Live Recording of PotterCast at 7:30 p.m.


Dec 17, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Here’s our promised warning! Tonight we are again recording PotterCast using TalkShoe so that you can listen in and take part in the episode. This time there will be one user-feedback portion of the show. It starts at 7:30 p.m. Here’s what you have to do:

If you would like to listen via the Internet, click here. You will be directed to a chat, but do not have to be a member to be part of it nor do you have to actually chat. Audio of the recording should start playing on your computer.

If you would like to listen via phone, you can call 1.724.444.7444 and enter the call ID 28012#. You will then be prompted to enter a pin number:

-If you are a member of TalkShoe (you don’t have to be) you can enter your TalkShoe pin ID to be recognized by your name on the call.
-If you are not a member of TalkShoe, you simply follow the instructions (most likely pressing “1″ and then “#”) to listen in on the call.

We will routinely be taking questions from the chat and from callers, so please join us! And mind the nargles: They always show up when we try out new technology. See you there!

32 Responses to Live Recording of PotterCast at 7:30 p.m.

Avatar Image says: Cool can't wait to hear all the editing I'm gonna have to do!!! First comment??Avatar Image says: awesome!i missed the last one so hopefully i can be there for this one. i'll try to be on the phone but if not i'll be in the chat as DHallows24. first comment!?Avatar Image says: what can we do to get called on the show? I'm so excited! :)Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but I'm hopefully sleeping then, It's 1.30 am here in the Netherlands when you start. You should record once on a saturday or sunday sometime during the day so we Europeans can join the fun too. Good luck with the show. Avatar Image says: 730PM EASTERN?Avatar Image says: Awesomepants! Can't wait! Hope you guys talk about the Project for Awesome!Avatar Image says: The nargels are definitely thereAvatar Image says: Eh- I usually really like pottercast, but I stopped listening after about 3 minutesAvatar Image says: Yes, what time zone?Avatar Image says: yeah so that wasn't much of a warning, lol, Cooked dinner, ate dinner and came back and I've missed the start, haha, I will have to wait till you post the episodeAvatar Image says: Hey guys, had to sign off to do some work, but that was fun even with all the nargles!Avatar Image says: Hey is it still on? Avatar Image says: We'll the nargles arrived in full force! Looking forward to the iTunes download cuz the live was impossible to follow with the horrible latency we have here in Utah. Love you guys and a little hint that other potter podcast had great success with Ustream!Avatar Image says: That was AWESOME! John and Sue stayed extra long to chat with everyone. Great people :DAvatar Image says: Haha that was awesome! They should put on the extra part that John and Sue did at the end into the iTunes version =DAvatar Image says: nooooo!!!! i missed it! can we have advanced notification of the next one?Avatar Image says: That was amazing!!!!! I hope you do this every week!!! The nargles kept me from hearing alot of it though, so I can't wait for you to put it online... You guys ROCK!!!Avatar Image says: Oh man, I missed it! And I was awake even! Avatar Image says: its only 7:30 my time right now! i just signed on to talkshoe all ready to listen to find out that i missed it!!!!! grrrrrrrr.... Avatar Image says: THAT WAS EPIC! Yay next time you guys should do BlogTV from the start and have a 4 way conference like John and Sue did at the end..Without giving the link to everyone watching this time, lol.Avatar Image says: I hope to hear about the acting troupe :)Avatar Image says: haha john that bit with all the web cam screens at the end was so fun!!Avatar Image says: yeah they should warn us like a day in advance, cause i check here once a day but apparently i didnt check at the right time. Avatar Image says: What time zone?Avatar Image says: NOOOOOO! NOT COOL. THAT'S REALLY DEPRESSING:( I can't make it. Oh well. There'll be other times.Avatar Image says: Wait. It was yesterday, I already missed it! NOOO. I need to check Leaky more or something. Maybe like a day warning err something? Or like, an application on your computer that blinks and says "POTTERCAST RECORDING NOW. CLOSE ALL OTHER APPLICATIONS AND GO DIRECTLY TO POTTERCAST." Yeah. If not, an earlier warning would be cool:) Avatar Image says: LOL@Katie that was epic and so much fun!! Haha I'm just glad I didn't click the link -- and I was just about to! You know it's funny how much we trust the pottercasters -- if that was anyone else we would have wondered if the link was a trojan or something!Avatar Image says: 7:30 PM what?!?! Eastern? Central? Pacific? Melissa's in New York and I'm in Los Angeles so our 7:30pms are very different times!Avatar Image says: what is the cast list for the acting troupe? do we know who is doing what role? i thought it was amazing!Avatar Image says: aiVega; 7:30EST. But that was lastr night. It's over now.Avatar Image says: I thought I'd be jealous because I auditioned for the acting troupe. But I love it!! It makes me want to cry (I dont read fan fic) It's so sweet and lovely and oh!!! I have a comment for Rosie though. It seems like your recording equipment isn't as clear as everyone else's. I would totally buy you a nice new mic if you gave me your address! Ah it's soooo gooood! The actors will probably be credited at the end of the episode but I dont know your names yet because I am still listening!!Avatar Image says: Acting Troupe! I love it. Rosie has Ron's wit and sarcasm and Hermione's smarts!!!

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