. They should use it. Honestly, I like the fake ones better than the real ones half the time. At least, I like them as teaser posters.Avatar Image says: i agree wit Pomona, its is a very well done visual and although the concept of the slogan is credible, i think i could be much improved. Avatar Image says: LOVE THIS ONE! wish i wasnt fake!Avatar Image says: I wouldn't expect it to be real with the movie(s) so far away and all, but I really do like the poster. Kudos to whoever made it.Avatar Image says: The poster was good enough to trick some people. I thought it was really well done, however, the patronus is suppose to be a stag not a doe. Plus the quote didn't seem to fit. 'A' for effort.Avatar Image says: A silver doe with a bubble-head charm - LOL! Maybe she was planning on leaping into the pond to retrieve the sword. Harry would have cringed at the "One fate, one hero" blather.Avatar Image says: The forest is supposed to be covered in snow though... kind of a give away...Avatar Image says: and kim... its snape's patronus, not harry'sAvatar Image says: Beautiful, beautiful poster! It might be a fake, but honestly, it gave me chills... absolutely lovely. I agree with those who didn't like the tagline, though. Even though Harry is definitely a hero, he want the only one. Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna... those are just a couple of other heroes/heroines that I could mention.Avatar Image says: damn, WB ought to hire who evwer made that poster, get someone else to do the tag line but the doe is awesome!, and i suppose there was only a matter of time before a fake DH poster showed up, i know there was at least one fake for HBP and maybe 2 Avatar Image says: Seriously, though, it's pretty awesome. It's pretty pretty.Avatar Image says: Aw shame, its so pretty! Avatar Image says: noooo. i really like it. :( and it's different from the others which would have been a nice change.Avatar Image says: The tagline is rubbish, but I have to admit that he picture is far better than the dreadful, air-brushed attempts by WB for GOF and OOTP. I love this poster :)Avatar Image says: it looks funny and definitely not like WB HP poster. and we're still waiting for HBP poster.Avatar Image says: The first part of dh isn't released for two years, and they haven't shot it yet! Of course it would be fake. Whoever made it should have waited a year to pretend, people would have been more gullible then...Avatar Image says: WB must hire this person!!!!!! NOW!Avatar Image says: Nice fake. Credit to whomever did it (althought its illegal to fake? Is it??)Avatar Image says: WOW that looks so real and so awesome too bad it isn'tAvatar Image says: I don't like the "One Something, One another something, One hero" part, as many before my comment. But the poster is a nice montage of pictures. It's very well made. I would discard the light effect in the Harry Potter logo, though. Lens Flare? Really?Avatar Image says: The effects are really good, but all in all it looks pretty cheezy...Avatar Image says: Cool poster...too bad we don't have a real DH poster Yes, the "one fate, one hero" part is quite unnecessary... Kind of ruins the effect Avatar Image says: Cool poster...too bad we don't have a real DH poster Yes, the "one fate, one hero" part is quite unnecessary... Kind of ruins the effect Avatar Image says: Despite the lovely imagery, I'm glad it's fake: Rowling's final HP novel depicted many heroes besides Harry. Without Hermoine, Ron, Snape, the Weasleys, Neville and many others, all of whom risked their lives, Harry would never have been able to vanquish Voldemort. The "One hero" part of the tagline falls short.Avatar Image says: Why is there a picture of Rita Skeeter alongside this news item?Avatar Image says: Yeah the poster was good and the one hero part was sooo cheasy but the minute I saw it I knew it was fake the reason being is that isn't a little late to be making the poster for DH and it doesn't mention anything about part 1 or part 2 but otherwise it's quite a cool poster.Avatar Image says: I think I remember seeing this on Leaky Art a couple months ago....heh....funny to see where it ended up.Avatar Image says: Why does everyone cry "FAKE!" when a poster like this comes out. It may not be the official Warner Brothers-made poster, but who's to say it's trying to pass off as one and deceive the masses? For all you know, someone made it just to show off their Photoshop skills, or because it's how they think the real poster should look. (Ever heard of the fan product mockups Apple fans make?) Even a poster being passed off as the official one may not have started out that way, it could have been lifted from someone else's site, tweaked, and put up with the title "New Deathly Hallows Poster OMG!" It's a little presumptuous to assume that the creator intended to pass their trailer off as the real deal. I call 'em fan posters.Avatar Image says: i think its the scene from Prisoner of Azkaban by the lake with the dementors. and they just erased the antlers from harry's stag to make it into a doe. Avatar Image says: X.o damn brilliantAvatar Image says: ...i can't believe that it's a fake...it's is superbly done!!Avatar Image says: Yeahh, SWISS-Made !!!Avatar Image says: Yeahh, SWISS-Made!!!Avatar Image says: i agree, sadly this is a great poster, gave me goosebumps honestly, i think the person took the stag from PoA and cut the antlers off, very good job, they should hire this guy.Avatar Image says: Makes me sad :( Gets me all hyped up for the DH madness and then drops the FAKE poster :( Avatar Image says: woow its a pretty good darn poster i still LOVE IT can't wait for HBP and DH :)Avatar Image says: @roonwit, thanks for the info. So now do you people agree with my point on comment page 5?Avatar Image says: does anyone have any guesses as to what the ghost-like figure around the doe is? perhaps a silhoette of severes snape? its a really good poster! even the forest background gave me chills!Avatar Image says: redwall_hp: Yes and no. It seems that the original creator was clear that it is fanart, but that doesn't mean that someone else hasn't taken it and is trying to pass it off as a real poster. But it might also be "chinese whispers", by which I mean that the poster could have been passed from one person to another, with the accompanying context eventually lost so that somewhere down the chain someone thinks the poster was originally from Warner Bros.Avatar Image says: fake or not, it was damn good. Avatar Image says: I was thinking the silhoette thing was Voldemort in the Kings Cross chapter. Kinda looks like the outline of the thing described that LV will become if he doesnt repent. ??Avatar Image says: This image is, indeed, in our TLC FanArt Gallery, uploaded way back in March. BUT the important thing to remember is that all the search engines troll the internet for keywords to add info and images to their database. Once one of them nabs a "DH poster" and includes it in that keyword search, ANYONE can find it and do whathaveyou with it. I doubt that the fanartist, Enyafreak, ever intended it to take off like this. OR for anyone to mistake it as the genuine article.Avatar Image says: wow, for a fake its pretty good. The One Fate ...etc etc is pretty lame alright but the rest is impressive. Lets see HBP before we start worrying about DH though :-)Avatar Image says: Picture= AWESOME Words= "One fate, one hero." What the?Avatar Image says: Agreeing with most that the caption is a little skeptical, but the poster and the patronus is brilliant! Really great fake-poster. :-)Avatar Image says: that poster is probably better than something WB could come up with, it's really good. =] But the "One way, One fate, One hero" part is a little overdramatic...... Avatar Image says: gees... already passed on waiting for the 6 one?Avatar Image says: Cool looking poster, even if it is fake!Avatar Image says: if I were WB I would pay that person and use it...looks darn good to me!Avatar Image says: I LOVE the one hero part! That, to me, IS the HP movies ! It's his fate people were most wondering about and the reason people actually had crisis counsellors put into place for. Love it, love it, love it. Excellent tag line.Avatar Image says: it's one good fake and WB should be able to top it. hheheheheAvatar Image says: love the poster a lot though... its great, hope WB use it.Avatar Imagelunaisawesome says: 2 bad.. i loved it! i have a friend who thought it was real...

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