HBP Set Report Preview

Dec 15, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

I visited the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince set in Leavesden almost a year ago; filming had been under way for weeks but the future was unclear: it was the midst of the writer’s strike, and while the decision to split the final movie into two hadn’t yet been announced, everyone was talking positively about the possibility.

I’ve been visiting the sets since late 2003, and each year they build on the years past: The Gryffindor Common Room now sports more books and magical-themed games in tiny corners that will never been seen on film; the Burrow (which was new to me this time, but is nonetheless slightly different than it was in Chamber of Secrets) seems to be showing its stuffing like an old armchair, with tiny explosions of Weasleyphrenalia everywhere (Bonnie Wright calls it “higgledy-piggledy”). The vast expanse of green screen sits in the area that used to house some of the largest sets, and then had an outgrowth of crystalline rock that we learned was the floor of the cave. A display case showed colorful boxes of Weasley prodcucts; a heavy, stone ring with a lightning strike-shaped crack down the middle; the tattered and stained potions book; small, crystalline vials of clear liquid marked as memoriesĀ¦

David Yates once characterized this film as very “sex, drugs and rock-and-roll”; he amended this during our visit to “sex, potions and rock and roll.”

Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) agreed with one reporter’s characterization of the movie as the “romantic comedy Harry Potter’ citing specifically some physical humor played by Cormac McLaggen during Slughorn’s party. “They’re both in denial about their feelings’ she says of the often-jealous dynamic between her character and Ron. Meanwhile, Dan Radcliffe speaks of “oddly charged” moments between Harry and Ginny, and Jessie Cave, who plays Lavender Brown, said her kissing scenes made her concerned about “chipping a tooth.”

This is the Harry Potter film that will start to drive the series to its natural, and huge end. By going back, by visiting with the shadow-eyed young Tom Riddle and growing the story down to its roots, we’re heading toward a fuller realization of the scope of the stories. So stay tuned, because we saw a very wide range over the course of one day and we’ll have a lot more to share as the release gets closer.

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Avatar Image says: *yawn* anyway more or less the same stuff since the first movie, except there is a bald headed director and pathetic acting crew (except alan & evanna ofcourse)...you know I liked Cuaron, he seemed to know what he was doing, he had great ideas for the future movies....but yeah he didn't direct 4 & 5- screw WB for that. So you had your fun like you've told us before...it's time to move on - think ahead, don't you think?Avatar Image says: first post! I'm even more excited! I just re-read the book lol!Avatar Image says: I am so excited for the Harry/Ginny stuff. Avatar Image says: Okay - I disagree with the post on here from 'Harry'. I enjoy the random titbits your releasing - so keep 'em coming! ThanksAvatar Image says: I agree Bellatrix's parole officer. I love any tidbit and thank you for sharing, Leaky. :)Avatar Image says: I thoroughly enjoyed your blog which was not in the least boring. I loved "Harry, a History", I didn't realise there was an online community until I wanted to rant about Prisoner of Azkaban, so I missed the early years. I wonder if you would be kind enough to change the font you are using? I was having difficulty reading it so I raised the screen to 125% which was better, but this font has the kind of spacing that huddles letters together. which does not aid clarity. I was wearing my computer specs by the way.Avatar Image says: Hi! I, as well, was not the least bit "bored" by this article! Keep 'em commin'! I am dismayed by the characterization of the actor[s],and directors "pathetic", but I suppose everyone has an opinion...... I can't wait to read 'Harry, A History'! I, too, read the Prolog that I read on Amazon, and can't wait for"Santa" to bring it! I KNOW She is, cause I was with her when she "bought" it! LOL Thank you, thank you!!Avatar Image says: LOLZ.Avatar Image says: This sort of information never bores ME! Harry, no-one's making you read the excellent leaky blogs and posts, you can always disapparate!Avatar Image says: Is it possible to add specific bloggers blogs to my feed? Whenever I try, IE7 doesn't let me. Nevermind, just figured it out. Can't wait for more set updates! Oh, and I'm hoping I get your book for Christmas. If not, I already bought it for my mother-in-law and I'm sure she'll let me borrow it!Avatar Image says: Wait a minute - Evanna Lynch is a better actor than, say, Dame Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Isaaks, Helena Bonham Carter, even Dan Radcliffe (at this point)? She's great as Luna, but really, she pretty much is playing herself. She even said so at one point.Avatar Image says: Melissa, I'm jealous of your connections with the HP world. You lucky girl, you. Thanks for the updates. I'm so excited for HBP!Avatar Image says: I can't wait for it to come out especially after they delayed it. IT sounds amazing and detailed as ever. PinkmooselyAvatar Image says: Slytherin Harry above you may now return to your dungeon. Thnx Melissa of course we want to hear about the sets. I liked Harry a History too though it makes me sad I got into all this so late (2006!). So much better there are at least three more movies to come! Avatar Image says: Half-Blood Prince is quickly turning into my favorite book (sure of course to be deposed when Movie 7a and 7b are drawing near). All of the little extras that they throw into the corners and screen edges of the movies have made OotP and then this movie, much richer experiences for us as fans. You start to feel like this world could almost be real. For those actors that get to spend time on sets, I'm sure at times it feels even more so.Avatar Image says: Oh My Gosh I am soooooo excited!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Its sad to think that the movie is still so far away though. Aw I'm getting less excited now... squee!Avatar Image says: I have to say, I'm worried about all of this 'Harry Potter comedy' stuff the cast and crew have been saying... this movie is not supposed to be funny. This is the darkest book so far, it's sounding like they turned it into a chick flick. I'm worried, I really am. Avatar Image says: Sounds like Harry is a Cuaron fan. I do agree that the movies could have been much better. Whose fault is it? WB's mostly then maybe the screen writer. I don't think that Cuaron could have done any better with the scripts than the other directors. Loved "Harry a History" Keep up the good work.Avatar Imagecdewson says: I Can't wait till this movie is out. Avatar ImageSassySnitch says: What an informative set report! haha Jessie Cave is worried she'll chip a tooth that's always a good sign! :P oh man i cannot wait for this movie!!!Avatar ImageKatetheKeeper says: I can't wait to see the whole report! Thanks, Melissa!Avatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: Thanks for the info! :)Avatar Imagelilhpchick20 says: This sounds like it was a very exciting visit. I also like Jessie's comment about being afraid she was going to chip a tooth.Avatar ImageToNkS_rip says: the sets sound really cool, and amazing and everything. i'd love to see them for myself. and as much as i cant wait to see all DH, i'm finding my life is losing meaning, since i don't have to wait for any more of the books to come out, and soon, for any of the films... i think we all feel the same. still, on a happier note, we have the 2 DH movies to look forward to, and they already seem to be great movies. with all the work they're putting into it, all the detail, they will, without a doubt, be absolutely amazing, especially for us fans

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