Los Angeles Times on How to Transform Beedle the Bard Into a Film


Dec 16, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Thanks to reader arkapain, for the link to this article in the Los Angeles Times on how to turn Beedle the Bard into a movie. Suggestions include turning it into Potter prequel using Dumbledore’s commentary, expand “The Warlock’s Hairy Heart” (and no messing with the ending!), create more than five tales and use them for an animated spinoff, or make the greatest HP DVD extras ever. A lot more on these ideas at the link. Enjoy!

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Avatar Image says: oh i bet WB would find some way to make it a film just for the money...Avatar Image says: Hey WB, put your hands up and back away from the Beedle!Avatar Image says: If they have to make a movie- if they really, really have to make a movie; they should just do the five stories as they are in the book. But filming the exact story from a book isn't really Hollywood; so it's doubtful that would happen.Avatar Image says: I'm still not that into the idea of Beedle as a movie. It's a really, really fun book, but a movie? Eh.Avatar Image says: If they had to do anything with the stories, I think the best thing would be like, DVD extra features or 5 individual short "movies." It would be really great if they could somehow incorporate the commentary... but, they'll probably just do whatever they think will make them the most money so...Avatar Image says: Oh, I'm sure WB will wrangle something. I still say FOuntain of Fair Fortune has by far the most potential. Do a movie about Hogwarts trying to put on the show, but in the actual story as someone reads it, and there's 2 hours for you no sweat! As to the suggestions here, I don't find any of them particularly realistic. The first one ahs the mnost merit, of doing an HP "prequel". Expanding Hairy Heart would be a good idea if it weren't for hte fatc that HP is supposed ot be a children's franchise. I would personally love a mini-series, but I don't see JKR writing ten mroe fairytales upon command. And they'd never make them DVD extras - why waste the $ on DVDs most people will buy anyway (or does anyone see people who weren't gonna buy it originally buying it for the Tales extra?)Avatar Image says: Courtney I'm with ya. I think the only way it would work would be as a DVD extra. i just don't think that they should be made into one. Maybe based on one story. But not all five together. Merry Christmas everybody!Avatar Image says: Well, what i'm thinking would best suit, if they had a character retelling the story. For example, maybe adult harry/hermione/or ron all reading the stories from beedle bard outloud. Obviously, when they read the Peveral brothers, memories from movie 7 could flashback, it would be very dramatic. Or another idea would be to go back in the past when dumbledore first received the book and he read it. While reading it, he took all the other stories lightly until he got to the Peveral story, something would click. Thus setting up the future of the series. Personally, i would like the the Harry/Ron/Hermione story, but that is my opinion lol. :-)Avatar Image says: I'd love for them to shoot "The Tale of the Three Brothers" in its entirety. That way they could cut to it during the telling of it in Deathly Hallows, and have it as an extra on the eventual DVD release.Avatar Image says: I don't trust WB to stick to the book. I agree with most of the comments above: stick the book, do five short stories AS IS, and release on DVD. I also think that if they do the movie the shouldn't try and HP it up. Just let it be. Avatar Image says: No, no, no. Please, JKR, make them stop. I love the Tales of Beedle the Bard, well, not so much "The Hairy Heart" -- too creepy for me, but they need to stay fairy tales that are read, not watched. WB, leave it alone, PLEASE!!!Avatar Image says: I've seen several stories from the film "Paris, je t'aime" and I think they worked very well together. Although they are each completely different stories, they all center around love in Paris as a theme. There are 8 different stories, each running about 10-15 minutes each, which adds up to an 80-120 minute film. If WB were to make a "Beedle" movie, I think they could learn something from "Paris, je t'aime". WB doesn't have to do this, but they could also have a different director for each Tale, like "Paris, je t'aime" did.Avatar Image says: I think the best way would be to have all five stories in one film and have Beedle as the narrator. I would like it best if it were animated like the Shrek movies. I think it would do well. Not as well as the regular HP movies of course because it would be more for kids than the others, but I still think it do well. And I don't think The Warlock's Hairy Heart would be as scary if it were animated, so no worries there. I definitley don't think they should be released only on the dvds as extras. I think they're good enough to go on the big screen.Avatar Image says: i like the ultimate dvd extra's thing. it seems like it would be the best adaptation without dragging out the stories or the wait for popular demand.Avatar Image says: Just curious, Celtise, but what do film studios do? They don't do it for the novelty and, frankly, there are people to be paid. I still think it's funny that people think studios should make films without thinking about money... they're companies! Do you guys think McDonald's would sell Big Macs if they didn't sell... no. It's a company.Avatar Image says: er, folks, havent any of you seen the old disney animated pics that are essentially short stories stitched together...including the winnie the pooh and song of the south films? or fantasia 1 and 2 for that matter? the question i see is different: is there enough material in those five stories to create 90-120 minutes of film? probably not....unless you really padded out the stories with non-JKR material. now, if they throw in Grumble the Grubby Goat as well, that might be interesting.... Avatar Image says: yeah, maybe they would make a film of Tales of Beedle the Bard! WB loves money so probably they would, And that love for money is the reason why they moved the release of HBP Money, money, moneyAvatar Image says: I would love to see it as a video with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint reprising their roles (live action) reading the tales as bedtime stories for Rose and Hugo (stories would be animated). She would read the hopping pot one since she's into the social activism. The kids would ask for another resulting in Ron reading the Tale of the Three Brothers. They would bicker as they turned off the light as to whether or not the story had a happy ending. After they leave, Fred's ghost would come out to play. (yeah I know he probably moved "on" but humor me). He would read them the Hairy Heart which would ellicit a noisy response. Herm. & Ron would come back into the room - she's still blaming Ron for the last story because Fred's ghost has disappeared. They calm the kids down by reading the Fountain of Fair Fortune. In the end, they walk of the room again, as they close the door, Fred appears again - watching over the kids as they sleep. Avatar Image says: Warner bros will not make beedle the bard movie, they just won't! But if they did it would have to be interesting and yes, the story would have to be dragged out but I like the animated series idea...Avatar Image says: They just have to come along and RUIN everything, don't they. Avatar Image says: WB just wants are money is what I think. Back away from Beedle WB!Avatar Image says: I think it be a good idea to make them as 5 short films. These stories can't be made any longer than 20 minutes. Get 5 directors to make each of them. It could work.Avatar Image says: I think it would be cool for Beedle the Bard to be a film, but I don't think it would quite work. Spend more time on making Deathly Hallows great, WB, and we'll be happy.Avatar Image says: In keeping with the spirit of the novel, I think Warner should only be allowed to turn Beedle into a movie if a fair amount of the proceeds go to the CHLG charity.Avatar Image says: i think the school play theme is awesome.. maybe they could set it during hugo, rose, lily etc's time. you know what, i don't care if they show the beedle stories. i just want more HP! Avatar Image says: if they made a beedle the bard film then i would hope that the gave all the money they made to charity. And also i don't think it would work, it's meant to be this little fairy tale book all money going to charity to make awareness of the charity. so if they make a film i hope that's wherre the money goesAvatar Image says: But then... if they made really good, made it work, then it would be amazing. but the money goes to charity! :DAvatar Image says: WB had better do a good job, or i will SUE them!!!Avatar Image says: Quite frankly, the only of the "so called options" that I agree with is adding the Tales of Beedle the Bard as part of the DVD's. I understand Warner Brothers is an enterprise and is thus looking for money. Yet there is also an "overexplotation of the market". Too much of anything may harm the thing itself. And I don't mean fans, we'd probably love to see more and more potter everyday. Yet, all things must come to an end, and Warner Brothers, instead of being a hero for bringing potter to the screens, will end up known as the terrible group that ruined the Potter films... Avatar Image says: well i would love more hp movies. so whatever they choose i hope they can stay to the book. Avatar Image says: What about a live-action mini-series? That would be modest and appropriate. It could be picked up by HBO, Showtime, the BBC, or heck- even ABC Family!Avatar Image says: Dvd extras would be so great! But i think a collection of shorts, animated or live action released on dvd with proceeds going to charity would be fantastic.Avatar Image says: Wouldn't Jo have to give them the rights? I doubt she would do that. Or is it because it has the Harry Potter name attached to it they're allowed to make a movie? Avatar Image says: Sounds like a good idea!!!!! Avatar Image says: I agree with those that have suggested that it be done with a major character narrating the segments. Ideally, it would be Hermione, since dumbledore left the book to her upon his death. I think it could be set as live-action narration leading to animated (or live-action / cgi) tales. Don't take this as a comparison of source material, but it could be handled in the same manner as The Neverending Story.Avatar Image says: I'm getting the collectors edition for christmas and so I haven't read the book yet. I do know that it would make a horrible movie not being that beedle the bard is rubbish in any way(coz Beedle Is amazing!!!!) but it would be short movie and a confusing movie. They maybe could in the 7th movie when Hermione reads the tail of the peravell brothers it could show the tail rather than hear hermione explain and read it aloud. Maybe in the extras of the dvd of the movie they could have a scene where Hermione reads the tails but shows them.

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